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At First HUSD Forum Reynoso Discusses Affair While Other Candidates Remain Silent

ELECTION '12//HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD | Hayward Unified School District candidates gathered at the Skywest Golf Course last night for the first forum since board members, Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia, didn’t file for re-election after a salacious affair was exposed between the two sitting members. The scandal has left community leaders, local media and candidates publicly silent about the affair opting to discuss the “bickering” instead of the affair.

Candidates on Wednesday night decided to stick to familiar ground treaded and discuss leadership, consensus building and “making sure everyone is on the same page,” as candidate Peter Bufete put it. “This is part of my background. I spend a lot of time building trust between people and between myself and other folks. I feel my endorsements reflect the trust I built in this community, from labor to business,” said Hayward Planning Commissioner Sara Lamnin who ran for city council two years ago. Others reiterated the common point from Cal State East Bay administrator, Annette Walker, school teacher John Taylor, former city council candidate, Peter Bufete, and Heather Reyes of the HUSD Fiscal Integrity & Transparency Advisory Group. Only incumbent Luis Reynoso, who is up for re-election this fall brought up the affair.

 “The problem isn’t the bickering, it’s about fraud and corruption and if you are so naïve to think that the board has to smile and rubber stamp everything then you shouldn’t be running for the school board,” said Reynoso to a few cheers in support of him in the crowd. "No one questions the affair, why is that? What is going on?" Reynoso mentioned two California school districts, Sweetwater and Calexico, as examples of boards that “rubber stamp” but now are in legal trouble, “They are all going to jail now,” said Reynoso.

 Some candidates were more open to discuss the affair after the forum. Lamnin said that she is looking for a way to approach the issue without “harming the students,” and discuss it in a “productive way.” Bufete has remained silent on the affair but believes that his connection to Armas because of his friendship with his son will not harm his run for the school board. Bufete admitted to The Citizen last month that Armas had suggested to him to run for the school board after the incumbent decided not to run for re-election.

Deficit and bullying were other topics asked about by the moderator, Hal Gin, from Asian Pacific American Public Affairs Association (APAPA) who hosted the event. Discussion of the $12 million reserve that was actively talked about at the last school board meeting was discussed about at some length. Walker said that she would look for a way to spend that money appropriately. Walker noted the deficit spending by the district but added that "We need to make sure that the limited dollars that we have go to teachers and students."

 Reynoso stated soon after that the $12 million can not be touched because the district must maintain a 3 percent reserve at minimum. He further argued for fiscal realignment to maintain fiscal accountability in spending, “When we find money, we always find ways to spend it. It isn’t about the money, it is about realignment with the money that we have,” said Reynoso. Others expressed wariness of making cuts that could potentially hurt students and classrooms and advocated for smarter spending. Lamnin wanted greater transparency so that public knew where the money was going and how it was being spent.

 The issues concerning spending and fiscal accountability is a problem that candidates recognized will change at some length depending on the passage of Proposition 30 this November which seeks to raise taxes on those making $250,000 a year and raise statewide sales tax by a quarter cent. Bullying, or public safety, was an issue that Taylor said needed to be addressed with a two prong approach with campus police and security teams hired by the police. Walker emphasized making sure that parents are notified when a student doesn’t show up for class.

 Candidates exemplified stout talking points and confidence, notably Bufete who showed greater confidence in his knowledge and public speaking capabilities since he ran for Hayward city council last spring. Reyes on the other hand was short in answers, less specific and visibly nervous. She later admitted to this even on Facebook, “I was excited by the forum, but also extremely nervous!”

 Taylor recently was endorsed by the Alameda Democratic Party, which he said is because of his years of experience as a teacher. Taylor has been awarded in recent years with Teacher of the Year and Educator of the Year. Although he was rather silent about Armas during the forum he spoke more openly afterwards about his inability to garner the Hayward Chamber of Commerce endorsement, “Well look who is on the council!” said Taylor referring to Armas. Taylor said that he didn’t understand why a current sitting board member was part of an endorsement process for candidates that will be replacing him this fall. The candidates that were endorsed by the Chamber were Bufete, Walker and Lamnin. Wandra Williams, another candidate, was not present Wednesday night. The second forum will be hosted by the Hayward Demos Democratic Club and will be held at the Westminster Church in Hayward Sept. 21. 

 Shane Bond is a regular contributor to the East Bay Citizen.


Funny how the EBCitizen can give a good over-view of the night and the Daily Rag can only focus on the bickering issue. Thank you Shane for your covrage.
I am very interested in what REAL knowledge of the workings of a school district each of these candidates have. Do they know about and understand the true meaning of the Brown Act? Do they understand the process and budgeting restrictions of Title 1 funding? Do they understand the "Free and Appropriate" education codes from the State Dept of Ed? Just to name a few.
I really don't care if they all go out for coffee and sing songs of togetherness, I want board members that challenge the Administration, respect each other's differing views, respect the community and their right to criticize!

sara lamin is a joke. I was there at the forum. The pool of candidates are going to be of no help to change Hayward. They are too weak.

Bufete said he would help the schools go on field trips. dumb.

KB says,
OMG! I just came home from the candidate's night at the Demos Democratic Club. It was worse than going to the dentist and having all my teeth pulled without anesthetic! With the exception of Dr. Reynoso, who has 4 yeas of experience under his belt, NONE of them understand what HUSD is facing.

Bufete seems to think that youth alone will give him all he needs to make the critical decisions about our childrens' education.

Lamnin speaks in political sound bites..all sounds "politically correct" all talk, no substance. She was more interested in telling the audience who had endorsed her, as if any of us care that the Apartment Owners Association thinks she is a good choice. What have the apartment owners done for our children, except make sure that they charge outrageous rents for housing?

John Taylor, the ROP teacher was very busy telling all of us what a wonderful teacher he is. I have no doubt about his classroom abilities, but does he really understand the workings of a Board of Education? Being an English major, I find it very difficult to listen to a teacher fracture grammar. He needs to brush up on his verb tenses, we don't us singular nouns with plural verbs.

Annette Walker, who almost beat Armas 2 years ago, has lost her mental edge. She absolutely did not sound like the candidate I voted for in her last run for the board. She seems to feel the need to "dumb down" in order to reach us poor dumb non-professionals. Her responses to questions made no sense,just ramblings.

Ms. Reyes is a concerned parent, and seems to feel intimidated by her fellow candidates. I think her heart is in the right place. I have seen her speak at board meetings and her concern for students is admirable. She just needs to become more educated in the workings of a school district.

Ms. Williams gave semi cogent answers and showed some understanding of how a school district may work. She might be able to get up to speed quicker than the others.

With all that said, Dr. Reynoso is the most qualified and should be re-elected. Perhaps Ms. Williams will get my vote. As for the others, Lord help the children of Hayward!

A vote for BUFETE is a vote for ARMAS and HEREDIA. If you love Jesus and Maribel, you will love Bufete.

I totally support Dr. Reynoso because he slashes through all the political bullshit and puts all the cards on the table. If you can't see all the turmoil and crap that runs this district from recomendations of the old family influence such as Piexoto, Zaballoes, Pacheco Bro. Now we have Seuito concrete I have heard that former director of maintenance "Joe Zaninni" has a relative that works for them in a managment position, and that "Joe" is now in a managment position for "Headstart" and is pulling in his contractor buddies to refurbish district sites that he is leasing. Fact is, the district owns these sites and the landlord is reponsible for all work and improvments, so is Billy Martin protecting and collecting gratuities from his partner who let him ride his coat tails to get his current position? I wouldn't be suprised. Don't forget the big painting contract.

I went to the demos forum and I was disapointed with all the other candidates. I liked Dr. Luis Reynoso too. I met him for the first time in person. Reynoso just outshines them I like all the things he saids and 9:10 is right Reynoso just cuts through all the political bullshit.

All of the other political hacks like Annete Walker, John Taylor, Sara Lamnin, Peter Bufete, Sanda Williams, Heather Reyes have nothing to contribute but dumb ignorant political bullshit. I was laughing when Lamnin was braging about all her endorsements. She does not get it and that is just what we are tired of all the political crap at schools. I say if any candidates are wanting to get elected they better start listening to Dr. Reynoso and tell us that they agree with him because I think I am just going to vote for him only. I will do what a poster mentioned here before to vote for Dr. Reynoso and no one else just to protest the rotten selection of candidates going for the school district. We need more people to be like Dr. Reynoso with a backbone and courage to change things. It is because of Dr. Reynoso that we no longer have to deal with the slimy doings of Sara Gonzales, sleepy dumb Shelia Simms, and the horny crook Jesus Armas and his corrupt concubine Maribel Heredia.
That's it I know that I can vote for 3 but I am going to vote for Dr. Reynoso only the hell with the rest. I am tired of the bs of dumb do nothing people going for school board. No more crooked dumb clones like Lisa Bruners, Jesus Armas Maribel Heredia.

Armas/Heredia/Bufete and Sara Lamin..these are all the political hack machine by products.

“The problem isn’t the bickering, it’s about fraud and corruption and if you are so naïve to think that the board has to smile and rubber stamp everything then you shouldn’t be running for the school board,” said Reynoso

The only person in this dogfight with any rational sense is Reynoso. What a shame for Hayward that they have such morally bankrupt officials "leading" their government.

"Bufete seems to think that youth alone will give him all he needs to make the critical decisions about our childrens' education."

KB: this is a very common delusion in the East Bay. I work at UC Berkeley. We have some brilliant, talented students, but they lack practice experience, common sense and life experience. Yet, I'm constantly told that I should listen to their policy options and learn something from them. Excuse me... why the hell would I ever take policy advice from someone who has never worked for a living, paid a bill or mortgage, and thinks that if you just talk nicely to people they will love and respect you.

"practice experience"

Sorry, should've been "practical" experience.

KB says:
I was trying to give just a very brief over-view of each of the candidates and how they came across to the listening and viewing audience. Thank you Kalifornia Kafir for fleshing the Bufete observation out for everyone.

The unfortunate thing is that each of these candidates will have polished and glossy mailers going out to the general public, in most cases paid for by the political machine in this area..no one will understand that they have little to no experience or have their own agenda(s)and will only continue to add to the ineffective governance team already in place.

These candidates are horrible. KB did they answer questions? Seems like none of them know what's going on in the HUSD.

I doubt reynoso is writing them. it cones from the scared people who don't want to show their face and speak.

To 6:32,
The questions were for the most part quite simple to answer, that is if you understand the business of a school district.
They attempted to answer questions, unfortunately when you want to please everyone and make them like you, then you are prone to say nothing.

This was the case with Bufete, Lamnin, Walker and Taylor, none of them made a point or statement that mattered that I can recall. Except that the three of them are quite impressed with themselves and don't hesitate to let 'ya know.

Ms. Reyes and Ms. Williams at least made an attempt to speak to the point and both were genuinely passionate about their children.

To 7:05,
Looks like you posted anonymous also, so it must make you part of the scared bunch of people who don't want to show their face and speak.

hopefully we won't get anymore Lisa Dummers on the board.

Sara Lamnin just sounds so lame with her endorsement comments and her know how about the district. I finally got to see her and hear her and we are in trouble, she is very dumb on education. I do not think she knows any education issues. She never answer any of the questions at the demos and I am told she did not answer any at the APAPA. Is she always like that? Sara Lame will be like Lisa Dumber.

Ms. Lamnin boasted about her ability to bring groups together, especially non profit groups. She said she would use her contacts and abilities to bring in assistance to HUSD. I hope she understands that if any contract for services is involved with any of these agencies she cannot vote on it; or if there is a proposal for matching funds she must recuse herself. I hope she truly understands what a conflict of interest is and that she doesn't go to Armas for advice. He surely did not understand nor honor the conflict of interest policies of HUSD. He brought his contact in and then discussed the issue and then voted for their contract. I guess that is how we do it in Hayward.

KB says:
Speechmaking ability and soundbites do not make for an effective and educated board member. Ms Lamnin, et al, must understand that it takes 3 votes to make any decision in HUSD. There is no provision for one person to change policy, spend money, hire, fire, change cirriculum, no matter how passionate that one person is. Don't make promises that you cannot deliver upon.

Sara Lamnin's way of disagreen with reporting the affair that continues to damage our district.

Sara Lamnin said that she is looking for a way to approach the issue without “harming the students,” and discuss it in a “productive way.”

Yep she is lame, lol. I was in the APPA forum but not the demos and she was awful she sounded so much like all the new candidates that knows nothing. I think I will vote ONLY for Reynoso. I am fed up too just like 12:40
Does Sara know that anyone that gets elected they are only one vote? Where else can any trustee ask for an investigation of affair into vote colusion than in a board meetings. Sara Lamnin is dumb. Annette Walker is dumb too she offered nothing. Like someone said. We are in hell.

look for a way to approach the situation? just talk about it. condemn it right? that is all you have to do. or does she condone it? she must. makes sense. her and lisa brunner are friends and lisa condones it. i wonder if lisa and jesus slept together too?

will someone post the next forum? i missed the first two but it looks like i should attend to see whats going on.

Lamnin ran for city council an lost. now running for school board. why? Using it as a stepping stone to city council? Now the kids of Hayward will continue to be screwed.

If Sara Lamnin was runnning first for school board then city council would be different but not council than school. You are right. We are screwed. So many dumb people and she is just another one more.

In Ms. Lamnin's defense, I don't think she is dumb, she is just totally ignorant when it comes to education issues. In addition, I believe that she has been and is still unwilling to really study education budgets, board policy, the Brown Act, etc. She along with the other novice candidates do not understand or are unwilling to understand that one man one vote is just that and you need 3 to get anything done.

All of the current board members should be gone. Trouble is, there are NO good candidates to replace them. Poor Hayward Schools.

I think just because we got rid of a crook and sex addict Jesus Armas and his dumb hoe Maribel Heredia, it does not mean that Dr. Reynoso and Mr. McGee are not doing a great job. Which they are.
It takes lots of guts to take a stand against the crookedness in Hayward. I know that supporters of Armas an Heredia would like to have everyone go since they were forced out. Sour grapes is a bitch.

Sara Lamnin and Peter Bufete have been endorsed by...

Jesus Arams, Maribel Heredia, Francisco Zermeno, Barabara Halliday.

The true league of corruption.

Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia are good people. Why is this blog giving so much coverage to Reynoso. I think Reynoso is typing these blogs. Do you really believe what Reynoso said at the board meetings? He is promoting false stories from this Micky Mouse blog. Jesus and Maribel are great people with real integrity. I think it is time to really expose the culprit which is Reynoso. All of you have fallen for Reynoso's claim of corruption at the school district. Reason this out, if there was corruption the district attorney and grand jury would have already put the school district on notice, don't you think?

So how much did jesus pay you to write your little posting? Or are you one of his many ladies in waiting? The facts reported by Mr. Tavares are indesputable and Jesus and Maribele know it. They also know that this community, including the grand jury and the da, don't care about education or the children of this city.

11:45 you sound like Sara Lamnin and Peter Bufete

Integrity? what a joke to have Armas and Heredia in the same sentence. Doesn't matter if you think this site is Mickey Mouse, oh great journalistic sites that bestow the virtues of the mom who complained about lack of teacher credentials. Maribel Heredia has made her bed and now she must sleep in it! Armas, you don't know who you got involved with, she has helped you ruin your career. Move on to the next slut, save yourself.

does everyone who DOES NOT CARE for Reynoso and his stupid circular diatribes accused of being on Armas' payroll?

I, for one, am not.

I am tired of reynoso being hailed as a pariah. he is repetitive at best, a blathering arrogant idiot at worse.

Have you not noticed how he rudely "googles' everything while the speakers are talking? How he undermines and disrespects EVERY STAFF MEMBER??

Hey Steven, you should investigate this: Why has Reynoso been fired from EVERY SCHOOL DISTRICT he has ever worked for?

the whole armas/heredia thing is a smokescreen to hide reynoso's incompetence. anyone can ask stupid questions.

Maybe you're the one in bed with reynoso?

And while youre at it, can you get that cow terrazas to stop beating a dead horse?

someone get jim drake into AA

8:12 REYNOSO!!! it is you! you used "quite simple"

your trademark phrase

You are one sick puppy! Have you worked in every school district that Dr. Reynoso has worked in???? Do you understand what a pink slip is and that massive numbers of staff are issued pink slips during budget time? Do you understand that staff is rehired/kept due to tenure and senority? Clearly you don't. You try to make people think that a pink slip during budget times is a result of some nefarious action when it is simply something that is done on a regular basis. Ask any teacher you idiot.

Ms. Terrasas has done what every citizen should do, she has forced the Board and the Administration of HUSD to face their own weaknesses and called them to task for their underhanded, behind the scenes decision making. How about you come to the next board meeting, identify yourself and let all of us watching see what a name calling bully looks like. I wonder, are you a fat pig, horse, ass???

As for Mr. Drake, had you really been a watcher of the board meetings for the past few years, you would have known that Mr. Drake has explained that he has his own set of disabilities, having nothing to do with alcohol. I bet you are the bully who calls all challenged people retards!

What a piss poor example of humanity you are.

sick is as sick does ..my momma use to say
bu bye maribel heredia and jesus armas you next lisa bruner

11:59 is one of the 3 lisa bruner or maribel heredia or jesus armas

As I said before I am Reynoso. No wait I am Spartacus. It is quite simple that I am no one else but Spartacus. lol

Ann Terrasas and Jim Drake are what the entire community should be doing and that is keeping straight all politicians. We need more Terrasas and Drakes to keep on eye on all the Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredias of the community. Just wait until they start pouncing on the candidates for sounding just like the same corrupt politicians or Armas, Heredia and Bruner.

Go Ann Terrasas and Jim Drake we thank you for fighting for us.

11:59 needs to be deleted. Ann Terrasas and Jim Drake are not public officials to be called such names. I think 11:59 might be one of the guilty corrupt or the friend of the guilty corrupt.

Look at the time it was posted. Ms. Heredia and Mr. Armas had just left the board meeting..Seems to me to be another time for wondering if it was initiated by Ms. Heredia. She dispises Ms. Terrasas and Mr. Drake and has worked deligently to set Dr. Reynoso up at every meeting. Given her remarks earlier in the evening it might just be that she could not contain herself.


heredia is useless. she knows what retaliation is because she retaliates against people.

I agree with 5:11, I think it was Heredia that posted 11:59. What convinces me is the time of the post (just after the sb meeting) and that the poster sounds stupid (hailed as a pariah???). I am sure using words like "hailed" and "pariah" in proper context would be far beyond Heredia's abilities.

Great job Drake, Terrasas for doing the job that the community should be doing. They are not elected and have no obligation to get into this fight, but they do because it is the right thing to do. If more people had courage like Drake, Terrasas, Reynoso, McGee then maybe our schools would not be a crime against children as it is now.

We need to all do the right thing and vote REYNOSO ONLY in the upcoming election. Voting for others will only dilute Reynoso's support for the race.We need to make sure he gets in easily.

Bad news for Hayward I have heard all new candidates trying for the board and they all sound alike. All political speak and no answers. I do not think any of them have ever studied the district and its needs. John Taylor, Sara Lamnin, Heather Reyes, Peter Bufete, Wanda Williams, and Annet Walker. The picture of what happens when ignorance is admired. Good Luck Hayward and Good Luck Luis Reynoso and William McGee you are in for tough times.

Lamnin, Bufete, Taylor, Walker sound so authoritative but they say nothing. I still laugh on all the claim to endorsements some candidates made in the forums. These poor souls are lost.

I will vote for Reynoso and I pray that we get one day more people like him in all areas of government local, county, state, national, international.

Good board Job McGee and Reynoso and community Jim Drake and Ann Terassas.

Last meeting was grose Lisa Bruner needs to quit as she was talking as she was on medications. Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia good riddens and you will be remembered in shame of what you did to our district with your "love" affair and being crooks. Please leave now, as Reynoso said your votes along with your presence steadily damage the students.

Elsie sez VOTE FOR DR LUIS REYNOSO for HUSD Board of Education on Nov 6. :)

I wa going to comment on the pariah remark, and ask how does one hail a pariah? That definitely was Heredia, always trying to sound educated and only showing what a complete idiot she is. Trouble is there are not enough people who will confront her or Armas in a public forum.

Mr. Tavares:
If you are checking this blog story, then I want to say how sorry I am that you were unable to cover the HUSD board meeting on Wednesday. There was much for you to write about. Perhaps you can look at the video and do a follow up based upon it. Be forewarned that it was a long meeting not ending until close to midnight. Aarmas was in his usual form as was Heredia. Disgust for the community wreeked from their mouths at every opportunity. Please review the video.

At the remarks for the offensive posting at 11:59

"hailed as a pariah" I think that it could be any of Jesus Armas, Lisa Bruner or Maribel Heredia all three practice very poor vocabulary rules. Did any of them get a college degree?

ranking the stupidity.

lisa brunner is the dumbest of them all. followed by a tie between heredia and armas. armas is a slight bit dumber than heredia.

hope the school district can turn around.

Armas is not dumb nor is he stupid. He is very bright but his addiction to power and desire for control leaves him believeing he is beyond accountability. He cannot handle any critical debate because he cannot consider that anyone could be as right as he is. He is successful in getting things done but unsuccessful in handling relationships. This takes place when one is morally corrupt. 'nough said.

Absolutely couldn't have put it any better. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

Debate Jesus Armas...he is quite stupid.
Dumb is as dumb does ... my moma use to say..

As an out of town visitor (also in education) it is a said day when two grown adults (Armas and Heridia) whose job it is to work for public education, have nothing better to do with their time (or their families for that matter) than to drop their pants and get it on. Isn't there something else you are getting paid to do? I don't know, maybe make policies and changes so that our future voters will make better choices than to elect you two sickos into public office. Just a thought.... Next time, don't mix business and pleasure, at the expense of the students in Hayward.

Heredia took her son, her daughter, and her daughter's boyfriend to LA? Did the miss any school? And if the daughter's boyfriend went, where are his parents? Maybe Heredia's daughteris following in her footsteps.

As an out of town visitor (also in education) it is a SAD day when two grown adults (Armas and Heredia) whose job it is to work for public education, have nothing better to do with their time (or their families for that matter) than to drop their pants and get it on. Isn't there something else you are getting paid to do? I don't know, maybe make policies and changes so that our future voters will make better choices than to elect you two sickos into public office. Just a thought.... Next time, don't mix business and pleasure, at the expense of the students in Hayward.

"Go back home... out of town visitor."

Nice, come back. Don't hate me 'cause you know I'm right.

Out of town visitor is correct. I don't want u to leave, but when you do please take brunner heredia armas and all the new candidates with you.

brunner is outright stupid and just plain dumb. heredia doesn't read her packets or contribute to conversations. her deposition proved that. armas is just repulsive and wants to be in control. he is dumb like lisa.

you have stupid people like this in your town visitor?

I think every town has stupid people like Armas+Heredia+Lisa. But in most places you would find that once the scandal is discovered or uncovered, the powers above put pressure for resignations to restore the town's credibility. However, in Hayward, you have this perfect storm of immigrants, corrupt politicians filling their pockets with the money coming in to help those in need, and then the poor working working class who are stuck.

Amazing that nothing has been done by the higher ups on this issue. I have no respect for anyone who has power in Hayward, for the Hayward superintendant and now even Alameda officials for letting this slip by. Those people that Maribel Hardadia mention early on that supported her cause, where are you? Would you stand beside her now, knowing that she is a mistress and couldn't keep her legs closed to finish the business at hand? And for her to have the audacity to come before the community she represents and blatantly lie about where she was when her children were not in school? Hold your head up high Maribel, doesn't matter that you know what your thinking everytime you sit down behind that placard that says BOARD OF TRUSTEES. You too Senor Armas, or should we now call you captain "underpants", cause you couldn't keep them on!

We shouldn't have to wait until their term is over, they have disgraced this community and their families, we need them to resign NOW! Please keep the pressure on and even after they are replaced, share the information so that they can see that our Hayward community has power too.

"A Moreau Catholic High School education facilitates the formation of qualities such as integrity, justice, stewardship, love, compassion, and hope. We educate students to become people of values as well as scholars.
As a community of faith, we believe a Holy Cross education is centered in Christian values and adheres to high standards and expectations for individual achievement and social responsibility.Moreau Catholic is part of a 160 year legacy of Catholic education, tradition and values. The board of trustees is charged with the responsibility to assure that the school is governed and administered within the heritage and expectations of Holy Cross educational standards."

STILL A MEMBER OF Board of Trustees:
Mr. Jesus Armas

Can you imagine paying to send your kid to a school that has Armas on the board? At least HUSD is free.

BTW, going back to 11:59, it is definitely Maribel. She and other board members would be the only one who can watch him google. audience cannot see what he is doing on his computer. Maribel has a gift for frequent and high impact self humiliation and disgrace. I feel sorry for the kids of HUSD and Reynoso and McGee who have to put up with her.

Jesus Armas, Maribel Heredia and Lisa bruner are the biggest cry babies and the dumbest I have ever seen in a school board. They cannot understand how wrong they are and how little they know of education. This community needs to get them out. I am so happy I do not send my kids to hayward schools.

Armas & Heredia get of town. I never want to see your faces again. You don't deserve to live in Hayward. You have both proven to be the biggest loosers and embarrassment to the citizens of Hayward. You should never never be allowed around children and youth. Good bye. Good riddens.

everything luis says is not always spot on! I know you are frustrated with HUSD but terrasas and drake

If you think you can do a better job of exposing the corruption in HUSD then go for it. If you think that things are all rosey in the district you are one ignorant fool. I bellieve that Ms. Terrasas was pointing out that HUSD is one of few districts that have an antiquated system that is called a pre 1965 commission. As such there is much room for commissioners remaining in their positions for decades. No system benefits from having the same ole same ole for years and years. There was a time when HUSD's commissioners had been there for 20+ years or more. Just as we seem to think that the board of education needs new blood and new ideas so does the personnel commission. In the city of Hayward personnel commissioners may not sere more than 2 terms. Perhaps that is what should be done for HUSD's personnel commission. Educate yoursel 10:53 before you snipe at others!!!!!

these are the commissioners that gave katherine benson an elevated job title that also came with an elevated pay raise. i was at the meeting when the one personnel commissioner said "if anyone has a problem with it, they need to come talk to me." these personnel commissioners are as crooked and corrupt as armas heredia and brunner.

If the last two comments are true, what is the job of the District Superintendent then and why do we pay them so much?

I heard that Lisa Glover Garder had a favor for her child done through some deal with the powers that be, and she is now another pupppet with the holy powers. Just another flake in the political cesspool to screw the classified people who have earned their positions and been demoted or lost ther jobs. Thank you kiss-ass

Lisa Glover of the personnel commission is a kiss ass for return favors. Corruption is right.

I heard Kathy the Personnel director is under The Commission and not the Board that is bull crap. She is a classified employee just like any other employee except no permanent status contracted only !
The Commission may appoint her from the eligibility list which has to be approved by the board like all other hires, classified or not !
see Education code 45264, towards the bottom.



Thank you Mrs Terrasas for your personal strength and longtime commitment to improve Hayward schools for the students. Keep fighting for us. We are afraid to come forward for fear for retaliation and reprisals.

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