Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Alameda County Supervisors Deadlocked, 2-2, On Lockyer Appointment

June 5, 2012 | The mess that the Nadia Lockyer sex and drug scandal has brought to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors will take at least another week to sort out. The four remaining supervisors failed to make an appointment to replace Lockyer, who resigned April 20, after the vote became deadlocked, 2-2, between Newark Councilwoman Ana Apodaca and former Union City Councilman Richard Valle.

"This has been a remarkable situation," said Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley as he adjourned the nearly two-hour special meeting Tuesday afternoon. The board has until the expiration of the sixty-day window following Lockyer's resignation, which ends June 19, to fill the seat or risk Gov. Jerry Brown making the pick for them. However, it is entirely possible, with a November election scheduled for the seat, Brown could leave the seat vacant until then. The governor has the right to make the appointment, said county counsel Donna Ziegler, but, for instance, in the case of a judicial appointment, if he chooses not to fill the seat, it sits empty until election time.

Aside from the dramatic turn of events that saw the revealing of ballots returning a tie vote, each board member stood uncommonly resolute in their choices. Supervisor Wilma Chan surprised some by choosing Valle. In recent weeks, Chan had made it clear she desired another woman on the board and was leaning towards Apodaca. "I would be proud to serve with you guys," she said to both candidates, but, "No one wants a woman on this board more than me."

Chan based her choice on the candidate she believed could begin to mend the wounds in District 2 brought on by the Lockyer scandal. Her choice was Valle, while signaling a belief he would be the best candidate to stand against the likely strong field of competitors in November. Most likely, embattled Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi. "Whoever we pick will have to stand for election and, from what I'm hearing, they will be facing a competitive field," she said. Miley also sounded a similar note in choosing Valle by saying, "A determining factor at the end of the day is electability." If picking an appointment based on their chances in November was, indeed, the determining factor in today's events, then the board is truly split.

Supervisors Scott Haggerty and Keith Carson voted for Apodaca and stood firm in their selections following the vote. Both supervisors ticked off a lengthy list of Apodaca's accomplishments in Newark and the county. Although the board took a 10 minutes break to allow the two candidates to confer and possibly convince each other to concede, the stalemate could not be broken Tuesday. Haggerty joked, "Can we can put them in a small room and see who comes out?"

With still two weeks left before the deadline to choose a successor to Lockyer, the board still has time to make the pick, but the stakes will only get higher.


  1. Chan "Whoever we pick will have to stand for election, and from what I'm hearing, they will be facing a competitive field,"

    Did she elaborate? Is this meant to be aimed directly at a Hayashi candidacy and that she will indeed be running?
    If so, can we assume that none of the 4 current supervisors wants Hayashi to win?

    Further, is there anyone in office or of note who has said that they want Hayashi to run for supervisor?
    Or is the entire Mary Hayashi deal only favored by Hayashi herself?
    If the political people of the East Bay are nearly unanimous in their dislike of this person, then its time for them to start speaking out in the coming weeks.
    Will we see them all at Hayashi's house for the party in a couple weeks, smiling and acting like she is just dandy.

    Many, probably most, of the public are aghast at thought of Hayashi running mere months after taking a plea deal and being placed on 3 years probation following her felony shoplifting arrest.
    Are the politcal leaders of the East Bay so out of touch with the voters that they are unaware of this sentiment?

    Or perhaps this is all speculation, and running for supervisor is the furthest thing from Mary's mind.

  2. Mary "Duh Hayward Ho" Hayashi, of Castro Valley no less!

  3. Reliable sources say Mary is a go

  4. "Reliable sources" What does that mean?

    And do your reliable sources say that anyone, other than Mary, wants her to run?

    Or that anyone is on-board to actually support her financially or otherwise?
    I'd like to know who is willing to go on record supporting a candidate who is on 3 years probation, via a plea deal, after having been arrested for a felony.

    Is Mary quietly lining up supporters?

    She will be running less than 12 months after her arrest for felony shoplifting.
    She has yet to face the public in any event in which a citizen can ask her a open question.
    She has yet to give a interview to a single professional reporter.
    Its been 7 months. Only one single press release in Sacramento, 3 days after sentencing.
    Since then, complete silence on the single most important issue in her career.

    Does she think the public has forgotten? Or that they equate it with driving 45 in a 35 zone.
    (Which is what she compared it to in her press release...
    "Losing track of how fast you are driving is no excuse for speeding. And losing track of clothing I was purchasing is no excuse for walking out of a store without paying."

    The above, a exact quote from Mary. )

    Oh the heels of Nadia Lockyer, does this district want another such embarassment to represent them?

  5. If Mary runs, there will definitely be a "Don't replace the nympho with a klepto" hit piece. The only question is what level of photographs the postmaster will allow to be mailed.

    Mary is also soliciting union endorsements for a 2014 run for Ellen's state senate seat against Wiekowski.

    But when you stop and think about it, is a Hayashi candidacy necessarily a bad thing? Campaigns are stressful. Stress causes people to revert to form.
    She is still on probation, and stealing opponent's campaign signs would be a violation. If she got violated for it, it would be the first time in history election laws actually had teeth.

  6. What is up with Wilma Chan? Only a couple of weeks, she went on a diatribe on how she wanted a woman to be the appointee. And how important gender representation was to the Board of Supes.

    Then yesterday Wilma does an aboutface and embraces Valle as the healer of the district? How does that work? What changed Wilma?

    Could it be labor exerted pressure on her? Did Wilma put her own political future ahead of principles?

  7. Why do county supervisors get paid more than the governor?

  8. because they tied their pay to that of the judges so they never face the political pressure of having to decide on their own raises

  9. Does everyone here bother to check their facts?
    Or do we just pass down stuff we hear from the guy next door?

    "Why do county supervisors get paid more than the governor?"

    Uh, they DON'T...

    The governors salary was JUST reduced from $174K to $165,000 because of budget cuts. On top of that he gets the usual benefits.

    The Board of Supervisors Pay is a base of
    $143,666 plus another $8,292 for a gross salary of

    On that you add the usual medical, dental, vision, plus pensions costs etc.
    Their TCOE (Total Cost of Employment) varies bit from one to the other, with the average being about $226K

    Alameda County Lai-Bitker, Alice Member, Bd of Supervisors

    Supervisorial District No. 3 $143,666 $8,292 $151,958 $23,142 $32,391 $0 $18,637 $8,880 $235,008
    Alameda County Haggerty, Scott Patrick Member, Bd of Supervisors

    Supervisorial District No. 1 $143,666 $8,292 $151,958 $23,142 $32,391 $0 $18,637 $8,831 $234,959
    Alameda County Carson, Marvin Keith Member, Bd of Supervisors

    Supervisorial District No. 5 $143,666 $8,292 $151,958 $14,450 $32,391 $0 $18,637 $8,879 $226,314
    Alameda County Miley, Nathan A. Member, Bd of Supervisors

    Supervisorial District No. 4 $143,666 $8,292 $151,958 $8,552 $32,391 $0 $18,637 $8,878 $220,415
    Alameda County Steele, Gail Katharine Member, Bd of Supervisors

    Supervisorial District No. 2 $143,666 $8,292 $151,958 $8,552 $32,391 $0 $18,637 $8,876 $220,414

    Now for a factual question.

    There has been mention here about a event being held at the home of Mary Hayashi in two weeks.
    Guest of honor is said to be Assembly Speaker Perez.

    Does anyone here have any factual source that this is true. Something one can verify.
    Or is it just a rumor with no basis in fact.

    How or where would someone find out if the event is actually happening as described AND what kind of event it is?

  10. Oh, BTW, Yes, I do realize that the above salary information is from 2010.
    As you can see, Gail Steele and Lai-Bitker are still listed.

    It is possible it could have been raised, even in these times of austerity.
    If you have new, higher numbers, please pass them on.

    IF they have gotten substantial raises over the past 2 years, then with Brown's recent pay cut, I suppose the supervisors could have gone higher than his.

    Please provide that information if you have it.

  11. leaseJoin Us
    for a reception in honor of
    John A. Pérez, Speaker of the Assembly
    Assemblymember Paul Fong
    at the home of
    Assemblymember Mary Hayashi
    with co-hosts
    Thursday, June 21, 2012 ~ 5:30pm to 7:00pm
    ~ $500 to each candidate~
    Address provided upon RSVP. RSVP is required - please call Chris Parman @ 510.520.4301
    or email chrisparman@gmail.com

    Hayward Firefighters Local 1909
    Assemblymember Fiona Ma
    Assemblymember Warren Furutani
    Assemblymember Nora Campos
    City Councilmember Sue Chan
    Vice Mayor Rob Bonta
    Kathy and Norm Wat
    California Dental Association
    UFCW Local 5
    CWA Local 9412

  12. While the money isn't going directly to Hayashi, you do know they send each other money all the time. I believe Mary could set up a Supervisor campaign account and then the Speaker and Fong can funnel some of that money back to her. or they will just hold events for her later on in the summer or fall

  13. http://blog.sfgate.com/nov05election/author/mkuruvila/

    Miley, Chan, Brown and Valle were all part of an endorsement and fundraising machine that helped put Lockyer, who had no elected experience in the county, into office. Lockyer’s husband, state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, fueled her record $1.6 million 2010 campaign.

  14. So no appointment is made.
    The governor decides to leave the seat open with November right around the corner and a "special election" filing opening only a couple months away
    (August, September ?)

    So you have the line up

    Who else.

    How about Corbett? Supervisor a $143,000 to $150,000+ job. Beats State Senator pay and carries a pension which legislators don't get.
    Also, with Stark in trouble and Ro loaded for 2014, she may think she can more easily win the supervisor seat and be safe for many years.
    She has only what, 2 additional years in the legislature. Unless you think you can win the 15th in 2014, then you might well jump at the supervisor opportunity. Her senate district covers all of the supervisor district.

    OK, now we have

    Corbett wins that one.
    Name, money, woman, lots of supporters

    Remember, you only need a plurality, and with that crowd, 30% could easily win.

    Without Corbett, Hayashi is thinking she can swoop in and grab it without needing a majority.
    Meaning she could fool enough people with her "absentminded error" excuse or perhaps the "brain tumor" angle.

    However she couldn't beat Corbett.
    Or would Corbett consider this a "step down" and not worth pursuing. Where else can you go except the 15CD, Supervisor, or statewide something.
    The 15th CD is very iffy. Probably about a 1 in 4 chance at the very best.
    .50 Stark loses x .50 She can beat Ro = .25
    .60 Stark wins x .40 She can beat Ro = .24

    Still 1 in 4 or less.

    For Supervisor
    .90 she can beat the field. 90% chance to prevail.

    OK, anyone else to include on the roster of candidates?

  15. Corbett doesn't live in district. Of course she could move

  16. And the Supes schedule an 8:30 am Monday special meeting to appoint Valle...

  17. Chan has no backbone ... will sell out her own beliefs to save her own skin. Poetic justice will be if a woman runs against her in 2014 and sends Wilma into retirement.