Monday, July 16, 2012

Hayashi Takes Another Big Step Toward Running for Alameda County Supervisor

ELECTION '12//ALAMEDA COUNTY | Last Friday, just days before the first day for potential candidates to officially declare their intent to run for elections this November, resurgent Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi filed a statement of organization with the Alameda County registrar signalling the clearly evidence yet that she intends to run for county supervisor.

The "Hayashi for Supervisor 2012" campaign committee was filed July 13 and lists an Angeleno David Gould as its treasurer. Potential candidates are required by state law to file a "Statement of Organization Recipient Committee" once the campaign begins receiving contributions greater than $1,000.

Although the existence of the statement of organization does not prove the embattled Hayashi, who plead no contest to misdemeanor grand theft last February, will running for District 2 seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, the filing adds more credence to its likelihood. As reported in The Citizen in June, Hayashi has been making the rounds among her local and Sacramento contacts in search of support from local politicians.

Hayashi and other politicians seeking office in Alameda County this November can make their interests official starting today, July 16.

Union City Mark Green is another possible candidate for county supervisor who has not been shy about telling residents in District 2 that, he too, will run for the seat currently held by the recently-appointed Richard Valle. Green filed a statement of organization earlier this month, according to the Alameda County Registrar.


  1. She will win and the Hayward Fault will commence to devour the entire district in a cataclysmic earthquake. Thank you, God.

  2. Nope...she will NOT win!

  3. Pathetic, but she might win. Look at Greg Jones and Anna May. We are an area of little mined people as we elect just anybody as long they can send us potted plants and a ton color glossy fliers.

  4. 3:29 did you mean little minded people? Or people that do not mine/care about anything?
    Either way I see your sarcasm and I agree with you.

  5. Hayashi has big brass balls to even think about running for a public office after her shop lifting binge. If she wins its would be a scary commentary on the American election process and voters in general

  6. Considering today's other big story...the final chapter of the Lockyer's...I wonder if Mary's husband will be as patient as Bill Lockyer, and wait until after the November election...and Mary's next scandal (sure to happen) to file for divorce??

    With all the recent focus on corrupt judges in ALCO...I cannot foresee he would want to be caught in the cross-fire of Mary's campaign and have his reputation crushed as Nadia did to Bill.

    Don't for a minute think Mary's husband doesn't know more then he has admitted too...or that he might not have a few items hidden in his closet.

    Barring the A's or Giants going to the World Series, the Supervisors race in ALCO will be the best entertainment in town!

  7. Mary is resourceful. This is definitely going to be a tough election.

    And her reintroduction back into the public sphere is already started. Sounds like Mary's Pet Fair was resounding success. And you know those animal loving groups are very active when they need to be. I hope Valle has never kicked a dog or tied his dog to the roof of his car.

  8. I have a few questions for Mary...do you own a pet? If so, for how long? Finally, did you buy it or accidentally acquire it? Can I see the receipt or papers?

  9. 6:43, You bet its going to be tough. Especially with Valle and Green spliting up the vote.
    They should pray for another woman to enter the race.
    I'm sure Mary has gotten lots of committments for money and perhaps even some outright endorsements.
    Thus far, I'm not hearing about local pols supporting others.
    Anyone have a list of those supporting Valle, Green?

    Anyone know of anyone or any organization supporting Mary? The election is only a bit over a 100 days away. Those two guys better be in full gear, financed, and staffed if they expect to beat Mary. Mary will probably run a entirely mailer campaign. They'll need to make it more than that.
    Need to get Mary into the media in a negative way.
    Imagination is key.

    They need a more sophisticated theme than just saying Mary is bad, or that Mary is a criminal.
    They have to bring it in close to the people.
    Ask them why she shouldn't be held to the same standard that any police officer would. Or any sheriff deputy. Those officers would be dismissed and not rehired by anyone else if they did what Mary did.

    If Valle and Green start taking shots at each other, they'll hand the election to Mary, and yet they can't be seen as ganging up on her either.
    Two guys beating up the small woman, well, you have to be careful how you do it or you raise sympathy for her.
    Do these two men have a plan?

  10. The unions will support her and their mindless members to.

    She'll then win and do whatever they want including starting to steal. Oh my mistake, already started that.

  11. Mary Hayashi will do strictly a mailer campaign just like Jennifer Ong, and that will be good enough to win.

  12. By MW:

    I think we should all support Mary Hayashi, since the seat that is being contested is the that Nadia Lockyer resigned from, and Hayashi has proven she has the "standards" to be the "perfect" replacement for Nadia.


  14. #5:56, what it is is a statement of the pathetic small minded liberals that have taken over the once proud Democratic party. I am a Democrat from my father's party and I ask why have the "progressives" been allowed to control the new Democratic party?

  15. She's not stealing. She's redistributing wealth... from the evil corporation that own's Nordstrom's to her more-deserving, populist self.

  16. The Democratic Party has not endorsed a candidate in this race.

  17. 12:42 the people running, the people providing the money to run, the present and former king-makers they are the Democratic Party of today.

  18. She is delusional if she thinks that anyone will ever vote for this thief again. She should be in jail.

  19. Why the personal attacks against Hayashi. She made an honest mistake and paid for it. Now she wants to serve our community again. Let's give her a break.

  20. I agree Mary is better than our current supervisor, Josie Camacho! Oh wait I mean Richard Valle!

  21. 10:18, Please tell us you were just being sarcastic.

    "She made a honest mistake"

  22. We live in unincorporated Hayward but not in District 2. We received a mailing for Hayashi's Senior Fair on Friday July 27th. How does this fit in the theory that she's targeting BOS District 2? Or maybe she sent this mailing out to her entire Assembly district? But this is 2nd big event for her in the month.

  23. 2:31 She did not send the mailing to her entire Assembly District. For example, those living in Oakland did not get a mailer.
    Another reader here reported he/she did NOT get a mailer at their Fairview home, which is in unincorporated Hayward, but not in District 2.

    It is unclear whether she did or did not precisely target the mailer in order to emphasize Dist. 2.
    What is true, is that the mailer and the Pet Clinic event took place on Saturday, July 14th.

    On Friday, July 13, Mary Hayashi filed her "Candidate Intention Statement" with the Alameda County Registrar of Voters.

    A very convenient way for her to use her free taxpayer paid for mailing privilages to send out materials right before she officially files to run for Supervior in District 2.

    So, she may not have followed the precise boundry of District 2 inside her Assembly district, but she still was able to "use" the mailer to her advantage.

    OK, inform us.. What is the other big event you refer to this month?

  24. 2:31... sorry, clearly I read your post in haste when I made my initial reply at 3:40

    OK, I see, you got a NEW mailer about a NEW event, the Senior Fair.

    OK, a whole new, event.
    You had me mixed up. I know nothing about this event.

    There is nothing on either Mary Hayashi's official website nor on her own website about a Senior Fair.

    WAIT a minute, I just found a reference to this July 27th, Senior Health Fair on a pdf file under "community news". It is not highlighted on her main page yet, as she did with the Pet Clinic.

    When did you get this mailer? and which portion of unincorporated Hayward do you live in?

    Perhaps others in the Assembly district will soon get this latest mailer. It will be interesting to see the distribution pattern.

    I'll have to read posts more carefully.
    Thanks for this latest info.

    Another point comes to mind. Mary's district covers a large area. Interesting that both these events are focused on Hayward proper. Both inside that part of her Assembly District and both inside of the Supervior District 2 boundries.

    Coincidence? You tell me.

  25. Those living in Oakland didn't get a mailer? Perhaps it's because Hayashi's AD doesn't really include Oakland. To quote Rick Perry, "Oops".

  26. Oh, 4:35 PM.. Perhaps you should check the District 18 boundry maps. Not the new ones, but the ones in place for the election in 2010, when Mary last ran. (before redisticting took place)

    Then we'll all await your Rick Perry "Oops" reply.

    Hint: Part of Oakland is represented by Mary Hayashi.

  27. Only in The Citizen comment section does an accounting of mail reciepts at two addesses from, what, hundreds of thousands in an Assembly District, results in the claim of scandal.

    Is the posse saddled up yet?

  28. 4:45, I think only one poster suggested it could be a scandal.
    Everyone else was trying to figure out exactly who was and who was not getting the mailers.
    As indicated in prior posts, there is certainly almost nothing illegal about it, even if it turns out it is targeted to a certain degree.
    It only goes to show what Mary might be up to.

    Something that might better be highlighted in the press rather than in some legal fashion.
    All abuse of privilage is not illegal.
    Perhaps some outlet might take note of it, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Would you rather no one pay attention to what Mary is up to? Only making posts when there is clear transgression of the law?

    Such as a felony shoplifting arrest? Is it OK to bring that up as a reason to be against the election of Mary to a new job? Just wondering.

  29. What percentage of Oaklamd? Have you focused your tremendous survey of the Hayashi District on that section? She represents a very small fraction of Oakland's population. The language "doesn't really represent Oakland" was chosen for that reason.

    This mail thing is all very silly. They're not campaign documents in any meaningful way.Valle and Green are participating in public meetings in the Supe District and issuing statements. Are they using their public offices improperly? There's ways to find fault with Hayashi other than this irrelevant baloney.

  30. 5:04, Nice. I'm sure those in Oakland, residing in Mary's assembly district, feel fine about being left out of mailers and events others get.
    Perhaps Sandre Swanson will include them in his mailers.

    Agree, that Valle and Green may be at events in their own official capacity, but I don't know of any mailers they are sending out at taxpayer expense.
    Perhaps they are?

    I agree with you on one point. This issue pales in comparison to her being on 3 years probation following her October 23 arrest for felony shoplifting. The mailers, even if improper, are miniscule by comparison.

    Rather they are mostly interesting for what Mary is up to in promoting her Supervisorial campaign.
    She is certainly in full battle mode and the other candidates had better have their campaigns in order and operational long before Labor Day.
    Because she is not going to be easy to defeat.

    I still do wonder about everyone's money.
    If the $20,000 limits are in place, then Mary is going to need lots of new contributions.
    Who those contributors will be is most intersting given her legal problems.

  31. When the hell are we going to start talking about debates in the district #2 race.

    If you want to take Mary out of the race, debates will be the tool. Debates will bring in the mainstream media forcing Mary into public questioning, both before and after each debate...it will be a no win situation for her...if she refuses to debate or answer questions she loses the race...if she agrees, she gets grilled...and likely loses the race.

  32. to 6:27 Debates will be useless if she does a mailing campaign like Jennifer Ong. Who ever puts out the most mailers will win, many tell me she spent about $400k on that type of campaign.

    Debates are immaterial just ask Green, Reynoso, and Cheema. Ong was horrible and sounded very amateurish and she still made it to the second spot.

    So, I would imagine Hayashi will use the same ploy. Get out glossy mailers, potted plants, oven mits, and a story about selling hotdogs or the like. It does work very well. Hayashi will win.

  33. Seriously ! That would be slam dunk for me - Citizens Arise - the whole Board should be disbanded and election anew with 7 Board members (new district alignment) with No Felony or Nefarious Activities - why do only elected officials get away with this????

  34. To 7:54 they get away with it because they can

  35. Not because they can but because we let them.

  36. i will scream if i get a stupid oven mit. maybe she should send out reusable nordstroms shopping bags. (lined with foil to confuse the door detectors) is her scary mug shot on her mailers for her headshot. take a one way trip on that ridiculous bullet train that we cant afford and never come back.

  37. corrections **** sorry it was neiman marcus reusable shopping bags. nordstroms is too cheap a store for her to steal from.

  38. BY MW:

    If Mary Hayashi wants a job and something to keep her occupied, a much better idea would be for her to go into partnership with Nadia Lockyer and then they could go into business as LOCKYER's & HAYASHI's THREE RING CIRCUS.

    In fact with all of the jokers in the Bay area, and in fact also in the entire state of California, who get themselves into high elective office but who eventually get termed out and then end up searching for new jobs, they would have no shortage of clowns to perform in their circus.

  39. Sup. Valle is really gonna talk about St. Rose? You can be sure Hayashi's people will be keep tabs on this event. St. Rose is/will be Valle's achilles heel.

  40. By MW:

    Rather than running for the District 2 seat on Alameda County's Board of Supervisors, I think Mary Hayashi should find some city or county in Clowns and Circuses Fornia in which there is an opening on the Board of Supervisors in a district containing a Neiman Marcus department store, and preferably also tons of other expensive and high class department stores and fancy gift shops, etc.

    Just think, Mary The Shoplifter would represent that district, but be prohibited from entering many of the businesses in her own district.

  41. Why would you endorse someone on the basis she gives you some interview? That's crazy !

  42. I don't think 2;17 is Tavares. The blog has been hacked with an alias.

  43. Oh no.. Now Chichani is hacking Steve ? Funny.. this is turning into a soap opera..

  44. Ha! That wasn't me above and the offer would not satisfy her. Frankly, I'm not sure who Mary Hayashi really is. In over three years on the beat, I've only seen someone purporting to be Mary Hayashi on five occasions. The Hayashi I witnessed at the court house in SF last January, look nothing like that person in Hayward.

    Whichever body double called me a racist a la Joel Young, is scared of me.

  45. By MW:

    First the seat was occupied by Nadia the extreme drug addict. Next it might be occupied by Mary the Pathological Liar and Shoplifter.

    And if Mary wins, after she retires we the voters of Alameda County can prove that California is the world's largest and craziest insane asylum by electing to replace her Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, or Pablo Escobar.

  46. The comment from 7:56 added to that sorry attempt to impersonate the writer just increased the credibility of this forum for me 100%.

  47. What comment? Did I miss something?

  48. She has no pet, her connection to Esperanza Ross is the answer. Esperanza and her Daddy Richi Ross are trying to put Mary in a good light. But it is costing Mary plenty of her personal dollars to have this duo behind her. And it is a perfect match.