Thursday, August 23, 2012

Armas Will Not Resign From Board; "Thank You For The Invitation," He Says

HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD SCANDAL | Hayward school board President Jesus Armas resisted calls Wednesday night by some members of the community to resign after reports of an alleged affair with board member Maribel Heredia.

"There are a couple of people in the audience inviting me to resign," said Armas. "Thank you for the invitation, but I will decline that invitation because I see no reason to take that course of action."

Armas said the school district's improvement over the past two years and the passage last June of Measure G with over 71 percent of the city's vote shows the community's support for the direction of the school district. He also brushed aside accusations by board members William McGee and Dr. Luis Reynoso of collusion among Armas and Heredia on unspecified votes in the past. "If we look at the voting record, we mostly vote all the same," he said.

When pressed later by numerous public speakers whether the reports in The Citizen of an affair between Armas and Heredia, both in exclusive relationship, were true, he asserted anyone can post "anything on the Internet without substance."

However, those in the audience Wednesday night were not buying it. Ann Terrazas, a former school district employee called the alleged dalliance between Armas and Heredia, "unbecoming behavior for a school board member." Terrazas also called for Heredia resign. Neither Armas or Heredia are seeking re-election to the school board this November.

"You have Filet Mignon at home and you go out and get hamburger," Hayward resident Jim Drake said, directed at Armas. "It's not right. It's not morally right."


First time poster,
Jesus Armas was a complete ass in the meeting. I was worried the meeting was not going to be broadcast. I have been watching board meetings for a while and his behavior was unbelievable.

Not properly addressing people by the proper title is very unprofessional. Jesus Armas is very unprofessional. My son recently got his doctorate and everyone at work calls him doctor.

When he was the city manager he was never challenged. Now being questioned by Dr. Reynoso with someone with more education and quickness makes Jesus completely freak out.

Good job Armas you made a complete ass of your self and I hope many people will soon ride you.

I definitely will not vote for anything Mr Grandstanding Reynoso runs for.

True Dr. Reynoso just outshines Jesus Armas.

Jesus you are better off just not saying anything.

Lisa Bruner sounds like a broken ipod on low batteries with bad earphones.

Obviously the two posting to vote no for reynoso believe that calling for his colleagues to behave in a manner that befits their positions is not necessary. They must believe that bringing scandal to the district is ok. They must think that students need to be made fun of by their peers in other school districts. It's pretty hard to encourage students to practice abstinance when their supposedly trusted role models, Armas and Heredia couldn't do it. They must believe that "sexting" is an ok practice and encourage students to follow their lead.

It is sickening to think that there are adults in this community that condone bringing scandal and shame to its children/students attending our schools. It is disgusting that these commentors seem to want to "kill" the wrong person, Reynoso didn't break the story' he didn't have the personal text messages or the sworn deposition. Someone else who was fed up with their behavior did and gave it to ebcitizen. I say good for that person(s).

But that does not give Reynoso a nod for reelection. He is also a problem.

If Reynoso is a problem to you &:26 then I welcome more problems like him to get rid of all the corruption in HUSD. I think Reynoso and McGee are a good team.

Let's face it folks, this is all about the power structure in Hayward - who has it and who doesn't. I remember years ago when it was about the "good old boys" - George Oaks etc. Those who have power in Hayward have always ruled and those who do not have always been excluded. Often they can be identified by where they live, in the hills or the flatlands. Those in power have always been the ones who could - who had the money and connections and know how to do it. They also did a lot of good.

But not all of what they did and are still doing is good. In today's world, it seems "all the chickens are coming home to roost." The shadow side of those in power is showing up not just here in Hayward, but throughout the country. Those who have power are often being exposed as corrupt, greedy and cheaters like Armas. This is what transparency is doing for us.

On the other hand, those who are exposing those faults, whistleblowers like Reynoso are not thought of as heroes either. Theirs is a difficult path through the matrix of group think and ignorance that we force them to go through. We like avoiding the truth. We don’t really want to hear what they are saying because if we did, we might have to take a look at ourselves and how we are abdicating our personal responsibility for the way things are.

We should stop thinking that those in power are all evil nor are the whistleblowers just trouble makers. And no matter how good it makes you feel emotionally to get back at the other side that has caused you so many wounds and doesn’t appreciate the good that you have done, that only keeps perpetuates the problem. We have to stop playing “Ain’t it awful” games.

Now more than ever before, we need to see know and speak the truth and not revert to emotional reactivity.

We need real truth tellers in our media, investigative reporters with integrity who seek out the truth instead of getting off on stirring the pot. We need to know for instance, what is the real connection is between Armas and the developers. Does he in fact have a conflict of interest? Has he committed illegal acts? Does Tavares have that in him?

A good reporter might take on the whole issue of the relationship between Hayward and its developers. Why is it so much easier for a developer to get something done than for residents to be informed and included in planning?

And what worries me more is that we are disempowering parents in their rightful role as guardians of the children. I rarely see anything about parent power anymore and when they do get organized, HUSD seems to find a way to destroy them. And then those in power complain that parents are leaving Hayward.

Sitting back and complaining and blaming is a lot easier than coming together to create the future we want. But this new earth is being born and we had better learn to cooperate and evolve or we are not going to survive.

And just what is his problem? The fact that he will not be silenced by the President of the Board? The fact that he asks probing questions of staff? The fact that he knows more than, Armas, Heredia and Brunner about budgets, contracts and ethical conduct?

Far better we should continue to elect people who become mesmerized by the Administration and staff because they are ignorant regarding educational issues. Far better we should continue to elect people who get drunk with power. Guess people like you don't care if students progress, succeed and graduate.

KB says:
This is for Ms. Brunner, who says she reads all the postings but never responds herself.

At last night's board meeting your conduct was shameful and disgusting. Your attempts to intimidate speakers, by interrupting them as they spoke and asking questions designed to challenge their right to speak or offer opinions or facts, went far beyond ethical or professional conduct expected of a Trustee. Challenging the veracity of your fellow board members was demeaning.

I seem to remember that you have spoken on how important it is for bullying to be stopped in our schools, yet you model for our students bullying behavior; shame on you.

You criticized people who post on the ebcitizen for using the anonymous profile...Believe me they do not want to incur the bullying tactics you or your supporters will use against them. If people could address the board and remain anonymous and unseen you would be inundated by commentary. Unfortunately, people have seen how you and your cronies Armas and Heredia choose to belittle them. Of course you do this after the speaker has had the opportunity to address you; taking the cowardly route of responding to them under your board commentary. Really fair aren't you?

Your continued attempts to "whitewash" the antics of Heredia and Armas that have brought scandal to HUSD only show how truly uncaring you are. While you do not have to publicly chastize your cronies, it would behoove you to at least encourage them privately to resign. To read a statement about relationships between two board members being perfectly ok and happens all the time was misleading, just like you wanted it to be. What you left out was the fact that the electorate knew when they voted for people that there was a relationship!in the case of HUSD, Armas and Heredia kept it a secret! Secrets always have a way of injuring people. This time the secret injured an entire school district and two families. But I guess since it was your dear friends it was ok.

There is still time for you to look in the mirror and re-examine your behavior and your priorities. I suggest that you do that LISA. Recognize how far you have strayed from the candidate that wanted everyone to know that they cared about children and education in HUSD. Accept that you have been on your own little power trip and that it is time to end it. Do the right thing LISA, if you still remember what right is.

I can't believe that this disgusting scandal has erased from people's minds the circus that began when that clown, Reynoso, was elected and started his strange ways years ago. His antics and disrespectful questioning of school staff, who certainly aren't paid to take his crap, is really what changed the whole dynamics of one of the most truly supposedly democratic processes that exists in our society. Reynoso, Armas and Heredia are all THREE disgraces and a shame. I can't imagine that the families I saw walking their children to school this morning (and I drove by a couple of schools on my way to work) deserve the indignity that these elected officials are bringing to them.

To those who defend Reynoso, then it just shows me that you were fooled by a fool. I know you are reading this, Reynoso, because you gave yourself away as an "anonymous" poster the day you used that confused saying of yours "nilly willy". No more circus, get to the business that the innocent families of Hayward deserve you to do, until the day you all get voted out of office. I'm tired of it!

Hats off to Reynoso and McGee. It's about time that someone has the balls to stand their ground and not be intimidated by the bullshit artists that try to be in total control. Get rid of the political control freaks whose only interest is their own financial gain, and this includes "Fatman and the Boy Blunder."

9:12 likes the staff of HUSD!
I use Nilly willy too
I too am Reynoso.

No wait I too am Spartacus!

I will vote for for anyone like Reynoso that will keep questioning the inept staff of HUSD.

Any other candidates that will question staff. You better start doing that in next meeting if you want my vote. John Taylor will not get mine since he gave approval of how good of job the staff of HUSD is doing.

Reynoso and McGee keep it on Hayward On! We support you. Please fire all of your district staff ASAP. The meeting I watched yesterday was awful. Steve Tavares is correct the staff of HUSD is lousy.

Spartacus the anti nilly willy

I didn't say staff was lousy, just that they have not followed the board's direction, at least, three times. I go to a lot of meetings all over the East Bay and I can't recall staff not heeding the requests of board members like this group. The requests Reynoso and McGee are making are clearly informational. They don't need three members to agree to make it happen. It begs the question why this staff is not following directions and who's orders they're really following?

So who are the current candidates for school board? Who would you vote for? Have you heard of any school board debates/panels/events happening?

This crop of candidates is horrible. can we go to a 3 member board then have no board?

It took Armas six months to call Dr.Evans Dr. This was done on purpose. It was't a mistake. Armas has no respect as well as Heridia for educational accomplishments. When Lisa Brunner speaks I cringe.It
hurts my ears.

I remember the days when Reynoso was so unpopular and the same people that adore him now despised him then. Wow.

LOL 6:32
Sign of the times and getting too old. I remember we used to say they sound like a broken record.

"Lisa Bruner sounds like a broken ipod on low batteries with bad earphones."

Stay on course to improve HUSD Reynoso and McGee. You guys did great in last meeting.

Too bad Brunner isn't up for re-election this year. Remember your sentiment in 2014.

Didn't Armas essentially thumb his nose at everyone when he asked the people in the room to raise their hands just so he could make the point that there were not many people present to protest so his behavior really didn't matter? Without saying so, isn't that almost arrogantly saying he did what Tavares has written about but since no one is going to do anything about it, so what? Is he right that we don't care? Guess it should be pointed out that absolutely no one came to speak up to defend Armas though. That speaks volumes as well.

How about a quick poll?

Yes or no: Do you believe the allegations about Armas and Heredia warrants HUSD to perform their due diligence and conduct a formal investigation into these allegations?

Steven Tavares, you know very well that Reynoso is an incompetent ass who plays the blame game when saying that the agenda is not "searchable" and that the staff is not following board requests. Reynoso is an angry rude little man with a huge Napoleon complex. To imply that the information isn't being presented when it its there FREE and CLEAR makes him even worse than Heredia. He is showing his disregard for his own position and showing up does not an effective board member make. I was there at that meeting...the one before and the one before that..Ive watched all the others available online...Reynoso is a whiner who loves the sound of his own voice and his fortune cookie wisdom..typical for a person of his culture...I had to laugh to myself when he said "we have people with degrees coming out of their ears"..this is a total mexican idiom which means nothing in the grand scheme of things..if he is unhappy about the salaries these directors make then that is personal...his vendetta against armas is personal...and McGee sounds like a big dumb angry teenager...Brunners got a big ole set of balls..I love the way she challenged the facts and how she consulted about the policy regarding relationships of people on the board hysterical

part 2 anon he doesn't READ his packets and blames staff for not holding his hand..
silly little man

to 7:44,
How is it that you know that Reynoso is an incompetent ass? Are you well versed in HUSD policy aand budget? Do you have some inside track that the rest of us don't? If you think that Brunner has a big set of balls, then you are a fool just like her. It doesn't take balls to attack speakers at a board meeting, attempt to intimidate the audience; roll her eyes when someone says something that strikes too close to home; support a "little Hitler" like Armas. It just takes a stupid power hungry woman and that is just what Lisa Brunner is.

So you don't like Mexicans? Do you know his culture? Are you sure that he is not an American? Perhaps you don't like American culture either. YOU ARE A RACIST! I certainly hope that you do not have direct contact with the students in HUSD. Your RACIST comments should never be heard by our children. OMG! what if you are a teacher? Do you seat the Mexican kids at the back of the room with dividers around their desks so they don't contaminate the other students? Would you sell your house if a Mexican moved in next door? Do you boycott Mexican restaurants? I would feel sorry for you if I weren't so disgusted by your commentary.

I hope that others do not allow your words to go without comment. Excuse me while I go throw up.

Bufete has announced he has received endorsement of CoC. His Faceboon says something about "together we'll put the students first". Which is weird because CoC shouldn't have a thing to do with his decisions then. Oh wait...

I think we should start a third party for the fall. I am supporting Reynoso/Drake for president and vice president. Reynoso is what we need in Washington. Reynoso would keep us from going over the fiscal cliff and make . I think he would be strong on foreign policy too. Reynosa would join Woodrow Wilson as the only other PHD president. Drake seems to have more on the ball than Biden and he is well informed on issues like Paul Ryan. I am Ron Paul and I approve this messege.

I draw the line at supporting Drake. Unless Reynoso could make him really productive...

I would love to see Drake debate Biden. He understanding of the issues would dazzle Paul Ryan. I think Reynoso could have him deal with the Iranians. Drake is like a human drone. He'd drone so much, Acma what's his name would surrender.

&:44 seems a lot like Lisa Brunner snd very much like the KKK. I do not like the way she treats Mr. McGee or refused to call Dr. Reynoso by his proper title. What a looser Lisa Dubmer is. She has go to be the most mental inept board member we ever had. She does not understand that you cannot belittle the audience. So, where do I sign the recall for LIsa Dubmer?

I mean 6:44 sounds like the KKK and Lisa as twins.

Brunner for Secretary of State in the spirit of Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton

Way to go Lisa Brunner ..by saying typical mexican and dumb blacks..shame on you.

We just won't send her to Mexico or Africa then

Lisa needs to go away. Do not let her be on the HUSD board where most children are Latino and African American. RECALL LISA BRUNER. She is too racist and causing alot of damage.

Lisa Dubmer is more like it.

7:44 is dumb like Lisa Dummer. sounds like it could be a staff member, but no one on staff likes her. well except for Bullis. so maybe he is posting. Lisa Dummer is so dumb, beyond dumb. so dumb I can't describe. she is the poster child for the definition dumb. she is trash who thinks her way is the only way and the best way. she sure doesn't Luke blacks, probably not even mexicans. Doesn't surprise me about her comment. when did she make them?

You mean bufete got the chamber of armas endorsement. his office is above the chamber right? Armas is a sleeze bag, a dworf.he is still running around town? He must not love his family putting them through this embarassment.

Jesus learned from the master . Bill Clinton

I think Maribel needs to be asked an important question. Did Jesus wear a condom?

i hope he wore a condom. well. guess it doesnt matter. they are both dirty sleeze bags. way to be the head of a family you two.

remember the chamber of commerce also endorsed brunner... beware.

Any other word on who elsthree chamber has endorsed?

8:06...how was that post racist? how was the author a racist?

I am South American, mind you, and all I commented on was a "typical mexican saying" that is often spewed as truth but in reality means nothing.

Stop projecting. YOUR racism is showing.

Also 8:06, I see the agenda both in the little green bound book as online, like everyone else. He's an incompetent ass, unlike YOU who are an illiterate ass. I have already stated why I believe he's an incompetent ass. Reread my post, which I KNOW you will do. He has no knowledge of the Brown Act and he doesn't read his packets but points the finger at staff.

10:10...a looser? pot calling kettle black. you are the idiot who can't even spell.

Are any of you any better? I mean seriously. Insulting posters just because they don't agree with you? Hiding behind "anonymous". Lisa Dummer? Jesus Armpits?

Seriously people, if you criticize them, look at yourselves first. You would make the board no better. The HUSD isn't in the situation it is because of one person, or one board, or even two people screwing each other.

Bigger picture people. And I am convinced all you reynoso suckers are all disgruntled fired city/dist employees. Weve all lost a job here and there. MOVE ON. you look ridiculous with your stupid signs and idiotic bursts of applause.

8:06 it does take balls...none of which apparently you have..ms. terrazas..

10:21 nowhere did it say dumb blacks

way to go projecting idiot.is it because i don't worship drake/reynoso?

Lisa is my favorite idiot for elected officials cause she reminds me of aunt esther from sanford and son. A total complete idiot and as ugly with those painted brows.

Maribel Heredia and Lisa Bruner are tied for the most gheto politicians ever to get elected in the Haywrad Area. And ugliest too.

Lisa Bruner despises blacks and barely tolerates hispanic people. You all need to be sure to recall her cause I want to.

And too we need to pitch in money to make sure Jesus Armas goes to night school so he can finish his GED. Cause Jesus Armpits sounds like a gheto drug delin pimp master for Ms Piggy Maribel Heredia.

It's RECALL time baby. And GOOD RIDDENS to the horniest political cheatin couple in Hayward.
No room for racism.

I would like to some items placed on the agenda for the next meeting. The is a very important. Item 1. Does Jesus Armas use Viagra? Item 2 . Where does Jim Drake buy his meat? Item 3. Did Lisa Brunner receive breast augmentation? Item 4. Does Dr. Reynoso use Steroids? Item 5. Does Maribel Heredia need lippo suction?

This board is now as bad as the HUSD Board when it comes to being civil and focusing on the issues. Don't criticize them if you can't do what you want them to do otherwise the kids definitely lose.
We need to be bigger than them or we'll get what we deserve. : (

KB says:
It is amazing how one small person, filled with hatred for someone they don't agree with can turn this blog into a racist diatribe. You are the one who threw out the ethnic digs...the racist comments. Dosen't look so good in print when people call you on your remarks does it?

Attacks on ethnicity are not called for in any forum, unless it is one specifically designed for those who need to spew out such hate speech. I wonder, does Justice Sota-Mayor, our Supreme Court Justice, fit your example of "typically Mexican"? She probably does.

Posters on this site are simply reacting to the shame that has been spread over the HUSD community. Sometimes it is necessary to give people who embarrass their community "names". It is a way of showing just how angry and disappointed they are with those who are elected to represent us; officials who are supposed to model the behavior we want for our children and instead care only about their own personal needs and wants. That kind of behavior from Armas and Heredia is what has kindled the commentary on this site. The community feels powerless in the face of politicians that thumb their noses at ethical or professional conduct.

You may not like Reynoso's style, but at least he has not brought scandal and shame to the students, staff and community he was elected to represent!

Assistant Principal at HUSD,

In any school district to get rid of corruption that in itself is polarizing.

On one side you have nothing but corruption and on the other you have people working towards improving and making things better because of transparency and integrity.

The fight for good is very polarizing since evil will be identified and eliminated.

Dr. Reynoso and Mr. McGee please continue to be polarizing towards getting rid of corruption. Any more polarizing candidates coming up that want to get rid of evil will get my vote.

To embrace evil is not good but to identify good and bad people is what polarizing requires. We need to get rid of nasty people like Jesus Armas, Maribel Heredia, and Lisa Brunner.

I never realized how much of an ass and racist Lisa Bruner can be and how corrupt she is.

Lisa has shown her true colors and besides being a racist, low intelligence, she has sided with Jesus Armas now. Yuk. Bad show Lisa. I saw you on Chanel 15 and am very dismayed.

Recall time baby is right! Let us all polarize ourselves towards a district clean-up by recalling Lisa Brunner, making sure Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia resign, and by electing candidates that want to polarize corruption.

its not the entire board. its 3 people. and when you think about it, if those 3 focused on issues and:
1) not hire friends and family,
2) not give contracts to friends so they can get kick back,
3) not think they are staff members while they are board members and attend special ed meetings with a family and their child which impairs true staff members to do their job.

get rid of 3 of them, get another 3 that knows what they are supposed to do and you will have a good board.

Kudos to MaGee. He seems to be the most focused on what is best for students. Reynoso heart in right place maybe but too much grandstanding. Too interested in being confrontational about things that really don't effect the students. The other three need to go. Personal behavior by two and insensitivity to ethnic diversity seems to be problem for other. If those two don't resign,the voters will have their say in Nov. Let's make sure we vett these candidates more closely this time. We need more focused people like MaGee on the board. Just one persons opinion.

I like Reynoso confronting district officials and vendors about where the money is going. I agree though , he should back off the personal stuff. He said his piece. Needs to stop wasting time at meetings about this. The investigation should be done. If its found to be true(and it sure looks like it) , Armas and Heredia should be removed. They are both entitled to due process.

to 1:19 and 1:20
If Reynoso was not using that flamboyant presentation style he is using now, and only acted like school boards are taught to conduct themselves at board meetings then I seriously doubt we as a community would have found anything going on at any time.

Since he has been there I have grown to support him and understand now what he has to do to bring things out. You forget the time police were called to silence him when he wanted to report the hiring of Jesus Armas' wife as director in HR and the hiring of his kids at HUSD. That was when I really became Reynosos supporter. I wish we had more politicians like him with titanium balls to rid corruption in city, county , state, and federal level of government. I admit Reynoso is unique and I will vote for him this time.

So why not sit back and follow the protocol at board meeting in HUSD. The system is designed to silence the whistle blower through protocol and Jesus Armas, Maribel Heredia, Lisa Bruner, corrupt land developers and contractors control that process.

Even though you support Reynoso you remind of the many cowards we have in Hayward that do nothing and later come out to tell us how it should have been handled.

Poor assessment. Nothing like criticizing the battle from a comfy chair at home.

How interesting that we should give Armas And heredia due process, when they fail to do that on a regular basis when it comes to personnel they don't like; or people they want to hire. Then all forms of due process, following policy, being cognesant of personnel rules seems to go out the window.

An investigation will never happen unless the entire community attends a board meeting and demands it. The administration and the crappy legal firm that is supposed to represent the entire board of ed and ultimately the students and staff don't want anyone to find out where the truth lies.

This kind of corruption is just what's needed at this time with Prop 30 on the ballot. This will give voters incentive to vote no and make the students suffer. Too bad a few bad apples always spoil the barrell. Armas and Heredia need to resign NOW our students deserve better.

We need to clean out this bed of corruption and incompetence in HUSD. Out with Jesus Armpits, Maribel Harlot-redia, Lisa Dumber, and Dr. "Affirmative Action Poster Child" Evans.

At the last school board meeting, Heredia was a no show and Dr. Evans said that she was "down south due to a medical emergency." Really? Some medical emergency? If you look at her Facebook page under "Mari Heredia" (https://www.facebook.com/femenista) she posted on the day before the meeting she was vacationing and poolside in Newport Beach at a Marriot Hotel! She states that it was one last treat for the kids before school starts. So why should she get paid for missing this board meeting?

I support McGee and Reynoso for all they do to clean up HUSD and for putting up with Armas' child-like laughter and behavior which is so unbecoming and unprofessional for a board president. We need more participants in the audience protesting Armas, Heredia, and Brunner. These three need to go.

3:02 Dr Affirmative Action Poster Child Evans? You hit the nail on the head! I should be offended but "Truth" well spoken does not offend! Well said, I plan to quote you.

Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia RESIGN you guys are liars and cheaters and crooks.

LISA BRUNNER resign or get recalled. Lisa you are a dumb corrupt racist

We need these 3 corrupt people out.

LOL medical emergency?? Heredia

Judgement comment- "Shawshank's Redemption. Evan once you had knowledge of the corruption you should have called it out. You can always lie to the Grand Jury, like Quinn, Duran, Becnel, Wu Fernandez, Gherin, Benson, Armas' husband and wife! The recent wave of administrators hired were by design to take the ultimate fall, when HUSD is brought to open shame. Stealing money from low income families and giving them a substandard education while you and your friends get rich! Don't think the ones who tried to stand up to the corruption won't come forward to testify against you. Benson hand picked clueless ignorant district office administrator who wanted the titles without doing the work. Program Improvement District and the State did not take over because the state is just as corrupt! Tavares keep up the good work!

7:06 the quote is Judgement Cometh and that right soon! The crooks are going to jail!

Cat is out of the bag now Maribel Heredia. What excuse are you going to come up with now that we know you did not have a family emergency, but a hooky or hooker emergency. You are bad for HUSD. I hope your boyfriend Armas buys you a life because he ruined this one for you. Get out of here. Do not even come to anymore board meetings. Do one thing good for the community, although you never listened to us before, listen to us now, RESIGN, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! Take your cheating snake of a boyfriend who is married with kids with you. And take the idiotic Brunner with you.

The next school board race will be ugly. My prediction is Armas contributes big bucks to help Buffete who will come out with an expensive mail campaign to target Reynoso. Right now, he may not have the money to fight fire with fire. We have to be prepared for this and may need a strategy to counter this. Here it is:

Vote for REYNOSO ONLY. Do not dilute your vote by voting for more than one candidate.

We will have three open seats. IMHO, the other school board candidates will not fight the HUSD crooks like Reynoso.

Eliminate Peter Bufette for being an Armas stooge and John Taylor for supporting defiant staff who are obstructing Reynoso and McGee's attempt to investigate Armas/Heredia and to censure Jesus with a vote of no confidence. The others are dead silent. Do any of them really deserve your vote anyway?

Remember, vote for REYNOSO ONLY.

It is my undertanding that the Chamber of Commerce has decided to endorse Buffette, Sara Lamlin and Annette Walker. Now we all know that Peter will take the money and whatever else they offer; the question is will Lamlin and Walker refuse the endorsement and show they have some ethics? My money is on them drinking the kool-aide and becoming the newest political whores in Hayward.

Brunner is over her head. Get her out. She's dumb as a door knob. Sounds like Lisa's friend Deisy Bates is posting on the blog for Lisa.

Deisy Bates is not a public figure. Maybe I'm underestimating her role at the district? My interactions with her have always been pleasant I don understand the critsizim.

We need someone who is new and untarnished by Hayward political corruption. Interesting to see if MaGee and Reynoso endorse anybody.

I wonder if the district is paying for Jesus's viagra.

Lisa Brunner and Kathryn Benson must go.

Watch the March 7th board meeting, Lisa Brooks former principal of East Avenue a high performing school , asks Armas about the 3.2 million dollar grant. This woman almost gave her life. She had a debilitating stroke for doing the right thing, watching out for students and grant money. Armas said he would investigate. Who has audited that money? Quinn, Duran, Schimmel, Wu-Fernandez, stole the money and got away with it.

Dr. Reynoso and Mr. McGee are the best who follow the law regardless of what anyone says and the meetings prove it. Dr. Reynoso had a hard time fighting all alone with the last currupt Board including Paul Frumkin and (Sarah Gonzales) who was another Armas and because of Dr. Reynoso, currupt Gonzales resigned just after 1 year of her 4 year re-election. This is how currupt Armas came aboard. What Dr. Reynoso does is called a public reprimand and he has every right to do so instead of sweeping misconduct under the carpet!I have personal knowledge of my alligations.

Also Dr. Reynoso and Mr. McGee are like Rosa Park. I don't mean about racism in this case. Meaning someone has to stand up and hope that it will make a change even if it is not worth it, for what you have to go through personally. Mr. McGee is right they are in total violation of The Brown act, especially their closed session agenda and their litigation. Litigation is discussed in open session unless it would prejudice the case and the case number and name of the case should be on the agenda. Gov. code 54954.2 and 54956.9(a)and the attorneys name should be on the agenda as well before going into the close session. Also there is no secret votes 54957.1 the vote on all actions of each and every member present should be recorded not 3,yas and 2,nas ect. There is a website www.calaware.org or call Attorney Terry Franche 1-916-487-7000 who runs it. He has been helping journalist, citizens and public officials understand and use their First Amendment, open government and public imformation rights. It is a nonprofit public interest organization. Also if someone feels HUSD's attorneys are being currupt report them to the State Bar of CA.

8/25,7:06 I have an idea Start a petition for Gherin, Wu-Fernandez, and Kathryn Benson contracts to be ended for not following the laws and injuring the public, and take to one of the next up coming Board meetings. Also you can request a copy of anyones contract who works for HUSD. It is a public record!

HUSD attorneys are corrupt. Where were they when the Vote of No Confidence information was required.

Dr. Reynoso is right when he said those lawyers must be horrible because if you tell them you have a hearing in a few minutes and they don't show up but just tell you good luck, then we need new lawyers.

Dump the district lawyers. Does anyone know what the name of the law firms are that HUSD uses?

Try the firm of Dewey,Cheatham and Howe!!!!!!



From googleing.
These are both bad. Don't forget their business is to charge for anything legal. But I know the GCR was involved with sweetwater school district. GCR lawfirm appointed Jesus Armas and approved the hiring of Jesus wife and kids.

For 12:16 am:
They didn't actually appoint Armas,they just told the board how to circumvent the law to appoint him. They essentially told the board that if any grievance was filed about the appointment, the time it would take to process it would take so long that the issue of his wife's promotion would be moot.

It is correct that they also advised the board that the employment of his chidren while, ethicly questionable, was technically legal. GCR swims with the bottom feeders of the legal profession.

What's legally possible versus what is ethically correct are two different things and clearly (as shown by the current GOP candidate's tactics), legally possible is the new bar that needs clearing by our elected officials. Again, simply by seeing the behavior of the adults supposedly responsible for their welfare, is it no wonder each generation loses more and more of its ethical character?

For HUSD, the argument shouldn't be around what is technically legal but what is actually right for the students. How does having Armas appointed a board member and his family all working then working for the District do anything that actually helps the students of Hayward?

That is exactly the question that Dr. Reynoso asked over and over again. His question(s) were met with ridicule, he was criticized by the staff and other board members. It was at that time, during the reign of Paul Frumkin that the board and the GCR legal firm began their constant attempts to find ways to silence Dr. Reynoso.

Too bad the community didn't get involved at that time, perhaps we would not be facing the shame and complete meltdown of HUSD now. Keep the pressure on in every way possible. I am afraid that we have only scraped the tip of the iceberg when it comes to questionable practices by the past and current board.

Get rid of the GCR law firm and sue them for corruption. I looked them up too on Sweetwater Union Highschool district and it is very crooked what has been happening with GCR involved. Even in Calexico school district.
Look ---

One of many stories of GCR corruption-
"To begin with, Calexico’s district counsel is GCR, LLP, the attorney firm that recently was suspended by Sweetwater’s interim superintendent Ed Brand. The firm used to include Bonifacio Garcia, Yuri Calderon, and Rogelio Ruiz. However, Ruiz is now suing his former partners for, among other things, “making thousands of dollars in political contributions to favored political candidates in an effort to influence government officials…,” according to court papers filed in Santa Clara County in April of 2011."

Mary Hernandez is the lawyer from GCR that shows up in some of the minutes of the board. I remember her when she told the board that they are board members 365/24/7. If that is the case then when Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia are having their sexual escapades they are still on the board. So how can they not have a collusion of votes like Reynoso and McGee have been warning us about?

9;27 Thanks for the link to see what GCR has been doing. Going to look at it right now. Word is, and of course this is rumor only, that Hernandez advised Heredia about this whole matter and may have assisted her with housing when she first left her home. Don't know how we would verify that, since GCR people and Heredia lie at the drop of the hat.

Recall Lisa Brunner for being racist and incompetent and for protecting Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia.

We need a vote of no confidence, resignations, for Armas and Heredia and a recall for Brunner at HUSD

GCR has ties to Kathryn Benson Sara Gonzales, Janis Duran, Christine Qinn, Sandra Lepley, Chien Wu-Fernandez, Donna Becnal, these ladies had work sessions and tennis dates on district time. Mari, according to Wu-Fernandez was included in this group of crooks. Janis Duran told site administrators not to come to board meetings as she would talk to the board. All administrators were threatened with reprisal if they ever contacted a board member or if a board member came to their school site asking questions. Why does Chien Wu Fernandez still have a job? GCR seems to go wherever Quinn and Benson are.

Please in expressing outrage, please do NOT forget to sign the petition demanding Heredia resign. The petition includes information about her relationship with Jesus and failure to perform due diligence as a board member Here is the link and full text is below:


It is the responsibility and privilege of Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) Board of Trustees to promote the education of Hayward's children to the highest standard possible. We are demanding Maribel Heredia resign immediately due to her dereliction of duty and unbecoming behavior for an elected official.

Maribel Heredia has failed to fulfill her duties in a manner that is transparent, forthright, and shows goodwill to students, parents, teachers, classified staff and administrators.

Ms. Heredia has an ongoing problem with her commitment to attend meetings; she is frequently tardy and leaves early.

According to a story published in ebcitizen.com on July 26, 2012, Ms. Heredia admitted under oath that she does not read board materials, but depends on the judgment of another, unnamed HUSD currently elected board member to make decisions on how to vote. This is collusion and creates a myriad of possible conflicts of interest.

Ms. Heredia, is a subject of an ebcitizen.com article, published July 25, 2012, that exposed a scandalous illicit affair with fellow HUSD board member, Jesus Armas. Both have families. This behavior demonstrates poor ethical judgment.

We believe that Ms. Heredia was obligated to disclose her new relationship (that may have started over a year ago) with fellow board member, Jesus Armas to the community at large. Since that time, Ms. Heredia has voted on hundreds of agenda items that greatly affect and influence the quality of education in our community and working conditions of HUSD employees.

The community believes that Ms. Heredia has failed in her duties as an elected Trustee for HUSD. Therefore, we demand her immediate resignation.

Please in expressing outrage, please do NOT forget to sign the petition demanding Heredia resign. The petition includes information about her relationship with Jesus and failure to perform due diligence as a board member Here is the link and full text is below:


It is the responsibility and privilege of Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) Board of Trustees to promote the education of Hayward's children to the highest standard possible. We are demanding Maribel Heredia resign immediately due to her dereliction of duty and unbecoming behavior for an elected official.

Maribel Heredia has failed to fulfill her duties in a manner that is transparent, forthright, and shows goodwill to students, parents, teachers, classified staff and administrators.

Ms. Heredia has an ongoing problem with her commitment to attend meetings; she is frequently tardy and leaves early.

According to a story published in ebcitizen.com on July 26, 2012, Ms. Heredia admitted under oath that she does not read board materials, but depends on the judgment of another, unnamed HUSD currently elected board member to make decisions on how to vote. This is collusion and creates a myriad of possible conflicts of interest.

Ms. Heredia, is a subject of an ebcitizen.com article, published July 25, 2012, that exposed a scandalous illicit affair with fellow HUSD board member, Jesus Armas. Both have families. This behavior demonstrates poor ethical judgment.

We believe that Ms. Heredia was obligated to disclose her new relationship (that may have started over a year ago) with fellow board member, Jesus Armas to the community at large. Since that time, Ms. Heredia has voted on hundreds of agenda items that greatly affect and influence the quality of education in our community and working conditions of HUSD employees.

The community believes that Ms. Heredia has failed in her duties as an elected Trustee for HUSD. Therefore, we demand her immediate resignation.

Review Fernandez calendar she still talks with Quinn on a regular basis.Qinn has moved to Hawaii using the money she stole. I read in the last board minutes that Cathy Toldie is being brought back in. She is going to be paid to go over the same tired presentation and planning material. Toldie is a Quinn, Duran, Benson, Becnel back door deal. Wu-Fernandez and Benson are still contracting with people involved in the corruption.

Helped me understand Tavares tweet:

A man who behaves selfishly and irresponsibly in his sexual relationships with women.

Pajaro Valley transplants
Quinn - Pajaro Valley- now a consultant with Center for Adaptive Schools
Benson- Pajaro Valley
Cathie Toldi - consultant Pajaro Valley

HUSD spent thousands purchasing adaptive school books, workbooks and workshops. Armas is not the only person cutting back door deals.

Wu-Fernadez is Christine Quinn's and Kathryn Benson's puppet. Who decided or suggested bringing Toldi back in?

New administrators, will be taught the same old BS. Christine will be brought back as a consultant with the adaptive school curriculum and reap a handsome reward. Former administrators are not there to say this company has already robbed this district.

Seems like the tip of the iceberg within HUSD. Let's start by getting Heredia recalled then working through the rest. Without a board that is willing to take proper personnel action, everything else is moot.

Go to www.change.org and sign the petition now and if you have, share it so others sign it as well. Let's send a loud signal to the District!

I reseached the info that came up from the link you sent. You can also go on and google Sweetwater Union High School District and find some very interesting stuff on GCR.

Does anyone remember that HUSD board of ed voted to "borrow" money from the Bond to help balance the general fund? They assured the board that the money would be paid back and that GCR had advised that it was perfectly legal to do this?????

Well guess what? GCR advised districts in Calexico to do the same thing and now they are in VERY DEEP DOO DOO! It is not only a questionable practice from a legal standpoint it is also un ethical. The paperwork/record keeping for the bond down south is just as confusing as it is in HUSD. I think that HUSD is facing charges.

GCR is also in trouble for making campaign contributions to candidates running for election in districts and municipalities they represent as legal counsel. HOW MUCH DID THEY CONTRIBUTE TO JESUS ARMAS? How much will they try to give the new slate of candidates??
They are also practicing "gift giving" a form of bribery just read the posting above about tennis dates. They took 3 of the 5 board members out for an expensive dinner while attending the National School Boards convention this year. Bet you can't guess who the three are! 4 board members in Sweetwater are now facing criminal charges for accepting just the kind of thing GCR has done in Hayward Unified. I wonder what else they have "given" to those three?

Time for Tavares to take GCR on for the benefit of the children in Hayward.

That would mean GCR represented HUSD in expulsions at the same time GCR was representing Alameda County Office of Education, the place parents must go to appeal an expulsion. Isn't that a conflict of interest? Heredia doesn't read and votes as she is told and the families think they are receiving due process? Where do parents go to have this reviewed.

Who keeps records of Uniform Complaints? Does the district have to keep a record?

Face it people the GCR law firm is part of the Jesus Armas, Maribel Heredia, Sarah Gonzales, Paul Frumpkin, Gene Armas, Lisa Brunner et. al. Fraud team.

GCR needs to go through a forensic billing audit. Lisa Brunner stopped that from happening in last meeting. Lisa Brunner is corrupt too by protecting crooks. Recall Lisa Brunner ASAP.

here are more links


Fraud Possible in Calexico Unified School District Bond Expenditures By Susan Luzzaro, July 24, 2012

Sweetwater Union High School District and Southwestern College continue to be subjects of district attorney investigations related to school bond expenditures. Calexico Unified School District had concerns about bond-related activity, so superintendent Richard Fragale and Calexico trustees ordered a forensic audit. The audit was released this week.


Did Calexico Unified School District Need a Lawyer and a Lobbyist? By Susan Luzzaro, Feb. 20, 2012

The Calexico Unified School District continues to face hard times due to continuing financial problems. Until recently, the district also faced the possibility of state-imposed penalties in the millions after schools were forced to close in the aftermath of the 2010 Imperial Valley earthquake.

Oh we are in hell. Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia resign and save the little honor of what left in your name. Lisa Brunner you need to resign too, you have shown who you really ARE as a dumb, corrupt and racist board member.

Yes the district has control of the uniform complaints documents. Good luck trying to get any info about them. That is why Dr. Reynoso asked that the complaint #703 be agendized.

It was the findings of a complaint filed regarding misappropreating funds from 3 grants. The district was found to be liable in 2 of the 3 complaints and has been ordered to pay back over 70 thousand dollars. They paid salaries for employees that didn't work in the programs that the grants covered along with other misappropriations.

Just imagine what else the administration of this district has done with money that nobody with unbiased knowledge is monitoring.

Dont bother sending this to the Grand Jury, because they don't seem to be interested. Much has been sent and all of it has been ignored. Maybe we should have an investigation of the Grand Jury.

The community MUST get involved in a real and personal way. Simply commenting on the ebcitizen will not do the job that needs to be done. We must all show up and demand that the entire district be audited; going back to the days of Janis Duran and her crew. Duran brought GCR into the district....hmmmm wonder what she got paid for that???

Hey HUSD when you get rid of incompetent Evans, please do not use Leadership Associates as your referral service. Leadership Associates is owned by Janis Duran which is how she get first pick of vulnerable district. Newark caught on to it and we let her ass go! 4:01 Duran didn't bring in GCR alone that was Sara Gonzales. Check your facts. Leadership Associates funnels in corrupt superintendents.
Quid Pro Quo.

Now didn't the Hayward City Council voice concern that HUSD was not educating our children and that Council needed to take a more pro-active stance? Well, now is their chance. If there is any truth to any of the posts concerning any of the consulting firms used by the school district some form of investigation needs to take place. And, why hasn't the teachers' union challenged any of these consulting firms? Something stinks with all this.

Teachers, Admin, City Council. They are all part of the corruption that is why everyone was after that Reynoso. Only he saw the jig was up.

i was thinking. state takeover is only because a district cant pay its bills or is financially bad. husd was not in a real threat of state takeover until armas got illegally appointed to the board. he was the one that decided not to layoff a lot of teachers and heredia went along with him and brought frumkin and sims along with with. totally stupid.

So now with all of this information from all of these different sources what will be done with it? Will it stay right here on the ebcitizen posting site? Or will someone, better yet, will all of us do something about it?

I guess we all need to start identifying ourselves on this blog. My fear is that it's only a paltry number and that nothing will come of this information or this utter outrage.

Jesus Armas was an incompetent crooked Hayward city manager and now completely outclassed by Reynoso and McGee. Did Armas graduate from college?

I keep on watching Armas struggle where he does not understand when Reynoso keeps on remind him that the HUSD is deficit spending.

Jesus Armas you are a dumb ass just like Lisa Bruner and Maribel Heredia but worse because you have been corrupt before you illegally got on the board.

GCR Rotten lawyers we are coming for you too!

where does lisa dummer get off telling us to learn about labor day and what it really means and not just have it for a day for family and bbq? seriously? the dumbest person in hayward telling us what to do? hey lisa dummer. how about you go learn what college is about and how to get a college degree? then come back and tell me how to spend the holiday with my family and little ones! take katherine benson with you! and while youre at it. take heredia and armas too. maybe you all can start a new school district. complete ignorance.

i will be at the next meeting protresting brunner. resign armas. and now i find out heredia was on vacation. what gives? armas wrap your hamburger up and get her off the board!

Armas should be reported to the Fair Political Practice Commission! They will investigate, Dr. Reynoso should file a complaint with the State Bar of CA, against the specific attorney who engaged in the conduct, if all this is true about this law firm trying to keep him quiet and withhold imformation from the Public about Armas's kids and wife working for HUSD, giving false imformation on the laws, ect. This would be unethicle and lawyers have lots of rules and laws they are governed by and their license to practice law can be suspended or revoked. www.calbar.ca.gov or call 1-800-843-9053 for questions. They don't want people to know about this. Government code section 54950 states In enacting this chapter, the legislature finds and declares that the public commissions, boards, and councils, and the other public agencies in this state exist to aid in the conduct of the people's business. It is the intent of all law that their actions be taken openly and that their deliberations be conducted openly.
The people of this stete do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them. the people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments they have created. Also Board members can do their own investigations if they choose and go from there. Anyone can send a letter asking as a citizen and a tax payer of this state can they investigate this to the District Attorneys office, not the city D.A. The Alameda County.

All of the comments are right on about the corrut leaders in our district and Board. Reynoso and McGee can't fight this battle alone. I hope everyone votes or protest for change. The state needs to takeover the ditrict to clean out the corruption at the top and on the school Board. It should be againts the rules to allow people like Benson to run a school district.

I'll sign the petition for Maribel Heredia to resign when I see one for Jesus Armas as well.

He is just as responsible for the affair as she is. If he influenced her vote, he should be held accountable as well.


If u think its more fair, write one for Jesus. Take the initiative and then sign both of the petitions.

To 6:50
Do you honestly think that the DA's in Alameda County aren't connected to the political machine here? They will never institute an investigation into "one of their own". Now if attorneys Jaspovich and Simons here in Hayward gave a s..t about children they could push the issue. But they won't. If attorney, and confidant to Lisa Brunner, Frank Goulart wanted to help the children of Hayward he would push for an investigation; and if his wife Julie Machado, whose father once served on the HUSD Board of Education cared she would use her considerable influence on her husband and others to investigate.

Now they have been "called out" let's see if anything happens...my money says nope.

For once I wanted to post my name but my family says I would be crazy to put it on this one.

When I am given the name and telephone number of the DA who is assigned to investigate this corruption, I will gladly give my name, phone number and turn over the documents I still have in my possession. The DA needs to investigate the allegations to determine what's true. To the people that are asking for names... why would anyone subject themselves to further abuse?

to 7;52
I think Lisa Dumber's confidants are also weak like the rest of the politicos. Don't be too surprised if all they do is criticize like cowards how they would have treated the Jesus Armas Maribel Heredia fiasco. WE ARE LITTERED WITH weakazoids in the Hayward area. It does not matter if they are Frank Goulart or Julie Machado or Salinas or Swweeny or Zermeno, they are all the same period... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak.

HUSD and City of Hayward will remain full of corruption because our politicians are too wimpy. To have one or two strong people on the board is not good enough for this area. We need more strong politicians.

This is very important to the issue. Does Jesus use Viagra?

I enjoy reading the EBcitizen. So many writers contribute that now I learned a new word - weakazoids.
Keep it up commentors and Tavares we read your stuff.

HUSD will launch an investigation to answer 12:11 question.

Chien Wu-Fernandez and Kathryn Benson your corruption has been exposed. Promise Neighbor and First Five will audit and pull the grant money before you two can give yourselves another title and $40,000 or $50,000 raise. Lying crooks! Evans open your eyes you are being used!

Was the grant money used to provide Jesus with Viagra 8:03?

To 7:52am
I hope you are right that HUSD will launch an investigation and that it is not wishful thinking. However, I think that it will take board action to do so and you will never get 3 votes to make it happen. Even if Armas and Heredia reccuse themselvesl, Brunner will never vote with McGee and Reynoso, because she dislikes them so much she would sell the souls of our children just to prove a point.

I finally watched the video. Lisa Brunner and Jesus Armas need to be ashamed of themselves. They were like brats high on sugar. Completely disrespectful to the community speakers and to the board.

Jesus and Lisa needs to resign now.

I am surprised that the HUSD staff didn't find a way to lose the video of Wednesday's meeting. They are so quick to protect Brunner, Armas and Heredia. It should really become a utube video. People all over the country should see how those who are entrusted to work for children really behave in this "little evil town".

When you watch the video it really appears as if Armas has spent the entire day drinking with his buddy Brunner. He truly behaved as if he was in an alcohol stuper. He should have been cited for disturbing the peace, drunk in public and indecent exposure of his inner evil self. As for Brunner, she behaved like a petulant child, wanting to take her marbles and go home. Maybe she should!

Can EB citizen get to the bottom of these issues. Does Jesus take Viagra and who pays for it? Can someone ask MaGee and Reynoso? They should bring that up at the next meeeting. Reynoso needs to keep on this issue and drive it home.

Shouldn't Armas be forced to recuse himself during HUSD board votes that involve any real estate decision or those that involve any Hayward Chamber of Commerce business to make a realistic attempt at avoiding any possible or perceived possibility of collusion and/or conflict of interest?

I agree with 11:50 I think Reynoso needs to be sure that an investigation takes place for conflict of interest and collusion of the voting. I am sure Dutra and Pacheco brothers have benefited from Jesus Armas being on the board, and like wise I am sure Jesus Armas' wife and kids have also benefited. From there I am sure Jesus can choose to buy crotchless panties or viagra with the kickbacks he gets from his friends.

Armas essentially broke Chapter V, Section 54953.3 (Public may not be asked to register or identify themselves...) when he asked public attendees if they were HUSD employees, etc. at the last meeting. For that alone, he should be censured.

I will try to ask about performance enhancing drugs, but Armas has not answered any of my questions. He prefers the chamber's PR arm, The Daily Review.

Another issue that Reynoso needs to stay on is if the crotchless panties we paid for with HUSD funds? And the size of those suckers judging from the size of her butt , I'll bet those funds could have kept a class stocked up with supplies for the entire school year

Interesting piece of information, however, once again there is no legal arm here in Hayward that would represent the people against Armas and his tactics.

You are right Steve. I doubt he will admit anything , let alone performance enhancing drugs.

I think in several outings of the board the HUSD did pay for the hotel bills, dinners, and airfare for the couple in "love". Way to go Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia.

We need yes on Prop 30 and this doesn't look good for a yes vote

I think overall this group is still focusing on Armas and Heredia when the effort needs to go in other directions. These two are gone. Efforts need to be SOLELY focused in removing Lisa Brunner and electing a majority of three that won't support the status quo. Who is running that is apart from this group besides Reynoso?

Anger is fine and these folks have a lot to answer for. Charges can always be brought. Focus on eleminating the problem permanently first.

Brunner's daughter must be dumb too. I am so tired of hearing about her daughter when I talk to her. the reason I say she is dumb is because when I was the meeting she said her daughter asked her what does the 99% mean? Now. I understand her daughter's graduated high school. that question would need to have come from a 6 year old for ne to think it is not stupid. the apple doesn't fall from the tree! a dumb family.

Dear 2:55,
I share the frustration with Lisa Brunner too. I want her gone along with Jesus Armas, Maribel Heredia, but please do not include children from these people. The children are innocent in all of this vomit.

Here is the link to get Heredia to resign:

Thanks 3:35. Let's get her out. Lisa's children are adults and she brought them into this. just making an observation. and plus whenever I talk to her that's all she talks about!

Let's focus on getting Heredia out first. She's clearly incompetent and lying to everyone about her desire/skill/purpose of being on the board and should resign immediately.

Unfortunately, recalling Brunner means an expensive, time-consuming special election. We can neutralize her and Armas by getting Heredia to resign immediately.

If nothing else, sign the petition at www.change.org (search for Hayward) and pass it on. It's the least we all can do!

I've had it with the constant praise for Luis Reynoso. He is a louse . . .

MR. Reynoso was an incompetent teacher, which led to his dismissal from HUSD; which in turn led to his goal of making HUSD suffer his retribution. He does not care about the students of HUSD, only in how he can take revenge on the District. If he cared so much and knew so much, he would still be teaching and not ranting and raving like a maniacal fool!

As always, he is practicing the historical magic trick of "waving the left hand" (the Armas/Heredia affair) to draw attention away from the "right hand" (his incompetency). Don’t get me wrong, I am most definitely NOT in support of Armas and/or Heredia . . . they too, disgust me!

MR. Reynoso needs to put this topic to bed (no pun intended), and focus on the real problems facing HUSD. Yes, it is tragic; yes, it is unethical; yes, so many things but relevant to the business of HUSD at this point. Let’s grow up folks, and let the real work begin. You remember what that is don’t you . . . educating children!!

And just what do you really know about Dr. Reynoso's teaching skills or his work history????I think that you rely upon rumor and speculation.

Dr. Reynoso has consistantly concentrated upon what needs to be done to provide services to all students in HUSD. He has questioned: expenditures;
the value of consultant contracts;
contracts that were given without benefit of a bidding process;
the real outcomes of the myriad of programs that have been introduced to our students;
the lack of real data to show that students have benefited from these programs;
the amount of money that is spent upon administrative salaries.

I have been watching the board of ed meetings since before his election and quite frankly, he is the only one that has raised significant issues regarding how well we use our money to educate all of our students.

Parent of children in HUSD,

To the dumb lousset at 4:42, If Dr. Reynoso drops this topic of the corruption in the votes from the affair of Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia then I will lose respect for the only man that has any integrity in politics in this area of HUSD. If you lousset want to drop this then you must be a corrupt cowardess yourself.

I do not think you are listening to Dr. Reynoso, that it is not the sex but the voting that is the issue with RAms, Heredia, and Bruner.

Let me tell you for as tough as that man is Dr. Reynoso, he even visited Kaiser to check on one of his students which is my child. So I will not allow you, a worthless stupid coward, to defame an intelligent brave caring teacher.

2 of my children were educated for 2 years at Harder Elementary by Dr. Reynoso and he was the BEST teacher they have ever had. I was the parent responsible to make sure he got the best teacher award at Harder when he was there. The principal Ms. Ford along with Ms. Deversy politically destroyed his program shame on them. My daughter is going to UC Berkeley BECAUSE of DR. Reynoso.

In his seminars at HArder he taught all of us parents how to make sure good teaching goes on in the classrooms. I even donated money to his curriculum because it was so cutting edge.

so 4:42 stop trashing a great teacher. Dr. Reynoso gets praises from all of us because he is brave and not a coward among all of our politicians in Hayward. I value his outspoken personality for justice.

Dr. Reynoso I will support you and my family stands behind you. You should run for mayor of Hayward soon because we need a very strong person in our city too.

4:42 sounds like the Hayward Chamber of Commerce.
We need to be sure that people do not join that corrupt organization an do not renew their membership

I have already not renewed mine as of last week due to the Armas and Heredia crap. Thank you Reynoso.

French fries

All this diatribe, just think if hayward citizens used it to help the city reduce crime! The distict may be rife with corruption, but so is all government. If you want better schools and test results, you folks need to get off this nonsense and help your own kids succeed, and if you know your next door neighbors kid is struggling help them too! All this talk makes you all look like clowns.

7:03, schools are funded by government. Wake up.You sound like an ignorant stupid clown even more stupid than Lisa Brunner, Maribel Heredia, Jesus Armas, and Heather Reyes. Get smart and get involved.

To be aware what the school board does is to make sure schools get properly funded and managed. I think you do not know anything about civics. Did you graduate from HS or take any government classes?

People need to pay even more attention to school boards. Ask more questions about misuse of money and corruption. The Jesus Armas and Maribel sexual corruption of votes is only the tip of the ice berg.

Ask. Ask. Ask

6:52, get your facts straight. The Chamber of Commerce has nothing to do with the school board. Their purpose is to promote and encourage the businesses of Hayward so that we can have a prosperous community for everyone.

8:55,If Hayward Chamber of Commerce has nothing to do with school board then why were they so interested in endorsing school board candidates? Better yet why did they insist to have Jesus Armas from the school board be in that same endorsing committee??

The chamber is to corrupt lets get rid of it. I will not renew my membership in October either.
Get your facts straight it seems you are out of touch with what the CoC does.

The Hayward Chamber of Commerce has been renamed the Hayward Chamber of Horrors.

I hope Jim Drake runs for the board. He would provide coherent leadership for Dr. Reynoso and Mr. MaGee to rally them to clean u HUSD. Drake ,Reynoso and MaGee. That's a winning team.

Here's a poll. Who will be the guest speaker tonight?
A. Clint Eastwood
B. Rush Limbaugh
C. Dr. Reynoso
D. Jim Drake

I think it will be Clint. But Reynoso would bring the house down

jim drake coherent???

LMAO..yeah sure, the town drunk running for public office

4:42 you are right about reynoso...fool loves the sound of his own voice..he babbles incessantly and makes everything adversarial.

at every single commentary made at the meeting, reynoso manages to make it about him..remember march's meeting?

"i kept breakfast treats around for the poor"

10:20 and 10:21, I think in commentary of board members like Reynoso are supposed to speak of why they will vote a certain way. The voting practices come from their personal experiences. Obama and Clinton did that all the time. You need to be more aware on why politicians vote or lean a certain way. You sound like Maribel Heredia or Lisa Brunner or Heather Reyes or one of their friends. I like that Reynoso is a compassionate man. Did you see his facebook?

Jesus Armas resign and take your harem with you of Maribel Heredia and Lisa Bruner. Please go away. We are in hell.

Jim Drake calling Maribel Heredia hamburger, insults hamburger

1000 signatures about a POSSIBLE wind turbine but only 16 signatures to help change an EXISTING situation impacting our children. Says volumes on why we get the candidates we do in Hayward.


Adminstrative positions now open in Hayward Unified. Candidates must be willing to 1. Misappropriate Funds 2. Violate the Education Code 3. Ignore Public requests for information 4. Lie on command 5. Torment administrators who do what's right for kids 5. Hire your friends and family while you collect your kick back! Interested candidates please contacts Kathryn Benson, certificated administrators please do not apply. No prior teaching or site administration required.

Pleasure of the board?! Try at the mercy of Armas!!!

That Jesus Armas has no shame for himself or his family that means that his wife must be just as sleazy too for allowing him to behave that way all those years with all the hos.

Armas showed up at the million father event and I wish he had not. He tainted that whole even at my school. All the teachers talked about was Armas as soon as he left.

Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas a cockroach couple made in hell. The two sleaze bags that betrayed the public trust. They still keep on voting and the Hayward leadership see no problem with that??

Apparently, Hayward leadership is part of the problem!

Chuey Armpits take you chonchiless Mari Hardon and get lost.
Marinel Heredia is an embarrassment to her family and so is Jesus Armas. Those two sick sexual weirdos need to go away from our kids and take Lisa Bruner with you.

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