Monday, August 20, 2012

Quirk Touts Internal Poll Showing Distance Between Him and Ong In AD20

Bill Quirk, Jennifer Ong
ELECTION '12//ASSEMBLY 20 | Bill Quirk’s campaign for Assembly District 20 released internal polling results revealing a double-digit lead over fellow Democratic competitor, optometrist Jennifer Ong.

The poll’s results showed Quirk with 43 percent and Ong with 30 percent. The poll, initiated by Godbe Research and paid for by the Quirk campaign, evaluated 602 likely voters and both of the candidate’s ballot designation and excerpts from the candidate statements were read to participants. Further details on the poll, including questions, are considered confidential according to Quirk. Quirk says the large margin is likely due to the Democratic Party’s endorsement officially bestowed upon him in February.

Ong’s confidence hasn’t dwindled though as she cites Union City Mayor, Mark Green’s, quid pro quo support to be essential to pulling in Union City support by Election Day in November. Green isn’t likely to make a full endorsement during his run for the District 2 Supervisor seat against appointed Supervisor Richard Valle and current AD20 Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, according to Ong.

This is the second research study by Godbe Research, whose results were made public by Quirk’s campaign and like the first; both show Quirk to have been consistently in the lead for AD20. The first study showed Quirk leading with 25 percent, an 11 percent lead on Green, who was slightly leading the pack for second place during primaries, according to the research poll.

Quirk took the June primary with a 4.6 percent lead on Ong; winning with a total percentage of 30.3 percent and Ong with 25.7 percent, a 5.7 percent lead on Green who finished with 20.3 percent.

Quirk has been leading the race with major endorsements and finances with a current cash on hand of $33,358 according to the last reporting period. Ong is documented to have $14,824 which less than half of Quirk’s campaign finances. Although Ong has been one of the heavy spenders for an Assembly seat this year with large independent expenditures from PACs such as the California Optometric Fund PAC and the Union of American Physicians and Dentists Medical Defense Fund, averaging around $200,000 in spending.

Despite that Quirk’s union support has been a valued asset in financial contributions and drawing community support to the wings of his campaign. Ong has maintained the second place spot, nabbed in June, with such large support from the medical field and financial spending fervor to maintain revelance in a race that has thus far favored Quirk.

Its been known that Ong hired noted poltical strategist Richie Ross as her campaign manager to mold her campaign at the onset of her run for Assembly. Ross was called a “warlord” for Willie Brown, former San Francisco mayor and former Assembly State Majority Speaker, when he was his campaign manager and is infamous for his sometimes harsh and inconvential tactics. Both candidates are vying for Hayashi’s seat whose terms ends at the end of the year.


Quirk will win if he keeps campaigning but as soon as the money comes in from Ong it will be a battle.

I will not be voting for neither one. I am leaving that part for state assembly blank. Quirk is a double talker and Ong is dumb, just not much of choices.

As long as Bill puts away the yellow slacks, he should be alright. I mean like burn them.

I was called yesterday. It is still a coin flip to me. Don't like the way all this money is being thrown around when there are people who need jobs out there.

The thing about Bill that sells me is that he has never "dumb-downed" his message, unlike Jennifer who has given out potholders and tomato plants - still don't get that but it is fairly condescending. Bill is a smart guy with impeccable credentials and public service and that's how I'm voting.

Has anyone here ever personally had a conversation with Jennifer Ong? She is a complete airhead and can barely keep up with the conversation. It's pretty incredible that she's made it this far.
She was a last minute recruit by the Asian Community to try to stay relevant in that area. They chose wrong.
Don't waste your vote on that woman.

Don't wast your vote on either. Quirk is the epitomy of a political whore in this area. He is no different than Hayashi..he just doesn't shop at Neiman Marcus.

Armas hater you're starting to sound like a broken record.

Both are connected to Armas. Just follow the money.

Quirky Quirk or Ding Dong Ong what a choice. I think I'll write in Gail Steele.

8:51 am, for the love of GOD, stop instructing people to write in Gail Steele in every race.

Now tell me 10:54 AM can you honestly say that Gail would not be a better and safer choice than any of the choices for the 2nd District. I don't believe she's beholden to anyone but the Hayward Demos and I wouldn't say the Demos strike fear into the hearts of the other special interest groups out there. Be reasonable man or woman.

I think we know the identity of 8:51... Gail Steele.

Quirk is an idiot. Check out his Facebook page. His kids "lives a sustainable lifestyle outside the grid"???? What a nutjob. And yet idiots say that Jennifer Ong is an airhead????

I thought Big Shot Nick was going to run? What happened there big mouth?

WE need to hold Quirk accountable for his record, he is a horrible city councilman, and if people see what he has done then he will loose.

What does Quirk have to say about Jesus Armas, Nadia Lockyer and Mary Hayashi. He supported all of them. What does that say about him?

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