Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Amid Affair Allegations, Hayward School Board To Discuss Its Code Of Conduct

HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD SCANDAL | Even if the impropriety of two school board members allegedly having an affair seems like a no-no on many different levels, the Hayward school district's bylaws are silent on the subject of secret romantic interludes among its members.

The rules are notably silent on the conduct of school board members and have not been updated since, at least, 1993; and on many ocassions, unchanged for more than 20 years.

On Wednesday evening, a first reading of revisions to the bylaws will be read and discussed at a special school board meeting starting at 5 p.m. in the district's offices on 24411 Amador Street.

The meeting comes at an inconvenient time for some school board members and local Hayward officials, who have come under fire after an article in The Citizen revealed members Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia were in the midst of an affair. Another story, showed Heredia, in a sworn deposition, did not read materials provided her before voting on agenda items.

Because the special meeting is not being held at Hayward City Hall, it will not be televised. Numerous critics of the dire situation among Hayward schools contend the board's next regular meeting on Aug. 22 may also be held at the school district's offices and away from television cameras capturing the likely cacophony of angry parents showering the board with frustrated invective.

JUST THE GOOD OL' BOYS In the two weeks since text messages showed hanky panky was indeed going on behind doors by two Hayward school board members, the quiet from local leaders have been deafening. Be it shock from the clear preponderance of evidence or the possibility elected leaders are indeed vacationing during the annual August recess, nobody is talking.

Instead, what we're hearing is public relations schlock. Armas, Heredia and fellow board member Lisa Brunner started it July 25 by portraying the stories as attacks on the schools, the city and--wait for it--the children. Other elected leaders also sidestepped the growing outrage by, forcefully and without much deft, highlighting the better aspects of Hayward.

The fact of the matter is Armas is connected to everyone in Hayward in some form and on many different levels. The beauty of this scandal is that exposed the complexity of Armas's dealings and begins to show a totally dark and deceitful side to a man who appeared to be cheerful and avuncular in his everyday persona. In the meantime, I continue to hear the same basic comment from observers and sources who marvel about how so many have tried to bring him down, but in the end, it was he who was caught with his pants down.

REYNOSO FILES FOR RE-ELECTION Although most believed Hayward school board member Luis Reynoso would eventually file papers to run for re-election this fall--he did so on Monday--he, nevertheless, was lamenting the exorbitant cost of filing as late as last week.

"I just can't think of anyone else that will continue the efforts to improve the district no matter what the challenge," Reynoso said last Monday.

Reynoso is the seventh candidate to pull papers for the board's three open seats. Incumbent Jesus Armas has filed, while school board member Maribel Heredia has not, as of yet. She has until this Friday to make a determination. Heather Reyes, John Taylor, Wanda Williams and Annette Walker have also filed, as did Sara Lamnin.

Walker unsuccessfully ran for the school board in 2010. The perceived strength of Walker's candidacy along with Armas's, at the time, was the stated reason former City Manager Greg Jones and Anna May chose not to run for the open seats and instead they backed both of them.

Aside from Reynoso, the news of the Hayward school board scandal is quite a fortuitous bounce of the political football for Lamnin, one of the city's most liked and respected community members. Coincidentally, Lamnin was seen in the back row of the City Hall chambers last month when Reynoso and a few Hayward resident begin the public stoning of Armas and Heredia. She said nothing and just watched, but you can tell she was completely giddy inside.


  1. Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.

  2. Please attend the meeting tomorrow night.

  3. I don't attend meetings that have already had agenda items previously decided behind closed doors.
    It's refered to the dog and pony shows.

  4. They are just following the format and royal order of bullshit!

  5. wasnt heredia on the board when the board appointed armas to his position? she voted yes on armas to get there?

  6. If so, it may have been a pre - nukieal agreement

  7. Reynoso will win and receive the most votes. Write it down.

  8. The phote above sure presents a cozy picture. Jesus and Maribel cheek to cheek is very revealing.

  9. to 7:49, you are right the way Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia are standing suggests that they are in love or lust. They are the only ones in that picture doing that. Disgusting for all of us. Good observation.

  10. Since the three Armas,Heredia, and Brunner are pointing the Hayward Community back to the " kids".... Why is Katnryn Benson, a person without a credential administrative or otherwise, nor a college degree, allowed to spend her time making pivotal decision regarding budget expenditures, (millions), teacher and principal hiring and firing?
    It is common knowledge among district employees that Kathryn gives the orders and her lackey Chien Wu-Fernandez is the puppet that brings it to the board for a vote by Heredia (for or against), who admittedly does not the agenda. START THERE!!!!!

  11. Kathryn Benson is at every board meeting, who is she anyway?

  12. Still no HUSD legal spokesperson? Really? What does Sheila Jordan have to say about this? Is there anyone holding anyone accountable here?

  13. to 3:35 Sheila Jordan the alameda county education superintendent is no different than city mayor sweeny or council men zermeno, salinas, jones, mendahl, halliday, peixoto, .. they are all spineless wimps.

    Do not expect valiant defenders of the community to help. lol
    Those are Hayward city officials.

    Luis Reynoso in the school board is about it and I admire his bravery. Is he running for reelection or not?

  14. Yes Reynoso is running for re-election and he needs every dime anyone can contribute to his campaign. He is a very proud man and has difficulty asking people to support his candidacy with financial assistance. So we who support him are saying it for him. Call his district cell and leave a message and he will contact you.

  15. I think whoever uses the "Anonymous" title is a spineless wimp.

  16. Call it job security.

  17. I could not attend the meeing, but I heard that no one from the community spoke under items from the community. That is really too bad. I am not able to attend board meetings so I must rely upon others to speak on my behalf.

  18. By MW:

    Including in regard to the alleged affair between Armas and Heredia. Is it just a a coincidence that the words "prostitute" and "politician" both start with the letter "P" and both also contain exactly ten letters!!!

    In fact, and on second thought, I had better be careful what I say, since if any prostitutes think I am comparing them to politicians, then those prostitutes mught sue me for defamation.

  19. Stop the bullying and grow up.

  20. Nobody is bullying more than Armas and Heredia do at every opportunity. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

  21. to 3:35 Sheila Jordan the alameda county education superintendent is no different than city mayor sweeny or council men zermeno, salinas, jones, mendahl, halliday, peixoto, .. they are all spineless wimps

    How correct...no brave leaders to come forward and help...
    We are in Hell

  22. Jesus Armpits MAribel Hardon and Lisa Dubmer are the biggest corrupt bullies.

    Greg Jones and Anna May are the most sleazy stupid wimps.

    This area is has plenty of wimpy stupid corrupt politicians

  23. Oops I mean Lisa Dummer.

  24. Why was the meeting not on chanel 15 tonight? Anyone knows?

  25. Monica what is your email address?

  26. I am Monica Ruiz and I do not give out my real name or real email address to anyone.

    Jesus Armas and Msribel Heredia are in love and Lisa Bruner is the only that understands that. All of you are haters here.

    Whats wrong if they are in love leave them alone. The school district should be happy that these two are in love while volunteering their time to be on the board of schools in Hayward. That sets an example that you can fall in love while working. Nothing wrong with that haters.

  27. "Monica Ruiz" are your serious? Please clarify. Is Monica Ruiz your "real name" or not. And, in my humble opinion I could care less if jesus and maribel are in lust or love. But, because they are public officials they need to be open about their discussion of public business and the decisions they make. Otherwise, the perception is one of collusion and everyone knows that politics is all about perception and often has nothing to do with reality. Just saying they need to come out and be honest about their relationship. My mom once told me "if what you are doing is right, why are you hiding?"

  28. 8:07 good point. I think Monica Ruiz is a anonymous post too but it does not matter. If it is so right why are they hiding it. I think the descicions that had been made since Jesus Armas Armpits got on the board need to be investigated. Maribel Heredia Hardon benefited as much as Jesus did. An investigation needs to be done on all the voting going back when he was appointed. Thats that.

  29. Why are you hiding?

  30. There is more than one Monica Ruiz in the city of Hayward.

  31. My email address in noneofyourbusiness@noyb.com

  32. Yes, Heredia was on the school board when Armas was appointed. That was another interesting meeting. There was absolutely no discussion. I was present. Reynoso tried to discuss the interviews and potential appointments, but was over-ruled and shutdown again. A motion to appoint Armas was made, promptly seconded, a quick vote taken and meeting adjourned. Vote 3-1-0. Heredia, Frumkin, Sims all voted YES. So much for transparency!

  33. It was all decided before there was ever a vote. There were questions regarding whether it was even legal for Armas to be appointed because of his wife being promoted less than a year before he applied. According to the rules governing appointments he should have been rejected. The "legal" advice that was given by HUSD's million dollar firm was that it could happen because any grievence filed would take a long time to process and by then the wife's promotion would be over a year and the question/objection would be moot. It's amazing what you can get attorneys to say when you pay them as much as HUSD has/does.

    Any questions/objections/challenges to Armas's voting on subjects that involved his children or his wife or his business buddies have all been ignored or the attorney's have found the legal loop hole to allow him to vote. Even California State Attorney General's legal opinions have supported the challenges, the attorney's advised that they could be ignored. I wish Mr. Tavares had the wear-withall to investigate all of the legal opinions that were paid for by HUSD.

  34. Vice Principal at HUSD

    Lets see how quick I can type this in a 10 min break.

    I am at the convocation at Stonebrae Elementary today for al staff of HUSD and I am very disgusted to see this Mr. Jesus Armas address us on stage.

    He said "It is important to avoid all distractions going on about the board, and to focus on the children". Ms. Maribel Heredia did not show up and Ms. Lisa Brunner did not speak and that is good because she sounds like she is on drugs.

    Dr. Luis Reynoso and Mr. Will McGee were here and respectfully walked around the tables greeting people and decided no to speak, as Dr. Reynoso said "this is your meeting staff to staff and we need to get going". Dr. Reynoso and Mr. McGee are good for HUSD.

    I wonder if Mr. Jesus Armas and Ms. Maribel Heredia are focus about the children when they are fornicating while voting. They need to resign immidiately. I am very offended to see those "love" birds attend any HUSD function. Please tell them to stay away from all schools.

    These people make me sick and we need to get rid of all school boards in education. To get quality people in those school boards like Dr. Reynoso or Mr. McGee as a majority is an impossible task to accomplish in any community with a school district.

  35. Hold on VP @HUSD, I spoke up like that and got fired!!!!!!! HUSD aka Kathryn Benson who is classified not certificated is running everything they only hire new administrators who don't know edcode. The supertintendent is clueless !!!!! Read the posts above about legal loopholes, it's true they have all the power and will ruin your career! Shut up new VP!!!! Nobody care about kids or the truth!!!!!!! Did you ever wonder where the vets are!!!

    Anyone who thinks for themselves points out illegal activity on the part of the board or district will be fired immediately.

  36. Armas true politician! Deny everything!

  37. Armas may be a true politician, but that doesn't mean he's a good politician. He can deny, deny, deny, but eventually he has to speak to this. Better sooner than later.

  38. Off and on poster will raise the question..."why should we care what they do in their individual lives?" Answer: Public officials are expected to behave at a higher standard. When they run for office everything they do and everything they say while presenting themselves on the campaign is presented in contrast to the other candidates. I am better, or I am more honest, and you can trust me to represent you well. All these statements are all a part of their public image. When they are elected they are not to forgo their promises. Public officials should always strive to do better and be better. In other words walk the walk. In this context I am disappointed with those individuals that cannot see how wrong the behavior is. My opinion.

  39. I was at the meeting Wednesday night at the district. We should all be outraged. Heredia was late, again. she is generally late to meetings, doesn't show up or leaves early and was dressed like she was going to meet Armas after the meeting at the Super 8 motel.

    They didn't even talk about what was on the agenda because apparently they already spoke about it another board meeting. What a waste. The people that are supposed to protect us from waste and corruption are actually corrupt and a waste.

    What is Armas' wife's name? And when did she work for Hayward? I hope she is ok..And are his children old enough to endure this pain? What about Heredia? She has young children?

    Armas and Heredia shouldn't show their face around town. Way to go crooks.

    1. If she is use to his affairs she must be a weak woman!

  40. Mrs. Armas is doing just fine, she is used to his little affairs.

  41. I am the real Monica Ruiz and not the one that has a phony id of same name.

    Let the love birds bee everyone. They are not hurting anyone I think you haters are jelous cause you cant have what they have.
    They just fine. Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas are good people

  42. Monica Ruiz says: August 9, 2012 9:35 AM

    "My email address in noneofyourbusiness@noyb.com"

    Worse than being anonymous : (

  43. sometimes Anonymous protects you from litigious people who convince themselves they are innocent.

  44. The Board of Ed. adopted a code of conduct before Paul Frumkin retired. In an effort to shut Luis Reynoso up, "put him in his place", and shame him for his questions regarding the legality and ethics involving the appointment of Armas and other issues that directly involved his wife and children as employees, the board spent a good deal of time discussing a code of conduct.

    Ms.Sims provided the board with a copy of one from a school district in Illinois. Heredia, Armas, Frumkin and Sims thought is was so good they adopted it as their own. It was then attached to board agendas ready for the audience or a board member to point to whenever they felt that Mr. Reynoso had crossed some invisible line with his questions or comments...A threat.

    Thety went so far as to provide a means to handle complaints regarding the conduct of a board member. It went as follows...the complaint must be filed with the President and Vice President who would then determine if it was actionable.

    Now in the case of Heredia and Armas, just how would that happen since Mr. Armas is the President and Ms. Brunner (his pal) is Vice President. I guess they would decide that nothing was wrong with the actions of Heredia and Armas and give them the stamp of approval.

  45. Let's focus on the kids and improving our schools.

  46. How do you focus on kids and improving schools when you have crooks like brunner armas and heredia running the district through the school board channel? really. come on. understand that you need to focus on the problem which are these 3 stooges, get them out, and then we can focus on the kids and improving schools the number one priority.

  47. Lisa Dummer needs to be recalled

  48. I will only help on the recall if the music program will still be allowed to flourish.

    Just because Lisa Brunner has turned sour it does not mean we should dump music.

  49. Thanks for a conditional commitment

  50. Wait...are we talking about the Republican Reynosa, who wastes taxpayers time and money with his tireless tirades?

  51. 9:58: The school board is non-partisan so a person's political party affiliation matters not. I am glad to have someone questioning the way HUSD does business. Tirades, as you call them, happen when dim-wits allow themselves to believe that they must always rely upon the administration to tell them how to think and vote. I am glad that Reynoso demands answers, at least we know that he has read his board materials before the meeting.

  52. No matter the nature of the position, I think it's relevant to note that he's a part of a PARTY that has committed to gutting Public Education. He is a part of a Board that doesn't make difficult decision in a timely matter. And this is due in large part to him going on and on about the same thing each meeting.

    He has lucid points amongst his rambling. But instead of "...questioning the way HUSD does business," he instead contributes to it's lack of functionality. The tirades are mostly personal & ego driven AND much less to do with delivering results for our children, than about delivering votes at the ballot box.

    But may I suggest that unlike the HUSD board, let's agree to disagree about the personal stuff AND move on to talking about something that can benefit our children and by extension our community. Let's demand a vote on a music program? Redistricting? Ask that the district put together a clear and transparent evaluation system for our principals?

  53. 11:04 might I ask what political party do Armas and Heredia belong to? Not saying one party is better than the other I'd point out that California's legislature is controlled by the Democratic Party in both houses. Govenor Brown is a Democrat. If the controlling party is so invested in education why are most California schools so disfunctional? I am a Democrat who believes that the system is broke and it is broke because the political process is contaminated. But, you got the answere it's those Republicans that want to gut education...right.

  54. 11:04 you must be happy being a coward twit.
    Someone posted how cowards will blame Reynoso for all the problems at the board and for bringing the story out to the community and that poster was right.

    If the corruption keeps on coming back in Hayward education 1000 times then I am glad Reynoso keeps on fighting back 1000 times. He is the only politician in Hayward with a backbone.

    Reynoso keep at it I am a proud democrat and will be continue to support you regardless of your party membership, Tavares excellent job on your reports keep at it.

  55. The poster who seems to want to blame Reynoso for all that is ailing HUSD clearly doesn't want anything except a rubber stamp board. Mr. Reynoso asks all of his questions and makes all of his comments in the hope that the public will suddenly wake up and ask the same questions.

    His questions really are rhetorical because he already knows the answer(s) he will get..starting with the ever familiar "I/we don't have that information at hand, we will have to get back to you". Funny how the administrators that make 3figure salaries don't ever seem to be able to provide answers at a public meeting. Do you think maybe it is because they don't want the public to know them?

    The entire system is corrupt and I thank Luis Reynoso for being the conscience of HUSD and holding the feet of all "to the fire".

  56. 11:04 I agree that reynoso goes on tirades and won't shut up and continues to talk about the same thing. he is like a carousel....keeps going round and round and dies it when it is broken. he is not the BIGGEST problem though.

    The staff at husd is part of the problem. lest you forget how many time they do not respon to the board and community. I have put in countless calls and only get a half thought out response if I go there in person. and I was at the meeting when the discussion about redistricting (because I am affected by this too) and the staff retracted their own request to go forward with the process. so now how long do I have to wait for the decision on which school my children will attend. still no response from anyone at the district on why they didn't go forward and when they plan on going forward. the staff is just as if not worse than the board.

    actually 11:04 u sound like one of the weak unresponsive unrealiable crooked staff members. no on reynoso. no on staff. no on Hayward. I'm switching districts.

  57. just found out that heather reyes candidate for school board was greg jones treasurer for his campaign. shucks!

  58. Oh no that is Heather Reyes another Lisa Dubmer clone. I saw her on video on school boards and she sounds awful and just plain stupid. I am so fed up with this area. Is this the best of new candidates?? Yuk

  59. HUSD has long been a culture of CORRUPTION, from the corrupt, incompetent school board (currently Armas, Heredia, and Brunner). . .

    . . . to the corrupt (previous Duran-Becnel-Armas (wife) regime), incompetent (current Superintendent) Administration . . .

    . . . to the corrupt, powerful HEA, which goes out of its way to keep incompetent/useless teachers employed while allowing newer, competent, energized teachers to be let out the door due to outmoded seniority rules.

    The District's low test scores, shoddy education, and dismal school site faciities are the collective result of this long-standing culture of corruption in HUSD.

    Reynoso and McGee are trying to shine the light on this corruption, and yet get mocked by posters in this forum.

    Our children deserve better than we are currently giving them.

    We need a sea change here, a disinfection!!

    Out with the ingrained purveyors of this culture of corruption, esp. Armas, Heredia, and Brunner.

    They should all resign immediately, and if Brunner doesn't, then I hope that she is successfully recalled.

  60. HUSD Board of Education Meeting
    Wednesday, August 22, 2012
    Open Session 6:30pm
    Meeting at Hayward City Hall
    777 B Street
    Hayward 94541
    Council Chamber Room – 2nd Floor

    It's not enough to write in these blogs. We must take a stand and attend school board meetings. It's not necessary to speak. Your presence will speak for itself. Be there or be square!

  61. I have been out of town and had no idea what was going on till now. THANK YOU to those who stepped up to the plate and are bringing up Kathern Benson. Who is she? Why does she allow administration to do what they want to classified staff?? she is suppose to be the one in the classified side and instead has protect prinicipals & APs
    What can we do to get rid of her?? HELP someone please help!!!
    School Distrist do not run with out classified employees!!!

  62. @Robert keep reading! Kathryn Benson does not protect ALL , only the the ones she can terrorize or corrupt. To answer your question she is classified ONLY. Her dealings on the Certificated side, on behalf of the incompetent superintendent, are not illegal and exemplifies corruption and mismanagement inside HUSD. Kathryn Benson did not graduate from college like Lisa Brunner, zero understanding of the laws relating to minors or what it takes to run a school or school district. It's obvious the Personnel Commission can't control her. Get Kathryn Benson out!

  63. Correction ARE illegal . Much like Armas' wife benefiting from the retirement pay out.

  64. Friends,

    The following petition has been created: Hayward Unified School District Trustee, Maribel Heredia: Immediate Resignation of Maribel Heredia, HUSD Board Member, because I care deeply about this very important issue.

    We are trying to collect 250 signatures, and we could really use your help.

    To read more about what we're trying to do and to sign our petition, click here:

    It'll just take a minute!

    Once you're done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!

    Concerned Parents of Hayward Schools

  65. Greetings,

    I just signed the following petition addressed to: Hayward Unified School District Trustee, Maribel Heredia.

    Immediate Resignation of Maribel Heredia, HUSD Board Member

    It is the responsibility and privilege of Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) Board of Trustees to promote the education of Hayward's children to the highest standard possible. We are demanding Maribel Heredia resign immediately due to her dereliction of duty and unbecoming behavior for an elected official.

    Maribel Heredia has failed to fulfill her duties in a manner that is transparent, forthright, and shows goodwill to students, parents, teachers, classified staff and administrators.

    Ms. Heredia has an ongoing problem with her commitment to attend meetings; she is frequently tardy and leaves early.

    According to a story published in ebcitizen.com on July 26, 2012, Ms. Heredia admitted under oath that she does not read board materials, but depends on the judgment of another, unnamed HUSD currently elected board member to make decisions on how to vote. This is collusion and creates a myriad of possible conflicts of interest.

    Ms. Heredia, is a subject of an ebcitizen.com article, published July 25, 2012, that exposed a scandalous illicit affair with fellow HUSD board member, Jesus Armas. Both have families. This behavior demonstrates poor ethical judgment.

    We believe that Ms. Heredia was obligated to disclose her new relationship (that is widely thought to have started over a year ago) with fellow board member, Jesus Armas to the community at large. In that time, Ms. Heredia has voted on hundreds of agenda items that greatly affect and influence the quality of education in our community and working conditions of HUSD employees.

    The community believes that Ms. Heredia has failed in her duties as an elected Trustee for HUSD. Therefore, we demand her immediate resignation.



    Parent ***

  66. I love this... Let the bodys hit the floor.. We need to hit the reset button and get Jesus out.. time for jesus to find another job in the city.. I know let him be the clean up guy.. we have spent over 900 k last year on litter.. so i know he would be perfect cause atleast he could hire a better team to clean the shit up.. shit he can do it himself :)

  67. Thank you all for keeping the pressure on Armas and Heredia. We ran them out of HUSD. Let's run them out of Hayward. Lisa Brunner, your turn is quickly approaching.