Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stark Urges USOC To Manufacture Olympic Uniforms In The U.S.; Not China

CONGRESS | Rep. Pete Stark is leading a bipartisan call for the U.S. Olympic Committee to use American textile workers to manufacture the uniforms its 530 athletes will wear during the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympic Games on July 27.

In a letter to the USOC Tuesday, Stark and 58 other members of Congress urged the governing body to urge the makers of the uniforms, The Ralph Lauren Corporation, to use American worker to construct the blue blazer and white pant ensemble. News reports last week revealed the outfits were made in China.

"At a time when so many Americans are still searching for work, it is offensive that the USOC would not support our workers and their families by manufacturing the uniforms here," said the letter sent to the CEO of the USOC Scott Blackmun. "These American companies are capable of making these uniforms at competitive prices," the letter went on to say. "Hard working Americans should have the privilege of manufacturing uniforms for Team USA."

Stark, who is running for re-election in the contested 15th Congressional District said, "We don't outsource the athletes who represent the United States in the Olympics and we shouldn't outsource the manufacturing of Team USA's uniforms. The fact that our American uniforms were made in China is a glaring reminder that we've gotten away from a core value: our country's success is built on the innovation and industriousness of the American worker. When we deviate from that, we fail. That is why we're calling on the U.S. Olympic Committee to reflect these values and ensure that Team USA's uniforms are made in America."

The USOC's decision to dress its athletes in uniforms made in China has raised cackles throughout the country and the halls of Congress. Last weekend, Ralph Lauren said it had heard the criticism over the uniforms, but will not begin using U.S. textile companies until the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Russia.


  1. But then we will no be able to buy the same uniforms for the kids that want to look like our U.S. Olympians at Walmart.

  2. When the US Government funds the Olympics then Congress can complain. USOC has to raise $$ privately so this is ehat you get.

  3. "leading a bipartisan call" ??? Did he recommend that Solyndra make the uniforms?

  4. True. Unlike other countries, we don't fund our Olympic programs. But, imagine if we did? We would win every single medal! USA! USA! USA!

  5. No, 4:10, Pete recommended that the USOC stop contracting with companies financed by Bain Capitol.

  6. By MW:

    So Stark, or at least in regard to the manufacture of the uniforms, supposedly believes in ethics, integrity, honesty, consistency, and doing things the right way and the proper way.

    That is Pete Stark, in other words the character who for decades had been pretending that a certain house in San Lorenzo is his residence and where he supposedly lives, and even though no one has seen him there even once in at least a few decades.

    So my suggestion is that any company which wants to produce uniforms for the US Olympic team, and even if that company is located outside the US, just pretend that it is located inside the US, and it could even have its CEO swear under oath that its assembly line and main office is located in the same house in San Lorenzo that Pete Stark for decades has been declaring is his Alameda County residence.

    After all, I think we should allow foreign companies, and including those engaged in manufacturing uniforms for any and all present and future US Olympic teams, to engage in just as much lying, fraud and phoniness as the typical US politician regularly does.

    While I would prefer that the uniforms for the US Olympic team be manufactured inside the US, however I am much more concerned that the typical member of a Congress not be a demagogue, charlatan, parasite, phony, and pathological liar than I am as to where the uniforms for the US Olympic team are produced.

  7. MW, perhaps you would be willing to let go of your obsessive hatred of lawyers and liberal politicians long enough to come to terms with the fact that big businesses and their big money are solidifying their firm grip on the entire political process, from elections to lawmaking. In California, they wish to finish us off with the complete sham of "campaign finance reform" which is Proposition 32, which in fact would make the rich richer and you and I poorer.

    It's clear at this point that big business and big finance have done much more damage to us than anything the political process has done. In fact, the most offensive thing about our political system is that there are too many electeds who believe that businesses should be allowed to destroy the middle class and harm as many people as they can in their avaracious search for their next dollar.

    Local liberal politicians are the ones which you want to target, but when Pete TAKES THE ACTION YOU WANT HIM TO TAKE and you turn your comment into yet another attack on him, perhaps it's time to reconsider your argumentative style.

  8. By MW:

    To 5:21PM,

    1. As I thought would be obvious, one of the basic points of my above remarks was that Pete Stark, and just like most politicians, is a demagogue and who makes a big deal about relatively minor issues, and including so as to deflect attention from the major and much more important issues.

    2. And do you remember the time a few years ago when some of the Democrats in the California legislature were having a private meeting but did not realize their remarks were being broadcast outside the room. (In other words, they forgot that a microphone was on, and which was broadcasting outside the room the things that were being discussed inside the room.)

    Anyway, they made comments related to the fact that if they did this or that, and which would improve the economy, then they would be unlikely to be re-elected, since when the economy is poor the general public tends to vote for Democrats, and when the economy is good then the general public tends to vote for Republicans.

    More specifically, one of the things the Democratic Party needs if it is to have a chance to win elections is for the economy, and also society in general, to be as screwed up as possible, and preferably also including with as high a percentage of the general public as possible stupid and/or uneducated.

    In other words, let's be realistic. Most people on welfare vote Democratic. Most people who are high school dropouts also vote for the DP. And most people who are intelligent and/or college graduates vote Republican.

    And if no one was allowed to vote unless he or she could pass a literacy test, the DP would get worse than slaughtered.

    For instance, I read a letter in which a woman described herself as "a scary person" (in fact, her specific words were: "I am a scary person") when she meant an easily scared person. And I will give one hundred to one odds that she, and with her obviously near zero IQ, was a Democrat.

    And then there was the guy who a few decades I had as a co-worker who could not understand that dividing 200 by 10 would yield the same answer as dividing 100 by 5. Again, I would give you 100 to one odds that he was a Democrat and not a Republican.

    And then there is the family that until about a year ago lived on the same block as a friend of my wife, and who has five children, and with neither husband not wife having a job other than drug dealing, and with the drug dealing supplementing the welfare payments they are collecting for all five children. In fact, one of their children is about ten years old, and she shows every sign of also already being a drug addict. And I will give 100 to one odds that the parents both consistently vote for the DP.

    And if I had time, I could give countless additional similar examples.

  9. Hahahaha...OK, there'll be no reconsideration from you, then! By all means, keep it up- you're winning! It's very sad, though, that your awesome command of "facts" are wasted here in the East Bay, where the majority, by your account, are degenerates who vote for Democratic politicians. It must be hard to live in an area where your neighbors and community are such bad people who don't take your wise advice. I feel so, so sorry for you.

    Whatever will you do??

  10. MW wants to bar people from their right to vote. At the least, MW thinks it would be a good idea if people who voted for Democratic Party candidates were prevented from voting. Gosh, that's so very un-American.

  11. What are "the major and much more important issues"? MW doesn't say.

  12. Yes True. Unlike other countries, we don't fund money to Olympic Programs...

    Hawaii Medicare