Saturday, September 15, 2012

Democrats Overwhelmingly Endorse Valle Over Hayashi For Alameda County Supe

ELECTION '12//ALCO SUPERVISOR DIST 2 | Despite reports Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi had lobbied Alameda County Democrats hard for a no-endorsement in her race for supervisor, the party overwhelming voted to back the re-election of District 2 Supervisor Richard Valle.

Valle, appointed to the seat last June to replace Nadia Lockyer, easily garnered the requisite 60 percent of the central committee members Saturday night with 26 of 33 votes, or 79 percent. Hayashi won five votes, while two members pushed for a no-endorsement.

Alameda County Democrats met for nearly 10 hours Saturday to finalize endorsements for races and measures from across the East Bay, but the most highly-anticipated decision featured one of the first face-to-face match ups between Valle and Hayashi. Union City Mayor Mark Green and Mark Turnquist two other candidates also in the race, but not up for the party's imprimatur.

During the interview process, Hayashi called herself the "most qualified candidate running in this race," but most committee members appeared more poised to hear her comments regarding the infamous January conviction for shoplifting. In fact, when the question was read aloud, a distinct murmur rose throughout the meeting room at party headquarters in Hayward.

"I went through a really negative press cycle," said Hayashi, "and I paid a price." She alluded to the possibility of Valle using the shoplifting charge against her during the campaign, but characterized the incident as a "honest human mistake that I paid for." Citing her own research data, Hayashi indicating voters, instead, want to talk about job creation.

Some committee members also appeared wary of rumors Hayashi, if she wins this November, may run for state Senate in 2014. She denied the rumor, however, saying it would be no different than Valle abandoning his mayoral race in Union City this year to apply for county supervisor.

Valle opened his remarks Saturday afternoon showing more excitement in his speech and delivery and addressed the crowd with supporters in tow, including leaders from the local building trades union and labor council, along with Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney. As Valle rattled off  the names of his of endorsers, Hayashi was seen grinning widely. She later said she won her Assembly seat in 2006 without an extensive endorsement list and can do it, again. "I don't do window-dressing campaigns," Hayashi said. "I go to the voters."

Both candidates showed particular interest in using health care as a catalyst for their campaigns. Valle noted offering seven county initiatives in his first three months in office and touted his work in finding a potential new operator for beleaguered St. Rose Hospital in Hayward and working with Kaiser Permanente for a clinic in South Hayward.

Hayashi, who began her rise to Sacramento through health care, explained the extensive roll out of Obamacare in the next two years will involve greater participation at the county-level. "I will fight for our fair share," she said.

While some Hayward and Tri Cities officials grumble over the perception Valle is not showing enough outward effort thus far in his re-election campaign, he showed renewed vigor with a almost rousing stump speech to end his interview. Although Valle noted competing against Hayashi's large war chest is an obstacle, he vowed to run a determined campaign. "We are stickers and we are staying around," he said. To which, Hayashi replied, "Don't get too close. I don't want to get sticked."

Later in the evening, when Valle and Hayashi were long gone, committee members discussing the party's endorsement rationalized Valle's long commitment to provide union jobs and Latino heritage were a greater fit in the district's large Hispanic demographic. However, 18th Assembly District committee member Marga Lacabe, was the only voice to direct an opinion against Hayashi and her past troubles. "She has brought shame to the Democratic Party," said Lacabe, and the party should hold her accountable for her actions. "Endorsing her would be endorsing her actions."


  1. Big Shot Nick,

    who is "WE"?

  2. Do we dare ask Mary to explain "really negative press cycle"?

    My interpretation is: "I'm the victim, and you need to feel sorry for me".

    This women is completely clueless!

    At least a majority of the ALCO Dem Comm. didn't buy it. Does anyone know who on the Comm. did vote for Mary?

  3. Mary looked good in that suit. I would do her. For sure.

  4. 9:29,

    I do hope you are joking...other wise, you may want to seek medical attention and check for brain tumors.

  5. I am still going to vote for Mary Hayashi. Valle and Green are worse choices.

  6. At least consider a write-in. Not Ho-yashi!

  7. Sticky Fingers Hayashi-she "doesn't do window dressing," she just steals window dressing. Move Mary far, far, far away.

  8. Didn't Democratic Committee member Lacabe pass her self off as a lawyer, when she hasn't passed the bar to get votes? Birds of a feather. I wouldn't vote for Mary or Lacabe.

  9. By MW:

    It seems to really be a two person race, in other words between Valle and Hayashi, and with any of the other candidates unlikely to win. While I don't know very much about Valle, however he does seem to be a decent person, or at least based on the "standards" of politics. (How is that for faint praise?)

    But on the other hand I consider Mary Hayashi to be such an extreme joke, that therefore anybody who would vote for her might as well instead just ask to have Nadia Lockyer reinstalled as the Supervisor.

    However there is one good thing about Mary Hayashi. In other words she talks about job creation, and her presence definitely would cause plenty of job creation for security guard positions in high class department stores.

  10. John, I have to point out what has turned out to be an all too common error with the press. I must say I am mystified as to why almost nobody seems to get it right.

    Valle is standing for ELECTION, not re-election. Thus far he has not been elected to the board. He was APPOINTED, and now has chosen to stand for ELECTION. If he is successful and then runs in two years, that will be the time to note 're-election.' Can't do it a second time when you haven't had the first go-around.

    Also, interesting that for all of his supposed support and endorsements, neither of his colleagues Keith Carson nor Scott Haggerty are supporting him. They are very prominently missing from Valle's endorsers along with every other present county official save the two supervisors who most often do the unions' bidding. Speaks volumes.

  11. Mary may try a early mailer burst, timed to come out prior to the expected assault.

    If she can bank some early mail in ballots she could make those votes safe.

    From the Chronicle
    "In 2008, just over 41 percent of voters passed up polling places to vote at home.
    More recently, in the June primary, 65 percent of voters cast ballots by mail, state records show."

    Some of the mailers "smearing" Mary (as Mary puts it), had better come out early to not miss those early voters.

  12. My apologies. I meant to write Steve, not John, two posts back.

  13. Maybe it "speaks volumes" about how scared they are of Hayashi?

  14. Mary seems to consistently claim that she made a mistake and has learned from it.

    A mistake is accidently putting too much sugar in your coffee. A crime is intentionally going into a store - on more than one occasion - to steal merchandise.

    Mary committed an intentional crime. Maybe she thinks her mistake was getting caught.

  15. So, Hayashi now says she made a mistake and she doesn't have a brain tumor? She's basically admitting she did shoplift. But, there are still voters who are willing to cast a vote to put her in office in charge of our tax dollars? Amazing!

  16. Such a sweet face, beautiful smile, just plaster that face on those slick handouts and she will pull in enough votes to win. Throw in some pot holders, maybe some free plants and that's icing on the cake. She's right about the endorsements. They only count if you care about those who are endorsers. Being a lone wolf, especially a nice looking lone wolf will be sufficient to win this seat. Besides, Mike Sweeney is over rated. He is known for saying no to everything so he has lost support. Mary will win two to one.

  17. Where do they stand on the HUSD issues that are impacting the children in their district?!


    1. They are all buddies, how are things supposed to get better? You just interchange one idiot for another, look at Mari Heredia's friend list, Nasty Lockyer, Hayashi, Jesus Armpits, things will never change unless they all go away!
      Hey Maribel, like the saying goes, tell me who you run with and I'll tell you who you are!

  18. He is the lesser of two evils.

  19. He who is without sin cast the first vote.Vote, stone whatever. Go Mary.

  20. Let he who is without a felony arrest cast a ballot against Hayashi, and that would be almost every voter in District 2.

  21. Steve, just for the fun of it can you post a picture of Vale and Sweeney next to each other? They look a lot a like. There is something goofy about that but I can't put my fingers on it. Anyone have a suggestion? It can't be the water can it?

  22. You think they look alike? I don't know. Valle has far superior facial hair.

  23. Steve, please use Mary's mugshot as often as you can. Thanks

  24. sweene and valle are clones

  25. This just begs the question, who voted to endorse her?

  26. Her shoplifitng was a big problem and I pretty much ruled her out.

    Then I got a call - probably a 'push poll' - but it alerted me to look at her and she did appear to be otherwise a pretty reasonable progressive in her views, and I had to say I'd think she would be preferable to someone more to the center/right.

    Mark Green appeared pretty unattractive for his 'centrist' orientation.

    I hadn't really heard of Valle, but he seems to be well enough supported by the Democratic insiders, to have union support, has his role in charge of the recycling company, his staff is representing him as concerned about low cost healthcare.

    He's sounding like the best pick currently. I don't see a lot in this thread to influence that.