Friday, June 1, 2012

Hayward Council Candidate Greg Jones Was Nearly Fired Before Quitting As City Manager

June 1, 2012 | The rumors had been swirling for months. But various public officials in Hayward along with a few city leaders in the know, were nonetheless skeptical that its popular city manager Greg Jones was, indeed, having an affair with then-Councilwoman Anna May. Several of the same people had received an invitation to Jones’s annual Christmas party in 2010, held at his home in the Hayward Hills. Those who attended the get-together a year ago enjoyed the event and complimented the beauty of Jones’s home. Party-goers the following year didn’t know what to expect this time around. Jones was known to have divorced his wife earlier in 2010 and most assumed it was the ex who had taken the lead in organizing the Jones Christmas party the year before. As the guests walked into the Jones home in 2010, several tell The Citizen, the sight of May and her mother, obviously in charge of the night’s soiree, made it indelibly clear, Hayward’s sitting city manager Greg Jones and May were an item. The ramifications for this not-so-secret union and the couple’s refusal to officially admit to it would soon pose serious questions of conflicts of interest and workplace harassment over the next three months for members of the City Council and various city employees.

The depth of the ordeal, only recently revealed, shows Jones, who is running for Hayward City Council this June, was by almost all accounts, a quite capable and very popular city official, faced likely termination in early 2011 from the fallout of the scandal, according to numerous past and current city officials with knowledge, at the time, of the situation. Jones ultimately resigned in March 2011, saying he and May would explore running together for the Hayward school board in the fall of that year. After a brief flirtation, both reconsidered, saying they had located a better candidate and worried about their ability to lead with the possibility of the beleaguered school district facing a takeover by the state. Jones denies the assertion. "I wasn't at risk of being fired and left at my own choice," he said in an email.

Nearly every source interviewed for this article, say they were more than willing to work with Jones on the issue, but he and May simply refused to cooperate with the city or even acknowledge the romance was occurring while both sat in closed session meetings, nor the workplace impropriety of May, not only a council member, but also, technically, Jones’s boss, having a personal relationship with an underling. The upheaval had risen to such a level, The Citizen learned, that the City Council took the additional step of hiring outside legal counsel to deal with the growing crisis. Sources say both Jones and May refused to answer any questions on the matter, further tying the city’s hands in the matter. A Cold War then ensued. Although both Jones and May spoke to many at City Hall, in public, as if nothing was going on, their demeanor behind closed doors was frosty.

“He didn’t have to resign,” said one former city official. “People really liked Greg and we were willing to work this out. We’re all adults here.” The city was then left with no other short-term recourse other than to shut May out of closed session meetings. It should be noted that no source mentioned any single issue where the potential conflict of interest claim put the city directly in danger, but it is wise to note the city’s was just fully emerging from a wide-ranging scandal at the Hayward Police Department where over a dozen female cops alleged sexual harassment against male officers on the force. The city settled the claims for over $1 million. City officials in early 2011 did not want another sexual harassment case to blow up in their face and were particularly vigilant in handling this new, potentially explosive case in a proper and discreet manner. Especially, since there were additional allegations among some women at City Hall that Jones had previously made unwanted advances on them, too.

Jones’s abrupt decision earlier this year to run for City Council struck some who were well aware of the scandal, as absurd, based not only on the salacious aspects of the story, but over Jones’s growing record of antipathy towards potential conflicts in multiple government settings. Jones’s interest in running for the school actually started around November 2010, says a source, while many in the city were totally in the dark over his involvement with May. Instead of quitting his over $200,000 job as city manager and running for the school board, Jones believed he could potential hold both seats concurrently. Despite, the city’s city attorney clearing nixing the legality of Jones’s plan, he then moved to ask the state attorney general’s office to weigh in. They too, found the arrangement was a clear conflict on interest. One source tells The Citizen, they had suspicions that Jones was using interest in the school board as a smokescreen to allow for a smooth and honorable exit from his city manager job. But, Jones’s affinity for mixing dueling constituencies was not new. Early in his tenure, Jones attempted to sit on the board of the Hayward Chamber of Commerce while serving as city manager—a clear conflict when the city constantly hears from the chamber on a range of zoning and business-related city ordinances. Jones told colleagues there was nothing inappropriate about it and, in fact, had done the same thing as city manager in Chico.

At the time of Jones’s resignation in March 2011, the news elicited considerable head-scratching around town (including requisite gossip). Why would a person give up a well-paying job for an opportunity to sit on an unappreciated school board with little or no pay? It just didn’t make sense. Although Jones was well-liked, his public persona bordered on quiet and nerdy. The juxtaposition of the vibrantly young and beautiful May hooking up with Jones seemed to many like the ending scene of “Revenge of the Nerds,” where the high school misfits come out on top and walk away with the prettiest girl in school. In fact, many Hayward insiders knew May as something of a “Maneater.” Just a year before hooking up with Jones, she announced she had married a local attorney. The news came seemingly out of nowhere to city officials, but just as soon as their union was sealed, she abruptly divorced him within months. May’s penchant for short-term exuberance it seems was not only reserved for interpersonal relationships, but also her one term on the City Council. Despite coming out of nowhere to snag a seat, city observers say she quickly became bored with the minutiae of city government. In fact, by the final two years of her stay, May would often be seen at council meetings staring blankly at the ceiling and exhaling deeply in exasperation. Parlor bets, if they indeed occurred, did not favor the person who had the new couple lasting more than a few months.

Ultimately, they were wrong, but May’s noticeable absence from all of Jones’s candidates forums over the past few month have struck many as odd. Although the affair and the city scandal that followed have stayed out of the public discourse for the nine-person race for City Council, Jones’s campaign made an allusion to questions over why he chose to resign as city manager over a year ago. In a large, eight page Nadia Lockyer-esque mailer created to look like a magazine, Jones answers the persistent, mostly innocent query, yet the question present is leading and insinuates he left his former job to open his own business. Jones and May later partnered in their own real estate business. “At the time I left, it appeared to me the school district was in desperate shape and though I could have helped. Instead, when election time came, I supported a much more qualified candidate than myself.” The mailer also includes a photograph of Jones with his ex-wife at one of their children’s wedding and another with May warmly embracing Jones.

While Jones’s candidacy for city council poses serious doubts about his past behavior beyond the public sphere, there is also a growing sense, should he win one of the four spots on the council next week, his presence could be a destabilizing force for a group known to exhibit a good working relationship among each other. In addition to Jones’s potential victory, some believe the current city manager, Fran David, who replaced Jones last year, is already on the hot seat. City Hall insiders say David’s transgressions, among other things, was dislike by some council member—a few up for re-election this June—who did not look kindly on David’s overly harsh and public wrangling with the city’s public employee unions. The rancor, putting union-friendly council members against labor leaders was not a situation any of them enjoyed, according to one source, who also believes Jones’s expertise in city matters will easily and uncomfortably overshadow David’s. One council member, who declined to speak on the record, said they loath to think what will happen to the council’s consistent level of comity with Jones’s inclusion and whether it dredges up bad memories from a year ago. “It was easily the worst three months I’ve gone through as a council member and I don’t look forward to going through it again.”


  1. Excellent article. Anna only served on the City Council for 2 years- it was the rest of Jimenez's term who died in 2006. Anna is a spoiled brat and Greg needs to wake up from his mid-life crisis.

  2. Great exposure Tavares. I knew something was up with Anna and Jones. Two bozos in the city. No wonder Hayward cannot move forward. We need to stop these type of candidates from destroying the city. This was a sleaze play at that time for a council member to be in bed with a city manager. Hayward needs new leadership and Jones is not the answer. If Jones gets elected it will be consistent with the Hayashi, Lockeyer stories. So sad.

  3. Interesting. I've met both Jones and May and they seem like good people. Im sure you could dig up a little dirt on everyone out there. While a good read, I'm going with the gut and saying who the heck cares! if he can get Hayward in shape then I'm for him and he certainly seems like he'll do some good around town. as good as one person on that council can do. Beat the Alpha Betas, Greg Jones!

  4. Weak shot at last minute trying to sensationalize old news. Every time I commend you for uncovering corrupt conduct, you remind me with other articles that you protect and promote your own candidates by publishing utter crap.

  5. Hayashi, Lockeyer stories now the Anna May and Greg Jones. I agree with 10:27 above. The activities of Anna Mae and Greg Jones need to be exposed and I am sure there is more that we do not know. I notice that also they are endorsing Jennifer Ong, and further Hayashi has donor connections with Ong. So now I am really curious how connected Mary Hayashi, Greg Jones, Anna May, and Jennifer Ong are connected. Care to elaborate Tavares?

  6. No a weak shot. If this is old news I and the rest of the community did not know about it. The daily Review never said anything of why these two smut characters left. We have been kept on the dark intentionally too long. I was always wondering why Anna May and then Greg Jones disappeared from the council scene. Now I know. Steven Tavares good job on exposing this garbage. We need to kick out everyone from the city council including the city manager for not telling the community of this corruption. Anna May was too incompetent to be on the council she was way over her head. Maybe that is why Anna May went after Greg Jones , for the money, and I bet she knew that Greg was married. I am not voting for Greg Jones. We really need much better city council candidates than Jones.

  7. I am voting for Greg Jones. I've done my homework.

  8. Sounds like someone out there is just jealous, probably incumbents running for council who feel threatened by Jones's popularity. There actually IS something going on between May and Jones -- they're married. TO EACH OTHER! Not sure how this is considered juicy news. Nice try, though.

  9. I am NOT voting for Greg Jones. I too have done my homework and nobody is jealous. What these two have done should be punishable with jail time for breaking the trust of the community. Typical corruption trying to brush it off as nothing had happen. Maybe it would be a better defense of Greg Jones and Anna May if they told us that they had a brain tumor when this went down at city council. That excused worked for Mary Hayashi.

  10. Let's get this straight...everybody liked Jones and were willing to work out a solution, but the new lovers refused to answer questions from an outside lawyer. This is shady as it gets. If Jones is elected, what is he going to do? Tell May everything? This is absolutely nuts! This is far more worse than our other stupid politicians who are stealing clothes and cheating on their elderly husband. This is real corruption and it will follow Jones if he is elected.

  11. Helllllloooooo! Can you say mid-life crisis! Buy a Ferrari and get botox, instead, of running for city council.

  12. Thanks for this article. It's better to be talked about than to not be noticed. Truth always prevails.

  13. Great article on exposing the Hayward city council corruption. I will not be voting for Jones and his packaged concubine. It seems both Jones and May have reached middle age crises too stoop so low. I recommend they both get his and hers ferrari and botox. When will this corruption ever end in Hayward city council. I say get the entire incumbents all out as I am sure they know more and are not telling Hayward as mentioned by comment 10:40am.

  14. Tavares do you have any youtube links for these two? Good report, I thought I knew what was the goings on in Hayward. I guess not. This seals it for me I will tell all my friends not to vote for corrupt candidates like this Jones. Does Anna May have any political inspirations too? She will not get my vote either. Maybe like said above they behave so bad because they had a brain tumor. Funny.

  15. Just because some idiot tries to get more hits on his website by writing crap like this doesn't mean any of it's true. Get a life and quit trying to stir things up just because your own lives are so boring...

  16. What a baby. Tell me where any of this is incorrect? You can't. This is very serious and comments like the one above is shockingly head in the sand logic.

  17. Greg Jones is the candidate for me. I like his list of accomplishments at City Manager ie; Murals, Painted Utility Boxes, a balanced budget, and ACCESS to name a few. I don't care who he is married to or who he sleeps with. I think he's the best candidate!

  18. to Anonymous on 6/2 at 10:40AM

    You are an idiot!

  19. Greg Jones will NOT be the candidate for me. To 10:23 above don't you want to know when he was the city manager if he was abusing his power when he was sleeping with the city council? I do, and every voter of intelligence wants to know of the abuse of power from Anna May and Greg Jones if they were sharing the same bed. Which I am sure the wife of Greg Jones would not approve since he was married at the time. These two are no different than the Lockyers and Mary Hayashi. Same corrupt type of people. Great report.

  20. All municipal budget must be balanced by law. Balancing a budget is as much an accomplishment as just showing up for the meeting.

    To clear some things up. Despite the graphic saying June Surprise, much of this story was known to me beforehand. It wasn't an attempt to spring a blockbuster story on Jones. What I knew was troublesome, but when I learned of the depth of story--a path to termination being set and the hiring of outisde counsel, I moved as quickly as I could. The appearance of conflicts of interest especially when they include closed session meetings, makes me very worried. Too many councils around here abuse closed session to speak their mind and say different things in public.

    What makes this so interesting is Jones by most accounts is very capable, but something appears to be amiss here.

  21. Timing is a year advanced throughout the story.

  22. Well delivered Article. Our society has spent way too much time on who is sleeping with who, who's poking who in the oval office or the city hall bathroom. Even though its all fun and games when it comes down to these great stories. We need to put light on what is going wrong with our city. The members of the current council who are running for re-election have held our city down. some maybe nice people in person when it comes down to business we have failed. We need aggressive business professionals. If they are doing whatever for extracurricular activities so be it. who are we to judge on what they like or they do on their own time. The most successful people in life do alot of things that most people want to do but are scared to do. A candidate should be based not on what he or she likes to sleep on but on how they do there job. I will be voting for GREG Jones, Ralph Farias Jr and Peter Buffette. These three people have a lot of enthusiasm . If just one of these candidates are elected they play as the wild card. We need to shake up these boring council people.

  23. I do not view this article about jones and may sleeping together, it was about how they tried to hide their relationship to avoid hurting their careers. This behavior creates a conflict of interest that opens up the city to all sorts of liabilities. The right thing would have been for them to come clean from the beginning and if they are truly in love, then come what may. After all, love is supposed to trump all. But they decided on the path of lying, deceit, etc. Hayashi, Lockyer, Jones, May says it all.

    Lastly, murals and utility boxes project was started by ZERMENO and gang injunction was started by HENSON. He should stop taking credit for other people's work.

  24. Wake up supporters of May & Jones...this article and what it has uncovered is as much about possible corruption as it is about serious questions surrounding troubled judgement and flawed common sense of two people entrusted by taxpayers to make education decision based on good judgement and common sense.

    Their failures on a personal level provide probable cause to doubt their abilities to act in a manner that taxpayers can trust.

    If May & Jones believe they can out smart the public and media, they may want to have lunch with Bill, Nadia, & Mary. The trend in Alameda County would hint that taxpayers and the Media are DONE with this type of BS.

    Great Job Tavares...keep digging!!

  25. Good Job Tavares!
    In reading 1:59am the blogger does not really understand what abuse of power and conflict of interest means. Tavares report is not about relationship indiscretions but more on the corruption of public officials.

    I personally don't care if Greg had many women or Anna had many men. How sleazy they are is not the essence of the article. It is about public officials being corrupt.

    GREG JONES does NOT have my vote. But he should start a club for corrupt officials Hayashi and the Lockyers will be happy to join.


  26. These two showed complete arrogance. It's sickening. What was the city supposed to do if neither of them answered questions about the conflict? Should they have continued leaving May out of closed session? No. They couldnt fire May. She's elected. They had to start thinking about letting Jones go. It's clear to me these two wasted enormous amount of time and money for the city in 2011 and they have no remorse. Tavares, you called Jones a nerd, I'll go a step farther and call both of them assholes.

  27. In reference to 1:39pm Greg Jones should not get any votes for doing just that; violating the trust the community instills on him. Same thing for Anna May as a city council at the time both simply abused their position with conflict of interest.
    I am really curious to find out if anyone benefited financially either Anna or Greg or other friends or families or real estate developers from such abuse of power and conflict of interest.
    To think they were going to run for the school board at the time of this fiasco is hilarious.
    I wonder how pompous and disconcerting Greg Jones and Anna May must be.

  28. This write-up is very distrurbing. Although I admire the writer's style, I am disgusted by the content. In this case, I happen to personally know the individuals being written about and know the facts to be very different than what is written here. These are very serious allegations being made by the writer. If Mr. Steven Tavares is to be taken seriously as a journalist, the facts must be accurate; in this case the facts are grossly misrepresented and slanderous. Many will find it impossible to see this writer's postings as credible under these ciscumstances. Perhaps as the writer matures, so will his tactics as he learns to make sure his "sources" are trustworthy. I believe that everybody deserves the benefit of the doubt, including the writer...

  29. It's called libel, not slander.

    Tell everybody where I got it wrong. I'm not only the best journalist in this area, but in many cases, also the best politician. So, if what you are trying to do is cloud my credibility going forward, then tell us what is incorrect with this story.

    If the evidence you have is from your friends, Jones and May, then, of course, this story is incredibly incorrect. Why would they tell you the truth?

  30. So, why did Jones resign from his City Manager job? His non-explanation is preposterous, and if you expect me to believe that Greg and Anna weren't sexually involved with each other back when the rumors were flying and they were stonewalling the City and placing Hayward in legal jeopardy, you must think I just rolled off the turnip truck.

    It's also completely cowardly to speak of slander while you, even anonymously, are not willing to put down even one sourced fact as untrue. Instead, you insinuate that the entire article is false. See, we saw what you did there.

    As disturbed as I am at the use of anonymous sources, at least the writer brings what he's learned to the table. I'm sure the fully corrupt BANG will try to help absolve all of Greg's political sins, though. Run along and help them concoct something meant to support the Chamber's favorite candidate.

  31. I second Mr. Tavares' call for specific facts that he somehow misrepresented. Jones and May were deceitful and the least and committing a fiduciary sin at the most.

  32. Wow I had no idea why Anna May and Greg Jones just disappeared from council. I am very disgusted at how those two just trashed the fiduciary duty and trust of their position of Council and City manager.
    Reading above to the connections of other politicians we need to really investigate the connections of Mary Hayashi to Jennifer Ong to Greg Jones. As mentioned above same donors same endorsements. What gives? After reading this I will not vote for Greg Jones or Jennifer Ong. Nice sleuthing Tavares.

  33. to 2:37pm,

    YOU are the one with serious credibility problems!!

    YOU are clearly bias...you know the parties personally...Tavares is unbias and has NO personal connection to the parties.

    If you are going to attack the Tavares from a bais position...you better have facts and credibility...


  34. Sorry..Grammar check..strike "the" from the last sentence.

  35. Anna May and Greg Jones you are done in Hayward. I will make sure I forward the link of this article to all my friends.
    I am so disappointed specially after the community has been lied to by Frankenstein Jones and his Bride May. It just gets worse and worse the more anyone tries to defend them because more crap comes out. Tavares you are the man. Thank you for watching after us.

  36. I don't see where the corruption is. I do not know much of what's going on but the only conclusion I can make is the guy didn't handle his personal business very well. Tell me how he didn't handle his job well or actual violations of his position. I think some comments are funny. If the comedy of Botox and ferraris are most of the readership here then it makes me think it's the one percent of Hayward posting, who shouldn't be trusted. Not sure what I'm going to do. Jones isn't out for me based on this though.

  37. To 9:52pm. when you say " Tell me how he didn't handle his job well". It tells me you are not very intelligent and You have no clue what abuse of power and conflict of interest means.

    You cannot have: 1. a council and city manger sleeping together, and then lie about about what information they have through closed session meetings. 2. A city manager make unwanted passes at the women city employees.

    As Tavares mentioned that Greg Jones was about to get fired before he quit but council was not disclosing. Further women have mentioned of unwanted advances that Greg Jones was making specially after the city settled a million dollar harassment compliant. No wonder Hayward is failing if you have people supporting corruption.

    Do NOT vote for Greg Jones since he abused his position.

    I will join the person above at 1:39pm and vote for Bufete, Farias, and Kahn

  38. The current Council's "consistent level of comity" is, I feel, one of the key reasons for Hayward's fall from grace. The current council is just too chummy with each other. While that may make for a wonderful work environment, it breeds stagnation in government operation. Where's the debate? Where's the compromise? One lame-brained idea after the other is supported by all the other council members and implemented without any regard for opposing opinions. They function as an oligarchy and crap their pants when they're legitimately challenged.

    How is occasionally stirring the pot a bad thing??

    So Greg Jones had marital problems, so what?? For the previous posters that mention his "abuse of power," he was City Manager! if he wasn't making anyone angry, he wasn't doing his job! His "secret affair" with Anna May really has no bearing on the subject of his record as city manager.

    Downtown beautification - Greg's idea. Yeah some of the murals are a little funky, but it's a lot better than seeing "XIV" or "X4" plastered all over every single wall in every conceivable color.

    Public disclosure of a $7 million dollar budget deficit and the resulting negotiation to close the gap - Greg did that.

    Costco on Hesperian blvd? Greg Jones.

    Federal funding for nine cops and a gang injunction program? Once again, Greg Jones. My question; the funding for the gang injunction has been available for 4 years. Why hasn't the current council implemented it?

    I could care less about his personal baggage as long as he can save Hayward from becoming "Little Oakland." This is a pathetic smear tactic brought on by the desperation of one of the incumbents. If this was a really serious issue, this story should have been broken in 2010, or at the very latest, as soon as Greg announced his candidacy.

    The fact that it's being released less than a week from election day is proof in itself that it's a political ploy designed to smear someone who appears to be an overall decent guy who just happens to have some personal baggage, and is a legitimate threat to the incumbent regime.

    C'mon Tavares, you're better than this. Who put you up to it? My money would be on Zermeno or Mendall.

    You want to talk conspiracies? What are the odds that the day I discover a Mendall flier in my mailbox is the same day I discover my Greg Jones lawn sign kicked over?

  39. It is unlawful for a City Councilmember to engage in an affair with a subordinate. This is classic abuse of power.

    According to this story, Jones joined May in conducting a coverup of this illegal behavior, illegal behavior which put the citizens of Hayward in financial jeopardy each and every day he joined her in the coverup.

    Next is the issue of conflict of interest involved in them attending closed session meetings while conducting this illegal behavior.

    If you are wondering why the story was not broken in 2010, look no further than the Hayward Daily Review's 2012 endorsement of Greg Jones for City Council. There lies the blame- the corrupt paper wanted to preserve Jones' political future. I wouldn't be surprised if he sat down with Borenstein and talked it over. That is how these people roll.

    And if you're wondering why it took Tavares so long to put up this story, given the fact that none of his sources were willing to be named, it's reasonable to guess it took him this long to get enough sources.

    It is gutless that no one goes on the record here, and I believe Tavares is allowing a standard to develop for his reporting that will bite him in the ass and hard when a few sources screw him in order to move their agenda, but this one? Nah, we've been hearing about this one for a while.

    Hey, Steven, how many sources do you have for this story?

  40. Greg Jones has been a bad boy now is time to pay. Do not vote for him.

    Tavares has balls to bring this out, since the city council never informed the community about this garbage.

  41. Tavares, you have been used by your sources. OK, Jones and May married but ask yourself why they stayed in Hayward after he resigned.

    Your sources will not give you an honest answer, even if they know (likely they do not). Those who know the truth will not tell you.

    People like gossip but do not like you stirring the pot. You have your uses as a REPORTER and your sources understand this. You should too.

  42. why have all the arguments made agiants this SMUT REPOTER trying to get popular on old news been taken down? Is it becuase those of us who know that truth are runing his chanceas of being popular? I think so, for all who think this is true, do your homework, and to this writer, GROW UP and report on REAL NEWS. Like why is the crime rate still high in Hayward? Why do the schools still remain near the bottom of the list? This is news, not this stupid story designed to smear a good man who will WIN BIG tomorrow and the incumbants are scared. GET A LIFE!!!!!

  43. Plain and simple. Greg Jones is a quitter. Do we want quitters running our City?

  44. If all else fails, blame the messenger. In this case, the messenger is Steven Tavares.

  45. Whats up with Hayward? What is the source of the drinking water?

    Hayashi, Lockyer, Jones & May...
    Rather than blaming these people, don't you think we ought to be investigating possible environmental factors?

    Toxins or something.

  46. Let's get this straight. Hayward city officials involved in hanky panky has happened BEFORE? Intersting....

  47. Dear John:

    The mural credit goes to Fran David, when she was intern City Manager. Greg agreed to allocate more funds.

    Personal baggage is one thing but when it pours over into your professional life, that is something completely different. Once we elect someone, we have little control over their personal baggage but, in this case, we can be proactive and stop electing people with prior baggage that greatly hurt the City. He was moving Hayward forward and didn't stop to see what how his actions would affect the City. When he left, Hayward grinded to a halt and is just now recovering. Greg Jones was an excellent City Manager, in two cities, but he quit both, due to personal reasons. Why wouldn't he do it again?

  48. The mural is Greg's you can not discount that. He balanced a budget that wasnt legal, and that IS a feat. Stop Slandering him, stop taking his credit away from him.

    The people will decide tomorrow night when Greg finishs first.

  49. Actually, Francisco Zermeno started pushing the murals project in the mid 90's. Took awhile to get people on board. It is HIS initiative. This is just another lie from Jones.

  50. Folks, the election is in the can. Done.
    Anyone really think that someone reading here is about to change their mind?

    NO, all thats left is voting and counting.

    From here on, in the Hayward CC race, the Assembly races, 18 & 20, and the congressional races, is guessing on the percent of the vote for each candidate.

    15th Cong. Dist.
    Stark-- 53%
    Swalwell- 33%
    Pareja --14%

    18th Assembly Dist
    Bonta -- 40%
    Guillen- 32%
    Young -- 28%

  51. I agree. Maybe a little less on Bonta..maybe. You should be writing the preview!

  52. The dream team of hell:
    Anna May, Greg Jones, Mary Hayashi, Nadia Lockyer.

    When are we ever going to get good honest candidates?

  53. To June 3,2012-2:37

    I know them both too. The writer does have style and the article is very disturbing but very much on target. What's more disturbing is the ability May has to steer a kind heart-ed man by his winkie. I'm very concerned about her intentions which have all been self-serving. Who lives with who? Who leads who, Anonymous June 3,2012 2:37???? That woman has a talent for climbing on the shoulders of men who have something to give her to climb up her ladder. She leaves a pile of testosterone in her wake. Sadly voting for Jones is voting for May. Do you wish to vote for May?

  54. Ana May??? Joke

  55. If you really knew what was going on at City Hall maybe you would be looking at the attitude of the City Attorney, Michael Lawson. What a dissappointment - look up his background and what he was accused of in Oakland yet one City Council member who will most likely be re-elected had her hand in having him hired. There was also the Assistant City Attorney who was let go all during the time of May and Jones. I found both of them to be good for the City of Hayward. Why don't you research everyone?

  56. If Measure G passed in Hayward that means that voters want little brain people to represent them at all levels of government.

  57. Unfortunately your article didn't go far enough. The employees knew as early as October 2010 that May and Jones had hooked up. May also went so far as to vote on Jones' employment contract while they were involved but denying the affair. Jones also used employees to provide a personal service for May off City Hall premises which was inappropriate. Jones also incorporated some very costly items into the Public Safety contracts that the City could not afford. He was not a "fantastic" City Manager. There are other things that he did that made many people question whether he was really on top of things. He was very oblivious on many levels. For someone who had background as a previous Human Resources Director, he sure broke many of the rules. A lot of people were glad to see him leave. I'm glad someone finally got the word out because it was really difficult to read all the golden press when the truth was that he was forced to go. Now we'll have to live with the consequences of an uninformed publics vote. Let's hope he learns to actually work with the Council and not cause more havoc than he already has in this City.

  58. Jones was highly respected by the employees, despite the mandates he implemented for concessions. Jones was also respected by the all too often neglected business community. His accomplishments were had under very difficult economic circumstances to say the least. Regardless of any speculation, Jones left on his own terms and we have elected him to represent us all. Perhaps given the chance, he will once again bring forth his uncanny, almost magical ability to bring opposing views together. We really need to come together.

  59. Am looking forward to improvements to Hayward now that City Council has one person who knows what he is doing.

  60. Hayward is really in trouble now with so many incompetent people on the City Council. Henson should have been voted in. Poor choice on Jones, Mendall.
    An ignorant city deserves what they have coming from their poorly qualified public officials.
    Corruption continues in Hayward.

  61. This is nothing new. Jones met his second wife while working for the City of Cocnord. He also had a relationship with another woman who he worked with in Concord before hooking up with the second wife. He also only left the job in Chico because he is a nerdy wimp and the Dept Heads wouldn't listen to him.

  62. Dig deeper. Jones is notorious for taking liberties with laws and policy. While in Concord he surreptitiously promoted employees who had curried favor in various departments by circumventing the rules. His assertion, despite clear and defined processes for elevating employees' pay scales & titles, was that there was "no rule saying he couldn't" so he just did.

    Keep digging and you'll find that the lies continue. The family that Jones liked to proclaim as his own while living in Hayward and Chico were his 2nd wife's children - not his. He made comments about leaving his job in Chico allegedly to be near a "blind" grandchild in the Bay Area. The grandchild was not his but his wife's (from her 1st marriage) and the child was not blind but diabetic and having vision problems.

    The guy is full of himself and inclined to both deceit and obfuscation. On some forums like LinkedIn Jones is already touting himself as a councilmember-elect. Not even waiting for the deceived and unfortunate citizens of Hayward to cast a vote.

    Wake up Hayward. This guy is NOT good for you.

  63. Hayward is a dump

  64. Seems that all the Puritan's have their feathers ruffled and are more than willing to have Jones and May in stocks in the town square. FACT: Sorry to disappoint the Puritans but MOST people will lie to conceal their sex lives. GROW UP.

    To Tavares, you have a future at TMZ where celebrity gossip and innuendo commands a much higher premium than small town pols with a sexy story.

  65. I too know Greg Jones and Anna perdonally. It's all true. They didn't care about the rules so long as they get what they want.

    That is how Fran David operates as well. Having Jones win a seat will not be a good thing for Hayward. His ability to break his marriage vow and go for someone more appealing makes me wonder what other promises and commitments he will break. Hos actions clearly defines him of NOT being a man of his word.

    The man is a liar and a cheater. Do you really want a lying cheat as an elected official? I don't.