Monday, June 18, 2012

For Political Antics In Alameda County, It's Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better

ALAMEDA COUNTY | In a region where a state legislator admits to stealing high-end leather pants, a county supervisor successfully runs for her position at the same time secretly smoking crank and a Assembly candidate violently strikes his girlfriend and still thinks he has a chance at the ballot, the news of Alameda County Superior Court Judge Paul Seeman stealing the assets of a 97-year-old woman may illicit shock, but little surprise.

Since Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi's arrest Oct. 25, 2011 for felony shoplifting in San Francisco to today, it is arguable, the last eight months in Alameda County politics have never been more tumultuous than today. While I take some credit for shaking up the joint, in reality, it has been no more than scratching the surface. The rot is deep and rising to the surface. I have news for everybody, it's not going to end and the characters like Hayashi, Nadia Lockyer, Joel Young and Judge Seeman will continue to make news for the infamy, but others will unfortunately for them join the fray in the next six months. I guarantee it.

There are many factors for this cancer in Alameda County. Among them, a non-existent media to follow the buffoonery of our local leaders, but, more importantly, a sprawling and uncontainable Democratic Party which condones and systemically recreates clones of its cast of bad characters. The Democratic Central Committees in the East Bay have no gumption when it comes to looking the other way to its members transgressions. Nevermind, elected leaders already in power, but note, members of the Democratic Central Committee in the 18th District, split their endorsement in their local Assembly race to include the already tarnished Joel Young. Nevermind that he was already accused of (1) beating up his girlfriend, but (2) also admitting infidelity that night after being caught in bed with another woman. As we would see later, why would domestic violence and cheating on your significant other matter to the Democratic Party in this county?

We've all seen the growing photo album of party leaders and union officials happily posing with Hayashi starting just weeks after she plead no-contest to misdemeanor grand theft. A member of a law enforcement union is even seen posing happily with Hayashi. The outrage is not limited to Hayashi. Remember the group photo of party leaders, including Bill and Nadia Lockyer, posing with thumbs up at an event in Fremont? That spectacle occurred just days after the crank-addled former supervisor accused her husband of providing her with drugs in the past. She never retracted the statement and the local and state media looked the away and fell under the trance of the Lockyer's media manipulations involving a now-apparent bogus restraining order against Lockyer's ex-boyfriend.

Unfortunately, the trail of infamy following this initial crop of crooks was too fresh for the June primary, I believe the shockingly low turnout exhibited by voters in Alameda County is a direct result of these recent incidents. Until enough time has passed for a new crop of untarnished potential candidates to emerge, possibly as early as November in some cities, voters will not be energized to vote. Instead, they will protest.

Fortunately, times are changing and this three year experiment of brawny independent journalism I purport to represent is gaining steam. As the East Bay Express noted this week, the newspaper stocked with my stories of Joel Young's many pratfalls, changed the direction of the race in the 18th Assembly District. The political head of Young now sits on a pike for all other unseemly politicians to see and wonder if they will be next.

In 2010, I told my then very small group of readers exactly how unstable Nadia Lockyer appeared to me during her campaign for county supervisor. Nobody was paying attention then, but they are now. We all know you cannot count on the power structure in Alameda County to clean itself up. Even when they caught Judge Seeman bilking an elderly neighbor, it still took the district attorney two years to file charges.

I often think about one of the most imporant pieces of advice ever given to me as a reporter. Hit them hard and hit them often. I didn't intend on cleaning up a mess when I started this little media experiment in 2009, instead, I intended to fill a gaping news hole in the East Bay. It seems both aims are one in the same.


  1. You go guy! One thing though tell the truth.

  2. Sure, I'll find the goods on everyone except your candidate of choice. Got it! Who's shall I not tell the truth about, again? Swalwell? Mayor Cassidy?

  3. By MW:

    While I am not familiar with Paul Seeman, and in fact when a few days ago I first heard that he had been accused of bilking an elderly neighbor, his name only rung the tiniest bit of a bell, and probably from previous news items concerning the Occupy Movement.

    In fact if one week ago you had mentioned his name to me and then asked me who he was, the best I could have done would have been to guesss that he might be a public official of some sort.

    However as I have learned in the last few days, he is definitely a judge. And of course, and just like virtually all judges, he is also a lawyer. And ripping people off and embezzling their money is standard practice for lawyers.

    It's just that most of them do not get charged by the DA when they do it. In fact, most of the time when a lawyer or a judge, and especially one who is a bigshot or politically connected, embezzles money, the DA normally does a phony and charade "investigation," and then, and no matter how overwhelmingly the evidence, insists that the lawyer, judge, or high ranking public official did not do anything wrong.

    In other words normally the big boys, and especially the judges and lawyers, and including in the DA's office, cover for and protect each other.

    So even if Seeman is guilty of what he has been accused of, a still far more interesting story would be why the DA's office did not put the fix in for him and protect him, and the same way the DA's office almost always protects the big boys, and especially when the big boys are lawyers or judges.

  4. Tavares, this is a noble effort but don't believe everything someone says. No one is perfect and everyone deserves a balanced shot. Hit pieces are hit pieces whether they happen via mail, in a newspaper, or a blog.

  5. By MW:

    In regard to lawyers and judges embezzling and robbing estates, the first thing to remember is that we should change the name of that group which is primarily composed of lawyers and judges from the legal profession to THAT SLEAZY MAFIA OF ALCOHOLICS, HEROIN AND COCAINE ADDICTS, AND EMBEZZLERS WHICH IS COMPOSED OF PARASITES AND THIEVES LICENSED BY THE CALIFORNIA STATE BAR AND APPROVED BY THE CALIFORNIA STATE LEGISLATURE.

    (NOTE: Lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug abuse, and including to heroin and cocaine, of any major profession, and only a total idiot would entrust his money to a drug addict.)

  6. Then, more hit pieces please. I'm tired of voting for hacks who turn out to be losers or criminals. If these people are supposed to be representing ME and speaking for ME, I damn well want to know who they really are.

  7. By MW:

    Since the subject is theft and embezzlement, did you hear about the modern organized crime ring which steals so much and is so extremely sleazy, that by comparison Al Capone and Lucky Luciano were choir boys and extreme smalltimers!!!

    That modern, and extremely politically connected and usually extremely politically protected, organized crime ring is primarily composed of:

    Liars, leeches and parasites with state issued licenses



    Yelling screaming totally out of control maniacs addicted to such drugs as heroin and cocaine


    Racketeers and


  8. Since we are on the subject of racketeers and shysters what ever happened to the federal investigation of former legislative crook and wanna be Mayor of Oakland Dandy Don Perata? Were they not looking at his financial doings and how he got away with giving jobs and money to his family, friends and cronies?

  9. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I didn't mean to imply that you weren't telling the truth. I just wanted to say that I'm really in love with the truth- all of it. I don't have a candidate in the race.

  10. By MW:

    To 1:24PM.

    Don Perata is too big to be busted and sent to prison.

    More specifically, while now and then the Northern California office of the FBI and/or US Attorney's Office do go through their little charades of pretending to investigate and supposedly being seriously interested in going after one of the really big boys, and such as for instance Don Perata or Willie Brown, however they always find an excuse, or more accurately invent a "reason," to not proceed, in other words to drop the case and kill the investigation, and rather than following through and putting one of the really big boys in prison.

    While it's true that virtually everywhere the big boys get a lot more respect and consideration than they deserve, however I am not aware of anywhere in the entire country that the big boys get nearly as much undeserved respect, and also can get away with nearly as much, as they do in the San Francisco area.

    For instance, a Bay area lawyer by the name of Jacobsen was on his way one morning to the FBI's Northern California to discuss with the FBI corruption involving certain lawyers who had a standard practice of paying under the table bribes to certain Bay area judges.

    However Jacobsen was shot to death that morning while on his way to the FBI's office, and the FBI then even accepted the lies and garbage story from "investigators" on the payroll of the city of San Francisco that it was merely a random gunshot, and rather than intentional murder, that caused Jacobsen's death.

    And an extremely prominent SF lawyer by the name of Dennis Natali and also one of Natali's businessmen clients started talking to the FBI about the fact that in SF it was standard practice for lawyers and businessmen to pay under the table bribes to SF City Hall, and as result both Natali and his client were murdered, and in fact only a few minutes apart, and then the FBI, various SF "investigators," and SF Superior Court all pretended to believe that the two virtually simultaneous murders were unrelated and not part of an organized plot.

    In other words that city, and which basically serves as the Bay area's capital and headquarters, should really change its name to Scams FraudFIXso.

  11. By MW:

    In my immediately above entry I neglected to mention that when it comes to prosecuting corruption, the federal government allows the Bay area, and especially SF, to act basically as a sovereign state, and therefore the Bay area's big boys, and such as for instance Don Perata, Willie Brown, and Bill Lockyer, etc, are really free to do whatever they please, and with no likelihood of being sent to prison no matter what they do.

  12. I agree that there are more stories to come about corruption in Alameda County government. In fact, look at the story just the other day about that deputy district attorney who had the Alameda County Sheriff tape a privileged conversation between an inmate and her defense team. Super, super illegal ethics violation, a felony. Something the Public Defender attorney for the defendant said made it clear that the DA's office commonly violates the civil rights of people in Alameda County just to get a conviction at all costs. The defense attorney said this about the deputy district attorney:

    "In her own mind, I think, she believed she did not do anything illegal," Kingston said. "If somebody was going to do something surreptitiously, and wanted to be evil about it, I would have never found out there was a recording."

    This is a deputy DA with over 10 years of experience. Everyone in the legal world knows that this is a severe violation. It's Law 101. If she didn't know it was wrong then she was doing/seeing it so much she no longer recognized that it was a no-no. It was condoned by the DA. The fact that the Sheriff's Office did the taping when they too know that it is illegal is also suspect. It explains why Santa Rita Jail is at over double its inmate capacity. Convictions based on illegal acts by the DA were at the core: coerced statements, scripted witnesses, planted evidence...conviction at all costs, especially if it can get someone more political capital.

    Nancy O'Malley put her deputy on leave and the deputy will probably take one for the team, but the whole DA's office needs to be investigated, especially O'Malley. The Sheriff, too, needs a thorough investigation. Obviously, they violate civil rights regularly as well.

    It’s unbelievable that O'Malley was just asking the board of supervisors for money to fund her “boy band” instead of paying for ethics re-training for herself and her staff.

  13. also claiming to be a "lawyer" when your not; small time but from same source. tony santos

  14. You left out the County's Fire Chief....he left because he was grab assing women in the department.
    You forgot Dave Muhammad, the Probation Chief who was sleeping with staff....What a County....!!!
    Two Chiefs a Supervisor a Judge an Assemblymember....all crap!!

  15. By MW:

    I believe it was just announced that Judge Paul Seeman will be taking a leave of absence from the bench until the matter is resolved concerning accusations that he stole millions of dollars from an elderly couple that he was "helping" and "assisting."

    However I would have preferred that he be allowed to remain an active judge while the charges are being investigated, and also even if it should later be definitely determined, and even beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he did definitely steal millions of dollars from that elderly couple - SO THAT WAY THE GENERAL PUBLIC COULD LEARN MORE ABOUT THE REAL AND ACTUAL "STANDARDS" OF THAT SLEAZY MAFIA OF THIEVES, EMBEZZLERS, MONEY LAUNDERERS, PATHOLOGICAL LIARS, PARASITES, BLOODSUCKERS, AND INSIDIOUS AND POLITICALLY CONNECTED CRIMINALS WITH LAW LICENSES, AND WHICH LIKES TO REFER TO ITSELF AS THE LEGAL PROFESSION.

    And if Seeman did really steal the money, and as the Alameda County DA's office is accusing him of, that still raises the question as to why the DA's office is prosecuting him, and rather than engaging in its normal pattern of protecting the big boys, and no matter how heinous the crimes they commit.

    In other words, did Seeman commit some really major "crimes!!!" And such as for instance refusing to regularly roll over for the DA's office when the DA's office came into court with prosecutions based on "evidence" so weak that even a small child could have easily seen that the charges were based on lies, garbage, and manufactured "evidence."

    Or if he really did steal millions of dollars from the elderly couple, did he violate the customs of and etiquette of the local mafia that refers to itself as the East Bay's legal community by keeping it all for himself, and in other words refusing to share some of the proceeds with the local power brokers and other lawyers and judges!!!

    NOTE: The more normal way judges usually steal rom estates, and while virtually guaranteeing they will stay out of prison for it, is by appointing a crooked lawyer friend to manage the estate, and then the judge just rubberstamps and approves the management fees the crooked lawyer charges, and no matter how outrageously high those fees are.

    And the crooked lawyer, of course, then just quietly funnels a large share of the outrageously high fees back to the judge in under the table cash. Many large estates have been totally drained using that method.

    And that method is considered to be one hundred percent legal, since everything the lawyer did was approved by a judge, and as a general rule the only thing the judge in such a situation can then eventually be "charged" with is having engaged in poor or questionable judgement, and no matter how much was plundered from the estate.