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Family Member Says Heredia Is Lying About Reason For Missed School Board Meeting

HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD SCANDAL | A family member of the deceased great-grandmother referenced last week by Hayward school board member Maribel Heredia as an excuse for missing a board meeting Aug. 21, says she is lying.

“If Maribel Heredia is in fact stating that she went to be with the family, then Maribel Heredia is lying and it is completely disgusting and sick to use such a reason as an excuse for her vacation,” said the family member related to Heredia’s ex.

Maribel Heredia, Jesus Armas
At the Sept. 12 school board meeting, Heredia apologized for missing the previous meeting due to a death in her children’s family on their father’s side. In the days after the Aug. 22 absence, a screen shot of Heredia’s personal Facebook page showed postings in the Newport Beach area of Southern California. The preponderance of the evidence suggested to some the sojourn was a late summer vacation.

“I can state with 100 percent certainty that Maribel Heredia did not come close to the hospital, the home, nor the family,” said the relative. “She did not contact, nor provide support with anyone in the family.”

The explanation for Heredia’s absence has angered relatives in Southern California, who, according to the source, had huddled in a constant around-the-clock bedside vigil during the final days of the grandmother's life. According to the family member, her health had been in decline following a stroke in late July. Although she was steadily improving, the grandmother passed away two weeks ago.

“I spent many days and nights at the hospital and we have gone through some really difficult times as my grandmother was our family matriarch, respected and very much loved,” said the family member. “I know exactly who was there and who was not. I will be honest to say that our family does not like her and are glad that she is not even distantly connected to our family anymore. If she had showed her face at the hospital, which, I don't even think she would because she is so selfish and uncaring, we would have turned her away in a second.”

The allegation Heredia may have lied about the reasons surrounding her whereabouts around the Aug. 22 meeting adds to a growing number of misdeeds for the school board member in the final months of her first term in office. After news of a secret affair with fellow board member Jesus Armas was reported in late July, both sitting trustees chose not to run for re-election to their seats this November. Neither has publicly denied the allegation, in part, contained in romantically-tinged text messages provided to The Citizen.

Two other school board members have also asserted Armas and Heredia may have colluded on a vote this summer to reinstate a Hayward High School principal. This additional allegation may bolster the argument the secret affair may have crossed over into potential violations of the state’s sunshine laws.

In addition, another report also showed Heredia stated last May in a sworn deposition given to attorneys in her custody fight with her ex-fiance that she does not read the school board agendas and leans on another unnamed trustee to instruct her on how to vote. In the meantime, the board’s majority headed by Armas and aided by school district staff, has stifled any investigations or official discussions into the growing list of alleged indiscretions on the Hayward school board.


From AT...
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Mr Tavares. You are my HERO!

Well Ms. Heredia has now committed a fraudulent act in an attempt to be paid for missing a meeting. At the very least it is a violation of her fiduciary duty to her elected position. The time has come for her to be confronted at every turn in the road.

She has now shown our students how to cheat, collude, sex-text on her mobile phone, and lie to receive payment for her personal choice not to attend a meeting. With role models like her our children in HUSD should go far in this world!

So now will there be an investigation of her actions as a Trustee???? I bet not, because evil protects evil.

By MW:

If the allegations is this article are true, then I know what would be the perfect job for Maribel Heredia. In other words, they should make her a professor of ethics at a law school and where she could teach and instruct the embezzlers, money launderers, thieves, ambulance chasers, and professional pathological liars of the future in "proper" procedure.

In fact if I should ever start a law school, then I will make her and John Edwards my head professors in the department of ethics.


NOBODY in the HUSD community cares enough to really bring the fire to her feet. There will be no one there at the next board meeting to confront her except the same 3 or 4 who have the courage to do it, time after time. I thank Mr. Tavares for continuing to inform the public of this fiasco we call the work of the Board of Education. With the exception of Dr. Reynoso, none of them will speak up or challenge this worm.

And everyone forgets....she did NOT have her children in school for the first few days. School is not important? From the first day????

Apparantly not 6:37...but at least she did not cost the district ADA 'cuz the count for the state isn't done until later. Guess she knows something that board members should know...only problem is the idea is that you make sure all children are in their seats the first day of school so they don't miss a precious moment.

So the person Heredia, who does not read the minutes, voted for the removal of 8 administrators at the March 7, 2012 board meeting. Not for incompetence but because of dirty politics !!! Great Job Tavares!!!!!

why does the article say family member? why not list the family member's name? give it more credibility.

Went back and reviewed the video of the last board meeting, she doesn't exactly say she was with the great grandmother but she does imply with her words and lack of clarification to the audience, and she'll get paid. People have offered her "condolences" for her loss? Are you kidding? ethics=zero, integrity=zero, decency=zero Don't get fooled.

lisa brunner wont believe this article! but she does believe in unicorns and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Bylaws of the Board BB 9200(a) MEMBERS

Limits of Board Members Authority

The Governing Board has broad but clearly limited powers. The exercise of its authority is restricted to the functions required or permitted by law, and then only when it acts in a legally constituted meeting.

The Board is the unit of authority. Apart from the normal function as part of the unit, the Board member has no individual authority.

Individually, the Board member may not commit the district to any policy, act or expenditure.

The Board member cannot do business with the district served, nor should the Board member have an interest in any contract with the school district in general.

The Board member does not represent any factional segment of the community, but is rather a part of the body which represents and acts for the community as a

No individual member of the Board, by virtue of holding office, shall exercise any administrative responsibility with respect to the schools; nor, as an individual, command the services of any school employee.

No members of the Board shall be asked to perform any routine or clerical duties which may be assigned to an employee, nor shall any Board member become an
employee of his/her district while serving on the Board.

Board members who visit schools of their own volition have no more authority than any other citizen.

Board members have authority only in regularly called meetings of the Board, or when delegated specific tasks by Board action.

Obligations of Members

Members of the Board must endeavor to attend all meetings, study all materials presented with the agenda prior to attending the meeting, participate in the discussion of any items which come before the Board, and vote on all motions and resolutions, abstaining only for compelling reasons.

The Board member should not subordinate the education of children and youth to any partisan principle, group interest, or the member's own personal interest.

The Board member should be prepared and willing to devote a sufficient amount of time to the study of the problems of education in the district, the state, and the nation in order to interpret them to the people of the district.

Not legitimate. How do we know if this is a real family member? Could be fake.

If this doesn't get Heredia removed from the Board, nothing will.

Sign the petition at www.change.org - search for "Heredia". We need to have her immediately removed from the Board and pay back the District for her last meeting.


Oh yeah, we're still playing along that all these posts are from "haters" and we're just creating scandals because two love struck individuals that care so much for children wouldn't do anything to hurt anyone except their families. Sure, keep telling yourself that they are innocents. Scary how much power is behind them.

How much compensation is given for these people to attend a meeting? $by the hour or a set fee, was it worth it for her and the attention it is getting? Mari Hereedia's FB posts are enough to show where here priorities were in late August. Perhaps Armas was hiding in the closet or under the bed at the hotel. So gross.

Board members are paid $400 per month. This stipend is based upon the total enrollment k-12 of a district. For someone like Dr. Reynoso or Mr. McGee and all of the work that they do,it does not equal money for time. But for Heredia it is a cush way for her to put more money in her pocket, given how little time she spends a board meetings.

8 of the 9 administrators released were either motioned or seconded by Heredia. I requested the vote breakdown via the PRA and received a copy of the minutes only! Heredia and Wu Fernandez conspired to oust certain administrators that challenged them regarding their illegal activities!!!!

Not making excuses for their horrible behavior, but I know if it is a true source, a name will be revealed. And why does the source want to be confidential if they don't like Heredia?

5:07 reduce your count by 1 Bullis is still screwing up children's lives at Hayward High

School boardmembers get $400.a month plus medical benefits and maybe retirement too!

How stupid can this woman be? She admits she does not read her agendas and then posts pictures of her "late summer vacation" on her Facebook page. Not to forget her email about buying underware. Poor school kids in Hayward, they don't have a chance.

Oh yeah! Fake family members Jesus? Really? Her family hates her, just like your family hates you! This is coming from one of YOUR anonymus family members. I'm just too embaraces to admit I'm related to you or maybe to protect Jeanne & the kids. I can't wait till I get the chance to tell you what I think of Chey Armpits! Bastard!

The bitch can't even read! I'm surprised she can text. Maribel if you can read this put your chonies back on and take care of your kids before they turn out like your sorry ass!


The worst Hayward has to offer.

Armas/Heredia/Bufete and Sara Lamin..these are all the political hack machine by products.

And Lisa Dummer is the worst of the worst

So now is Armas, Heredia, Bufete, Lamnin, Bruner. We will get what we deserve if these people continue to be a position that leads education. We are in hell.


A.Garrido from Newark, right there in the comments.

the benefits part explains a lot, will someone sign her up for medi-cal so she can go away!

Chey Arpits take you chonchiless Mari Hardon and get lost.
Marinel Heredia is an embarrassment to her family and so is Jesus Armas. Those two sick sexual weirdos need to go away from our kids and take Lisa Bruner with you.

What ever happened to the overpaid stipends of previous board members based on a higher enrollment? $$$$$$$$ had wings.

sick is as sick does ..my momma use to say
bu bye maribel heredia and jesus armas

I finally got to read this article that Terrasas partly read on the school board. Why is Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia still on the board?

so there won't be anymore "impromtu meetings" at the motel 6 or in the parking lot outside the boardroom now that it is all out in the open, right? Dirty scum.

chucho chuy Armas I am you anonymous family and I will see you soon to tell you how much you have embarrassed your wife and kids you scum.
Mari and Chucho the 2 scums in Hayward.

Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia two stupid and imoral losers.

Armas & Heredia get of town. I never want to see your faces again. You don't deserve to live in Hayward. You have both proven to be the biggest loosers and embarrassment to the citizens of Hayward. You should never never be allowed around children and youth. Good bye. Good riddens.

Chuy Jesus Armas and Mari Heredia the most disgusting love couple in Hayward. I wonder what their families and kids think about them. An ugly looking stupid ms piggy with an ugly looking stupid grose mr midget rat.
Your family here posting anonymously freak sick people that you are.

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