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Hayward School Trustee Absent From Previous Meeting Was Vacationing In SoCal

HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD SCANDAL | On Aug. 21, Hayward school board member Maribel Heredia began her day with a morning latte in Newport Beach in Southern California. The brief respite came a day before the Hayward School Board would meet for another contentious meeting surrounding the uproar over allegations she and fellow board member Jesus Armas are having a secret adult liaison.

However, Heredia was absent from last Wednesday’s meeting. Hayward school superintendent Dr. Donald Evans said Heredia was tending to a “family emergency” in Southern California. But, according to sources, Heredia checked in online at a hotel in Newport Beach while trumpeting one last relaxing dip in the pool.

“In the pool, one last time b4 the kids go back to school,” Heredia described Aug. 21 on Facebook.

Since reports of her alleged affair with Armas, Heredia’s attention to her board duties has noticeably diminished. Already known for lax attendance and tardiness, Heredia attended the July 25 meeting, but abruptly left in the middle before returning nearly 30 minutes later.

At the Aug. 8 special meeting, Heredia arrived almost 15 minutes tardy for a hearing that ultimately lasted just 20 minutes after members William McGee and Dr. Luis Reynoso moved to adjourn after district staff arrived unprepared to deal with specific changes to the board’s bylaws that referenced misconduct similar to the allegations against Armas and Heredia.

Coincidentally, one former school district employee last Wednesday during the public comment period broached the idea of sanctioning Heredia for her absence Aug. 22 by withholding her pay for the meeting. An online petition has also been circulating calling for Heredia’s resignation. Neither Heredia nor Armas is seeking re-election this fall.


Damn, wish I could vacation at the Newport Beach Marriott. I could really use a break.

The online petition is:


Jesus Armas is next.

Why don't these two sleaze bags resign. Jesus and Maribel you need to leave.

GO away Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia. It is time to call it quits and think of your families.

Your secret sexual relationship activities while on the school board sicken all of the community. How many times did both of you contaminate the vote?

Both of you HUSD board trustees have betrayed your spouses and your kids and the students, parents, teachers, and staff of HUSD, GO FAR FAR FAR AWAY and take LISA BRUNNER with you

By MW:

Just imagine if we could find a way to combine all of the more interesting qualities of Maribel Heredia and Nadia Lockyer into one body.

Then we would have far and away the nuttiest, craziest, and most insane politician of all time.

Or another way to continue the circus would be for Bill Lockyer to marry Maribel Heredia and for Jesus Armas to marry, or at least have an affair with, Nadia Lockyer.

amazing when you access her facebook you will see that the emergency was not so great as for her to post for her friends and followers to be informed.

If this doesn't force the Board to do something, nothing ever will and that will tell us volumes.

Sign and pass on the ePetition at www.change.org (search for Hayward)!

3 hours and 46 minutes into the Board Meeting, Evans said, " Ms Heredia had a medical emergency down south and that is why she could not be here tonight" Man if you can lie to the community like that surely lying to the Grand Jury about misappropriation of fund, collusion, and corruption should not be a problem!

People at the next HUSD Board meeting need to parade up to the podium and keep demanding Heredia's resignation and a full explanation from Dr Evans on whether he was covering fior Heredia or just passing on her reason and if the latter, ask what they will be doing about her lying. Bring the heat!

thank you east bay citizen for helping the public learn about the truth of Hayward school

Recalling Lisa Brunner is worth trying. She is really dumb, a racist, and crooked that has no respect for the public or the school board.

I go to HUSD board meetings and speak every time I attend. Please attend the next meeting and speak your peace in a public forum. It is appreciated that so many people agree with me. Let's keep the heat coming. Like I said at the last meeting, they cannot continue to bury their heads in the sand. Right? We cannot allow Armas, Heredia and Brunner to hide any longer! The truth shall set us all free of these three villains.

Anyone see how Lisa Dummer again defended the shenanigans of armas and heredia? I hated sitting there looking at piece together her thoughts and then hear her talk! I wonder how she is going to defend heredia going on vacation during a board meeting. any guesses?

I laughed at Brunner when she asked a member of the community if he believed everything he read on the internet. I thank Mr. McGee for answering. Yes, when there are pictures. Thank you also Tavaras for the not only the wonderful articles, but the accompanying photos. Priceless!

How can anyone take superintendent Evans seriously when his lies flow so smoothly from his lips? Once we change the school board, he's next!

We should not need to read anymore messages about this mess other than that all parties have resigned. Beyond being on vacation on Wednesday rather than at a board meeting, her children were scheduled to start school on Thursday if they went to HUSD schools. If not, why not???? Do we not value the first days of school?????

Heredia's daughter goes to a local charter school and their year started Tuesday. So she missed more than one day of school for her family vaca.

Maybe Heredia does not value education that much.

Whatever happened to that old ho, Paul Frumpkin? He's the one who gave us Armas. Only too happy to appoint him and then jump off the Titanic!

It is a pretty sad situation that residents in the City of San Leandro can send 1,000 emails to protest a lousy wind mill and we can't get 250 people to call for the resignation of Maribele Heredia. What does that say about apathy in our town????

Please continue to put the heat on the 3 corrupt Board members Moe, Larry,and Curly. (Heridia,Armas, and Dumber)

Please continue to put the heat on the 3 corrupt Board members Moe, Larry,and Curly. (Heridia,Armas, and Dumber)

Tavares what do you mean by your tweet.

Those who place blame for merely publishing the true ugliness of a campaign, deserve the media desert they live in.

"Those who place blame for merely publishing the true ugliness of a campaign, deserve the media desert they live in."

I'm really referencing San Leandro. I started the EBC in San Leandro following city hall and San Leandro Hospital. Like Hayward, they too, have a news desert. Some would say it's not as bad because they have the weekly San Leandro Times and Patch, but I'm not so sure. Instead, San Leandro also has lunatics who muddle the line between being a public official and community informer. Alameda also has somewhat of the same problem, but not as worrisome as San Leandro.

In short, if you have no news, it is sometimes better than sitting in the middle of better than nothing and crazy.

I wonder if she is bringing Jesus back a gift?

No one cares. Only 16 signatures. Guess business as usual. : )

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Hey, Circus Vargas is coming to town. It's a pretty good show but not as entertaining as a HUSD board meeting. By the way, if you charge an entrance fee to get into the board meeting you might get a larger crowd. Charge for it and they will come. Better yet, give out discount coupons and folks will come because they will think they are getting a deal. Either way the meeting's entertainment value is priceless.

We need to talk to all the parents of our kids In the district and extract these cavities before it gets worse

I am very inspired that we have brave community people that regularly attend the HUSD meetings like Ann Terrasas and Jim Drake. I do not think Jim and Ann realize how many of us enjoy their comments and bravery to clean up the district. Anna and Jim you two need to keep coming. Please do not pay attention to the cowards that often post in here. I never see anyone like them on the board supporting Jesus Armas or Maribel Heredia or Lisa Brunner because those three are just corrupt.

I wish I could come but I am not that mobile. I hope to see you Jim and Anna on channel 15 in the next board meeting.

I just want all to know that most of the employees of HUSD support Luis Reynoso, Mr. McGee, Ann, and Mr. Drake. Wish that we could come to board meetings, but fear for our jobs. We want Armas, Heredia and Brunner out. I only wish that more of us would sign the petition. Perhaps more would sign if the petition was available to sign at the local Safeway or Lucky stores. Just a thought! Keep up the good work Reynoso and McGee!!! Keep exposing those who take $$ from HUSD (Armas). Heredia, you will be exposed for your lies! It's clear to all that you do not respect education when you lied about being gone for a medical emergency down south when you took you kids for one last vacation. Your son missed 3 days of school, and you told the school he was sick! Really...you posted pictures of him playing on the beach on those days. How can we have someone on the board who doesn't respect her own son's education and lets the school district lose 3 days of ADA $$ because you decide to go on a last minute education. Shame on you!

Great sentiment, 12:45 am but is it really that hard to sign an online petition? If there are employees in HUSD that want change, they're going to have to fight for it and that begins by becoming involved. Every teacher has access to a computer. Every district employee can find a computer somewhere, every school has computers in their library. Even the Hayward library has computers! For god's sake, if you want change, don't just praise those fighting for you - get out there and do something about it yourself! Teacher's use this as an object lesson in modern day civics with your students and what people like Cesar Chavez and Rosa Parks had to do - act! It only takes a few minutes. Aren't our children worth it?

12:45, administrators serve at 'The Pleasure of the Board' go back and count how many administrators "Mysteriously" disappeared. Ones that were threatened verbally and in writing to keep their mouths closed and never come back to Hayward. Kathryn Benson, Ursala Reed, Donna Becnal, Mark Miller, Chien Wu Fernandez, make up complete lies when asked to verify employment for these individuals. Everyone pressuring people to speak up... Who will provide for their families? If they complain to the corrupt board their problems get worse. I chose to remain silent because I have a wife and kids who depend on me for support.

I totaly understand your fear of reprisals if you dare to speak truth to power. I know the wrath of HUSD when it comes to forever impacting the career of someone who challenges the Mighty Oz! It can last for years. "Blackballing" is alive and well in HUSD, I have friends who will attest to this...if only they could find a job first.

12:45, most teachers are wimpy people too. They want others to fight for them. Their own union is corrupt as they still cannot get rid of their own mafia style leadership where the same president without term limits gets elected often by their members. Do not expect any help of the teachers to clean up the board either in Hayward. They have endorsement interviews for the school board but yet do not want to participate to clean up the board???? Strange. The only to explain that is the the teachers union is corrupt too.

Kathy Crummey(RIP) would have never stood for any of this. She was one tough cookie! It's a shame Mercedes is drinking while playing with her iPad purchased with student grant money.

My prediction of who HEA will endorse. Peter Bufete, Sara Lamlin, and either Heather Reyes or Annette Walker.

The one person who has consistantly fought to keep money in the classroom and out of the hands of consultants and administrators, Luis Reynoso, will never get one iota of support or help from the union. Because they cannot push him around like Brunner has been. Bufete will be an easy mark and so will Heather Reyes HEA will have two more Brunner clones in them.

In response to August 29th, 2012 @ 9:17 pm.
Larry, Moe, and Curly -> AKA " Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe.

In response to September 2, 2012 9:48am.
You make a good point about every district employee having a computer and that other can go to the library to sign the petition, but I find that most people will not go out of their way to sign a petition on the internet. I think that it would be best to meet and greet people and explain why they should sign the petition in person. The more people who actually hear about the situation in person, the more likely they will want to sign the petition. We need someone who can speak English and Spanish to do this!!! Anyone with these qualifications interested? Please say so here on EBCitizen.

In response to September 2, 2012 at 11:13am.
I hate to hear people say that teachers and district employees are wimpy people when they might fear for their jobs if they were to speak at the school board meetings. And I can only hope that the 3 unions are not corrupt, but do find that the union leaders often do NOT represent the employees against the school district. Where are the union leaders at these school board meetings? They need to be there and express their disgust for Jesus and Maribel's affair and their unfair voting. Where have you been Mercedes, Jeff and SEIU's rep? BE THERE!!!

All union presidents in HUSD are corrupt and with connections with Jesus Armas, Maribel Heredia and Lisa Brunner.

Why do you think they have not spoken about the sleazy affair and corruption of votes at the HUSD school board?

No one in power in Hayward has made one statement about this amazing illicit affair. No one including the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, any commissioner nor any of the candidates. No one is willing to stick their necks out to show integrity and fight for the students. No one feels the system is fair. No one feels the established organization have any reason to change the status quo. And, no one with authority anywhere in the county or state is willing to do anything either. How has it come to this Hayward? Is it because no one can print the ePetition and just post it at Safeway or Starbucks or...? No one is upset enough to think creatively just blame and shake their heads. So tragic. I've signed the petition. Have you?

Correction 1:19pm, there have been community leaders that made statement of the illicit affair of Amribel Heredia, Jesus Armas, and the reprecautions of their voting in meetings.

Dr. Reynoso has brought it out and keeps on the fight and now Mr. McGee has followed but that is about it. You can say that in this area that we really only have 2 community leaders and the rest are wimpy leader-observers that will give their opinion on how they would have done it from their comfy chair. We are in hell like someone mentioned.

Maybe people can state why they will not take a couple of minutes to sign the online petition. This site gets hundreds of hits a day probably and everyone who reads these HUSD stories must be interested to some extent. People who read these stories are far more knowledgable about HUSD than your average person walking into a grocery store. I am one of the 16 who signed the petition. I am curious why individuals will not. Speaking for yourself, is it...

a. an employee or parent afraid of reprisal
b. really don't care
c. secretly like Heredia
d. petition not in Spanish
e. won't sign an online petitions, favor physical petitions
f. you name it

Sorry people of Hayward, did you really think she was honest? She's a damned liar, cheater and has no shame to show her face. She lied about her affair, she lied about her family emergency, do you think she is not going to lie about the board agreements she made?

I am over 50, with 25 years in education. I gross over $100,000 a year. My former colleagues can't find a job in education or anywhere else for that matter. They stood up for what is right and their careers were ruined. What do gangs members say.... "snithces get Stiches" I read one of my colleagues resignation. The reason, Harrassment, retaliation, threats against her person, and hostile work environment. What did the board do for her? The reason for her resignation listed in the board minutes, personal. Give me a F@%king break! Whistleblowers pay for talking with everything short of their lives!!! Tavares has saved some administrators from hHayward from committing suicide

6:03, The board is controlled by Lisa Bruner, Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas and that is why those 3 need to go.

If you watch the last HUSD board meeting, you will hear a speaker who was fired from HUSD because she was outspoken. She talked about her treatment and situation. Watch and listen carefully. She was offered a special deal to get her job back by Ana Solomon, principal at the adult school at that time. Quiet deals are made all the time in Hayward Unified. This speaker has too much integrity to sell her soul. But souls are bought and sold every day in HUSD. Please sign the petition to recall Lisa Brunner....

re: 4:11 pm

1 vote for
a. an employee or parent afraid of reprisal

Who would want that cockroach? Oh yeah, Maribel Heredia would LOL

Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas a cockroach couple made in hell. The two sleaze bags that betrayed the public trust. They still keep on voting and the Hayward leadership see no problem with that??

I hear Maribel Heredia showed up at Faith Ringgold to hassle the teachers there. Seems she thinks that as one board member she can bully the staff. Sad to say, I think she is right! BTW she violated her own Board Code of Conduct by appearing there today, but then who said she had to follow a code of conduct? Certainly not the silent community of HUSD.

For God's sake, you folks need to realize that MCGEE CANNOT SAVE YOU, REYNOSO CANNOT SAVE YOU. YOU HAVE TO SAVE YOURSELVES. IF you are not willing to sign the petition, have someone sign it for you. All of you need to realize that McGee and Reynoso cannot do this job alone. People need to step up.

The ever famous Latina Bully, Maribel Heredia, showed her ugly face at Faith Ringgold today. She decided that she had the right to tell the staff how to teach, how to manage their classrooms, how to be educators. Now if you read the BOE Code of Conduct, she was in direct violation. Individual board members are banned from appearing at a school site and doing a critique of and to the staff.

Guess ahe just doesn't believe rules apply to her. Too bad the staff is so terrified of retalliation, they allowed her to do her bully job on them. HOW MANY OF YOU OUT THERE IN HUSD EVEN CARE THAT THIS IDIOT HAS BEGUN HER CAMPAIGN OF FEAR AGAIN?

Maribel Hardon you have no shame for your family. Please stay away from ALL the schools and just stick to having sex with your cockroach buddy Jesus Armpits.
A love story made in a toilett.
Jesus Armas loves Maribel Heredia. Both of you leave our schools.

Is that her son's school? Someone tell her what you are supposed to do to be a good mother. Last time I checked it didn't include having an illicit affair and bringing shame to your child. Maribel Heredia, you keep telling yourself that you haven't done anything wrong, because you are the only crazy to believe it.
Jesus used her and she used him to try to get more control on the board, she got power hungry. Heredia- all you'll end up with in the end is your sad lonely self, your crotchless panties and STD's!!!

We must have Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia get tested for any signs of STDs before then cast any vote son the school board. These two cannot be allowed to have access to kids at any school. The no-shame love couple made is a urinal. What kind of parent example and spouse example are these two giving the community.

Special Announcment! CBEDS is right around the corner! Watch George Bullis start railroading students out of Hayward High after he takes credit for them during CBEDS. The first Wednesday in October, census date to get paid for students, the first Thursday, kick their asses out and send them to the continuation high school. Count how many seniors who get to stay in high school even though the schools know they don't have a chance in hell of graduating on time. Oakland calls that pimping!!!!!!

Let me get this straight. Armas, Brunner, And Heredia get to vote to expell students? The three that are in collusion and buddies withs the most corrupt principals and Chien WU-Fernandez? People wonder why kids are disgruntled? Adults lying against and cheating on students. Latinos and Blacks don't stand a chance! Disgusting!

Let the exposure begin. Chien Wu-Fernandez is off and running again and the stupid superintendent is following suit. Young administrators are being threatened, yes threatened by the the superintendent . No one is allowed to come to any board meetings and address the board or they will be terminated immediately. Dr Reynoso go ask each principal and vice principal if it's true. HUSD hired inexperienced principals and VPs because they are easily intimidated and will do anything to keep their jobs. It amazes me those crooks are getting away with this.

The board agenda is out! There is a resolution Item I .12 to excuse Heredia's August 22, Absences and allow her to be paid

Joan Gravette being brought in $51 an hour to clean up the funds mismanagement, how much are the people who already work there get paid!

You could do a lot worse than Joan Gravette.

Lisa Brunner dropped by Tennyson today. Something must be up.

Mental hardship! All the "false" accusations getting to her so she had to hide in Newport. Please, just leave Hayward because we don't want scum like you among our children.

Was Brunner a chola? She sure looks like one.

I use to work with Joan Gravette, she is great at what she does. My point was why do executives that are being paid $150,000 plus a year not know how to do their jobs? In addition to that why are outside agencies being paid to write the School Accountabilty Report Cards,(SARC) and Single Site Plans for student achievement? What are site administrators responsible for doing if outside contractors are being paid to do their work? Why obtain a degree?

any heredia sightings? is she off the board?

Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas were walking TOGETHER through Fairview elementary room by room. Their physical distance to each other was very telling. I just don't know why they don't just announce to the district that they are in love. All the parents and teachers were talking of how weird that these two sleazy people show up to a school dedication. Thank you Lisa Brunner for not supporting the investigation. I hope you are recalled soon Lisa Brunner. I say recall Jesus Armas, Maribel Heredia, and Lisa Brunner.

I forgot to mentioned that the way Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas they were walking was more like how romantic couples usually walk together.

Armas, Heredia, and Brunner, remember those names and be relentless in keeping this news alive until they go away, just because people don't sign the petition asking for you to resign doesn't mean we don't forget. Heredia, you are a crook to take money from the board and Hayward children without deserving it!

This makes me sick to my stomach. The so called "family emergency" did not even have anything to do with her. My family is sickened and all I hope is that she pays for it and that her ex husband is granted full custody

Perfect example of someone who went to college for the wrong reasons, work system, and talk your way out of the crap that you leave behind! Maribel Heredia, dishonest and an oportunist,just please go back to Mexico, you are disgraceful and embarassing to our community. Why won't you go away?

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