Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Supervisors Winnow Field To Replace Lockyer; Apodaca Receives Wide Support

May 22, 2012 | When she entered the Alameda County Administration building Tuesday afternoon, Newark City Councilwoman Ana Apodaca said she was just praying to be picked as a finalist to replace former supervisor Nadia Lockyer.

Apodaca was one of five candidates chosen by the board to be publicly interviewed May 29 and only person receiving a vote from all four remaining supervisors. "My mom was going to light a candle and pray for me," she said afterwards.

Former Union City councilman Richard Valle received three of four votes, while community activist Sheryl Grant received two. Perhaps the two candidates with the most experience—Union City Mayor Mark Green and former supervisor Gail Steele—each received a single vote. In lieu of a second round of voting, the board agreed to accept all candidates who garnered a vote for next week's interviews. The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to pick a successor to replace Lockyer during the June 5 meeting.

Apodaca acknowledged quite a bit of horse trading has already gone down behind closed doors, "but, there’s still more politicking to come.” Numerous Latino and women's group are believed to be heavily lobbying for an appointee from both or either demographics.

The board’s vote Tuesday also revealed tepid support for leveling the playing field in advance of a very contentious race come November in the manner sought by Supervisor Keith Carson, who had advocated for Steele as a placeholder candidate.

Instead, they appear cognizant of the Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi’s reported interest in the seat. “Her presence is a factor,” Supervisor Nate Miley said afterwards. “She has money and she has access to donors.”

“I don’t know if you can have a fair competition if Mary runs,” Miley added. Hayashi’s war chest runs as high as $800,000 and would easily dwarf any of the potential appointees, if they were to seek re-election in the fall. However, Miley said speculation over Hayashi's entrance in the fall campaign for the seat does not weigh heavily in the board's decision to fill the seat.



  1. Just a point of interest.

    If the election is held in November, as a special election to fill the position, then I imagine it would be done in a manner such that there is no runoff, and the highest vote gets the job even if they only have 30% of the total vote.

    If so, without a runoff, I could see Mary Hayashi having a possibility even though 60 to 70 percent of the voters would be aghast at her gaining election.
    With $800,000 to a million plus, and with 2 to 4 other under-financed, but real, candidates, she might pull it off.

    She may even attempt to do that even if a person is chosen now, who would run as the incumbent.

    We need a ABM movement. Not anti-ballistic-missle rally, but a Anybody-But-Mary movement.

    Normally we only learn our politicans are crooks AFTER they are elected.
    If other organized groups, labor etc. supported her, that would really stink up Alameda County politics (I mean more than the current stink)

    The thought of her having a chance less than a year after her felony arrest is too much to contemplate.

  2. I still can't get over this May 9, 2012 photo
    Only weeks ago.

    Mary with Jon Rudolph, president of the Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs' Association


    Caption for Mary--- "I'll be back. See, everybody still loves me"

  3. Thanks for the link. Incredible, yes. I've even seen people who I know loath her posing for pictures with Hayashi.

  4. Mary, duh Hayward ho, Hayashi!!!

  5. Hayashi is having a big fundraiser for Speaker Perez at her house in late June. She is definitely not sitting on her hands (although I wonder if she is wearing $2000 leather pants that she mistakenly shoplifted) til the end of her term. She has a plan.

    ABH! ABH! We can't let another politican buy a seat again. Mary will try do a Nadia campaign part 2 and flood voters mailboxes witn her propaganda

  6. The arrogance of Mary Hayashi, speaks volumes. Her narcissistic attitude is unbelievable!

  7. Question: "can apodaca take position on caretaker basis? she is full time employee of Kaiser; can she afford to give that up to be in position where she may not be able to hold seat after november? And why did Green only get one vote? He has worked with Carson/Wiley in past and I cannot believe the two did not give Mark a vote. Tony Santos

  8. note mistake in my message-i stated "ana is full time Kaiser employee and may not be able to hold seat in november.

  9. Read the applications, Apodaca states she was involved in building a new Kaiser hospital in the city Tony lead until Stephen Cassidy shut him out. That means jobs and revenue for the city; sounds qualified to be county supervisor to me. Don't be a hater Tony. She was the only one to get all 4 votes from the Supervisors.

  10. Tony if you read Apodaca's application you see she would quit Kaiser. I don't know her Kaiser salary but pretty sure the Supervisor position pays more. I also think Apodaca or whoever is appointed would statrt campagning as soon as they are sworn in.

  11. The only reason Ana Apodaca was involved in building the new Kaiser Hospital is because she works at Kaiser. She was NOT the reason it is being built, and don't let her fool you. She is in a department that has to take a role in the planning, just like all other Kaiser managers. At Kaiser she is not liked by the other Latino employees. She is selfish, arrogant, harsh and insensitive to others. It would be a mistake to appoint her.

  12. You said that Ana was involved in building a new hospital and that would mean new jobs and revenue for the city. There won't necessarily be new jobs, since the Kaiser Hospital in Hayward will be closing and all the employees will be transferred to the new hospital in San Leandro. Employees from several other Kaiser clinics and offices in Union City will be moving too. So who knows if there will even be any new jobs. Ana is not responsible for anything positive!

  13. In the community Ana Apodaca has the reputation of a complainer who causes problems rather than solves them. Her constituents have been upset because she is non-responsive and does nothing but gladhand other politicians or anyone who can move her political agenda. She has much to learn before she could ably handle a position as important as supervisor. Remember, it took less than 700 votes for her to become a city council member.

    Nadia Lockyer was Latina, so it is not as if this position has not been held by a Latino. Vote for qualifications and character, not race.