Saturday, July 7, 2012

Green Readying A Third Run In Two Years For Alameda County Supervisor

ELECTION '12//ALCO SUPERVISOR DIST 2 | Union City Mayor Mark Green is telling officials in the Hayward area he will run for Alameda County supervisor this fall. It will be Green's third attempt at the seat in two years.

Valle, Green, Hayashi
The notoriously hard-to-reach Green did not return two phone calls this week to confirm his interest in running against fellow Union City resident, Supervisor Richard Valle, who was appointed to the seat to replace Nadia Lockyer, who resigned April 20. However, sources say Green has been very open about his desire to run at recent events in and around the district. Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi has also been making the political rounds recently asking numerous local officials for endorsements. The filing period for the Nov. 6 general election starts July 16.

If the likely list of contenders holds, the inclusion of Green is a major hit to the re-election hopes of Valle, who was recently appointed by the Board of Supervisors from a field of five candidates, including Green. Most assume Green's candidacy immediately splits Valle's support in Union City. Green's nearly two decades as Union City mayor is ending this year, while Valle also sat on its City Council for 12 years. Coincidentally, before the rapid downfall of Nadia Lockyer starting in February, Valle had plans to run for mayor. However, insiders say there lies growing animosity between Green and Valle. So much so that Green previously endorsed Valle's then-mayoral opponent, Carol Dutra-Vernaci, over him.

Hayashi's labor credentials could also neutralize Valle's equally strong union backing, sources believe, along with growing disenchantment based upon the Board of Supervisors' prerequisite for choosing a viable candidate to presumably face Hayashi in November, whether they, indeed, chose the right person.

One Hayward insider tells The Citizen, some former supporters of Newark Councilwoman Ana Apodaca for the Lockyer appointment, including former Supervisor Gail Steele, say the specter of Green splitting Union City, along with a favorable matchup of gender with Apodaca against Hayashi was well-known and made her the safer choice.

Regardless of the political maneuvering, Green's credentials for the job remain impeccable. Not only has he been at the helm of a city in the district for 19 years, he has presided over numerous local and regional transportation board, including the proposed extension of Measure B on this November's ballot. Green's wealth of experience, though, has not translated into office outside of Union City. In fact, falling agonizingly short of his electoral goals has been a hallmark of his recent history.

During the 2010 primary for county supervisor, eventually won by Lockyer, Green's campaign, fueled on a shoestring budget, nearly eeked into the November runoff. He fell a few hundred votes shy of topping second-place finisher, Liz Figueroa. Just this spring, Green ran for the Assembly as an independent, but again, fell just a few percentage points short of advancing to a runoff against Hayward Councilman Bill Quirk. To rub further salt into Green's wound, on the same day his hopes for the Assembly died, the Board of Supervisors also passed him over to be Lockyer's replacement.


  1. Green's decision to run points out how short sighted and foolish Miley and his board members were in appointing Valle.

    They all but sent Hayashi an invitation to run for the seat when they appointed Valle, as everyone in the District knew Green would run for the seat.

    The ALCO BOS again proves just how stupid and out of touch they truly are!

  2. By MW:

    To 10:25PM:

    The nerve of you and the gall of you making an insulting remark like that about Nate Miley.

    More specifically, and although I am not sure if he ever actually practiced law, however regardless Nate Miley is a law school graduate, and lawyers, and as they themselves will constantly tell you, are very superior and extremely intelligent creatures.

    And even if Miley never actually got a law license, the mere fact that he is a law school graduate certainly means he is a very superior creature, and therefore much better, much wiser, and much more intelligent than those of us who did spend three years in that institution that teaches its students how to: one, practice deceit and deception; two, engage in non - stop lies, garbage, and fraud; three, rip people off; four, get everything backwards, sideways, and upside down; and five, in general not only become parasites but also extremely overpaid ones.

    In fact whenever I think of lawyers, I always think of an incident and discussion I overheard a few decades ago. In other words I was visiting an out of state college, and A was assigned to be my host during the few days I was there. So B, and who was a friend of A, came by to visit A.

    So then B started telling A about an essay test in history he had recently taken that was graded on a pass/fail basis, and in which the professor gave each student two grades, in other words one for content and the other one for expression and writing style, in other words with the second grade more similar to the basis an English teacher would normally use to grade an essay.

    So B said he had received a failing grade on content but a passing grade on writing style. That caused A to say, "You said nothing but you said it well."

    In fact to prove how extremely superior and intelligent lawyers are, never forget that Nadia Lockyer is a lawyer.

  3. The analysis here is a little off.

    Based on name recognition, Green will chip into Valle's votes in Union City. As always, Mark's fatal flaw will be his inability or unwillingness to fundraise. You simply can't take out an incumbent Supervisor with proven voter support in their District if you can't finance mailers or a field operation. The District is too big.

    I'm also less excited than the writer that Green almost made it into two runoff elections. In the real world, that means third place and utter failure. Other facts to consider: Apodaca has never won more than a couple of thousand votes from District voters, most recently finishing poorly in her campaign for Mayor of Newark, so the idea that she would have been a stronger choice for electoral viability seems ludicrous.

    Hayashi has not faced voters in Newark and Union City. She will have plenty of money to finance a campaign, but her shoplifting conviction will give her plenty of negative name recognition. So, there's my two cents.

  4. The math is looking poor.

    Union City ÷ 2 (Valle & Green)
    Female vote ÷ 1 (Hayashi)
    Asian vote ÷ 1 (Hayashi)
    Labor ÷ 2 (Valle & Hayasi)
    Hayward ÷ 3 (Hayashi, Valle, Green)
    Outrage vote ÷ 2 (Valle & Green)
    Youth vote ÷ ? (Concentrated on meaningless California presidential contest aka electoral vote)

    If only those three run, a person could win with 34% of the vote. I'm betting that one in three voters hasn't heard about or has forgotten about Neiman Marcus.

    How are Valle and Green regarding money? Green must be tapped out after the primary.
    What is his theoretical winning path? Take half of Union City and then what? How does Green win?

    Finally, what other candidate(s) may enter?

  5. Personally I hoping Corbet runs for the seat!!

    Regarding vote breakdown...general feeling is Green and Valle split all votes that would have gone as a whole to either single candidate...Hayashi gets the other half.

    Now...only wild card is if Valle's secret (which he hasn't revealed) is that a fourth candidate is indeed in the wings awaiting Hayashi's decision? If Hayashi files, this fourth candidate files.

    Perhaps the ALCO BOS knows something we don't. Only time will tell.

  6. Perhaps Valle associates have the tapes.
    The tapes that were suppressed when a quick plea deal took all the actual facts off the record.
    Facts, which if revealed, would have completely blown away any idea about the act being "unintentional" or "absentminded" as Hayashi claimed in her apology (excuse) press release.

    If Valle has something not yet revealed, the question is when to release it.
    Right after she files in 2 weeks? Or November 1st, if she is competitive? Doing it late, could allow it to be lost in all the last minute smears. Often folks don't believe anything in the last week.
    Also, lots of people will have already cast their vote by mail.
    No, early is best. Perhaps at the first debate.

    Speaking of debates, how does Hayashi handle that?
    Does she join Pete Stark and refuse to appear?

  7. Valle's "secret" was that as an insider with the Hayashi machine and an active supporter of hers in the past, he could positively confirm she was running for supervisor this November.

  8. 11:33 am forgot about the Hispanic vote, a meaningful part of this District. Going by that commenter's reasoning, the Hispanic vote would be Valle's, right? Of course,

    To ignore the youth vote seems strange. They will turn out in much larger numbers in November than in recent elections. Does the commenter think they will vote on President and nothing else?

    I also see little reason to believe that Green will come anywhere close to splitting Hayward equally. As pointed out earlier, Green has badly lost two elections which included Hayward voters.

  9. 4:52, NO, 11:33 didn't forget the Hispanic vote.
    I just didn't think it favored anyone. I did not know Valle was Hispanic. Is he?
    From a 6/11 article in Trib, CCTimes, BANG etc.
    "Supervisors Keith Carson and Scott Haggerty withdrawing their support from Ana Apodaca, a member of the Newark City Council who would have become the only Hispanic member of the board."

    I'm not ignoring the youth vote, I'm only saying I don't think they'll divert their attention from the more sexy presidential contest (ignoring the fact that in California, there is no contest)
    I don't see any of the three mentioned candidates setting young people on fire such as to gain their involvement in the campaign.
    Not saying I would competely ignore them.

    Having said all that, Green will absolutely take away votes from Valle.

    Lastly, does anyone have any money? (that can be directly spent with the restrictions)
    Is everyone then starting from near zero?

    For Corbett to run, says "I'm not running for congress in 2014", AND I'm stepping down from my positions of power in the senate. Giving up lots, but she could win.

  10. Does anyone know where the Mary Hayashi sex tapes were posted?

  11. There wasn't a camera in the supervisor's box at the A's game where she was hitting on Shawn Wilson's wife

  12. Yes, Valle is Hispanic; he is now the only Hispanic member on the Board. Not that that any voter bloc is monolithic as the commenter imagines; it is the candidates' actions in the community which gives them the biggest edge with voters, leadership and interest groups.

  13. 7:27 AM. Well I don't doubt he is. I just never realized it.
    Both the regular newspapers and alternative kept speaking about Apodaca being "Hispanic" but not Valle.

    From CSEastbay Pioneer Online

    "The board was unable to reach a decision last week between Valle and Newark City Vice Mayor Ana Apodaca, who would have been the board’s only Latina member to represent the county’s 339,000 Hispanic citizens"

    Question, why would they say that and not say
    "Valle, who now becomes the boards only Latino member to repreresent the county's 339,000 Hispanic citizens."

    Its getting harder and harder to keep track of who represents who and what group might be under-represented. Seems like women might be saying, "Hey, only 1 woman in 5, time for another woman, even a shoplifter"

    But then we'd have two Asian women and two African American men on the board.
    This is getting harder and harder to figure.

    How about we solve the problem and boost the board to 9 members like the Supreme Court.
    Yeah, more politicians, that'll solve the problem.

  14. It is going to be most interesting how Valle and Green handle the Hayashi shoplifting issue.

    They had better think it out very carefully instead of just following a simple "look at what she did" and supposing that all voters will nod their heads and refuse to vote for her.

    Lots of voters are all too ready to say "oh, we all make mistakes in our lives" and look at the rest of her fine public service. Others may actually buy the various excuse stories Hayashi and her team put out.

    The PR pro she hired, Sam Singer
    Singer said Hayashi carries two cell phones and was texting and phoning with a bag in her hands and inadvertently stepped outdoors.
    “This was not an attempt at shoplifting,”

    Her lawyer Douglass Rappaport, after sentencing

    "In the spirit of compromise, now that Ms. Hayashi's medical conditions resulting in her arrest have been taken care of, she decided to resolve the case as well,"

    " ”The medical condition contributed to her actions, “There is no other reason she would have taken the merchandise.”

    Yes, lots of folks will buy those versions and unless you can present them with the real facts you may well not prevent them from voting for her.

    A simple-- "look at what she did"-- may not suffice.
    Especially if it comes from two different camps in a confusing manner.

    ShowTime is only 7 days away.

  15. there will definitely be mudslinging between Valle and Hayashi! You know Hayashi will have some dirt or even make up some dirt on Valle. She's not gonna pull any punches. Did Valle ever follow up on his big secret?

    Green may benefit from the mudslinging between the two perceived heavyweights and find his way to the top.

  16. In response to some of the comments here: There's a lot of talk about Valle's secret and it will come out soon. Also, Valle is indeed Latino. He speaks Latino and probably some other new age languages involving the sound of his eye lashes flapping in the wind.

    I think Stark eventually debates Swalwell, but just once, and it should be with me as moderator. Let's get this going, Citizens! Hayashi, though, has little recourse other than to participate. We don't know her and she's running for a completely different job. She, unlike Stark, has to debate and more than once and not with Chris Parman filling in for her, either, as she has done in the past.

    The first commenter is correct. Many people, starting a month ago, before the appointment of Valle, figured Green would run in November.

  17. How can we get Hayashi and Green to stand down?

  18. To the first commenter (10:25 pm):

    The BOS had no choice but to appoint Valle. I thought we went over this. Apodaca is completely incompetent. There's nothing to her. She's been an elected official for over 8 years and has nothing to show for it. She doesn't know how to run a campaign. She has never taken a stand on the Newark Council. She was a non-starter.

  19. I disagree with 7:10pm.

    What the ALCO BOS needed to do was appoint an outsider such as Apodaca to regain the trust of the people, and reflect that old machine politics was dead in ALCO. Miley and friends failed!! This was their opportunity and they missed it. Period!!

    Apodaca would have found many people to help and organize her campaign. Let's be honest...Hayashi would have had a difficult time finding mud on Apodaca, while Apodaca would have only needed a few different versions of Hayashi mug-shot while taking most of the female vote with ez...resulting in game over.

    ALCO BOS appointed Valle because he will play (old school politics) ball with the political machine of ALCO and give Miley and friends what they want.

    Whatever secret he has is likely to help all Dist #2 candidates while hurting only one...so how he plays it...if indeed it has much value at all, will be key to it's value.

    Is Corbett a possibility?? Someone needs to chat with her!!!

  20. What 8:02 resentfully calls candidates supported by "machine politics" are in reality candidates who have gained many supporters. This commenter seems to believe that candidates who have fewer supporters are the ones who should win elections or appointments. This is is a very odd point of view. Not very democratic, is it?

  21. If I were Mark Green I would try to get the support of Luis Reynoso and Sarabjit Cheema from the 20D race. I think combined from these two as an endorsement will bring in more votes he badly needs to win the county seat. Let's not forget that also Reynoso was the spoiler for Green for the 20D primary race.

  22. With regard to District 2, Mary Hayashi recently sent out a mailer, promoting a Pet Health and Safety Fair. Mailing to people in her Assembly District 18.

    Did anyone who doesn't live in Hayward, get this mailer. Or did she limit the mailing to those inside the District 2 boundries within her greater assembly district?
    Essentially a form of early campaigning paid for by the taxpayers.

    Some of us in the northern part of her assembly district did not get the mailing.

    How about you? Castro Valley, San Leandro, Cherryland, Fairview, Dublin, anyone get the mailer?

    BTW, Its been 8.5 months since Mary was arrested.
    She has not held one town hall or open meeting in that time. Nor given one newspaper interview.

    She has appeared at a few events such as the Pet event and the Senior Scam event in Castro Valley where she briefly spoke and then left the building, her staff saying she had to return to Sacramento on urgent business.

    In other words, she has not given a chance for anyone in a public forum to ask one question about the most prominent event in her political career.
    Her mailer does say you can give her your opinion about legislation affecting pets. Essentially a private chat.

    Does anyone know when the next reporting requirement is for candidates running for District 2 ? Or will we be deep into the campaign before we get a glimpse of who is given money each candidate.

    Also, are we certain that Mary can't more than $20,000 of her $800,000 warchest? (directly that is. She may still be able to give dozens of other candidates thousands and thousands with a wink, that they'll then give her thousands and thousands for her District 2 campaign.)

  23. Here is the link to the Pet Health and Safety Clinic mailer.

    How much was spent mailing this to X thousands of homes?


  24. By MW:

    To 9:12PM,

    I do not live in Hayward but did get Hayashi's mailer in regard to pet safety.

    However I considered it nothing but PR and an attempt by her to pretend to be caring and respectable, in other words to counteract the negative publicity that resulted from her shoplifting arrest.

    But I was also very amused that a politician would put on and/or participate in an event to educate the general public in how to better take of our pets, since the public already pays some of those totally out of control animals that will grab, seize, ruin, and destroy anything they go near - in other words our politicians and elected officials - salaries of well over one hundred thousand dollars a year plus generous fringe benefits packages and outrageously high pensions.

  25. MW, a simple answer if you would.

    You got the Pet mailer from Hayashi.
    What city or area do you live in?

    I'm trying to discern where and why it was mailed to certain area and not others.
    You merely indicated you don't live in Hayward.
    That could mean Oakland, San Leandro, Castro Valley, Pleasanton, Cherryland, Fairview, etc.

    I was trying to get specifics of where it went, since it was not mailed to residents of the Assembly District who live in Oakland.

    Either way, I do agree, the timing of the event, 2 days prior to the opening of filing for the District 2, Superviors seat is not by chance.
    A way for Hayashi to get the taxpayers to pay for a mass mailer in Distric 2.. with perhaps a little "cover" by mailing it to a few other areas so as to not look 100% blatant.

    So where did yours get sent?

  26. Hindsight is 20/20. The safe bet would have been to honor Steele's offer to step in for the duration of the term. She would have done little, not played the politics other than consistently preach her liberal agenda, and most likely would have stayed nuetral in November. Any other choice is a no-win. Now everyone but the real insiders will have to wait to see how it all plays out.

  27. Yes, why not more BOS members - and split up the rich districts - isn't SF smaller and has more board reps?

  28. San Francisco is a City AND County combined.
    Hence, their BOS is taking the place of the city council as well as the BOS.
    They also have a additional content due to the large influx of commuters which is like having lots more residents, plus all the tourists.

    The trouble with the ALA CO BOS is that if you have even one incompetent board member, that is quite a impact. Good example, Nadia Lockyer.
    Even without the substance and psychological problems, she was not capable of doing the job.
    Political nepotism.

    Are either Valle or Green really sharp? I don't know much about them.
    Hayashi is unacceptable unless we are ready to lower our standards down so far as to make following the law a mere optional choice.
    I'm sorry, but electing someone who is on 3 years probation is just a step over the edge into a world with no standards at all.
    Remembering she intentionally drove 35 miles, with shopping bag in hand, then stole $2,450 worth of merchandise in that bag. If she is elected, I've lost all faith in the voters.

  29. By MW:

    It has been some years since I actually saw Mark Green close up and in person. However the last time I did see him in person, his face looked like it had a few hundred thousand less miles on it than it does in this picture.

    So if this picture is what he really looks like now, then I would assume he most likely has had an extremely "interesting" life in the years since I last saw him.

  30. Mark Green should be able to do a good job at the board of supervisors.

  31. "Mark Green should be able to do a good job at the board of supervisors"

    Or a good job at allowing Mary Hayashi to slip in through the side door. Knowing that 35% of the vote, or less, can win. Even 30% could prevail if a few more names get thrown into the hat.

    Her winning with 30% would be tragic.
    What message would it send for a public official, arrested for a felony only 8 months ago, could be elected to the position of supervisor. A candidate still on 3 years probation.

  32. It would be tragic if Mary were to win...and the blame would land squarely on the ALCO BOS who simply were too politically short sighted to see the consequences of appointing Valle and not Apodaca.

    It's not ironic that Mary sponsored a fund raising party and sent mailers only after Valle was appointed.

    Miley and the three other amigo's are a clueless group. I'm embarrassed to say I live in ALCO!

  33. I am embarrassed I live in city of Hayward which is in Alameda County.

  34. How many times does Green have to lose before he gets the idea? Are all elected jobs the same? As to Mary, shame on the voters if they vote for her - no one else to blame...

  35. live in Fairview and didn't get a mailer.....would have brought my goat! Har...

  36. 8:27, thanks for letting us know that the "pet clinic" mailer from Hayashi didn't go to your residence in Fairview, even though you live in her Assembly District 18.

    Even though some parts of Fairview are less than 1 mile from where the "pet clinic" will be held.
    However Fairview does NOT fall inside the boundries of District 2 Supervior Seat, where Mary will be runnning.

    Hence it appears that Mary Hayashi is using state funds to pay for a "pre-campaign" mailer to only those residents of her assembly district who live inside the boundries of the Dist. 2 Supervisorial seat.

    NOW, we have only limited feedback on this.

    And for UNKNOWN reasons, the poster who goes by the initials MW, seems unwilling to allow us to know what city he lives in, because he indicated he did NOT live in Hayward and did get a mailer for the "pet clinic"...

    How about it MW, what city do you receive the mailer in? Its not like we're asking for your address.

    Here is a example of the boundries.
    Hayward High School is in District 2.
    But if you live across the street in a house, you are outside District 2, because you live in Fairview.
    Both addresses are equal distance from where the "pet clinic" will be held on Saturday.
    But apparently Mary Hayashi decided to only spend state money to tell the folks inside the District 2 boundries..

    Of course MW may still provide more information???

    BTW, many areas of Fairview, Castro Valley, and Cherryland are less than 1 mile from the site of the "pet clinic" yet outside of District 2, while many areas of Hayward are 5 miles from the "pet clinic" but they are inside of District 2.

    Anyone else get the mailer? where do you live?

  37. By MW:

    If you live in Alameda County, then you have at least several extremely overindulged and very expensive pets to take care of, or at least financially support, specifically our local politicians, and including the two legged creatures on the Board of Supervisors.

    So if you bring any of those creatures to Mary Hayashi's Pet Fair, then please keep those creatures on an extremely short leash and watch them very carefully, since they have a tendency to regularly get totally out of control, and to then at least badly damage, and often totally destroy, virtually everything they go near or get involved with.

  38. Thanks for the help MW.
    You have supplied us with nothing.
    As always, your posts remain consistant.

  39. Interesting little side notes about Hayashi's active campaign accounts.

    On Dec. 13, 2011 she spent $12,948 for legal defense.

    On May 5, 2012, she gave the California Democratic Party $32,000
    (any wonder we don't hear many complaints about her shoplifting crime)
    It would not be surprising to see $200K to $500K of her money go to other candidates, with a wink, wink, as others then in turn fund her supervisor race in District 2. Nice way to do a switch-a-roo to get past Alameda County Campaign finance rules and limits. Just you watch.

    After all, she has well over $800,000 sitting in those accounts and she is taking every possible step to save her political career, THIS YEAR.
    Its make or break.

    She has continued to raise money since her arrest.

    To her various active committees
    After her arrest but in 2011, about $45,000
    Early in 2012, after her sentencing, another $25,000

    Probably more recently.

    No wonder Speaker Perez gave her a complete pass the day she was sentenced and placed on 3 years probation. He suggested it was all caused by her medical problem. Hoped she was finally cured.

    Don't forget, Monday is filing day. The BIG SHOW

  40. From what little data we have it appears Mary may have spent public funds (from her current public office) to target voters in Dist #2 with her Pet Health & Safety gathering.

    Would it not be wise to simply request (per FOIA and public disclosure laws) from her Office and the bunk mailing company the records related to this mailer.

    If that allegation can be supported, her campaign will be over before it starts.

    Steve, you should be all over this potential story!!

  41. Yes, your "investigation" has yielded damning evidence of...what?

    Here's more evidence to add to your shocking expose': I live in San Leandro, well outside BOS 2, and I recieved Assemblymember Hayashi's Pet Health mailer.

    What now?

  42. I really would like to know why Hayashi supported Jennifer Ong. Is there a connection for payback from these two?

  43. Besides the evidence-free "investigation" of where the Pet Health mailer was sent, there's another easily observed fact, which can be seen by anyone who wishes to click the link provided in the last comment from July 10th.

    This mailer is entirely in line with many mailers the Aseemblymember has sent during her term, which have provided information about a public event hosted by a coalition of private sponsors.

    Does this mailer bring up any major public policy issue which the Supervisors must consider? No.

    Does this mailer discuss Hayashi, Valle or Green in any way? No.

    So, there is no case that this comprises a campaign mailer for Supervisor, and your breathless calls for a major investigation interest no one. You have the right to continue to try to persuade us on this, but this argumentative cul-de-sac is a bit embarassing for you, I believe.

  44. Look, I have not written many of the above posts about the Pet mailer.

    I did however bring up the issue with my initial questions about the timing and specifically where it was being mailed in the assembly district.

    I and my neighbors live in the north end of the assembly district. We did NOT get the mailer. Earlier in the year we DID get the mailer for a Castro Valley event, Senior Scam Stopper, which was held far from our homes, in Castro Valley.
    Why the different mailing pattern given that it is inside the district and the mailing is paid for by the state. Why, the selective mailing?

    That is why I asked and re-asked for others who got the mailer to chime in and let us know where they lived.

    While I think the timing of the event and mailer, just prior to Monday's filing opening is suspect, I never indicated that anything illegal was being done.
    Rather I see it as taking advantage of a incumbent's taxpayer paid mailing privilages.
    After all, at the time of mailing, and at the time of the event, Mary had not officialy declared for anything. She may file on Monday, 2 days following the Pet Clinic event she chose to advertise.

    So, you needn't go-off setting up some straw-dog, that everyone is claiming Mary is doing something illegal.

    That she is doing it by design, to accomplish a calculated political goal, is quite another matter.
    Even if she sent the mailer to ONLY those in District 2, I still don't think it would be "illegal". Unfair, but unlikely breaking any law.

    Thus far, we have one person reporting it being sent to Hayward. One person saying they didn't get it in Fairview. One person saying they did get it in San Leandro.
    Oh yes, and MW seemingly unwilling to let anyone know which city he lives in, after telling us he got the mailer. As I indicated, thanks so much MW, for no help at all.

    So there you have it, a interesting political observation, but hardly a call for some "investigation" involving anything legal or illegal.

    As I said, no need to set up a "straw-dog" so it can be shot down as having not a leg to stand on.

    I'd still like a few more reports as to where the mailer was received and/or not recieved.
    Any more in San Leandro, Castro Valley, Oakland, Fairview, Cherryland, or anyone in Hayward who did NOT get one, yet who is a registered voter.

  45. Very well put 12:21.

    As these forms are open to the public, for public comment...we must keep in mind...Ms. Hayashi and her avid supporters indeed read these post and are VERY likely commenting.

    Considering Ms. Hayashi's history and the FACT she will not face the public to answer questions addressed here, as well other public forms...we the public have the RIGHT to seek ANSWERS however we desire...and a request for an investigation into her use of public funds for a suspect mailer is WELL within the public's RIGHTS!!

    So to poster: 10:16 & 10:48, face the fact...If Mary enters the race for ALCO BOS, what you see here is only the tip of the iceberg as compared to what she will endure for the next four months.

  46. We'll endure toothless charges supported by a pitiful handful of people in the East Bay? We tremble before the coming deluge. I will concede that the BANG newspapers are likely to join the Citizen on the Hayashi scandal beat. How's that feel, Steve?

    No stated opposition to any of Hayashi's votes or policy positions, as usual. Will Mary's conviction play into the race? Of course it will. Do the Hayashi haters (many of whom were likely Valle haters last month- funny, that) care about what government actually does? We simply see no evidence that you do.

    We know exceedingly well what you don't want. What do you want? I'll start: to contemplate continuing tax cuts for CEO's while cutting the social welfare programs, voting rights and other policies which made the American middle class and brought millions and millions out of deep poverty would be a betrayal, would deepen the budget deficits you pretend to care about and would go against the wishes of the voters. Even the majority of Republicans.

    How about you? Want to wriggle off any accountability for your views yet again?

  47. 5:12, I'll be quite honest about my views on this supervisors race. I am willing to support Valle or Green and am 100% against Hayashi.

    My view on her has everything to do with her character and her crime.
    Sorry there pal, but when you deliberately drive to San Francisco, park your car, walk into a store, and steal $2,450 worth of merchandise, you have stepped well over the line of what it takes to be a elected leader in my view. Call it old fashioned, call it whatever you please. It is disgusting and unacceptable behavior. It is a 100% disqualifier.
    The thought of her not even finishing up her 3 years of probation before putting her name on the ballot again is a further insult to the public.

    You may want to drag this discussion over to "tax cuts, CEO pay, social welfare, voting rights, and poverty, etc etc," but I have confidence that either Valle or Green would have acceptable positions on most of those issues.

    So, my position is clear, I don't want a woman, who while representing me, goes to San Franciso and is arrested for felony grand theft.
    That is the crime she was booked for. That is the event that she eventually admitted to doing.
    It was only reduced to a misdemeanor in a plea deal based on her being a first time offender.
    She clearly DID the crime with all of the "elements" of the crime, which include intent.
    That is what she admitted to when she she took the plea deal.
    What her attorney, her PR specialist, or even her "press release" said after court proceedings were over, amounts to nothing but window dressing. The record is the record, not the spin after the fact.

    Her crime was a felony. There was no suggestion or evidence ever given to the court or the prosection, prior to sentencing, that the act was anything other than deliberate and premeditated.

    Again, just so I can be clear, I don't want a assembly member or a supervisor who commits felonies.

    Don't distract from that reality with your laundry list of problems in the country.
    Valle or Green will do just fine on those issues. They, like other residents, manage to get through life, without stealing fashion clothing items.

    I am a lifelong Democrat, if you call my above standards "wiggling off any accountability" then I guess we live in two different worlds.

    There is nothing so special about Mary Hayashi that I have to throw my minimum standards of public behavior overboard, hold my nose and vote for her.
    Plain and simple, I don't vote for people who commit felony shoplifting.
    I don't vote for candidates who are on 3 years probation.

  48. Valle and Green have differed quite a bit on how they vote, and the positions for which they advocate. Green has become so conservative that he voluntarily left the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, Valle has continued to show strong support for the planks of the California Democratic Party platform. You're a "lifelong Democrat". This makes no difference to you?

    It is difficult to square these differences with your claim that "Valle or Green will do just fine on those issues." So, it is as it seems: you disqualify Hayashi on character issues, which you have every right to do, but then you have no meaningful views on what government should do at all. That, too, is your right, but I assure you the two of us live in the same world. Your vote has the potential to improve or damage our community, which is why I care to elevate the discourse here.

  49. 6:28, Please don't mix up the intent of what I was saying.

    I don't know who I will vote for between those two until I hear their positions. There yet may be other candidates.
    Though I am a lifelong Democrat, I am not a kneejerk Democrat. I probably have lots of views that differ from what you may think is the correct Democratic party line.
    Remember, they talk about it being a "big tent", or is that no longer operative?

    Let me make it plain and simple, I will vote for a good candidate of the several good candidates that may be on the ballot.
    Having said that, Mary Hayashi is excluded from that list. She is NOT a good candidate.
    She removed herself from that list when she was arrested for felony shoplifting, and eventually admitted her guilt, that she did indeed commit the crime.
    You see, I don't elect people who commit felonies.

    Now, had she gone to trial and been exonerated, that would be a different matter.
    But she did not.
    After first having her attorney describe the case as "It's a silly little case that got blown out of proportion" we later find that Mary admits to the crime, in all of its elements.
    A deliberate crime of felony grand theft is what she was arrested for.

    You say, "Your (my) vote has the potential to improve or damage our community, which is why I care to elevate the discourse here."

    I don't see your post as trying to elevate anything.
    You seem all too ready to dismiss the felony arrest of Mary Hayashi because you think she may be right on some issues.
    I have not come to the point that our society has come to such a state of decline that we have to accept criminals as candidates.

    Perhaps you and I differ on that. I don't want a criminal as a replacement for Nadia Lockyer.
    What a spector of shame would the election of shoplifter Mary Hayashi to replace the disgraced Nadia Locker.
    It is almost unimaginable. Has the East Bay, really sunk that low? Is there nothing that amounts to disgrace any longer?

  50. Amen 6:51.

    Mary has proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be of troubled character...and truly of troubled mind...(a defense of texting while shopping and a brain tumor)

    Lets be honest...she is no longer fit for public office!!

  51. I have entered no defense at all of Hayashi's conviction or her unwillingness to put herself before the public. It's likely that I would vote for Valle before her. That said, she has engaged in no public corruption, and her votes on this year's issues have reflected my views. Her behaviors while in office have hurt her and no one else, in my view.

    The obsessive posters behave as if Mary stabbed their mothers. We will all survive this race if Hayashi enters it. On the other hand, the current State and National Republican Party could care less if some people suffer and die. They claim we live in the greatest country in the world, but seem to hold contempt for the majority of the people in it. They and the immoral policies they support are the true disgrace.

  52. to 7:16pm

    I doubt anyone would disagree with you about the overall state of our nation...though I find it strangely ironic that you dismiss Ms. Hayashi behavior as acceptable because she only hurt herself (which I personally disagree with)..though you rightly point out the immoral policies made by our elected offices, such as Ms. Hayashi, are a true disgrace.

    Therefore, would not the solution be to elect public officials who's moral, ethical and in this case, criminal standards leave no question of their future stand on key issues affecting the people they represent.

    This would seem a very logical approach to who is, and to who is not fit to lead our cities, counties, states and our nation.

  53. There's where we split. Hayashi has supported no immoral government policies, in my view.

    Are you able to consider ANY policy questions at all? To start: What policies do you consider immoral?

    "The deficit" is not an answer, by the way. There are a thousand ways to close or reduce deficits. HOW do you reduce or eliminate the deficits? That is the proper question.

    The State government balances its budget every year, but in order to try to prevent the elimination or even deeper slashing of education and other programs, they have balanced the budget in very rickety ways (bond issuances, overly optimistic revenue projections, etc.).

    The Federal government has reduced its deficit in each of the last three years, but it is still too high. It could be reduced significantly, but the Republicans, held hostage by Grover Norquist, the Koch Brothers, and their fellow radical organizations, prevent a rational discussion from taking place on taxes by holding Congressional races hostage to lies, anger and money.

    By the way, Hayashi has never ran a nasty campaign in her political career. In her only comptitive race, the 2006 primary, Bill McCammon ran a legendarily awful mail campaign. I wouldn't put it past her, but she hasn't gone negative in her campaigning before.

  54. To clarify, I concede that Hayashi has thrown around some sharp elbows in the last six years, but the larger campaigns her consultants have run have never gone hard negative.

  55. 7:16
    "That said, she has engaged in no public corruption, and her votes on this year's issues have reflected my views. Her behaviors while in office have hurt her and no one else, in my view."

    I sorry, but stealing, felony shoplifting, and her and her representatives suggesting it is "a silly little case" have indeed hurt others. In fact, it is this type of attitude that has damaged our society as much as the more acute items that would raise you to the point of outrage.
    When we come to the point that a person such as yourself says that having a elected member or our California State Assembly arrested for felony grand theft, has hurt her and no one else, then truly our society has been severely damaged.
    Look no further than your own attitude.
    Now allow that attitude to permeate our schools, our institutions, our neighborhoods.
    Yes indeed, Mary's crime has done far more damage to our society than you are willing to admit.

    "The obsessive posters behave as if Mary stabbed their mothers."

    Oh great, our elected representative is arrested for felony grand theft, and those who find it a outrage, making her unsuitable for office, are now labeled as "obsessive posters"...
    We, are the unstable ones, not Mary and her actions. We are the "obsessive" ones, not Mary in her obsession to always be dressed in Armani, while carrying her Chanel handbags, representing "the common people" of Hayward and Newark. Oh yeah, complain about that and you are called a "obsessive" one.

    "We will all survive this race if Hayashi enters it. On the other hand, the current State and National Republican Party could care less if some people suffer and die"

    Great, now lets find a way to drag in the Republicans so we can make them bad, while at the same time we see you modifying Mary's behavior by saying
    "her votes on this year's issues have reflected my views"...

    Yes, by all means, lets blame the Republicans for Mary's behavior, and say, after all, its not so bad compared to those guys.

    I think its fair to say that your willingness to accept Mary back into the fold, is emblematic of what has happened to much of the politics in this East Bay area. Bringing us not only Mary, but the likes of Nadia Lockyer.

    You know, when adults take on this attitude that Mary really didn't do anything too terribly bad, just how do you think our young people will take that.
    They're keen observers of our "true" views and values.
    Tell them to be good, while you accept criminal behavior by saying "no one was really hurt" by it. You make shoplifting, even reaching $2,450 acceptable. You don't even have to lose your job.
    In fact society will give you a new position with a even better salary. Go ahead, shoplift, steal, its just " a silly little crime".

    Heck, Mary compared her $2,500 theft to "absentmindedly" driving a few miles per hour over the speed limit.

  56. If Mary Hayashi runs Mark Green will win. Also, if Hayashi runs Bill Quirk will beat Jennifer Ong. Even if Ong spends $500K again. Just the association of Hayashi with Ong will destroy Ong as I am sure Quirk will use that to no end.

  57. 9:48, you might detail that "association".

    What exactly does it include? Unless Mary is giving Ong a boatload of money, I don't see how you join them at the hip. Once campaigns get going, and the box begins to fill with mailers, you need something pretty good to convince folks.

  58. What part of "she's not likely to get my vote" don't you understand? Does that sound like I'm finding her behavior acceptable? Why do you insist on mischaracterizing so many of my statements? I didn't blame Republicans for Mary's behavior at all, for one of many examples. Your tactics like these are pretty despicable, bad faith ways to conduct online discussions.

    Are you really saying that everyone who has been convicted of a crime outside of their work duties must be fired from their jobs? Really? That is extremely un-American. What happened to paying your debt to society?

    Of course, that increasingly common attitude does explain one of the chief reasons for California's budget mess: our out-of-control, ever-growing prison population and increasing lack of interest in rehabilitating prisoners. That sharply increases our recividicism ratea, blows bigger holes in our budgets, allows more crime and pain and death, and creates such horrible conditions in our prison hospitals that we are violating Federal laws which prevent "cruel and unusual punishment". But punishing the bad guys sure does make moralists feel good.

    OK, I'm convinced you really don't care about policy at all, and that you want us to continue to talk past each other. That is very disappointing.

  59. See, I'm just dealing rationally with the likelihood that Hayashi is likely to run for this Supervisor seat. She has every right to do so. For some irrational reason, you think there should be some form of grand approbation from every single person in the District, County and State which will prevent her from running. Mary is an aggressive politician. She'll do what she does. You'll oppose her, and obviously will work extremely hard to defeat her.

    Whose campaign will you work for? Why will you be working for that candidate? What do you care to see out of this Supervisor, other than your repeated articulations that the candidate's rap sheet must be clean?

    Who would know, based on your lack of vision?

  60. 10:13 Yes, when it comes to electing Mary Hayashi to a new position, I do not care about policy.

    My position on the Mary Hayashi issue is that she is unacceptable, in much the same way that if she were a Alameda County Deputy Sheriff, she would have been fired and would not be acceptable for any other police department in Alameda county.

    Why do we hold those who enforce the law, to stricter standards than those who make the laws?

    So, as you indicated, if you are stuck on talking about "policy" when it comes to deciding if Mary is the best candidate, then we won't resolve that.

    I do understand that she is not "likely" to get your vote, but it sounds like she still may if her "policy" is a bit better than the next guy.

    About a criminal paying their debt to society and then being able to work again.
    I would say this. If Mary were to complete her 3 years of probation, do a great deal in society out of office for several years, then I may not have the same flat out stance.

    But Mary was only sentenced in January, completed less thann 7 months of her 36 month probation.
    I'd hardly call that paying her debt to society, unless you are limiting her debt to the $180 she was fined.

    Additionally what is most disturbing about Mary's actions, is that she has failed to come clean.
    She continues to suggest to this day, that it was all some kind of big mistake. That it was "unintentional"... that it was just "absentmindedness".
    You see, Mary has yet to truly admit to the voters that she did a criminal act. That she did it with full knowledge.
    She is still making excuses and minimizing the crime.
    Comparing it to driving a few miles per hour over the speed limit.

    But I guess that doesn't exclude her in your book, if she is just right on "policy".
    Why not bring back Nadia Lockyer if she'll vote for the correct "policy".

    The way you live your life is "policy". If our elected leaders are criminals even their correct policy will still ruin us.
    If our EastBay is so bereft of leaders that we have to accept admitted criminals, then we are in more trouble than I had imagined.

    So many folks, willing to ignore explicit criminal behavior as a threshold minimum for Supervisor.
    Can we take "Super" out of the title?

  61. You insist on creating the straw man that I'm fine with Mary's behavior. You have graduated from mischaracterizing my statements; you are now lying.

    Mary's crime will not cost you, me, our families and our community our pensions, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other forms of assistance which I have paid for, and for which I am proud to have paid to support others who need it.

    When our economy, badly damaged and continually crippled by horrible policies which have been proven failures and are still supported by every single Republican in Congress and our Legislature, costs more people in the community our jobs and incomes, we will need those benefits. I don't want the Greens and Swalwells of the world to sell out our futures so that the wealthy can have their tax cuts extended. We can't afford that any more, and we can do better in these Districts.

    Who are you going to work for to get them elected? Do you care about your future? I sure do.

  62. 11:07, So you think Green is suspect. Surely you don't suspect Valle of the same. Support him if you wish. But stop using the spector of Republicans taking over the Board of Superviors as your justification to leaving open the possibility of voting for Mary.

    Mary's crime has already cost us. It has added yet another pound of cynicism to the public's mistrust and loss of faith in our political structure. That loss is very real. I know many people who feel that these candidates, they're all out for themselves, those egotistical greedy politicians.
    Then they see the Mary Hayashis and Lockyers of the world, only confirming their suspicions.

    If you think that politicians committing crimes does no damage to the way citizens respect the democratic process, then I am afraid I can't even fathom the type of government you expect in the future.

    Again, I ask you, if a Alameda County Sheriff, a employee who Mary would be indirectly leading, is instantly fired for the crime Mary did, and would NOT be hired by any police department in the entire county, then how is it you can consider Mary possibly acceptable for the position of Supervisor?
    You have made it clear that you're not "likely" to vote for her, but depending on "policy" you may still do so.
    That deputy sheriff would not get the same opening, certainly NOT while still on 3 years probation.

    This is Alameda County, not the state legislature or congress. Republicans aren't taking over the Board of Supervisors. You know that. Yet you persist in suggesting that we might need Mary to prevent the forces of evil from making bad "policy".
    Go ahead, support Valle, or some as yet unnamed candidate. Just not this person who is still on 3 years probation after stealing $2,450 worth of merchandise in a well thought out crime.
    A person who has yet to admit she conciously did the crime.
    She is either lying or in total denial.
    But perhaps you believe her excuses and denials?
    Or perhaps you, like Mary, think felony shoplifting is no more serious than driving 45 in a 35 zone.

  63. to 10:07. Where do you think Jennifer Ong got the same money from? She got them from the same Hayashi donors. The Asian duo of Ong and Hayashi should not be underestimated. Hayashi did some arm twisting so that her donors will send money to Ong. You don't think that is really a coincidence do you?
    Mark Green may have lost the primary but he should win the alameda seat if Hayashi runs.

  64. Sorry, but to the average voter, you're going to have a tough time showing them a direct connection between the donations and Hayashi.
    You'll have to lay it out in precise fashion, such that the voter will undersand and CARE about it.
    A tall order when loads of mailers start filling up the box.

    You keep insisting that if Green enters the race he should win it IF Hayasi runs.
    I fail to see the logic in that. Makes zero sense.
    Green's entry only benefits Mary's chances.
    Green himself, has not shown that he is a very effective campaigner, or fund raiser.

    But I urge you to keep giving us your reasons for such a assessment. Always open to listing.

  65. For the person who said Hayashi has never run a negative campaign doesn't know Mary very well. Ask around she thrives from her heavyhandiness.

    Plus Mary may not need to resort to airing Valle's private dirty laundry (if he has any) Valle has sat on city council for many years. His record could be fodder for her campaign. He has sat on many other public/community boards such as St. Rose Hospital. All that is up for scrutiny.

  66. Oh my God, our government allows Wall Street, the bankers and other extremely rich people to steal billions and billions of our tax dollars and sets us upon each other to fight over the shrinking pie while the rich are exempted from any costs. Before that, multiple wars were begun overseas, laying our best young prople to waste and flushing more billions of public dollars down the toilet.

    These are things our politicians have done which actually harmed you, me, and every other member of the middle and lower class. One of the chief reasons our State and County budgets are so horrible these days is because of the loss of Federal funds returning to California due to the crash and the unpatriotic unwillingness of Republicans to fund our government at a time of war. (So you see, we don't have to have a majority of Republicans on the BOS to have a screwed-up budget- we don't need much of a deterioration at the Board to materially hurt people.)

    Yet, somehow, Mary's crime, which cost us not one tax dollar, is the event which provides the "pound of cynicism" which we must obsess about. Dude, COME ON! It matters, (I'll repeat- it matters!), but we have had much more substantial reasons to become cynical about politicians. Why is this- THIS- the end of our f***ing Republic? They're looting your government behind your back, buddy, and you don't seem to care.

  67. 7:04, Wow, clearly you are WAY upset that anyone should deem Mary unfit for public office due to her felony arrest for grand theft, her 3 years on probation, and her continued DENIAL that she ever intended to commit the crime.

    Talk about obsessed, you seem to have a agenda here to make room for folks to consider Mary right along with all the other candidates as long as her "policy" passes your muster.

    I'm getting the distinct impression that you are more than just a neutral observer of this election process. You seem greatly keen about preserving Mary's electability even in the face of other candidates who meet your "policy" considerations.

    Everytime we approach the issue of Mary's sad moral behavior, you bring in the kitchen sink, filled with Republicans, overseas wars, Wall Street, and every other ill that may befall us if we don't make sure Mary has a good shot at the District 2 seat on the Board of Supervisors.

    I dare say that the other readers are begining to see the theme of your protests.
    Keep the door open for Mary.

    Ignore her continued denial about her crime.
    Never mind that she claims it was all "unintentional" and that we should view it as a mere "absentminded error"....
    You see, according to Mary, she just lost track of her purchases, which is no different than the rest of us finding ourselves driving a few miles per hour over the speed limit. That is what Mary says about her crime.
    Oh yeah, and she throws in the brain tumor excuse as well. Anything that a voter might be willing to buy, anything but Mary intentionally stealing $2,500 with full intent and prepared planning.

    But I guess as long as she has her policy right, it matters not that she is a intentional criminal.
    Pass the word along to all the kids in high school, go ahead steal, it ain't that serious.
    If you get caught, have a laundry list of excuses and conditions to explain it away.

    If anyone complains, label them "obssesed".

  68. Why so much irrational aggression towards Mary Hayashi and Jennifer Ong?

    As I said before so what if Mary had a mishap wit the law. Let's be honest who has not been in trouble with the law? I know about 16 years ago I had a speeding ticket and I had to pay a $75 fine.

    Hayashi has money for campaigning and so does Ong and their intellect is what got them where they are now. Let's stop being racist against Asians. Let's treat Asians with respect. And yes I am Asian too and I also have worked very hard for my success like Hayashi and Ong.

    Hayashi, and Ong will win the election as voters will see past the harassment both of these nice ladies had to endure to campaign. Just because their main opponents Quirk and Green are white does not give a licence to slander Ong and Hayashi.

    Quirk will lose and Green will lose again

  69. 3:41, "Lets stop being racist against Asians"

    Yes, that must be it, the security people at Neiman Marcus are just picking on Asians.

  70. We can only hope that Mary plays the race and victim card!

    OMG, by the time the media finishes with her, she and Nadia Lockyer will be on the same bus headed East!!

  71. You guys may take your potshots on Mary Hayashi and Jennifer Ong, but these women are very good for our community.

    And I disagree that it was big money that elected Hayashi and helped secure a 2nd place for Ong. They could have spent only $1000 and they still would have won. It was their intelligence, tenacity to improve the communities and their eloquent voice in the campaigns, that helped them get elected.

    I think 3:41 is dead on, it really is about people being racist against Asians.

  72. 8:30, Good God, enough of this Asians being held down by racism in Bay Area politics, the East Bay in particular.

    Look around you idiots. Start in Oakland/Alameda
    Bonta, Quan, Chan, Hayashi, Lee in SF, Leland, Honda in San Jose, and on and on,

    Not just now, but dating back to the 60's....
    I spent election night in 1966 in the HQ of March Fong, as she was elected to the Assembly. That was 46 years ago. She later went on to be elected to Sec. of State. Her Asian son was elected controller of California.
    Do you know what the name of the San Jose Airport is? Hint, Japanese, after a elected politician.

    You guys are just mindless idiots if you think there is some huge amount of anti-Asian racism holding back those out for political office.

    Exactly who is it that is racist? Whites, blacks, Indians, Middle Easterners.
    Who is doing all this racism. Give me some statistical breakdown and some specifics.
    Or is it just some vague charge, highlighted by some kid's spray can once each year.

    Come on, some facts. Give me a study or some evidence of your stupid assumption. Not some conjecture.
    How in the world did Mary Hayashi ever beat her wasp fire chief in her first election?
    How in the world did her husband get elected to judge?

    You are a knucklehead.

  73. To 9:13 Precisely my point. Ong and Hayashi were elected because they were the best for the community, and that is why the people that post those attacks against Hayashi and Ong could only be racist against Asians.

    Your use of insults "You are a knucklehead" tells me a lot of your maturity. Those type of attacks are the same attacks from republicans against Obama as they too are racist.

    I think you are the kid with a paint can.

  74. Isn't it good that we are anonymous, otherwise our 10:50 poster would find some method to accuse me of being racist for calling him a knucklehead.
    However since I haven't a clue about his ethnicity, I am safe from a almost guaranteed attack.

    I can assure you I use the term knucklehead regardless of the race of the individual.
    Actually in our current world, telling someone they are a knucklehead is the least harsh term one could use, certainly in polite company.

    BTW, I see in your response, you failed to address the points I made or the examples I used to poke holes in your absurd assertions that everyone who is against Hayashi is so because they are racist.
    I am against Hayashi getting elected to the new office precisely because she was arrested for felony grand theft. I don't want her elected because she is serving 3 years of probation for her crime.
    I wonder when having such objections became insufficient for one to oppose a candidate without having someone accuse you of racism.
    Nearly everyone I know thought that Mary Hayashi should have resigned after her arrest for felony grand theft, and after her admitting of guilt, and sentencing to 3 years probation.
    But you would label all those folks as acting on racism.
    Perhaps this is the new tact of those who support Hayashi. "If you don't think Mary Hayashi is best, you are probably racist"
    Is that the message you intend to send?

    How about all the folks in Oakland who think Jean Quan is doing a terrible job? All racists?
    Or is Jean Quan the lone example of a Asian office holder who isn't doing the "best job"?

    Look around the Bay Area and let us know which Asian office holders are doing such a good job that they are immune from opposition by anyone but racists.

    Give us the list of who it is acceptable to oppose, or what type of crimes you can commit and still remain doing "the best job", thus immune from opposition.

  75. to 1:22, Why are the attacks against Hayashi so personal. Just let it go. She made a mistake and she paid for it. Let's move on. Also, Jennifer Ong is not given credit for making it to the top two. All I hear is how much money she spent. Well so what, all elections cost money and obviously people thought she was better than Green, Reynoso ,and Cheema. And look at the attacks against Quan she did not cause the occupiers to come to Oakland why is she blamed for that? That is why I think the attacks against Asians here is just racism.

  76. 11:15, You sir, are what diminishes the valid cries of "racism"...
    Your silly seeking and finding "racism" around every bend is really damaging to any cause you may want to promote.

    "over the top" and "at the drop of a hat" charges make subsequent charges meaningless.

    From what I know there is ONE....only ONE poster here who is off on his/her Ong tangent, tying her with Hayashi, and combined with the fact they are both Asian, you suddenly suggest that the entire East Bay electorate is filled with racism.

    Seemingly you have a total inability to take the actual facts into your analysis. I tried to give you a list of office holders, who are Asian, but your mind is stuck is some rut.

    Ong may be great. I don't know anything about her.
    She obviously ran a excellent campaign. She may win in November.

    As to Hayashi and her record, good fair minded decent people across the East Bay, are disgusted by her arrest for felony shoplifting, her 3 year sentence on probation, and her continual suggestion and portrayal of herself as being nothing more than a victim of "absentmindedness" and "unintentional" behavior.

    To this very day she does not admit she did this crime intentionally.
    She further tries to compare felongy grand theft shoplifting to nothing more serious than driving a few miles per hour over the speed limit.
    That is the big lie she continues to try to sell to the voters.

    So get off your absurd theme that everyone is against Mary Hayashi simply because she is Asian.
    You come off like a idiot with that crazy assertion.

    AS to Jean Quan, if you think her terrible handling of Occupy Oakland, is the only reason people could have for disliking her, the you know very little about Oakland politics and the city.
    I suppose you'll include Larry Reid and Ignacio De LaFuente as being racist against Asians because they critize Jean Quan on a almost weekly basis.
    Scathing rebukes Jean Quan, just this very week by Larry Reid. Is he one of the people you classify as practicing racism against Asians.

    NO, sir, you are NUTs. An absurd "knucklehead" with your insistance that anyone who dislikes, Hayashi or Quan are racists.

    You come off like a kook.

  77. 11:15 and 1:18 Let's get one thing straight.

    Mary Hayashi stealing $2700 as not a minor event to be trivialized. The facts are that she did that before Neiman Marcus caught her fo rteh second time. Also, citation like a traffic ticket as one poster mentioned just does not come to the level of shoplifting. And yet Hayashi continues to be in the assembly as if nothing happened. So, to criticize Hayashi for breaking the law is not racism.

    Mayor Quan is completely ineffective as a leader and that is why she is being criticized, but that does not make the critic a racist.

    As for Jennifer Ong is being criticized for not being that knowledge or intelligent while getting a lot of money. The joke going around for Ong is that a Pet Rock could have been elected if the same amount $600,000 worth of fliers, and pots and oven mits could have been used for that Pet Rock. But, that too does not make the critic a racist.

    So, let's get along and peace to all. Enjoy your free speech. No need to insult each other with name calling.

  78. I must point out another glaring example that punches holes in 11:15am's "so what" to the "how much money she spent" question...

    Does the name Lockyer ring a bell... If $1.7million can DUPE the public into electing a drug addict/video sex-tape actress to the ALCO BOS, then the amount Hayashi's is spending is very relevant information.

    I'm confident no one wants to be duped a second time...so FOLLOW THE MONEY...and this is particularly truly when working dealing with a person with "sticky fingers".