Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hayward School Board Member May Be Paid For Controversial Absence From Last Meeting

HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD SCANDAL | Apparently Hayward school board member Maribel Heredia has a note from home.

Following her conspicuous absence from the school board's last meeting, Aug. 22, due to a family emergency in Southern California, the district's superintendent plans to offer a resolution Wednesday excusing the absence and allowing Heredia to be paid for the missed meeting.

However, last month, Heredia's family emergency appeared to have also been a late summer vacation, according to postings on her Facebook page and reported in The Citizen.

Heredia's unknown family emergency just two days before the first day of school was not remarked upon on her Facebook page. Instead, she wrote Aug. 21 from the Marriott Newport Coast Villas in Newport Beach, "In the pool, one last time b4 the kids go back to school."

Hayward school Superintendent Dr. Donald Evans reported during the board's last meeting of Heredia's emergency in response to a resident who challenged the board to withhold her pay. Heredia has also been chronically late for board meetings recently and in another East Bay Citizen report admitted in a court deposition she does not read the board's agenda packet. It is also alleged Heredia and fellow board member Jesus Armas also engaged in a then-unknown affair. Both declined to seek re-election to the school board this November after the revelations became public in late July.

In a memo from Evans to the board contained in the agenda for this Wednesday night's meeting, he references the board's bylaws regarding the requirements for payment of services following missed meetings. They include illness, jury duty and the vaguely written "hardship deemed acceptable by the Board of Education." The resolution offered for approval by the board states Heredia meets the criteria for an excused absence.


Of course Heredia will be paid for her continued neglect of duty. Armas, Brunner and Heredia herself will vote yes. If Heredia was an ethical person (which we all know she isn't) she would not even ask to be paid in the first place. Additionally, she would not participate in a vote to pay herself which in itself is a conflict of interest.

Perhaps there will be bodies in the audience tomorrow who will let their voices be heard regarding this scum bag and her continued disrespect of the students and staff of HUSD. I won't hold my breath though.

If Maribel Heredia was really ethical she will request that her agenda be removed from the meeting. Jesus Armas needs to remove him self from voting too because both are love partners that have destroyed their families for their affair.

Watch the HUSD BOE meeting tomorrow night at 6:30pm. I will do my best to make Heredia, Armas and Brunner uncomfortable!

is heredia going to be at the meeting? she may not even show up. she is so unreliable. if brunner votes for her to be excused, brunner needs to excuse herself from the board permanently. if she doesnt i will help with the recall.

Interested to see just how many people show up to speak up about this. If history holds, 3-5 max. That's why the District keeps doing what it's doing. No one except Reynoso and McGee are trying to hold anyone accountable.

If people don't come out to the board meeting to show their total disgust for Heredia, then it will be business as usual for her and Armas and Brunner. Sit up on their dias, look down upon people, treat the public like dogs, treat McGee and Dr. Reynoso like second class citizens and continue to spend spend spend on things that do not help students or teachers. Oh well, I guess that is what this community wants. Silence is not golden, it simply says you don't care.

By MW:

Considering that she is nothing but a totally useless stooge, robot, zombie, and puppet on a string, and in fact who has even openly admitted that sometimes she merely votes the way other people tell her to vote, therefore I think it would be in the best interests of the students in Hayward and their parents, and also the overall city of Hayward, and actually also save a lot of tax dollars in the long run, if an agreement could be worked out in which her pay would be quadrupled for every meeting she misses and that she also be paid absolutely nothing for every meeting she attends.

In other words, having her involved in structuring educational policy is somewhat similar to if a restaurant had working in its kitchen an employee who regularly put poison in the food.

So definitely do not make it in her financial interest to attend meetings - instead, make it in her financial interest to stay out of any involvement with education and the school district.

Time for the board meeting! Jesus Armas is absent!

How can you run a circus without the ring master?

Send in the clowns, I think the clowns are smarter than the ringmaster.

Armas showed up in time to make sure Heredia got paid. Who did she say died?

Chien can't answer a simple question?! That data is available! Chien was taught to give the board as little information as possible, lie on command, say she'll bring it to the next meeting, never gives the board members what was asked for. SOS

Ask for enrollment data month by month, just because the superintendent says the students went to the adult school does not mean they went. Don't forget to count the ones told they are expelled or kicked out and never returned!

At last night’s board of education trustee meeting…Heredia said she was absent from the August 22 board meeting because she went to SoCal to be with her children’s paternal grandmother. She informed the audience that the grandmother died last week. As I read the EBCitizen live tweets of the board meeting, I learned that “Heredia traveled to SoCal to be with her ex-fiance's family. The guy who alleges she cheated on him with Armas.” WOW! I checked out her Facebook page Tuesday night and found lots of great photos of her activities while in SoCal. Nowhere did she mention that the children’s grandmother was ill and needed our prayers and good thoughts. But there were lots of photos showing where Heredia was drinking her morning latte, a map of the Chino Hills in Los Angeles, a photo of the sunset near Huntington Beach, and a summer memories collage near Newport Beach. Never any mention of visiting with grandmother at home or in a hospital. Very very suspicious. I am suspicious because she can tell the worst lies with a straight face. She is great at bringing on a few tears for compassion and to make her stories believable. I don’t buy it!

Once again the school district staff defied the board. While Reynoso was telling the staff to do their jobs, Dr. Mark Miller rolled his eyes. After the meeting, I gave Dr. Miller his first warning and informed him that next time I will file a complaint with the superintendent for his unprofessional behavior.

As I waited and waited to speak regarding the consultant contracts, I moved to the front of the room so that Armas would not forget my comment card. (Usually, the community makes their comments before the board deliberates.) Armas was about to make a demeaning comment about me when another audience member yelled, "Don't even say it!" He shared his smug smile at her and me and the audience. Get out of town, Armas.

Another member of the audience commented to me that Heredia voted “yes” to adopt the minutes of the August 22 meeting. I verified this at the end of the meeting and asked that she change her vote to an “abstention” but she refused. She definitely needs to resign. Her presence is detrimental to the children of Hayward schools and to the people who work in our schools. Be gone, Heredia!

By MW:

If the comments that AT posted at 10:20AM about Maribel Heredia are accurate, then for people who are having a hard deciding who to vote for between Richard Valle, Mark Green, and Mary Hayashi in the race for Supervisor, there is now a clear and easy choice.

In other words, the real primary jobs of a modern politician is to be a useless parasite, world class phony, and to tell baldfaced lies and while keeping a straight face.

So therefore if AT's description of Maribel Heredia's activities while on her recent trip to Southern California is accurate, then we owe it to both ourselves and also to Heredia to put her on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. And then after a few years on the AC Board, we could even promote her to a seat in the state legislature.

KB says,
I have been thinking since the HUSD administration defended their need for consultants to do most of their work. According to Dr. Evans they cannot spare the time and manpower to do SARC reports and single site plans and other jobs that used to be done in house. Guess they don't want to work much past 5:00 and certainly not on weekends.

If that is the case, and being a strong supporter of teachers I pose this question:

When will the district hire consultants to fill out report cards; complete and send out progress reports; attend after hours meetings; complete the forms for students to be tested for Special Needs; provide substitues for release time so that teachers may participate in needed training? just to name a few. After all teachers have little to no time to plan lessons, instruct, grade papers, evaluate student progress. During their "work day" at school. So if Administrators can't spend extra hours after their "normal" work day to do their jobs why should teachers?

Since teachers do spend hours and hours of their personal time to do their jobs it must mean that they are truly dedicated to the success of their students. The Administration, on the other hand, must not really give a damn about children.

Amen 10:50 am!

What's worse is that Dr. Reynoso kept pointing out that they are Exempt employees which mean that Ms. Brunner's statement about overtime hours is actually not even pertinent since exempt employees cannot charge overtime. They work the hours they need to as per the tasks required.

Another approach would be to re-write the staff job descriptions to remove those tasks and then reduce their salaries commensurately.

Staff needs to sweat as hard as the teachers and students who have to do hours and hours of homework - even on the weekends!

Also, kudos to AT for stepping up for the community. You go, girl!

A few of us have figured out what the term "exempt" means when it is applied to HUSD administrators. It means exempt from doing any work that would require them to be at the office after 5 or 6pm.

I suppose we could let go of the staff that can't perform the work required by the Board and actually hire staff that can so we don't have to go out to bid to vendors to do the work. Oh wait, that would make too much sense.

Wow! The staff and board couldn't even seem to agree on whether the district was deficit spending or in the black thanks to Mr. Dobbs masterful mangling of the budget numbers and presentation. There should be three simple numbers: How much the District is taking in. How much the District is spending. How much the District plans to spend in the next budget cycle. You can't find those numbers simply spelled out anywhere in the budget or presentation. It's always wrapped with caveats and buried beneath programs.

Terrible job by staff.

to 11:58
Actually it is a splendid job by staff. They have learned the most important lesson of all.."Wow them with words and baffle them with BS" and do it all in rapid fire speech. By the time the presentation is over the board's eyes are glassed over and some are almost drooling from it. Dobbs has truly earned his money. NOBODY UNDERSTANDS WHAT HE IS SAYING, that is if they can even keep up with the pace of his speech. Woo-Fernandez also uses the same technique.

I want everyone to know that My beloved grandmother died and was burried last week in Glendora, California. She was very much respected, a gentle, honest and dignified woman who would have been 98 years old at the end of this month. Maribel Heredia did not go visit, talk, or offer any support directly or indirectly to my grandmother or family. We are still grieving, if it is in fact what she said at last night's board meeting, then it is a complete lie and I want everyone to know. It goes to show how dishonest she is. I feel that it is completely sick and disgusting that a human being would take advantage of someone's loss for her own gain. Shame on her! A.Garrido, Newark California

From AT to A Garrido
I am truly truly sorry for your loss. Grandmothers are very special people. Try to remember your time together. Keep talking about her. She will always be with you in your memories.

Mr. Garrido prayers and blessings to your family. Now, when are you going to fight for custody of your young children since clearly Maribel is incapable of being a responsible and ethical role model.

To A. Garrido,
Please contact Steven Tavares and let him know that Ms. Heredia told a bold faced lie at the board meeting last night. He will write a story that will honor your relative and shame Ms. Heredia. We all wish you nothing but best wishes during your time of need.

wow...what evil lurks in Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia? Sick Sick people. Dr. Reynoso and Mr. McGee you need to kick these animals out. I miss my own grandmother and wonder in disgust why would anyone use a family death to gain anything it is sick and evil.

as smart as she claims to be, she didn't even get it right, the grandmother was not her children's paternal grandmother, she was a great grandmother with whom she probably hadn't had contact in years.

If it is true that Heredia did not even visit, but then disrespected the dead by lying about it, she should be kicked off the board NOW. She gave a sob story last night that was beyond an awarding winning performance. I agree, she should not have custody of her children. She is teaching them by example. Missing the first days of school, telling tales about why you are gone, accepting payment for not doing a job. The list could go on. Wow, what a piece of work.

Sign the petition to demand the immediate resignation of Maribel Heredia. It is now more important than ever since it is clear she insists on continuing this charade and acceptance of undeserved money from the District.

Search for "Heredia"

If anyone is afraid of reprisal because they may work for HUSD, encourage friends and neighbors who are not related to anyone at Hayward Unified to sign the petition. Thank you.

It just goes to show that some people will step on whomever or say whatever to get what they need and one of those people is Mari Heredia
all credibility is lost

There should be 9:47 PM. Did you see how many times Mr. Armas had to keep correcting Mrs. Brunner? I have been a silent watcher, but I am going to become more vocal. Who was the guy that said he was going to start the recall?

Get Lisa Brunner, Maribel Heredia, and Jesus Armas out of there.

Why did any of the three stooges run for election? It surely can't be to improve Hayward's schools. Anyone that thinks they are doing good things for the children must have some real mental health problems. I thought Armas' election to the board would bring a clear vision from an experienced administrator. In reality if it started out that way it surely hasn't produced the change I thought would bring good decisions. All I see now is the same political divide that is destroying our country. Heredia clearly entered the political arena she was not prepared to handle. No matter Brunner's intentions she is right smack dab in the middle of chaos. She will suffer the most. She will come out of office hated by many. The other two board members appear to try and get the district back on the right path. However, all the good intentions are not worth much if they can't get the broader support of the community behind them. Their ineffective influence will not do the job. Where are the teachers and their union in all this? Are they waiting for the board to self-destruct before they act as a group to represent the best interest of the children? I thought the children's interests were their interest? Clearly the children are being impacted most by this chaos. And, again. Where are the local elected officials? What do they think about this mess? I thought their interests were also for the children? When are they going to publicly show their concern and work towards efforts to change things? I guess it's true what they say...."it's good enough for Hayward".

Well said with all the questions 10:42 am. More questions than answers. Business as usual!

In case people are not familiar where Glendora, California is and where San Diego California is.
They are 130 miles apart!!

So this woman Maribel Heredia is very mentally sick and kept her children from school for a week from school just to cover her lie of going to the kids great-grandmother funeral. Someone at the HUSD need to check if the GCR attorneys did not pay for her trip in San Diego. Did Jesus Armas go there too did he pay for any of it. Is Jesus Armas paying for her apartment behind safeway. Where is Lisa Bruner in all this why is she protecting them.

Lisa Bruner, Jesus Armas, Marible Heredia need to be kicked out.

Here is what someone who has facts to support and knows what has been going on far as for the public funds and falsifying public records can do. Send a certified letter to Alameda County D.A. office. Here is what it needs to say: (or close to) Dear Ms. Nancy O'Malley, as a concerned citizen and tax payer, I would like to meet with you about some malfeasance by Public Officials of this county misuse of public funds and falsifying public records knowingly! This has injured a lot of local citizens and I was one of them. (if you were)This was all through fraud and I want criminal charges filed against them. I have to be able to show you how critical it really is so you can understand and the actual documentation. No-one seems to have time to assist me and this is one of those things that requires assistance from your offic, so can you please make arrangements to meet with me. I understand how busy you may be because of your position but I need to pursue this issue as time has passed already and the malfeasance continues. I prefer to meet with you if anyway possible. please respond a.s.a.p. The District will not know who complained if it gets investigated or not just like the grand jury complaints from employees and citizens. Also does anyone know if Armas voted for his wifes retirement and if it's in any of the minutes when she retired. O' and about what these Administrators are suppose to do request a copy of their contracts. It is a public record any public employees contract and is not exempt, government code 6254.8 Lets see Chinn Wu-Fernandez and Kathy's, Dr. Reynoso requested a copy of the attorney bills or fees at the 8/22 meeting for the next one what happened?

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH ANN TERRASAS!! I knew you wrote all these stupid anonymous comments....now i know FOR SURE

ANN TERRASAS someone should file a complaint with your husband for letting your out of your cage to come to these meetings and harrass the staff. When you sit in a DO for 8-10 hours and have to constantly field calls of uninformed, confused parents, staff, community members, when parents demand to see you ASAP because little Johnny doesn't like the school he's in, when you are blamed because mrs. sanchez is pissed that her son bought marijuana brownies and was suspended, when all the immigrant community at large innundates your building with requests for their transcripts for the dream act, when you can't even go to the bathroom because someone will be waiting for you to sign an important contract, RFP, MOU, PR, PO, etc etc THEN YOU CAN BITCH ABOUT DEFICIT SPENDING AND UNTIMELY MINUTES.....YOU IGNORANT FAT TROLL the members of the board can't even remember what they said from one minute to the next OF COURSE the minutes will always seem off

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