Monday, August 6, 2012

Hayashi's Concussion Bill Heads To The Governor's Desk And Into Your Face

ELECTION '12//ASSEMBLY | Get ready for what will likely be the linchpin of Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi's rhetorical argument as she bids for Nadia Lockyer's former seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

The Assembly voted 65-0 Monday to send Hayashi's high school sports concussion bill to Gov. Jerry Brown's desk for approval. Brown has 12 days to sign the bill or veto it, or do nothing and allow it to become law, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Hayashi's AB 1461 path had been unopposed by members of both legislative branches. The bill sailed through the state Senate 36-0 in May. A senate amendment, however, approved by the Assembly calls for the bill to allow high school coaches to procure the proposed training to help identify the signs of concussions among student athletes from free or online sources.

A similar bill offered by Hayashi last year ultimately languished in an Assembly committee's suspense file and was far more proactive. AB 1646 would have required high school coaches to additionally pull athletes out of games when the signs of trauma to the head were noticed. Discussion over exactly who would pay for such training may have been a determining factor is the bills inability to gain much traction.

While it is not clear whether Brown will allow the current version of Hayashi's vision to become law in the next couple of weeks. However, if it does, be on the look out for her campaign highlighting its passage at every turn. It has everything a consultant is looking for from a legislator effectively running for re-election, albeit not from her current perch in Sacramento, but essentially, the same group of voter at the county level. Look for these potential talking points:

It shows legislative success in getting bills passed. Caters suburban voters with children who play sports. In addition, you can't go wrong by standing closely next to the perception you, the elected official, is protecting children whether it be from sexual predators or the 300-pound high school junior with intentions of sacking your son for a 10-yard loss. Of course, you don't have to tell the truth in political campaigns and none of these talking points are rooted in much more than hyperbole regarding this potential new law, but they sound good, and that's all that really counts.

Hayashi is already trumpeting this bill and others in a mailer sent to constituents in her Assembly district. Critics of Hayashi have claimed her recent spate of taxpayer-funded correspondence as of late is really an attempt to raise her profile away from her shoplifting conviction to her legislative record on their dime. But, there is nothing illegal about using the power and advantages of the incumbency. In fact, it's a time-honored piece of political gamesmanship.


  1. By MW:

    Mary Hayashi could state that she was playing football, and while playing received a serious concussion, just before going into Neiman Marcus, and that the results of a serious concussion are so severe that it could cause a person exiting a store an hour or two later to become confused as to whether or not he or she paid for the items in the shopping bag.

    Of course considering some of the turkeys, and such as for instance Nate Miley and Nadia Lockyer, and to name just two, that local voters have supported, I suspect that a lot of people in Alameda County play football, and suffer serious concussions while in those football games, just before going into the voting booth.

  2. My name is Mary HO-yashi! I'm such a political whore!! I'll do anything, or anyone, just so that I can make myself relevant. If you loved me being lackluster in the assembly, then you'll love me on the board of supervisors, where I'll be suck'ling on the public tit to the toon of $145,000 a year. Nice bump-up from my current gig of around $100,000 for simply doing LABOR'S bidding. After all, I hail from their ranks, having been an organizer. They don't call me Mary 'Duh Hayward Ho' Ho-yashi for nothing!!!

  3. Mr. Tavares, I really appreciate your reporting. Very informative.

    One favor to ask, that I know many of us would like: you have been the only one with the courage to use Mary Hayashi's mugshot and keep it in the public eye. However, recently, you've showcased other photos of her to compliment the (hard hitting) stories you've been running.

    Our only ask is this: please ditch the other photos - the only one you need is her mugshot. Please don't let that fade into the background. Mary is betting on the fact that people will "forget and forgive". You seem to be the only guy in town willing to hold her accountable. Kudos to you.

    Please, bring back the mugshot. We believe it deserves a prominent and permanent spot on your site.

  4. Thank you, I think. :)

    I actually thought hard about using the mugshot of Hayashi, but I'm not the only one. The editors of the East Bay Express used the mugshot for my story about Hayashi renting her CV home to her aide. I'm simply following their editorial lead.

  5. By MW:

    Some of those who participate in high school sports do get injured, and sometimes even seriously.

    However the real main intent of any bill by Mary Hayashi related to the occurrence of serious injuries to high school athletes is not actually to increase public health and safety, but instead is PR and to distract and deflect attention from her baggage, and which of course includes an arrest for shoplifting.

    In other words, she is trying to be similar to such characters as: one, PG & E, and which, and with its rates that are among the very highest in the entire country, overcharges Californians by billions of dollars every year, but every now and then gets itself some favorable publicity by donating a few thousand dollars, in other words a tiny fraction of one percent of its excessive profits, to this or that charity; and two, Al Capone, and who during the Depression in the 1930's set up soup kitchens to feed the poor.

    (NOTE: If you find a way to make millions or billions of dollars every year by breaking the law or dancing on the edge of the law, the best way to stay out of prison is not to keep all one hundred percent of your profits but instead to keep only ninety nine percent and to donate one percent of your profits to charity and to political contributions. That way the DA will "know" you are a wonderful and honest person and who is definitely not guilty of the crimes you are constantly accused of engaging in.)

  6. "Mary HO-yashi here. I'm asking for your vote so that I can land a cushy gig on the A.C. Board of Supervisors where I won't have to do much of anything--just like serving in Sacramento. My ideal job is to continue suckling on the public tit so I can get rich at taxpayers' expense. Status quo for this ho!"