Friday, August 3, 2012

Bonta's Large Fundraising Lead Dampered By $147,000 In Campaign Debt

ELECTION '12//ASSEMBLY 18 | After a dizzying array of high-profile endorsements for 18th Assembly District candidate Rob Bonta in recent weeks, the campaign of his fellow Democratic opponent Abel Guillen is attempting to reverse its fortunes this week with the news of Bonta’s $147,000 in unpaid campaign bills. Campaign finance reports released this week reveal that despite outgaining Guillen in fundraising totals during the late spring reporting period in May and June, Bonta has racked up unpaid bills of more than $70,000 and nearly doubled its total debt over the course of the entire campaign cycle. A majority of the unpaid bills are owed to Bonta’s Sacramento-based campaign consultant Duffy & Capitolo....



  1. A question about reporting between now and Nov. 6th.

    How many reports must be filed between now and then?

    How instantly are late contributions made available to the public?
    For instance, if Corp. X or labor group Z donates $5,000 to a assembly candidate or a supervisorial candidate, on October 15th or 20th, how soon must the candidate report it and how soon can the public get access to that report?

    Example, what is the next required report from someone like Mary Hayashi, where it will be most interesting to see who is giving money?

  2. Late contributions or those in excess of $1000 for state legislative candidates are eventually reported within 24hrs. Same with independent expenditures. But I'm sure that with Alameda County races there are different regulations.

  3. OK, August 7th.

    Only 90 days until the election. So in the Alameda County Supervisors race for District 2, who has any endorsements and who has any money?

    Of most interest. Does anyone know of any group or high profile individual who is supporting Mary Hayashi?

    Does anyone know of any group, business, labor org., or individual who is supporting Mary Hayashi?

    Or is she entirely alone with no money, except her own and the $20,000 she can bring over from her existing campaign funds?

    Surely that can't be her plan. What does she have up her sleeve and shouldn't the opposition have pre-emptive plans to discredit her possible tactics?

    Remembering Mary needs only to fool 34% of the people to win. Heck, I'm betting at least 34% of the voters don't even remember her felony arrest, conviction (plea), or brain tumor.

    How about Hayward Firefighters Local 1909, they've supported and funded Mary in the past.
    It wouldn't hurt for anyone to stop by a fire house and tell them you DON'T want them to give any support this time. Same for Hayward police.
    Talk to them, tell them to pass it along to their union heads.
    Do the same in Union City for police and fire.

    Don't wait. Its very simple to stop by a fire house or talk to a police officer.

    Talk to any labor group you know or any group of citizens you think might be inclined to feel sorry for Mary and her "brain tumor". Oh I know, she has denied the "brain tumor" excuse. It is now in-operative and she blames the lawyer.
    Still that sympathy excuse still resides in the heads of many.
    Key here is she only needs as low as 34% of the vote.

    90 days will be over in a flash. She has some kind of plan. Perhaps a well crafted dozen mailers in the last 4 weeks. One every other day, complete with photos of her with 1. Police, 2. Fire, 3. Nurses, 4. Seniors, 5. Asians, 6. Women, 7. Teachers, 8. Children. 9. pets, 10. local pols

    To see her supply of stock photos she can use, go to www.maryhayashi.com "events"...
    Expect all those folks to appear in her mailers too late for anyone to complain.



    She don't care who complains, this is her last ditch effort to save her career. She'll do anything in the last 2-4 weeks. She is desperate. Crazy desperate.

    PS--Look, she even cropped this photo for "emphasis"



    Last minute voters, mailer the last weekend, with Pete Stark and Corbett tie in. Remember, she only needs 34% and any objections will be lost in the final days.

  4. Example, she is grabbing every single angle and group for a tie in.

    Even using (exploiting) tragic news events


    Sunday, August 5th--- 'white supremacist skinhead' kills 7 or 8 Sikh members in Wisconsin

    Monday, August 6th--- Mary Hayashi issues a PRWeb press release tying herself into the tragic event.


    I tell you, Mary Hayashi is desperate and she'll do anything. The bodies of the victims are still warm and Mary makes a political move to gain votes.

    Desperate and shameless.

  5. Is it just me, or are all these comments being cropped on the right hand side?

  6. The right hand cropping happens from time to time.
    However I don't currently see it in this thread.
    I don't know why it continues to happen from time to time.

  7. Why is this thread turn into another Hayashi discussion? Or is it cuz both Hayashi and Bonta have the same consiltant

  8. 10:53, well, in part because the thread has become about money. While Bonta's debt is interesting, he is going to cover that debt either before November or in 2013, because clearly he is no track to win the seat.

    On the other hand, the mystery of where Hayashi is going to get her money is more interesting.
    Yes, they both have the same consultants running their efforts.

    In fact if you try to contact the Bonta campaign, you end up talking to someone in 916, not Alameda County.
    I hope Bonta doesn't make any ties or anything involving Mary Hayashi.
    That he even allowed her to take a photo of them together this year is poor judgement.

  9. Bonta is all Sacramento and in a bad way . He is all about power. I'm sure he's already plotting to run for higher office than Assembly