Monday, June 18, 2012

Rise Of The Philosopher King Or Democratic Foot Soldier?

CONGRESS | Within a few days of each other, two ideologically opposed Indian American politicos weighed in on the importance of philosophy versus business acumen in the race for president.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is the darling of the right. Not just for his conservative chops but the color of his skin and unique heritage in a sea of old, white faces. Jindal is one of the most powerful Indian Americans in the United States. Fremont's Ro Khanna is nowhere near as known nationally yet as Jindal, but his quick rise to President Obama's Commerce Department to odds-on favorite to become the East Bay's next U.S. representative in 2014 has been impressive and swift.

So, it was a bit telling that Jindal posted an anti-liberal screed on the well-known conservative Web site, RedState last Thursday, taking a spear to Obama's lack of business experience while lauding the eventually Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, for all his success in Corporate America. Interestingly, just a few days later, Khanna wrote a far more eloquent opinion piece in Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle saying the exact opposite. The two pieces don't appear to be a tit-for-tat, but an odd mind-meld of two budding political figures who share similar biographies, but wildly contrasting political beliefs.

"I don't want to disparage private equity as a career choice or Mitt Romney's success," wrote Khanna. "But, the claim that somehow that is the best preparation for statecraft should give pause even to traditional conservatives. Have they forgotten about the intellectual history of the West? Have they forgotten the lessons of Plato's "Republic" and Aristotle's "Nicomachean Ethics"?

"Plato and Aristotle both make the argument that statecraft is one of the highest callings and requires an education, above all, in moral philosophy and history. To understand issues of the common good, of war and peace, of justice requires a lifetime of experience in the art of politics."

Not so, says Jindal.

"A few weeks back, I made the comment that prior to being President, Obama had never run anything, that in fact he had never even run a lemonade stand," Jindal wrote last week. "That’s a fun line, and folks were entertained by it. But, here’s the problem: it’s not a joke, it’s the truth.

"We put a guy in the White House who has no experience running anything. In that sense, the joke’s on us. But again, it’s not a joke. America simply cannot afford another four years of on-the-job training. There may have been times in our country’s history where having an untested leader in the White House would have been fine, but this is certainly not one of those times."

Of course, both Jindal and Khanna are acting as fine foot soldiers for their party's presidential nominees, but forget Jindal for second because most people in the East Bay already have difficulty understanding conservative ideology let alone a brand rising menacingly from the Bayous of Louisiana. Despite Alameda County's recent spate with boorish and unethical behavior, we could never hold a candle to the pervasive business-as-usual corruption in the Pelican State.

In a round about way, Khanna's piece not only leads the cheering section for Obama, but gives potential voters in the East Bay a glimpse of what Khanna, the potential congressional candidate, might look like and it is something people in these parts have never really come to expect from their representatives--part philosopher king, part statesman.

"There is no quick fix," Khanna said in his piece regarding the problems facing the country. "Perhaps our best hope is to take inspiration from great leaders of the past. We can't expect to match their genius. But we can expect our public servants to engage in real deliberation and attempt to restore a politics of ideas."

In the East Bay, tending to problems and searching for solutions to problems normally falls under the precept of following safe precedents, thinking inside of the box and, if all else fails, busting through the problem like the Kool-Aid Man laying waste the kitchen wall. The latter being the most common path. Even Rep. Pete Stark, the man most believe Khanna hopes to replace, arose from the seeds of conflict surrounding the Vietnam War, not from well-honed philosophical queries of morality and immorality. It is possible that rationale of many of our local public officials are derived from a similar bedrock of philosophical ideas, but it has not been my experience in the past.

Instead, Khanna's likely rise in the East Bay is something that could metaphorically rise all boats in our current unacceptably low-tide of political discourse and action, and, if not, he still has over $1 million campaign war chest to help convince you so.


  1. Whatever else you say about Khanna, he is a man of integrity. And I just hope he has the toughness not to get swallowed by these East Bay politicians. I am not sure his high-mindedness has a place anymore in East Bay politics.

  2. Khanna is not the odds on favorite for the seat. This is Ellen's seat. We don't need intellectuals in Congress. We need people who who play the game. Khanna is too independent, too philosophical. As such, he can't be trusted to protect the interests of the power structure in this County. They won't let him win. This is about power. This is not about fluffy ideals.

  3. Khanna is a breath of fresh air. I hope the people will stand with him over the entrenched interests and we finally have a thoughtful voice for our county. Tavares thanks for the fair piece pointing out both his strengths and weaknesses.

  4. Ro is an amazingly independent thinker, not tied to the East Bay old timers. He thinks "different" than the old guard and while he will work across the aisle he will never sell his core beliefs and principles. While others have taken the majority of their fundraising dollars from PACs, land developers, and special interest groups, all of Ro's fundraising came from individuals.

  5. Why are you so dismissive of Swalwell? Isn't he --not Khanna-- the frontrunner with his appeal to conservative Republicans. This is no longer a progressive district that Stark/Pelosi/Khanna think it is. This is a blue dog district, and we need to elect a Dem like Swalwell who will stand up to the unions, and finally make the cuts in social security and medicare necessary to balance our budgets. Swalwell only person with the guts to talk about cutting social security.

  6. Wrong again. An earlier comments thread documented that this Congressional District has twice as many Democratic Party-registered voters than Republicans. It is not as liberal as Stark's current District, but it remains one of the most liberal CD's in the nation.

    You are certainly welcome to your alternative set of facts when you advise Swalwell. Let's see how Eric does running on a platform of destroying unions and eviscerating Medicare and Social Security. Pass the popcorn!


    CUTS to social security and medicare?!? Are you kidding us? Maybe if Eric had actually gone to a stark town hall meeting instead of sitting around waiting for those baby teeth to actually come in (god that smile of his is painful to look at), he would actually know what voters in this district support. Guess what, we SUPPORT unions, we don't support cuts to social security and medicare, and if you're mistaking guts for ego - Eric lacks the backbone to stand up for what's right. He certainly hasn't stood up for the residents of Dublin.

    If he had actually shown up to our club's meeting last night he would've seen that he actually can't hold a candle to Khanna's understanding of the issues and American competitiveness. He mentioned a book coming out soon so I will have to wait to read more but maybe Eric should start writing. Perhaps a book on coaching soccer or whatever it is that he does in his spare time.

    What I saw, what we saw, last night... was inspiring.

  8. 5:21 - It is NOT Ellen's seat - the seat belongs to the people of CD15 and that is her biggest problem. Her sense of entitlement to the seat as well as her outrageous strong arming of that people are reacting negatively towards. Does Ellen want power - sure as shit she does - Ro is looking for influence and that's a message the people of CD15 will appreciate.

    Ellen Corbett is entitled to absolutely nothing!!

  9. Meanwhile, if Pete decides to show up at another forum or debate, you can bet it will be standing room only.

    Kind of like watching NASCAR, secretly waiting for the crash.

  10. 9:17 AM -- you suggest Ellen has a sense of entitlement? That's a joke.

    Ellen has been a public servant for over 20 years, starting on the local level, as a San Leandro Councilmember and Mayor. She graduated from CSU Hayward, and has been serving her local community ever since then.

    Ro Khanna thinks he can buy his way into this seat. He's not even from the area. He's been moving around trying to find a place he can win.

    He ran for Congress a few years ago in San Francisco - against a Democratic incumbent - and lost. At that point Ro Khanna had to make up with the powers that be, he ends up raising money for Pelosi and the Party to mend fences, and then gets an appointment with the Obama Administration because he raised Pelosi a boat load of money.

    People seem to forget to mention that part of Khanna's "impressive" story. Money talks.

    That's about all Ro's credentials have to offer at this point - stellar fundraising. And that means he's qualified to be our next Congressman?

    No way.

  11. 12:17am

    Ro's supporters never speak negatively of Ellen. He respects her, and has publicly said that he likes her. Not sure why you would speak negatively about Ro.

    Ro ran against Tom Lantos on an anti-war platform and campaigning against the Patriot Act. Pelosi and the party was impressed with him because of that stand. He soon after moved to Fremont where he has extended family and helped mobilize his community. He has done a lot for the local community, including bringing back NUMMI funding, helping with worker training funds, helping companies in the district with exports, working with Hayward and Pleasanton young folks. Pelosi and the party took an interest in him because of his passion for public service. He was seen as a rising star.

    It is insulting to President Obama to think he'd appoint someone because of money. He appointed Ro because of his expertise on the economy, and his sterling resume. That's why he even has a book on the American economy, and is teaching on the issue. He has a powerful vision for creating jobs.

    I like and respect Ellen. But, I think Ro brings more to be effective in Washington. In any case, we should keep the debate civil and not hurl accusations. Both have their unique set of credentials.

    In any case, I think you will agree that either Ellen or Ro would be more qualified than Swalwell and more progressive. Right now, the party needs to make sure that Swalwell doesn't get this seat. He's the threat. Personally, I'd be happy with a progressive like Ellen or Ro. Let them battle it out. But, don't let Swalwell get the seat by accumulating tea party and Republican votes.

  12. 12:30 AM -

    Glad to see Khanna has his rapid response team up this late.

    There's nothing negative or insulting about the previous post. It's factual. Simply illustrates the power that money continues to have in our political system. Cannot overlook that fact. If you think some of the prime posts in the Administration are not being filled with those most helpful to the Party and Administration, you must be new to politics. (But I know you are not). Certainly not knocking Obama. As long as we have money in politics, this will be a reality. That's why I support publicly financed elections and campaign finance reform.

    And unfortunately, to your later point, Khanna's supporters have been speaking negatively about Ellen. Maybe you can mention that concern to him in your next campaign meeting.

    Ellen's list of local and statewide accomplishments are unmatched, so there's no need to start comparing resumes.

    And Swalwell is not a threat. He's a hard working young Democrat who wants to continue to serve his community in a different capacity, not unlike Mr. Stark was 40 years ago, when he challenged a long-serving incumbent.

    No need to vilify someone who has intentions to further serve his community. Public service is a thankless job, especially these days. Swalwell should be commended for stepping up, raising the level of the debate, and putting himself out there.

  13. 9:17 is right. We can't let the Indians like Ro Khanna and Anu Natarajan just move here and run for office. This is still a white majority district, and they will want someone like Ellen in there whose father was born here and is a real Alameda County native. Not immigrants like Ro --ridiculous that they think we want an Indian to represent us. We can't let the Asians take over, and Ellen will count on the white vote.

  14. 12:30

    So, as a Corbett supporter, you are support Swalwell? I thought Senator Corbett would be supporting Congressman Stark who is far more progressive. Is she really supporting Eric Swalwell?

    I don't know who Ro Khanna is supporting, but I doubt he's supporting Swalwell because of Swalwell's ideology. If you don't think Swalwell is to the right of most Dems in this district, then you are out of touch with what folks in the community want.

  15. 1230

    Khanna's appointment had nothing to do with his support for Pelosi. Where is the evidence for such a baseless charge. Pelosi had nothing to do with it. Khanna received the appointment because he has known the President since he campaigned for him as a student at the University of Chicago, and because he is one of the leading authorities on issues of American competitiveness as his book will make clear. Please stick to the facts, and if you have evidence that Pelosi had any role in the appointment --which on its face is ridiculous since Congress would never intervene with the Executive branch --then please provide a cite or reference.

  16. 12:30 AM says

    "In any case, I think you will agree that either Ellen or Ro would be more qualified than Swalwell and more progressive. Right now, the party needs to make sure that Swalwell doesn't get this seat"

    So "the party needs to make sure"...

    Do you know how sick and tired so many of us in Alameda County are of hearing crap like that.

    We don't bow down to the "party" or the retread tired old hacks who run it for their own fun.
    We are NOT beholden to Pete Stark, or Bill Lockyer, or Don Perata.
    In fact loads of us are sick of those guys and the ugly mess they have created here.
    Their sick system where you get to stay in office until you die or are termed out.
    Heck, they don't even have the balls to criticize some one like Mary Hayashi after she is arrested for felony shoplifting.

    Instead we see these party hacks, arm in arm, smile to smile, with lovely Mary, only weeks after her being sentenced to 3 years probation as she takes a plea deal.

    So is that the "party" you are speaking about when you say "the party needs to make sure"?
    The party you want us to consult and obey every time we vote.

    WE are sick of your kind if thinking and rationalization. SICK of it.
    Yes, lifelong Democrats like myself, SICK of it.

  17. 1:10 AM, how the heck do the previous posts make you think Corbett supports Swalwell? That's a leap. Just because someone offers kinds words for Corbett and stands up for Swalwell and his right to run for office, doesn't mean Corbett officially backs him. Get real, my friend. Appears that both Corbett and Khanna support Stark, for better or worse. And by the way, the District is more moderate than it used to be, with the eastern pick up of communities like Livermore. Swalwell did better than anyone thought he would.

  18. 2:00 AM,,,,,,,,you are right! People are getting SICK of this. Couldn't have said it better myself! Glad you're up late this evening to talk some sense.

  19. I'd suggest at first that the SICK lifelong Democrat should just go ahead and become a DTS or Republican.

    Then I look at the commenters' statements and reconsider. It seems that the anger of this person who claims Democratic Party registration is animated by:

    - WHITE HOT HATRED of the Lockyers on a personal basis, not on policy.

    - DEEP hatred of Hayashi. Personal, not policy.

    - Massive resentment and opposition to all Democratic Party leaders and structures. Little to no named areas where the commenter feels they should change the things they fight for- it appears entirely personal.

    This recalcitrant Democrat also carries a childish view that Democratic Party leaders should not vet candidates, support those they find are viable and will fight for the Party platform and local issues, and provide guidance to registered voters in the Party. If anything, the big tent of the Democratic Party makes us less able to enforce party discipline. Have you see the party discipline of the Republicans? If you hate getting bullied around by Party leaders, go over to the GOP and tell me what you think.

    So, resentful Democrat, let's talk about this CD race: What POLICY POSITIONS does Stark take that make you unhappy? Explain why you find Swalwell's POSITIONS on those issues preferable.

    While you piss and moan that the entire Central Committee and every local elected Democrat have failed to give Mary the middle finger, the GOP are preparing to execute their plan to destroy everything your Party has done to build a more decnt society. Either you don't see that, or you agree with the Republicans. Which is it?

  20. 9:15, You do have a "big tent"

    If it wasn't for Nadia Lockyer resigning, you'd no doubt be supporting her remaining in office if "the party" said it was OK.

    If Mary Hayashi wasn't termed out, you'd be campaigning for her re-election.

    If Pete Stark wants to run for yet another term in 2014, you'll be supporting him.

    Yes, we understand exactly what your criteria is.
    We also see your only answer for everything is for those who don't like it to switch parties.
    A "love it or leave it" answer.

    Can we assume you have no problem with Pete running again in 2014?

    How about Mary Hayashi running for supervisor, is that fine with you? Will you support her?

  21. Mary Hayashi is a disgrace to the Democratic Party and to the state of California. We should not sit idly by as she lines up her next move. The Party (and the Public) should join the local Editorial Boards in demanding her oust from the political arena. She is no longer fit to be a public servant.

  22. 9:10 am, thanks for your comments. I've seen Khanna speak 3 times, can't say any of those were inspiring. Average at best.
    And I got to read Khanna's Op Ed in Sunday's SF Chronicle (thanks, Mr. Tavares, for linking to it).
    Not sure that was his best work. It reads a bit pretentious for me.

  23. I think we have our answer. Our anonymous "angry Democrat" does not care about policy at all. Invited to talk about the policy issues which are relevant to the AD 15 race, the commenter has nothing, nothing at all.

    OK, the commenter does have the temerity to reference a nonexistent Stark campaign in 2014 while having an empty head over the issues that face the CD in 2012. These responses are disappointing, but unsurprising.

  24. Lots of great comments here. I have some of my own. This seat was once, indeed, Corbett's seat. However, she needs to start fighting for it now. Also, I referred to Khanna as the frontrunner in 2014. That doesn't mean Swalwell doesn't win in 2012. It also presents an interesting situation some have described to me as Swalwell immediately becoming a "lame-duck" congressman if he wins this November.

    I don't believe this seat is now a Blue Dog Democratic district. It's solidly blue. Despite the utter nonsense coming from the editorial board of the BANG, urging Swalwell to seek rightwing voters is purely suicidal. It's wishful thinking for their deeply conservative editorial board. Do you really think liberals in CD15 want to send a representative to Washington who is going to play nice with Speaker Boehner? I wouldn't bet on it.

  25. 11:50am

    Khanna just spoke at the Tri Valley club, and he was inspiring. Several folks came up to me and said that he was a breath of fresh air. He connects with people, and he inspires them to think.

    I am not sure what Khanna's path will be in 2014. People are making a lot of assumptions about his plans. But, I do know he's a great voice in Alameda County, and I am excited to read his book. Who knows maybe his book will take off so much that he becomes an author!

  26. Tavares, you have it all wrong. Voters want a politician who can reach across the aisle and talk sensibly about entitlement reform. I have heard Swalwell talk about having sensible cuts to social security and medicare to balance our budget. Pete Stark is a reflexive liberal and that won't sell to independents or moderates.

    Swalwell is smart to keep his blue dog positioning, and he will almost certainly win.

  27. Tavares, if Swalwell wins, he will be a shoe in to retain this seat. He will have so much media buzz, and he will have franking privileges as an incumbent.

  28. Sigh...again, you must be confronted with the stubborn facts, 7:26 and 7:52-

    This new CD 15 is one of the most liberal Districts in California. There are more than twice as many voters registered as Dems than those for the GOP (49%-24%). In 2010, Brown defeated Whitman among these voters 59-36; in 2008 (the most accurate comparative electorate for this November), Obama put a beatdown on McCain 67-30.

    You're poorly informed, because you're talking to your neighbors and friends and people at the Swalwell campaign office, not to the voters.

    How do I know this? Because cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is extremely unpopular with the public. Even majorities of Republican voters oppose these cuts. One amongst many stories in recent years which reflect this fact:


    So, take your "reach across the aisle and talk sensibly about entitlement reform" and stuff it. Or, let the voters stuff it and your man Swalwell in November.

    Are you responsive at all to facts, or will you persist? I'm genuinely curious.

  29. 9:30 am has reading comprehension problems, or something.

    They claimed that 9:15 am's "criteria is...those who don't like it to switch parties. A 'love it or leave it' answer."

    Very specifically, 9:15 considered that criteria, then rejected it! Instead, 9:15 pointed out some characteristic arguments 9:30 employs, then attempted to engage in a real discussion about policy, which was rejected completely.

    9:30 has their ears plugged, and their eyes closed.

  30. "Khanna just spoke at the Tri Valley club, and he was inspiring. Several folks came up to me and said that he was a breath of fresh air. He connects with people, and he inspires them to think. "

    Exactly what we wanted. "a breath of fresh air"
    But NO... don't you dare offend Pete, we owe him our respect and honor as long as he wants to keep his seat. So back off Ro, the district's voters can just cool their heels until Pete decides to go.

    Sorry, but we don't want to wait 2 or 4 years.
    As my grandfather used to say when he saw old geezers walking up the block past his house.
    He say, "see that guy, he's cooked"
    Well, no matter what you're suppose to say, Pete Stark is "cooked".
    He may or may not win, but he IS cooked.

    I worked for his election in 1972, and I want him out now. If Swalwell isn't perfect, then we'll have a great competitive race in 2014.
    We should have had the full selection of choices this year, but the insiders decided to scare everyone off.
    Let's let the voters decide if they should be scared off. Me, I want a change now.

  31. When I am seeking out information to help me decide who to vote for, I like to consider the views of the grandfathers of anonymous commenters.

  32. Swalwell is a joke compared to Ellen Corbett. He has no experience, and he has not paid his dues like Ellen. This is a seat that Ellen will win, and I know she is doing all she can to have the Alameda Democratic party apparatus expose Eric for the neophyte he is. Ellen's focus is Swalwell. He's the only real threat to her ascendancy to this seat, and she has little doubt he will get crushed by the local party. She knows he is totally unqualified and unworthy, and is working her connections with labor and the local machine to make sure Swalwell loses.

  33. Actually my grandfather died in 1969, while Pete was elected in 1972.
    Now Pete is about the same age as my grandfather was. Oh yes, my grandfather had been retired about 17 years by then.

  34. Hey June 20, 2012 9:04 PM: Have you finally (officially) joined Khanna's campaign yet?
    Sigh....Pretending that you had no more ties with Ro & Anu was always ridiculous.
    In any case, your assessment is flawed. There are two democrats moving forward into the Congressional general election, did you forget? Swalwell did better than you thought he would, seems like you still can't explain that. So maybe this race isn't as "open and shut" as you would like to believe.
    Voters overwhelmingly prefer candidates that are willing to work across the aisle to get things done -- over those that dig in their heels on ideology. They are tired of partisan bickering.
    And isn't it possible that Democrats from Fremont may vote differently than Democrats from Livermore? Just an observation.
    You should probably concentrate on Beall's campaign.

  35. 8:55, Unresponsive to facts, I see. Hookay...

    I'm not supportive of Khanna. He's not running for Congress; did you notice? I don't decide who I will support in future elections until the year those elections take place, because I don't know who the candidates will be. That makes sense, doesn't it?

    I am supportive of Stark in 2012, and I pray that Swalwell takes your campaign advice.

    "Voters overwhelmingly prefer candidates that are willing to work across the aisle to get things done," you claim. I believe that the voters of CD 15 will viciously reject a candidate from any Party who wants to work across the aisle to "save" their Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other Federal safety net programs by gutting them.

    Let's meet back here on November 7th. I'll be the one in a good mood.

  36. Christ on a cracker, many of Pete's recent Town Halls in Fremont were shoutfests where Tea Party and Minuteman supporters would scream at their Representative and interrupt his answers to questions. Fremont: not a hotbed of Communism.

    Pete's represented Livermore before. The town's voters are more liberal now than they were then.

  37. 9:04 pm / 7:17 pm - you're just as ostentatious as Khanna himself. Stating that he is "not running for Congress" (as many of the goons from his camp proclaim) is just as disingenuous as your former posts. Khanna is running, he just figured out this time that he should probably try to win establishment support by backing the incumbent first (unlike he did in his last Congressional run against Lantos). Khanna has a long way to go, and must learn a few lessons in humility, before he can or should be taken seriously.

    As for 2012, there's no doubt Stark has the edge, given the fact that he has better access to money and resources. But let's stop acting like Swalwell didn't resonate with the voters. He deserves some credit for a solid showing.

  38. 4:19pm

    I am an Ellen Corbett supporter, but I will say this Khanna is one of the nicest, most humble, and thoughtful people i've met. In fact, he supported Ellen in the past, and the two are actually pretty good friends from what I understand. He always says nice things about Swalwell and Corbett, and he is a decent guy.

    The only person I've heard Khanna go off on is Romney. He is a die hard progressive Democrat.

    We should keep this race civil and positive. We will have a lot of good choices in 14. It's the people's seat. Whoever offers the best vision will likely win. It will have nothing to do with money, or being an elected, or most of these comments. My guess is Khanna will help elevate the debate, win or lose.

  39. Swalwell is a joke compared to Corbett. She is entitled to this seat because of her service, and he's trying to win with Republican support and take a seat that she should represent. You can rest assure she and labor will do everything they can to make sure that Swalwell doesn't represent this area. Not sure how much of a factor Khanna is.

  40. 10:37 am, you are a Khanna $upporter. Let'$ be hone$t here.

    There'$ nothing humble about Ro. Tho$e clo$e$t to Khanna know damn well that he believe$ he i$ entitled to the $eat in 2014.

    And you heard he went off on Romney? Ye$ I saw that PR stunt, too: going acro$$ the $treet to prote$t Romney'$ Bay Area appearance. He did that to catch a few minute$ of face time on the local new$. And that, in your view, label$ him as a true progressive champion??

    Then how do you reconcile that with the fact that Khanna just endor$ed John Dutra for Fremont City Council (the con$ervative bu$ine$$ candidate and local developer), over Vinnie Bacon, the true progressive?? Again, Khanna goe$ where he believe$ the opportunity and re$ource$ are.

    The Dutra$ are anything but progressive. When John Dutra $erved in $acramento, he regularly voted in favor of big bu$ine$$, the In$urance indu$try, and anyone el$e willing to line hi$ pocket$. That'$ why he lo$t hi$ bid for $enate, becau$e Corbett happily unveiled what he had been up to in $acramento for all tho$e year$.

    In fact, John Dutra withdrew from the Democratic Party after lo$ing the $enate race. The Dutra Family then formed a group called, "Democrats for Meg Whitman" and $tarting working to elect a Billionaire CEO as our next Governor. Thank god the Dutra family wa$n't $ucce$$ful.

    Next, they recruited Garrett Yee, a lifelong Republican turned DTS, to run for Assembly again$t a local progressive Wieckowski. The entire Dutra family rai$ed thou$and$ of dollar$ for Yee, adding to the money that Yee was able to rai$e from a coalition of pharmaceutical companie$, the oil indu$try, tobacco, big HMO$, and the in$urance indu$try. Thank god, again, they were not successful (although they plan to run Garrett again in 2014).

    Thi$ i$ what the Dutra Family ha$ been up to locally. And becau$e they $truck a deal with Ro Khanna, telling him, "we won't endor$e you unle$$ you endor$e our $on", well Khanna did what he alway$ doe$: follow$ the money.

    Your comment "it will have nothing to do with money" is a nice attempt at a di$traction from the fact$, but tho$e of u$ on thi$ $tring that come from the local area under$tand that Khanna truly believe$ he can buy hi$ way into thi$ race.

    Otherwi$e, he would have taken the time to truly $erve the local community from the ground up, in$tead of his current $trategy: "I'll walk into a new area, rai$e a ton of money, and buy a $eat in congress". Hopefully that won't fly with mo$t of our local community.

    There i$ nothing uncivilized about the po$t$ on thi$ $tring, or thi$ blog overall. The$e are the opinion$ of the people. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. And take Ro Khanna with you.

  41. 3:10pm

    I think you should stick to the facts. First of all, let's see what support Ro Khanna gets locally. Second, Ro Khanna has done a lot locally. He served the President, and helped bring a grant to Fremont for NUMMI workers. He worked to help I-Gate in the Tri Valley. He is very involved with high school students in We the People, and he is very involve in many other causes locally in Hayward and his community. Before launching accusations, you should check the facts.

    I don't question Corbett's community service. You shouldn't question Khanna's.

    Let's keep the race positive about who will do more for the district. The reason Khanna has been getting a lot of support is his positive vision for the economy.

    He has been winning a lot of hearts and minds in the area.

    It will be a good race, and instead of mud slinging, perhaps you should stick to the facts and argue on the issues.

    In any case, i think Swalwell may win in November so this whole thing is moot. The only thing I don't like about Khanna is how close he is to Pete Stark. If Pete Stark supports him, I'll vote for Corbett. At least she had the guts to try and run against Pete.

  42. I think Tavares's point is that given the rogue gallery of Hayashi, Torrico (sell out lobbyist), Lockyer, Swalwell (pay to play), Khanna represents a breath of fresh air in the Congressional race. He is not supporting him or saying he can win. Just saying its about time we had a new, non machine dominated, thoughtful candidate in the field. It's up to the voters whether the message will resonate.

    The only candidate who I think is similar to Khanna is Bob Weickowski. I went to a forum they both did on Make it in America. They both are brilliant and policy wonks.

  43. Instead of having a proxy war, don't you think both Trisha Tambasi and Deepa Sharma should out themselves :)

  44. 3:56 PM - pretty sick of hearing Khanna brought a grant to Fremont for NUMMI workers. That's a stretch. Money was already in the works, and he happened to take credit by attaching himself to the announcement of the news. He seems to be good at that.

    And there are a lot of local electeds that serve as Guest judges for "We the People".

    Again, keep hearing about a few fluffy accomplishments, none of which add up to the stature we need to see in our next Congressman or Congresswoman.

    You said this boils down to who does more for the district, and I agree: that's the same person that's been serving our community on the local and state level for the last 20 years: Corbett.

    Didn't like the news about Khanna & Dutra? Neither did I. I was disappointed, but not surprised with the news of that new alliance. But I guess it makes sense, given the Dutra's feelings for Corbett. Hooking up with the Dutra's should do wonders for Khanna's local credibility.

    I haven't seen anyone mudslinging on this or any other thread. You've got locals on here exchanging ideas on the viability of candidates.
    If you don't like it, you are free to leave.

  45. I don't think Tavares showed his hand either way, or has expressed a preference here. There's still a lot that remains to be seen. Also, if you consider the local Democratic Party a "machine", than you also have to consider the Dutra's as a "machine", the Chinese/CBC as a "machine", the Indo Community as a "machine", the Chamber/local Business as a "machine", Labor as a "machine", etc. Everyone will try to be in the mix, not just the local Dems.

  46. 10:26pm

    Actually, Khanna delivered that grant. It was a Commerce grant that he was directly responsible for. Just look at the facts. Easily verifiable. Other stuff like bringing back worker training money, and recovery act money he was part of team. But, NUMMI grant was all his leadership. Others, I am sure will vouch for it.

  47. And he didn't just serve as a local judge. He volunteered for two years with students before he went to DC. I think people don't know the level of his engagement with the community, but I am sure it will come out during the campaign.

  48. Eric Swalwell has done far more for this district than Ellen Corbett. He will be the new member of Congress. Corbett's a lightweight on issues of economic development compared to him, and he has the local credibility.

    Her supporters can keep attacking Khanna, but we know she really fears Swalwell winning this seat. And it's no surprise that she is doing all she can behind the scenes to stop him --shows fear and desperation.

  49. 10:26 pm

    Correct me if I am wrong but does Corbett even live in the Stark district? I thought she lived in Barbara Lee's district, and San Leandro, where she was Mayor and on City Council is in Barbara Lee's district.

    If that is so, shouldn't she be running from there. And what's the conflict between her and Khanna.

    Surely, she won't run from a seat where she doesn't even have a residence?

  50. Swalwell's more of a heavyweight on economic issues than the president of the state senate? What a joke. Swalwell's economic positions are all canned one-liners about balancing the budget and creating jobs.

    Swalwell is an empty suit with an empty head who is pandering to everyone and saying whatever he thinks will get him elected. At least Stark, Khanna, and Corbett have principles and are honest about them.

  51. 12:22 AM

    As a Khanna supporter, I don't think you want to open the can on residency issues. Trust me. Khanna won't hold up in that fight either.

  52. I agree with comment, Ro Khanna lacks foresight and vision. Further is is yet to prove his credential even as Asian Indian. He lacks support even amongst Asian Indians.

  53. Ro Khanna is a west bay area right wing pawn funded by wealthy silicon valley corporations and rich people. He believes in corporate ideals and never talks about helping African americans or latinos. He only cares about money and protecting people that already have a lot of money. Ro Khanna has out raised his opponents cause he has the silicon valley equivalents of the Koch brothers backing him. I don't trust Ro any farther then I can throw him and I am pretty strong. He says he's not political but he is blatantly political for someone who has never actually worked for silicon valley companies and knows how evil they often are.