Monday, June 11, 2012

Valle Alludes To Tantalizing Secret He Told Supervisors; Vows Story Will Soon Come Out

June 11, 2012 | Just when you think the Alameda County Board of Supervisors was heading back to a comfortable place out of the view of controversy with the appointment Monday morning of Richard Valle, here comes a bizarre, but tantalizing secret, the new supervisor says he will not yet reveal.

Valle, who replaced Nadia Lockyer is the south county's District 2, twice made reference to undisclosed information he gave to the board of supervisors that, he believes, may have aided in his appointment.

During Valle's remarks to the board that following the unanimous 4-0 vote, Valle read aloud inspirational quotations, including one alluding to honesty and righteousness. "I sincerely believe in speaking the truth no matter the audience," he added before thanking the board and his supporters, but not before posing a potentially salacious comment without offering an answer.

"It's very difficult, as you four know, based on the statements which I just made, to withhold information, but I think in time, people need to know." The line appeared to be an peculiar non-sequitur, however, Valle repeated the oblique reference afterwards to The Citizen.

"There's something else that is important that should come out at some point and my quotes are based on something that happened that I believe the supervisors needed to know and I think that made the difference and I'll just leave it at that," said Valle on the way to his new office at the county administrative building. He declined to elaborate about the subject of the secret he reportedly told supervisors.

At this time, nobody at the county level either has no idea what Valle is referencing or are not saying. One supervisor rolled their eyes when asked about Valle's vague statement. Some speculate the information proffered by Valle has something to do with his potential November opponent, Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi. While Valle's personality and political background in Union City would appear to make re-election a less-than-certain prospect, the full support of the county's labor apparatus makes Valle a viable candidate to ward off Hayashi's formidable Sacramento contacts and propensity for brass-knuckled campaigning.

Could Valle be sending a warning shot for Hayashi that portends for a nasty fall campaign? Yes. Could it be gibberish? Yes.


  1. This is Wilma Chan's great healer of District 2?

  2. I bet the email accounts for the Sups over the past 14 days would be an interesting read. And as we all know emails are public records. Now trying to get them to cough them up is the problem.

  3. re your tweet
    "Listen, Valle's comments today were not meant to blackmail the board or Apodaca--he got what he wanted. It has to be about Hayashi, right? "

    Perhaps, but you said you think you know.

    Could someone agrees to offer labor favorites big donations to fund all their November choices in exchange for them working the board so that the position remains deadlocked, 2 to 2.
    Thereby allowing the governor to make the appointment after June 19th. Knowing he probably will say, "its so close to the July 16th filing, lets just leave the seat open".
    Or he appoints a true non-candidate to fill out the year.

    That way, no candidate will have the "incumbent" advantage.
    Thus utilizing existing funds now that can't be directly used in the county supervior race anyway, due to the new county campaign finance limitations.

    Not bad, though I don't know why Valle would be the one who would have to reveal this to the board members, as opposed to labor doing it themselves.

    OK folks, how is that for a imaginative scenario?
    Full of holes?

    Now you give me a good one.

  4. Ok so Valle is basically saying the primary reason the Board appointed him is a political one?

    Isn't that how this mess was all started? Nadia was pushed onto the scene by Bill. Politics!

  5. Valle statement is no different the Chikhani saying there's a way bigger story then the sex tapes. Valle is using his new found position to draw attention to himself...therefore hoping to buy himself free media attention for as long as possible...hence helping himself become a more well known name in ALCO.

    What a surprise...nothing changes in ALCO politics...

  6. a true politician. I don't think anyone is surprised

  7. Is everyone in Democratic Party circles just going to wait around until Mary Hayashi takes out filing papers before they voice their opinion that she shouldn't even be thinking about running so soon after her shocking arrest and sentencing?

    What's going on here, a version of Fear Factor?
    Why, to this day, has nearly every single Democratic party leader and office holder been reluctant to say what they really think about Mary Hayashi?

    It would be much easier and cheaper to take preventive measures to discourage Mary from even filing.
    How much would be spent on a campaign by Valle and others. A small amount of effort or resources spent over the next 5 weeks could fend off Mary and give her thinking a taste of reality.
    She seems to be living in a separate reality.
    Even her attempt to ask supervisors to be considered for the appointment seemed out of touch with reality.

    Again, where are the members of the Central Committees? The city council persons? The school board members, mayors, union officers, and others saying NO Mary, don't even think about running.
    Why the blanket silence?

    The simple moral, logical, theme
    Simple logic and decency that 9 out of 10 people would probably agree with if you asked them. "Should a person still on probation for a recent crime, run for County Supervisor?"

    Or is everyone just trying to be nice because Mary still has $580,000 just sitting there to be given to compliant folks who don't say anything that reflects poorly on her.

    Fear Factor? or do these local party "leaders" think Mary ain't all that bad and should run for supervisor.
    How come people can be so hard nosed in a campaign, but tread so lightly otherwise.
    Look at how Guillen, or whoever, and how they treated Young in the recent primary?
    Certainly no shrinking violets in that battle.

    Why wait for a bitter campaign before coming out with true feelings about a Hayashi candidacy?

  8. Get rid of all the sups. Someone in the blogs asked why sups get paid more than the governor. Now I am beginning to wonder too!!!

  9. Mary's got a lot of lambs, lot of lambs, lot of lambs, Mary's got a lot of lambs and lots of fools who follow.

  10. Now, don't everyone get too "highbrow" in your comments.

    BTW, the Supes DO NOT get paid more than the governor.

    I see in the Chronicle, a article saying Apodaca says she will not be running in November.

    Leaving A)Valle, B)? , C)?

  11. Mark Green already said he is running. Because he just like getting beat on anything and everything he does. What a looser.

  12. Mark Green entering the race would be bad for Valle. Green will absolutely take a significant part of Valle's base in Union City. If Hayashi enters the race, you can bet Hayward Firefighters would back here and then you gotta wonder about the fracturing of labor.

    Maybe Valle reveal his secret bombshell!

  13. Green just faced almost all the 2nd Supervisorial District voters last week, along with the rest of the new 20th AD. Green was defeated. Why should we expect that it will be different in November?

  14. Good point above, but I think Green would be wise to try again. If turnout was higher, Green could have won second place in AD20 with the coalition he was building. He just didn't have the money to get out the indy vote and Cheema took away a few points. It was almost a brilliant political calculation, but close only counts in horse shoes.

    Of course, Green would eat into Valle's Union City votes and that would help any challenger.

  15. I'd grant you that Green will find supporters in Union City, but that larger electorate you seem to believe will help the Mayor will, in reality, be a more liberal group of voters on balance than the voters Green faced in June.

    Mark also has a peculiar trait for a politician with ambitions for higher office: he does not fundraise. We can think it romantic that he doesn't care to seek meaningful financial support, but that is a losing strategy in Supervisor and legislative campaigns.

  16. Hayashi is not going to get the vote. You all are so out of touch. People who are in an environment where arrest and conviction are more common (Yes, I mean Oakland) may vote for a convicted criminal, but not most. Also, it hurts her that there is no way you can spin "shoplifting" as a political crime. Hayashi doesn't run or, if she does, she is buried.

  17. 7:30 AM,

    Normally for most people, you'd think they wooulld clearly see your logic, and wouldn't run.
    However, Mary may be more delusional than we think.

    Don't forget, only a couple months ago she was asking the four BOS members to be considered for the appointment. I'm sure they must have thought she was mad. (not the angry kind of mad)

    A few things to look at.

    1) Her continuing frequent PR campaign, as though she definitely has future, immediate, plans.

    2) Her perceived acceptance by those around her, and the lack of any condemnation by the Bay Area political crowd, party insiders as well as office holders. Along with no face-to-face meeting with everyday people in town meetings and such, to suggest otherwise.

    3) The upcoming "gathering" at Mary's house in 8 days. After all, if she was through, all these important people wouldn't be coming to Mary's house. Heck, the Speaker of the Assembly will be there. The Hayward Fire Fighters union will be there. I'm sure apple pie will be on display, even if Mom can't make it.

    4.) All those folks who are just "happy" to have their photo taken with Mary in the past months, post sentencing.

    5) Lastly, the "look in her eyes"...
    No, really, look closely at her eyes. Does this look like a woman who has any doubt, or who fully sees reality. Look at these photos. The eyes, the eyes. The same thing in each one. Compare those eyes to what you see in other people's eyes.






    See those and dozens of other photos from 2012, proving (to Mary) that everybody still accepts her.


    I say, she files next month.

  18. Dude, shut down the computer and give your Hayashi obsession a rest! It sounds like it's hard on you, and it's making me embarrassed for you.

  19. Ladies & Gentleman,

    You're first (of many) Hayashi apologists Anonymous 2:15 p.m.

    Why would you be embarassed for a person you don't know who's identity it is?

    ABH! ABH! ABH!

  20. I didn't defend Hayashi at all. It's just stomach-churning to read these increasingly obsessive posts. If Mary decides to run for BOS 2, interest groups and citizens will decide between her, Valle, and other candidates. Frankly, I don't like Hayashi's chances with any of those groups. It won't bring the end of democracy in the East Bay.

    Staring at photos for hours is not helping quell your deep anxiety, which appears inappropriate.

  21. The BOS appointed Valle in part because they wanted a strong candidate to fend off Hayashi.
    Meaning, they thought she does have a chance to win given the rules in place for a special election.

    The thought of her being elected to replace Nadia Lockyer is truly stomach-churning. Talk about embarassing for a district.

  22. So what's the connection between Wilma Chan and Valle? (June 11, 3:06pm)

    Please elaborate for those not in the know.

  23. Originally Wilma was adamant about appointing a woman to replace Lockyer. She said something to the effect that she would only consider a woman and men need not lobby her. And she voted for Apodaca along with rest of the Sups to be interviewed. Then labor enters the picture. They lobby Chan hard. Most likely threatening not to support her in 2014 at best. And at worst, they probably say they already have. A candidate to run agsinst her. The following meeting Chan votes for Valle.

    In her remarks of why she decided to support Valle, she says he can best heal District 2.

    Let's take her at her face value, she believed Valle would help move everyone past the previous regime. Well, one would think Valle would hav called for collaboration and unity. Nope! Instead he comes out swinging with vague charges. Yeah healing words there.

    Chan made her choice on politics

  24. That's like saying a restaurant owner took actions based on food.

    This is politics. The supervisors, the candidates for the appointment, the supporters of the candidates- all took political actions. Every single commenter on this blog, including the ones who write about how disgusted they are by politics and the ones who supported Steele, are making political statements.

    These complaints are really very silly.

  25. But isn't placing politics over principle is what got Alameda County into the mess?

    Chan made the silly argument to cover her butt. Some would argue Apodaca was the better choice to close the book on Lockyer. Valle is tied to the Lockyers on a numer of fronts. Apodaca was not.

    But what done is done. Let's see how an aggressive Valle does.

  26. Politics over principle. What do you define as "principle" in this instance? Absent that, you've made a statement with no real meaning.

    In her statement, Chan said she picked the Supervisor whose skills were best to represent the District and mend wounds left from Nadia's fall. She also spoke of the importance of selecting a candidate who has demonstrated they have the most support from the voters and interest groups of District 2. Undeniably, Valle is that applicant.

    Wilma's original principle was that she wished to see a woman in this seat, because if it were held by a man, she would be the only woman on the Board. She ended up deciding the principles above were more important. To me, Chan made a solid argument, not a "silly" one.

  27. Haha if those were her true principles she would have voted for Steele who bested Valle despite being outspend 8 to 1! Steele also spoke up against the Lockyer machine prior to Nadia's election. Nice try!

  28. OhmyGod, Steele again? OK, dead-enders:

    - Steele dropped out of the running for this appointment. SHE DROPPED OUT. Deal with it.

    - Steele has represented no one for more than two years. Valle has represented a substantial portion of the District for about a decade, and his business and other community involvements have connected him to most of the rest of the 2nd.

    - Steele was occasionally nodding off during Board meetings during her last term.

    - A reasonable person would have a hard time making the argument that Steele would defeat Valle in a 2012 election. Despite being the incumbent in 2006, Gail barely defeated Richard.

    By the way, for the others in the anyone-but-Valle crowd: did Apodaca call for Nadia's resignation while Lockyer was hanging on? No? Hmmmm....

  29. Oh my stars and garters! Your one of those revisionists. How come if Valle was such a strong contender for Sup he didn't run in 2010? He ran a strong (albeit expensive) campaign in 2006. Yet he didn't run for an open seat? How come? There were even multiple contenders. Doesn't that make sense? Oh wait no cuz he stood lock and step with his base who went with the inexperienced candidate. And we can know how that story turned out.

    This is beating a dead horse. Valle is Supervisor. Chan was flipped by labor. Labor ran a concerted effort to get Valle into office. Don't shortchange this effort.