Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Has Richard Valle Really Never Killed A Fly?

ELECTION '12//ALCO SUPERVISOR DIST 2 | A reporter’s rule of thumb says, if a subject wants to talk, then let them talk and don’t you dare stop them. Sometimes the subject will take the conversation into a bizarre place.

Last week, it wasn’t a reporter who asked Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle about his beliefs in religion, but a young girl who posed the question Sept. 21 at a forum in Hayward. The backdrop for the gathering at the former Westminster Hills Church featured a large crucifix behind the three District 2 supervisor candidates in attendance, Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, Mark Turnquist and Valle.

As a practicing Buddhist, Valle’s answer should not surprise you. Here he describes his non-profit recycling company’s philosophy on life:

“At Tri-CED, when we do a tour with our young people, one of the things we talk about is when you walk through Tri-CED, you see stray cats, occasionally a mouse, sometimes a rat, pigeons and hawks. And we have a tendency to strike out—even after a fly,” said Valle in his low, monotone voice."

The philosophy at Tri- CED is: you can’t take a life unless you can replace it. You don’t have the right to take a life unless you can replace it. So, no matter what it is, an ant, a snail, a bug, you don’t take its life because it is connected to the universe and we are all part of the universe and there is a real connection between all of humanity and all of them.”

A couple questions come to mind, some facetious and some pertinent. First, is it plausible to believe Valle has never killed even a fly? And, second, why are there rodents scurrying around the grounds
of Tri-CED? Sounds like an epidemic. Sounds like an expose!


  1. I dunno about insects but he was pretty cutthroat in getting the BOS appointment.

  2. Aqui! Aqui!

    Call vector control--mucho pronto!!

  3. So what does he think about teen pregnancy and a woman's right to choose?

  4. Sounds like you drank too much of your own cool aid....again, Headline Fly Story FAIL!!

  5. By MW:

    In the modern USA we are in much more danger from the two legged rats, in other words fron the lawyers and the politicians, than we are from the four legged rats.

  6. what about a politician such as Hayashi that is already a two legged rat?