Friday, September 21, 2012

Did Chris Crow Lie About His Warrant For Pot Possession?

ELECTION ‘12//SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL DIST 4 | San Leandro city council candidate Chris Crow on Thursday confirmed on San Leandro Patch, he had a received a citation for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana in 2009.

The existence of the citation was reported Wednesday in The Citizen after San Leandro Police denied Crow a ride-along with officer after the citation, upgraded to a warrant, was discovered in a routine background check. Crow admitted to the ticket and told the online news site,

“I’m sorry that I got this citation (and) I have smoked weed before. It’s not something that I’m proud of. I don’t smoke it anymore.” Crow said he quit smoking marijuana sometime before being appointed to the city’s planning commission by Councilwoman Ursula Reed in 2010.

However, when Crow was asked to comment on the veracity of the report in The Citizen detailing the discovery, he called the allegation “incorrect.” When pressed Thursday over what part of the report was erroneous, he declined to comment.

Crow’s inclination for using the San Leandro Patch site as a de facto campaign web site, featuring clearly targeted policy blog postings, including highly favorable posts from a campaign advisor and even press releases is becoming a cause for concern for the site’s perception of objectivity. At Wednesday night's candidates forum, Crow went as far as direct voters to his collection of postings on the Huffington Post-owned site.

The muddling of news gathering and public officials is somewhat of a recent and discouraging tradition in San Leandro, where one of the school board’s long-time trustees has written a news blog while treading a fine line between news and government propaganda.

In the Patch article regarding Crow’s pot citation, for instance, the lack of independence is no more noticeable than the lone comment in support of Crow from current Councilwoman Pauline Cutter. “I did not know about the pot incident, but that doesn’t change my opinion,” she told Patch. But, did she tell the reporter Crow use to date her daughter?


Jessie Cutter is Pauline Cutter's daughter.

Crow could be Pauline Cutter's future son-in-law.

It's very clear Chris Crow disrepects the law.

He lies over lies like a tangled spider web.

Mike Katz is(Husband of Marga Katz-Lacabe)one of the trustees in SL school board has written a news blog (San Leandro Bytes) treading a fine line between news and government propaganda - Conflict of Interests?

Chris Crow's campaign advisor is Marga Katz-Lacabe, claimed is a lawyer, failed her Bar Exam.

Sounds like to me, Pauline Cutter (one of our SL city Councils) supports liars, disconcerns law violations.

How can Chris Crow makes positive changes to SL, when he can't even handles his own agenda.

Crow indeed lied; he is an irresponsible person overall.

Unemployed Chris Crow lies about the whole incident and has the nerve to try to think you will believe his justification on Patch.

I won't support any candidate who supports marijuana dispensaries and/or smokes marijuana.

Soo let me see if I got this straight..

When tiny used the EBcitizen as a platform to promote his campaign it was ok but when Chris crow uses the patch it shows that the patch is biased and untrustworthy??

I smell hypocrisy...

Well, you see, Patch has a psychotic cyber stalker - who looks you up on voter database, asks where you live and questions your real name and identity.

I'm sure we're all familiar with her.

Psycho blogger.

No other candidates are writing their own articles for self-promoting and campaigning, except Chris Crow.

Ha! Who is Tiny? Tim Holmes? I've never had a politician write an article on this site. And I'm so worried that you think what he is doing on Patch is okay or some sort of brilliant political strategy. You believe in dangerous things.

Who is Humpty Dumpty? Marga Lacabe?

Who is Humpty Dumpty, Jr.? Chris Crow?

Both unemployed candidates, Chris Crow and Morgan Mack-Rose, are career politicians with no proven of records in any kinds of experiences in real business. Big talks no actions!

This guy lies so much that all of his lies become reality in his deceiving mind

Endorsement withdrawal? Don't see wilma chan alameda county supervisor on Crow's endorsement recap...

A 104 feet wind turbine is "a such turn off" in the middle of the city, since San Leandro is for alike silicon valley city.

One side of town is metropolitan area and the other corner of town is hillbillies hanging out with wind turbines, cows, and horses. Make sure to wear your cowboy boots and outfits, so cool!

Please be tasteful!

I will not vote for candidates that lie easily, disobey the authority, and are lazy looking for jobs.

No, he's not lazy, spent long hours in library, still unemployed - just bad luck.. yeah, yap, very smart.

When Pauline Cutter was running against Corina Lopez, some neighbors saw Chris Crow removed Lopez's lawn sign. Evidence of Crow's charactor!

To SL Time Editor:

This week San Leandro Times has three candidate pictures on the paper, why only three candidates? The rest of them decided not to run anymore?

Wonder why Loser Crow still remains unemployed, Crow claims he is the only candidate has the solutions. HE IS THE ONLY ONE DON'T HAVE A JOB!

Oh, about Mack-Rose, job? She knows it all too.

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