Monday, June 4, 2012

Will The Lord Heed Joel Young's Prayers On Election Day?

June 4, 2012 | The whole world, it seems, is against Joel Young. Times like these call for a little heavenly intervention. In a YouTube video posted last April, Young was interviewed for a poorly shot and nearly inaudible talk show called, "Truth Today with Gloria Thomas."

It features the host's oohs and aahs during much of the four-part video as she poses softball questions to the embattled 18th Assembly District candidate. The presence of a Young for Assembly t-shirt hanging in the background takes away an question of the program's bias in favor of Young. In fact, if Young continues to the November election, an argument could be made the video should be a campaign expenditure.

In the meantime, here's video of Thomas and Young praying for "obstacles" to be removed for Young on election day and adding another WTF moment to the East Bay's inauspicious political year.


"Lord we ask that all restraining orders being lifted against Joel" "Amen"

"Lord, we ask forgivenness from the strongest labor union in the state." Amen.

"Lord, I ask that all the haters, especially the stupid bloggers who want to be real reporters get there a**es handed to them tomorrow as Joel Young advances to the November election.", Shalom. #XtheDumbSh**

Received three anti young flyers over last 10 days; some group is certainly out to do him in. with citizen united, group is unidentified. Tony santos

Anonymous June 4, 2012 7:36 PM, well said! #F**kTurningTheOtherCheek


Ummm why are you using hashtags? #lame #byebyejoel #reapwhatyousow

This shot is funny. Typical Joel. Prays to the lord for help in his last moments if a political career.

Joel better make a move soon or #itsover #prayforjoel

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