Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Furious Over No-Confidence Vote, Hayashi Confronted Colleague On Assembly Floor

ELECTION ‘12//ASSEMBLY | Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi’s reign of terror in Sacramento is nearly its climax, but not without the convicted shoplifter going out in a blaze of glory.

According to sources in the Capitol, Hayashi went ballistic following a blistering rebuke meted out against her two weeks ago by the Tri-Cities Democratic Forum. The group centered in Fremont, Newark and Union City handed down a vote of no-confidence against Hayashi and her candidacy for the District 2 seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

Hayashi’s notorious vindictiveness spilled out on the floor of the Assembly Aug. 22 when she confronted Fremont Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski and accused him of engineering the stunning condemnation by the Tri-Cities Democrats. According to the witness, Hayashi followed the accusations with a string of disparaging comments directed toward Wieckowski and his staff.

Wieckowski responded by alleging Hayashi has called over a dozen lobbyists and previous donors and ordered them not to contribute to Wieckowski’s senate campaign or risk her wrath, including the striking threat of purposefully killing any legislation that passes through her committee. However, such a threat is quickly losing its potency. Hayashi’s career in the Assembly, because of term limits, will end this Friday when the Legislature closes shop for the year.

Most local observers once believed Wieckowski, who is in his first term in the Assembly, Hayashi were on a similar trajectory towards running in 2014 for the redistricted State Senate seat currently held by state Sen. Ellen Corbett. After Hayashi’s conviction last January for shoplifting at a San Francisco Neiman Marcus those political calculation may reside only in Hayashi’s mind.

Hayashi’s ire apparently was not only reserved for Wieckowski. She reportedly retaliated against Meriam Reynosa, a district aide for Corbett and well-liked Democratic worker bee, who Hayashi reportedly fingered as responsible for a similar vote of no-confidence against her by the Southern Alameda County Young Democrats Club earlier this month.


  1. I'm surprised Mary could even string together some coherent disparaging comments given her "brain tumor". (there aren't enough "quotes" in the world to convey the sarcasm this statement is loaded with.)

    What's the saying, "politics is hollywood for ugly people". So if logic follows, washed up hollywood stars end up doing porn...

    So, what do washed up political hacks end up doing?...

  2. Lobbying-- it's the same thing, right?

  3. Mary should take up with Jesus Armas

  4. While supposedly doing the "people's" business on the floor of the Assembly, Hayashi was doing her own business. Figures.

  5. Just a minor correction- It's the Southern Alameda County Young Democrats. thanks for the coverage.

  6. Mary needs some serious help...the wheels on her train are about to come off...and the wreck is not going to be pretty!

    When are disgraced politicians going to learn to fad away quietly?

  7. By MW:

    Perhaps Mary Hayashi has been spending far too much time associating and partying with lawyers, after all her husband is a judge (in fact, I used to know fairly well a guy whose wife waa a lawyer, and she constantly invited lawyers and judges over to their house for parties, and at which he told me the lawyers and judges would get as drunk as could be), and has therefore picked up brain destroying habits.

    And a year or two ago I was talking with a guy who told me his former wife had been a paralegal, and that as a result he and she had regularly gone to parties at which most of the attendees were lawyers and judges, and at those parties both the lawyers and judges had regularly gotten drunk to the point of being almost totally incoherent.

    In fact, perhaps the initials ABA stand for Alcoholics & Boozers Association.

    And I would assume a lot of people remember the exhibition of highway driving that Carole Migden put on a few years ago, an exhibition that was so extreme that it was hard to imagine she was not full of alcohol and/or drugs. However Migden's room mate and romantic interest at the time was one of the Bay area's most prominent lawyers.

  8. The Assembly should have immediately "excused" Hayashi so she could focus on her "brain tumor" rather than trying to continue with the "heavy workload".

    (3:27 pm was right...lots of quotes needed to deal with this one.)

  9. Mary Duh Hayward Ho Ho-yashi, here! I offer nothing to the people, troll for labor and am a whore unto myself.

    If you like my Act I in Sacramento, be sure to put me in as supervisor. That cushy gig will allow me to continue to screw with anyone and everyone.

    Remember my slogan: Hi, Ho, HOyashi!

  10. Mary Hayashi is the crazy bit$& of the east bay! Say no to Mary!

  11. Mary and Dick Valle deserve each other. Two of the same.

  12. She is such a disgrace. Good riddance and I will NOT be voting for this criminal at election time. She should spend her time trying to find a plastic surgeon to fix that ugly nose of hers.

  13. I agree. She and Dick Valle are two of a kind!

  14. typical of a person who feels entitled

  15. Mary Hayashi is great leader in the Asian community. She deserves better. She has a medical condition and should not be made fun of. America is the land of opportunity. Mary worked hard to get to the position she has. I think she will run for higher office in the future

  16. To 10:31, One wonders what your basis is for making such a post.

    Exactly what medical condition are you suggesting Mary Hayashi has?
    And what role might that medical condition play or have played in her career, or in events in her life such that you bring it up here?

    You say she is a "great leader in the Asian community"
    Exactly what is the Asian community's attitude toward proper behaviorial guidelines in elected officials?
    Has Mary followed those guidelines?

  17. She doesn't have a tumor, she lied and made that up to make an excuse for her sticky fingers.
    She's an embarrassment, and should be recalled from office, along with any other elected officials that endorse her in her next bid for public office.

  18. I agree with above. She's just a whore for Labor and out to pimp for herself. Valle is a lighter version of her.

  19. I know from a source that her medical condition is real. Its being treated as we speak. She will return greater than ever.

  20. I know first-hand that she is a Class A thief, loser, and parasite!

  21. 9:29... You are probably just trying to pull everyone's chain, but on the 2% chance you are serious, I'm afraid Mary already threw the "brain tumor" excuse overboard.

    In July she gave Tribune reporter Josh Richmond her first (and only) interview since her felony arrest for grand theft shoplifting.

    Here is what she said about the "brain tumor" excuse that she had previously been using to explain her crime
    July 21, 2012---She said it's "too bad" her lawyer had mentioned the tumor to reporters because "my health was certainly not a factor in anyting that happened." Her tumor is benign, common and easily treated with medicine, she added: "My health is just fine."

    OK 9:29 AM, do you still want to use the "brain tumor excuse" to excuse her crime?

    So, now give us the real reason she stole $2,450 worth of merchandise. After all, you have a "source".

    PS, She blamed her lawyer for issuing the "brain tumor" excuse, but then only 3 days after sentencing SHE HERSELF issued a press release using the same medical excuse. Now she expects the public to forget that document she wrote.

  22. Dear 9:29 and 10:31 - please do the county a favor and stop exercising the right to vote. You have now proven yourself to be unfathomably fucking ill equipped to take that right responsibly.

    I don't know what's more amazing to me - that you posted what you did on a blog that has repeatedly pointed out crazy mary's behavior or the fact that having read that information, you still can't process it. Seems akin to the same thought process one would use to justify while "shopping" at Neiman's...

    And while I'm sticking it to mary's defenders, can I just say THANK YOU to the security guard that stopped mary in the first place. Not only did you catch this douchebag redhanded but you saved us all from the sight of her in leather pants. even imagining that makes me want to gag.

  23. I don't know who to support. No way for Hayashi, but Valle is dirty. Green too much for business interests, and who's the other guy?

    Any suggestions, seriously?

  24. 11:37. America is the land of opportunity. Even for a ham and egger like you.

  25. The other guy is a no name guy, thought to possibly have been put up to run by Mary, in order to further dilute the vote. You see, with him, there are 3 males and only Mary as the female.

    I'll tell you this. Mary is by far the worst. You may not like Valle or Green, but by all means, choose one of them. If you fail to do so, you hand the election to shoplifter Hayashi.
    Sometimes in life you just got to do things.

    If you don't, you'll have Mary for the next 15 or 20 years, guaranteed. She'll later run for the State Senate and then possibly state office.
    If you don't think so, you'll regret not getting rid of her now. For the other two guys, this post is their last, whereas Mary will be the gift that keeps on giving.
    Vote now, or don't complain for the next 20 years.

    I tell you what. See which of the two has the best chance near election day, then give them your vote.
    Don't waste it on the guy who is 5% or 10% behind, our Mary will slip in with 30% of the vote. (its a special election, no runoff)

  26. 2:48...I'm happy being average. You are absolutely right, America is the land of opportunity, so keep throwing your nonsense around and you too, may rise to the ranks of average.


  27. 2:48 I heard you were no slouch. Don't sell yourself short. You"re a BIG SLOUCH. Y

  28. Lets face it, there are some voters who will never see Mary for what she is...a disgraceful representative of the people of California. Lets just hope that less then 25% of Dist #2 voters is made up of those poor blind fools.

  29. Valle wont live for another 25 to 30 years. He is already on Social Security. I think he is the best. As to "pandering" to unions, let's face it. This is a union town.

  30. One can be for Labor without being a whore for them.

    There is a distinct difference. Dick and Mary are definitely in their pocket.

  31. By MW:

    The nerve of them and how dare they.

    In other words, it appears we need to pasa a law requiring and forcing everybody to be a good and proper stooge and puppet on a string for Mary "Neiman Marcus - Five Finger Discount" Hayashi.

  32. 2:41 Solution....lower your expectations or move out of the Bay Area.

  33. Mary Hayashi is the reason for the "war on women".

  34. Mary Hayashi has the support of the silent majority. Not the few radicals here. Go Mary Go.

  35. 10:57, Oh yeah, the "silent MAJORITY" supports shoplifting candidates who are on 30 months probation for their crime.

    BTW, if a "majority" was required in this election, then Mary wouldn't have a chance. But since this is a special election that could be won with as little as 33%, then Mary is hoping that lots of folks will buy her lame excuses, the current of which is that it was all just a "absentminded error".

  36. Sometimes people make mistakes. To forgive is devine

  37. I don't think so, 3:28 pm. Or at least, those people should not carry on in public office.

    Darel Steinberg, John Perez, Fiona Ma, John Dutra and his entire republican family, Doug Jones, Dave Bonaccorsi, Sue Chan, Yogi Chugh, Anu Natarajan, and all the others that support Mary Hayashi should also be under fire.

    This is not just about Mary. It's about the fuel in her gas tank that keeps her moving forward. The "leaders" above are the fuel that keeps the fire burning. They should be scrutinized, too.

    Supporting a convicted criminal, is, in itself, criminal.

  38. 3:47 That list of folks you say are supporting Mary Hayashi, where do you find that list, or mention of each of them as supporters.

    I don't see John Dutra and his entire republican family, Doug Jones, Dave Bonaccorsi, Yogi Chugh, Anu Natarajan on Mary's campaign website.

  39. Just because they aren't listed on a website or flyer doesn't mean they're not supporting them. Check their contribution filings to see who is giving her money.

  40. 1:12, I'd be glad to check the contributions.

    However I don't believe that Hayashi has reported any contributions thus far. Have you seen any listing?
    Again, how do you know those people are supporting her? (the ones I listed)

  41. I don't care who's supporting Mary. Standing alone she has proven to have the morales of an alley cat. To all you alley cats out there I'm sorry but I wanted to make a point. She could have the blessings of the Pope and I wouldn't want to live next to her much less vote for her.