Friday, June 8, 2012

Conservative Super PAC Readying Attack On Race Between Two Democrats

June 8, 2012 | Here comes the right-wing nuts. With results nearly complete in the 15th Congressional District, a heavily-back conservative super PACs appears set to pour significant special interests dollars to defeat Rep. Pete. Stark in a fall campaign between two Democrats.

"Now that we've come through the first round of voting we're examining California, crunching the numbers, and certainly Pete Stark, like cream or something else, has risen to the top of our list," Curtis Ellis, a spokesman for the Campaign for Primary Accountability, told the The Hill newspaper.

Although the group has made independent expenditures against incumbents in both parties across the country, its main backers include four wealthy businessman who have contributed financial support for rolling back President Obama's health care reform act in the past, including the founder of Ameritrade, Joe Ricketts, now well-known among Democrats for vowing to defeat Obama with a plan to revisit, with racial tones, according to The New York Times, the president's ties to Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Interest by the Campaign for Primary Accountability was reported a month ago and lead MSNBC's Chuck Todd to ask Swalwell whether he would accept the help of the conservative super PAC--albeit without coordination between the two campaigns. When Swalwell dodged the question, Todd pressed on. ""You didn't really answer the question, so I'm taking you welcome it."

"No, we're going to stick to our own message," said Swalwell. "As you know, we can't coordinate with them and we're confident that our message is going to be the one that is going to resonate with the voters and take us to victory in November."


  1. Steve, thanks for reporting this. The reality is that Swalwell is selling out the Democrats and is a Republican in sheep's clothing. He has taken developer and Republican money. He's openly seeking the Republican vote. This is one of the most liberal districts in the country, and he is out there appealing to tea party types. He is an embarrassment and you can be assured that he will have no political career after this, win or lose. I heard a rumor that DC was super pissed with him, and are going to make it clear that he would be a disaster for the district. He won't just lose. He is the type of sellout Democrat that the party needs to purge. He had no business running. Wait till he reaps what he sowed.

  2. He's a fence walker.. Those are the guys that usually win sooner or later.. You say I'm wrong?? You ever heard of a guy named Obama? Boomshakalaka!!!

  3. Wow. This could have written 40 years ago by a Miller supporter. Bottom line is when a politician stays too long somebody will move them out. The SuperPAC driven era we live in is unfortunate, but neither candidate can do anything about it. At the very least a viable competitor will force Start to engage his new district.

  4. Swalwell has no principles and is the same type of hack like Hayashi, and Nadia that this county produces. He is soliciting Super PACs, he takes money from developers. He only has served 6 months on city council. He is out there aligning with the tea party. I am glad he is running. He will be crushed in November, and that will mark the end of his political career.

    The only person who has been fair in covering this race is Tavares. All the mainstream media have a vendetta against Pete.

  5. 12:13 AM-

    "I heard a rumor that DC was super pissed with him,"

    Who the heck is DC ?

    Surely you don't mean Washington DC, do you?

    Or... Well, why don't you explain exactly what you mean.

  6. 10:42am
    Did u think the poster was talking about DC comics? Look at the context of the statement, he is talking about Congress

  7. 11:28am, Obviously I did look at the context.

    "DC was super pissed with him"

    Again, who is DC? Or who in DC?
    Are these the same folks in DC who can tell the district what is and isn't good for it.
    Uh, I didn' know that's how its suppose to work, from the "top down" or from "HQ down".
    I actually thought the system was meant to work in the opposite direction.

    Are these "DC folks" the same ones who are telling us we need to keep Pete until he falls off his chair.
    BTW, are these "DC folks" the same ones who bypassed Pete and the long held tradition of seniority to make a junior member the Chairman of the Ways and Means committee, in order to spare the party the embarassment of Pete's gaffes?

    So they decide Pete is best for OUR district, but not good enough for THEIR committee chairmanship via their seniority system.
    Just how bad do you have to be to not be part of the seniority system.
    Too poor for that standard, but still good enough for the district purposes.

    Where is the logic in that?

    No doubt from the same school of logic that Sacramento uses when Assembly Speaker says to the East Bay, Friday January 6th, 2012, the day of sentencing for Mary Hayashi...

    "I am confident that with the close of these proceedings, she will continue to ably serve her constituents with the same talent and passion she has displayed throughout her time in office.

    I also wish to express my sincerest hopes for Ms. Hayashi's speedy recovery from her recent diagnosis (the supposed brain tumor). While her condition is serious, her prognosis is good and I have every confidence she will make a full recovery."

    So, is that the kind of logic that DC and Sacramento are telling the East Bay to follow?

  8. Eric Smalwell is Republican Rat Bastard and always has been. Anyone supporting him has solid Teabagger support and is on the fringe of the Republican party to the right of Chris Pareja. I sure hope that the electorate figures out that Smalwell on his best day is not half of Pete on his worst day. That tells you a lot about Smalwell because Pete on his worst day is a stinky mess.

  9. "Eric Swalwell is a Republican Rat Bastard..." Thank God the man is not your typical Alameda County demo-stooge. Anyone who thinks for himself and doesn't swallow the liberal puke is OK with me. He's got my vote. Not only that, I'm going to cut a check and work to get him elected.

  10. I look forward to seeing Stark and Swalwell face the more liberal group of voters who will come to the polls in November after Swalwell has spent a few months aggressively pursuing Pareja voters, and after he has received lots of SuperPAC support from Republican billionaires.

    That should go well.

  11. I would vote for any Democrat that ran against Stark. He's lost his capacity to be effective. We will lose out if he continues.

  12. Swalwell will get republican base with high Romney turnout. He's going to win on republican vote and it's about time we had a moderate in this seat. Not the liberals like Stark Pelosi or their golden boy Khanna. This is a conservative seat. Not a progressive or liberal won. More power to swalwell for getting republican and tea party votes and making that his base to win November!

  13. Republicans will vote for a Democrat? Some will.

    Democrats will vote for a candidate who is seeking Tea Party Republican voters? A few. Very few.

    "...it's about time we had a moderate in this seat." The Republican base voter will not accept a moderate in this race; if you hadn't noticed, they are unwilling to compromise.

    "This is a conservative seat." No, it isn't. It is still a strong plurality Democratic registration advantage District, even with the changed lines.