Monday, September 24, 2012

How Valle, Hayashi Plan To Win The Alameda County District 2 Supervisor Race

ELECTION '12//ALCO SUPERVISOR DIST 2 | After two side-by-side public appearances, Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle and Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, have given more than enough clues on how they plan to win this November’s campaign for District 2.


HIGHLIGHT LEGISLATIVE EXPERIENCE It’s clear Hayashi plans to run solely on her record in the Assembly. It will almost seem like she’s the incumbent and not Valle. “I have earned the respect in Sacramento and here in the district,” Hayashi said in her closing statement last Friday. You will also hear so much about A.B. this and A.B. that, that you will want to kick all that legislation up its A.S.S. Hayashi is already honing in a few bills, such as AB 509, her bill helping establish the statewide office of suicide prevention and a recently signed bills extending funding for veterans’ tuition to two years and high school sports concussions.

I’M THE STEWARD FOR OBAMACARE Hayashi is arguing her experience in Sacramento will help her regarding the implementation of Obamacare in the county over the next two years more than her opponent. “I’m the most qualified and best positioned candidate for Alameda County to get its fair share,” she said last week. It followed a longer recitation before county Democrats the week before. This stance could be an opening for Valle if he can identify Hayashi and her votes in the Assembly as being the cause for many of the budget shortfalls at the county and city level. But, he hasn’t touched it.

VALLE SCREWED UP ST. ROSE On this point, Hayashi is switching from acting like the incumbent to the candidate taking shots. This is a real Achilles Heel for Valle, if the current direction of the situation at St. Rose continues. It could continue wallowing near bankruptcy or it could be purchased by an acolyte of Prime Healthcare. Either way, Valle has little breathing room since he was at one time on either side of the negotiating table—as a member of the St. Rose Board of Directors and now as a county supervisor. A well-written mailer explaining St. Rose’s mismanagement to voters could allow Hayashi to easily paint an relatively unknown Valle however she wants.

MAKE TRI-CED VALLE’S WEAKNESS Eight years ago it was dubbed “swift boating.” But, the act of making your opponent’s superior strength their weakness is an underutilized political weapon. Democratic activists love Tri-CED, the state’s largest non-profit recycling company. Valle not only was ahead of the recycling curve three decades ago, but has long offered good paying jobs to ex-cons and troubled youths. Although, Hayashi has not made a public statement as of yet regarding Tri-CED, there are indications her team is planning an assault on his campaign’s “Honest & Accountable” tag line now emblazoned on his lawn signs across District 2. Among the possible attacks points may be Valle’s compensation at Tri-CED in relation to increases in recycling fees in Union City and Hayward, the company’s connection to former St. Rose CEO Michael Mahoney or something more nefarious.


ALL ABOUT ST. ROSE AND TRI-CED Valle is clear about running on (1) St. Rose Hospital. (2) Tri-CED, as he says. It’s actually that simple. However, there appears to be few positives for Valle when it comes to St. Rose. So much so that it almost appears like he’s unwittingly falling into Hayashi’s trap. Every time Valle mentioned St. Rose during the Democratic Party endorsement interview Sept. 15, Hayashi was seen grinning ear to ear.

TOUT UNION, PARTY ENDORSEMENTS It’s probably a no-brainer to repeatedly name-drop his expansive list of local party and labor endorsements, especially, when his appointment to the Board of Supervisors last June was procured in large part by extensive lobbying by the Alameda County Labor Council. However, the labor council appears to be on a job-related medical leave of absence lately. Not only did they possibly back the lesser opponent to face Hayashi in November, but also raised significant concerns by backing two anti-labor candidates for San Leandro City Council. Labor and party support, though, is significant, especially when Hayashi may hold access to equal or greater resources.

ATTACK HAYASHI ON THE SLY While critics of Hayashi and her shoplifting conviction are screaming for Valle to trot out “The Mugshot.” He has not done so, nor come close to referencing his opponent’s self-made wound. Aside from all the tough talk in the blogosphere, nobody has even questioned Hayashi about the incident. Democrats on Sept. 15 asked her obliquely about integrity and Hayashi acknowledged she had “paid a fair price” for the incident. Valle may be gun shy about attacking Hayashi forcefully and he has friends in labor who can do the hatchet job for him. It’s interesting, though, that you hear quite a few of his supporters clamoring for a more aggressive stance. The flip side though is with every public appearance Hayashi makes without being held to the fire, you can already see a growing confidence in her physical demeanor and comments. BE

BE LIBERAL AND BE PROUD Hayashi is clearly a very liberal legislator, but Valle’s ideological rhetoric sounds like he’s attempting to hip check Rep. Barbara Lee from the furthest left in the East Bay. With help from Robert Reich’s new book, Valle stood up for employee pensions and took aim at the far right. “We are pitting teachers against firefighters, firefighters against police officers and so forth and we are losing the big picture,” he said. “While we are fighting amongst ourselves for what little we are able to get in terms of pensions and health care—and they’re all going up—all of Corporate America are taking those jobs to the far east and don’t really have an allegiance to our country. That’s real simple. We need to be careful about falling into the pitfall of fighting amongst each other because that’s what the Koch Brothers want.”


  1. Let's not forget that he is spending county $$$ on his campaign. He purchased a HUGE volume of 'shopping bags'as swag for residents. They're printed with 'Supervisor Richard Valle' and have the county seal embossed. Any dummy knows that you don't co-mingle 'county' and 'campaign.' His headquarters is readily using them for precinct walking- en masse. Now, if they were not funded by county money, there would be no use of the county seal, which is apolitical and off limits for elections. This is a tacit endorsement of his candidacy by county government. Either way, he's either too stupid, arrogant or both not to thumb his nose at the taxpayers. At least Green would never do this. There needs to be a serious investigation of Valle's finances and campaign tactics.

  2. "there are indications her team is planning an assault on his campaign’s....."

    Uh, exactly who is Hayashi's team? Does she have a campaign manager? A local person, or is she hiring Duffy-Capitolo out of Sacramento to do everything?
    Who is her team in District 2? Who actually voted to endorse her on the 15th when the Alameda County Democratic Party met? She got a few votes, something like 5 out of 33. Who were they?

    Will her campaign be entirely League of Women Voters forums, followed by a flood of mailers?
    Its hard to imagine she can gather up more than 5 or 6 folks willing to walk precincts and encounter the rath of voters, many whom are well versed in Mary's shoplifting arrest, brain tumor excuse, and the ongoing theme of it all having been just a unintentional absentminded error. The "distracted while on the cell-phone excuse"

    Now, a even more interesting question is what if anything is Mark Green doing.
    Hello, is anyone there? Will he actually put up a operational website before Halloween?
    Is he or any supporters walking any precincts?

    Of course with all these candidates, where is the money? When will the first list of contributors show up, and where? Sec. of State's site?

  3. Richard Valley or Richard Valle – missed an opportunity to change his first name to simply “Rich” because he has gotten RICH off of the recycling fees in Union City. His salary as CEO of Tri-CED in 2005 was $122,769. By 2010, just 5 years later, his salary as CEO increased nearly 150% to $304,176.

    Who gives themselves a 150% salary increase in this economy to do the same damn job?

    How did Tri-CED afford the salary increase? Recycling fee increases that you paid for! Recycling fee hikes from Union City alone have increased 58% since 2007.

    He touts his work on St. Rose Hospital Board which oversaw the management of St. Rose Hospital. After Michael Mahoney was forced to resign after misleading the County Board of Supervisors about the cause of its dire finances and mismanagement of taxpayer loans and grants, RICH Valle thinks it’s a great idea to hire Michael Mahoney as the Interim CEO at Tri-CED.

    Really! RICH Valle watched Mahoney tank St. Rose Hospital, but thinks he should run Tri-CED? “You’re doing one heck of a job there, Mahoney!”

    Haven’t seen such bad decision making since George Bush!

    Of course there’s always a reason! Mahoney just happens to lead the government relations committee at the Hayward Chamber of Commerce – which provided RICH Valle with a sole endorsement. Talk about quid pro quo – here’s a job during your down time Mahoney, how about a little endorsement for me?

    Speaking of jobs – anyone notice that Supervisor Nate Miley’s son, Chris Miley, happened to get a promotion to Deputy Chief of Staff working for RICH Valle? Wonder if the promotion, and I’m sure salary increase, had anything to do with an endorsement from Nate Miley?

    NOW – RICH Valle wants to have the former CEO (former by a few months) of Prime Health to take over St. Rose Hospital. The SAME Prime Health under numerous investigations for Medicare fraud, violations of federal privacy rights of showing patient medical records to the press, and a history of union busting and price gouging. Look out Seniors!

    If this is the type of leadership and decision making RICH Valle extols now – heaven help us if he wins! Vote Mark Green or write-in Gail Steele


    I've been saying the same thing forever. Valley is as corrupt as they come, save maybe for Mary. He and his union whores will end up losing this election and already have cost us a more viable and winning candidate in Ana Apodaca. By all means vote integrity and either vote for Green, Steele or Apodaca. Valley and the rest are all scum and yesterday's trash.

  5. The only reason Nate Miley supported Nadia Ho and Rich Ho Valley is for the quid pro quo of giving his kid a cushy job.

    Nate and Rich's motto in life: Continue suckling on the public tit until you bleed it dry!

  6. Well the hit team is out.

    Their message when you read through it all...

    #1. Vote for Apodaca, Steele, or Green. (not sure why they didn't include Turnquist)

    #2. Don't vote for Valle.

    #3. Set up the election so that on November 7th, you wake up and find out that Mary Hayashi has sneaked in with 34% of the vote.

    Yes, go out that Wednesday morning, knowing that you've tossed out a sad mentally troubled substance abuser, and replaced her with a person arrested for felony grand theft shoplifting.
    A convicted thief, who will now serve the remainder of the term while being on probation for stealing $2,500 of merchandise.

    Yes, send a message to our youth, don't worry about shoplifting, because if you tell everyone it was all just a absentminded error, (cell phones and all), that you won't be punished, and instead you'll be rewarded with a new job and a $150,000 salary.

    So boys and girls, hit the malls... take what you like, its not a real crime, even if you steal thousands of dollars. Mary, leading by example!

  7. Damn, how did these low life's ever get so far. They were elected by even dumber voters. You all deserve what you get. The majority of people in California are morally corrupt, dumb, or just don't care. Otherwise, how do the state and local elected officials continue getting in and staying in. Term limits was supposed to curtail the damage. Now these dirtbags go from one political office to another. As a side-note how does Valle justify a $300,000 annual salary? He lost my vote on that one.

  8. Yes, boys and girls. Let's lead by example. Nice of the CA Assembly to keep that shoplifter in their little club. I guess that's o.k to do, John, "I'm such a Labor whore" Perez. No need to put the end to Ho-yashi's career with expulsion from the Assembly. After all, not a 'big deal' that she is a convicted shoplifter. Oh, and boys and girls, definitely consider voting for an appointed incumbent who can't even muster the support of his colleagues to support his flawed and sinking candidacy. Hey, Nadia is a screw-up; Ho-yashi is a convicted crook, and Valley steals county funds to support his campaign with swag [tax-payer paid-for precinct shopping bags]. Yes, boys and girls what a world it is.

    Voting for one of the write-ins is looking better and better all the time. Remember kids, something about how you play the game. Oh well....

  9. I can tell LOTS of undecided voters are coming here and being persuaded by these posts.
    No telling how many will be writing in Apodaca as a result.

  10. Kick Mary while she's down!

  11. Oct 5 is the next campaign finance disclosure date.

  12. October 5th. Excellent, that should make interesting reading.
    I assume that is at the Sec. of State.
    Expect Mary and Valle to have significant contributions but it may reveal if Green is able to mount anything other than a 3rd place effort in the final 30 days.

    We keep hearing about Mary and Valle, but nothing about what if anything Green is doing.
    Any news from anyone about that?

    Any recent polls by anyone?

    Oh one last note. Mary's site has the following

    "Congresswoman Karen Bass, former Speaker of the Assembly, will be in Hayward on September 26 in support of Mary Hayashi for Supervisor."

    Does anyone know what type of event that will be?
    Who is invited? Fund raiser or just a chat?
    Other potential guests of note?
    Where it will be held? Who is sponsoring it, if anyone other than Mary herself?

  13. Wonder if County Counsel is in fact looking at the shopping bag and whether it violates county campaign standards?

    Wouldn't be ironic if this shopping bag helps defeat Valle and puts Hayashi into office?

  14. 4:26, I really don't think Mary Hayashi should be looking forward to ANYTHING that brings up the issue of shopping bags.

    In our up close pros-and-cons here in this political contest, we sometimes lose the awareness that the common voters out there really don't think shoplifting $2,500 worth of goods is anything they'd ever do.
    Not even "unintentionally".

    I mean some of us are 40, 50, 60, or 70 and have managed to go all through life without ever having walked of a store with even $25 worth of goods, let alone $2,500.

    No, I really don't think Mary Hayashi wants anything about shopping bags to dominate this campaign.

  15. Only Valle could make a shopping bag look like small peanuts! Every time Hayward and Union City voters put out their recycling carts - they each get robbed at the tune of $300,000 a year for Valle's salary!

  16. Seems strange that a person getting what you suggest was $300,000 would be so motivated to work for less than half that amount to serve the public on the Board of Supervisors.

  17. OK, Mark Green's website is up and running, sort of.

    He finally rebranded his June Primary web site from Assembly to the new Mark Green for Supervisor.

    However when you go to the endorsements it says

    "Endorsements Mark Received recently for State Assembly"
    then lists all those folks. Several of whom are listed as now supporting Valle for supervisor.
    Tony Santos, Former Mayor of San Leandro is listed there but is now endorsing Valle.

    I'm sure it will be updated soon.


  18. 5:57 - Not strange when you consider Valle is getting both salaries - Board of Supervisor and Tri-CED.

  19. 6:55 And you are suggesting he'd continue to hold both positions, and draw both salaries if elected to the Board of Supervisors? What has he indicated?

    In other words, he was appointed to fill in a very short few months in the vacated supervisors seat.
    It wouldn't seem wise to give up your long term job in one place, only to serve for a few months, then if you lost the race, be without any job.
    After the election, could be a different matter.
    If both jobs are full time, I don't imagine you could do both.

    What is the status of other members of the current BOS.
    How many have outside jobs? Any have full time outside jobs? Miley, Haggerty, Carson, Chan?

  20. Miley continues to 'run' United Seniors of Oakland, however, I don't know the particulars regarding a salary or lack thereof. To my knowledge, Chan is on hiatus from 'consulting,' and neither Haggerty nor Carson have ever held any real jobs. If so, it was for a very, very brief time.

    I think the bag issue is legitimate. I looked at the pictures on the Internet and they definitely make use of the county seal, which is an implicit endorsement of candidacy. That's a big no-no straight out of Elections 101. Either county money paid for these campaign give-aways, or if they were purchased legitimately, the county seal has been misused. It's one or the other. I really hope the story doesn't become poor Richard 'didn't know what others in the campaign were doing,' or 'I didn't authorize this!' Ignorance is no excuse and an illegitimate explanation.

    Got to hand it to both of them. One way or the other they both can't use a bag in the right way. Who would have thought they'd both be so dense and glib?

  21. I think the voters need to know how much money Valle needs - he obviously isn't in it for the public service - pay to play, quid pro quo, what's next? He doesn't flinch about raising fees to take a 150% salary increase and now gets paid two salaries. Honestly - how much money does he need to be comfortable?

  22. Hmmm, 8:13 and 8:21, looks like the campaign teams are getting fired up.

    Now, 8:13 thank you for the summary of the other BOS members employment.

    However, your continued suggestion that Alameda County may have some how paid for these shopping bags strikes me as a absurd probability. Why even mention it?
    Don't treat the readers as fools. In fact, it taints the rest of your post as biased.

    Now, give us a link to the photos of these Valle shopping bags with the seal. I don't find them. When I google "richard valle" and "shopping bags" the only shopping bag I see under images is a Neiman Marcus shopping bag. Try it.
    Please don't tell me you don't have a link or I'll think you're making everything up.

    8:21, enough of this "two salaries" unless you have Valle saying he'll continue holding both jobs and taking both salaries if elected in November.

    Really guys, your flags are flying so high, your, any "facts" are lost in the breeze.

  23. Only too happy to share. By the way, I did send this to Steve Tavares, who apparently isn't interested.

    Valle, being as bright as he is, shares them in plain site on his 'Elect Supervisor Valle' Facebook account. Scroll down to 'Sept. 10' and you'll see a closeup in living color. My own take is that it is absurd, too. But hey, Valle wasn't at the front of the line when they handed out smarts. And you forget the only other logical conclusion if they were not paid for by county $$--a complete misuse of the county seal. No different than if Obama or Bush had used the seal of the presidency on campaign materials. YOU DON'T DO THAT. PERIOD. And it is illegal, in addition to being unethical. You'll have to have an account in order to use Facebook, but it's free, and you're a 'bright' person. I'm sure you'll figure it out. If you can't access, I'll be more than happy to send you a pdf to any address you supply. Of course, Tavares has the image, too, and could certainly post if he wants. By the way, after he removes, not to worry. Of course, I've kept elsewhere.

    If Hayashi was wrong, and she absolutely was, and I won't be supporting her, why is o.k. for Valle to EITHER misuse county money OR the county seal. It's one or the other. Someone will need to explain that one to me. Fair is fair.

    The link is below:


  24. OMG, please tell me Valle didn't use a "swag bag" with a county seal on it?

    If so...Green is a shoe in if he can simply send a few mailers with a mug shot of Mary with an NM bag...and Valle with a ALCO Swag Bag with the international "no sign" over it (red circle with red line thru it).

  25. Maybe Valle gave himself that raise because last time he ran for Supervisor against Steele he pulled out a second mortgage on his home. I remember him holding a debt retirement fundraiser after the election.

    Probably smart of him to hold onto his Tri-cede gig

  26. 9:41. Thanks for the link to the Facebook page.

    OK, the bags are there, the use of the county seal is there. If that is illegal or inappropriate you have a small issue. As yet, I know nothing about it being illegal or inappropriate versus a cooked-up issue.
    Certainly there is ZERO indication the county paid for any of those bags. That is absurd.

    Now, on the small chance it is illegal to use the seal on such a item (which I doubt is the case), how about you compare that to walking into a retail store and stealing $2,500 worth of merchandise.
    That is what Mary Hayashi did with full intention and planning. She was arrested for felony shoplifting and as San Francisco DA Gascon said, "This is a case that clearly contains the elements, in our opinion, of a crime as a felony," adding in when asked, that 'intention' is one of the 'elements' he was referring to.
    Of course, as is the practice with many first time offenders, the felony was reduced to a misdemeanor for sentencing purposes. But make no mistake, this was a felony crime.
    Now compare that to the small possiblity that using the county seal is not allowed on bags. I'll believe that charge when I see some official confirmation of such a claim.

    By contrast, is there anyone in Alameda County who doesn't know if its wrong and against the law to shoplift $2,500 worth of merchandise?

  27. You know, I just went back to that link you gave me to the Facebook page of Richard Valle.
    I had not seen it prior to you giving the link.
    I'm not a supporter of his, nor Mark Green, about whom I know very little.
    I mostly just don't want a convicted shoplifter representing me. That being Mary Hayashi.

    Having said all that, as I've studied that Facebook page of Valle, I do find it interesting.
    When I look at the common folks on that page who clearly surround Valle, it seems while I may not agree with him on half the issues, that he is indeed a man connected to the people.

    I contrast that look, feel, and appearance, with that which I see when I go to Mary Hayashi's sites.
    She seems.. well you go look.
    It seems all about Mary. I'm sorry, but I can't get over that look in her eyes. This is not a woman of the people. The same feeling I get when seeing her "smile" for the photo-ops seems to align with the same woman who felt the need to go to Neiman Marcus and walk out with pants @ $1,150, a skirt at $1,050, and a blouse at $245...
    Say what you want about Richard Valle, but he isn't a man who feels the need to dress in Neiman Marcus attire, even if he paid for it himself.
    That Mary Hayashi felt the need to dress above all her constituents says volumes about her.
    That she would shoplift to do so says even more.

    I don't know everything about Richard Valle, but that Facebook page you directed me to is rather complimentary when it comes to portraying him as a man of the people who inhabit his district.

    About Mark Green I know essentially nothing thus far.
    About Mary Hayashi, everything I know makes me wish she had just quietly faded away from public service for a few years.

    That, a late-night honest assessment.

  28. 12:53 A.M. What you see is Queen of the State Assembly Mary. She reeks of the entitlemant mentality. The Board of Supervisors is a brief stop on her way to Congress. It's a way for her to buy the time she needs to get past all the well earned negative press. She's good enough for government work.

  29. 12:17 and 12:53 are both making justifications and excuses, and as far as I'm concerned, have lost the moral argument. Proof is proof is proof. The example of the use of the seal is not up for debate. It is there, and yes, feel free to check with county counsel, who would confirm that it is illegal for its use to appear in "any non-official, county unrelated, unsanctioned activity." County campaigns are taboo as they are by definition political. No brainer. If you choose to 'minimize' the issue, that's for your conscience, not mine. The attempt was never to imply that one crime is more or less serious than another. The fact, and it is a fact, is that an inappropriate use of county funds and/or the county seal has occurred and is continuing. Sorry, but there is a great indication that the county funded these swag bags, as his office has distributed them at official county events, health fairs, etc. I know as friends have received them. If that was their intended use and if county protocols allows for that, more power. But once the line was crossed and they were used by the campaign, then all bets are off. Again, this is Politics 101. For the die-hards who are pro Valle, you will continue to excuse, minimize, and apologize for him. That is your right. However, don't try to pull the wool over the voters eyes. Shoplifting and being convicted of a misdemeanor is bad stuff, really bad stuff. I feel she should have been expelled from the Assembly and never been able to stand for election. The powers that be felt differently. She does not have my support, but neither does he. You once talked about "the children" and "leading by example." The inappropriate activities--illegal by both--are not what I want my children to emulate. I can't hold either of them up; they're both corrupt in their own right.

    As for Valle having community. So what? Whoever said otherwise? I take no issue that he has supporters. So does the man in the moon. Again, so what? The issue is one of misuse of county $$ and/or resources. For many folks they could care less about shoplifting, illegal use of taxpayer money, co-mingling of county and electioneering, etc. Each person will decide what resonates for himself/herself. However, just as a fine light was applied to Hayashi's misdeeds, as well it should, so too must the Valle swag bag episode be called to attention and investigated.

  30. A further revelation of the bags' official county-sponsored use appears on a different Facebook site controlled by Valle. This one is different from the first and is simply "Richard Valle." Why he has two since neither is supported by the county and there is no misuse of co-mingled events, which occurs here. The link is as follows:


    If the user scrolls down to Sept. 14, one will see Valle posing in Newark City Hall with several supporters. However, the caption above the photo of them all holding the same bags reads:

    "It was wonderful presenting to the Newark city council yesterday evening and participating in their kick-off for the 57th annual Newark days."

    One wouldn't logically present campaign materials--bags--at an official Newark city event. Since he was acting in his official role as supervisor, he wouldn't be handing out his campaign materials. Also notice that precinct materials, which stick out over the top of the bags in the previous photo, appear to be conspicuously absent here. But it is reasonable to believe that he would have distributed county swag. If that's not the case, then there is the issue of that pesky county seal again!

  31. 8:47 - Valle is currently working, I hope, full-time as county supervisor - so why is he currently taking two salaries? Why not simply take a leave of abscenforfeit Tri-CED for the next few months?

    What it shows is his greed! Two salaries, raising residential recycling fees 58% so he can get a 150% raise in salary. Now - all of alameda county is paying for his BOS salary too.

    People rightfully criticize Hayashi for walking out of a store with unpaid merchandise, but Valle is robbing taxpayers and recycling fee payers with his bloated salaries! What is he making now, $450,000? He want from being in the top 2% to the top 1%!

    Again, how much does he need?!!!

  32. Well viewing 9:16 and 9:35, they claim to all be "against" Mary Hayashi, as they throw up claims against Valle. They certainly don't come off like neutral citizens just out for clean government.
    So unless they are doing veiled work for Mary, then they must be Green campaign operatives.
    Hard for me to believe they are that into the details of the purported misuse of the "seal".... That they continue to suggest the county paid for these bags indicates they are playing this to the hilt.
    Clearly if they had any indication that the county paid for these bags, they would have said so.
    All suggesting that the county paid nothing regarding the bags.

    So we are left with the massive misuse of the "seal" charge. When some official person from the county says that is the case, let us know. Certainly you'll make a big deal about it. Until then, this is just typical campaign flack. Like someone "illegally" puting their signs on a telephone pole or a fence owned by the state and such.
    Examples, every 2 years, Pete Stark pulls out those same signs and plasters them all over, including on chain link fences owned by the state. Standard micro violations of official law regarding sign placement.
    Never ever inforced, except by opponents tearing down the signs.

    Trying to jack this issue up to comparability to a felony shoplifting arrest is just a sad diversion.
    Saying you really don't support Mary is most likely a ruse, trying lend credibility to your claims.
    So alert the proper authorities and let us see if any thing comes of it. Take it to the newspaper, see if it sticks against the wall.
    Other wise, what you have is at best a overtime parking meter offense.
    NOT something they take you to the county jail for with a mugshot.

  33. You are one SORRY individual. Your straw man defense can't even sustain the straw underpinning it. The readers are all too familiar with the apologies and excuses you offer in support of your stooge, Valle. You wanted proof. It was provided. Not enough. More was shown. Continue to make your apologies and to believe in Saint Richard. "He didn't misuse county funds." "He had no knowledge about what those under him were doing." Then there's my favorite, "Well, I didn't know any better, and it won't happen again."

    This is a legitimate and very relevant campaign issue, which speaks volumes to the incumbent's honesty, integrity, and accountability--or seeming lack thereof. It's too bad you that you can't accept that Saint Richard is just as flawed as your one-track Hayashi fixation. A felony you say? Last time I checked it was a misdemeanor, but in my book that's enough for a strike out. So I'll give you that one. However, please don't make up your own 'facts' as you go along. One thing to be an apologist for Saint Richard and quite another to rewrite history to your own liking.

    My hope is that the voters will be savvy enough not to vote for either crook, Hayashi and Valle. Unlike you, we know better and will vote that way.

    Oh, and since you have a difficult time reading plain English, I'm saying loudly and clearly: "County funds were used for the purchase of these bags, which then were abused as campaign swag, seal and all."

  34. 11:56, Look, apparently I'm not included in all your inside information stream.
    If you'll point me to something on the record, perhaps a news article, saying all this illegality has occurred, then I'll read it. Right now, its just you being the great authority.
    So please include something official or something in the press.
    Being just a citizen, I don't have all your insider stuff.

    On the other hand, everything I've learned about Hayashi is public information and viewable on one site or another.

    You say "A felony you say"....
    Please read my post when I said "a felony shoplifting arrest" which is entirely true.
    She was arrested for felony grand theft.
    Regarding those felony charges, the District Attorney of San Francisco, Gascon said the following
    "This is a case that clearly contains the elements, in our opinion, of a crime as a felony,"

    Included in those "elements" is intention.
    However as is widely known, as a first time offender, it is common practice to allow a defendent to plea to a misdemeanor, fully accept guilt, and be sentenced to only 30 months probation and a small fine, in this case only $180.
    However, no one, not the prosection or DA, is in any way suggesting that the crime was not correctly charged as a felony. So she did the felony crime and cut a deal. Even you can't deny that.

    My beef with Hayashi, more than anything else, is that since her conviction and leaving the courtroom, shes been dancing around suggesting it was all unintentional, that she was distracted on her cell phone and walked out the door by mistake.
    She is sticking with that story for now, after abandoning her prior six months when she blamed it on a brain tumor.

    That is what bugs me about Hayashi, her continuing and ongoing attempt to distort and cover her true guilt. The facts show her acts were not due to absentmindedness but were deliberate.

    As to Valle versus Green, I have a open mind. If I thought Green had a better chance of winning, he'd be acceptable. I really don't know that much about him.
    My only goal is to avoid having Mary Hayashi becoming a county supervisor while still serving 30 months probation for her crime, all the while still claiming she didn't really mean to do it.

    Mention it and she says she's the victim of a "smear" campaign.

    You keep saying you don't like Valle, but you've yet to say, Green would be your choice, so I keep thinking you're working for Hayashi. Who else?
    Perhaps in all these anonymous postings everyone does, you have already said you support Green, I don't know.

    I'm sure there are lots of folks like myself who may not yet be certain who the best choice is, BUT who absolutely don't want Hayashi under any circumstances.
    Back in January I was equally wanting her to resign from the Assembly, long before anyone even knew Lockyer would quit or this post would be open.
    I've not changed my views at all.
    I don't want her in office in any job.

  35. I have no problem with most of your points, however, as the old saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. Do I have receipts for the purchase of the swag bags, obviously not, nor am I likely to get one anytime soon. I don't hurl accusations willy nilly. The pictures say it all. I would hope that some enterprising member of the press would research this matter, and indeed any and all matters, connected with ALL of the campaigns. Whether they do or not facts are facts about their use, misuse, and that pesky county seal, which IS a BIG Deal. If it weren't, there would not be such prohibitions on the books.

    I, too, have not changed my mind. I don't want either Valle or Hayashi in office. Period. And for the record, I am not affiliated with any campaign.

    Simply call them like I see them.

  36. Interesting, from today's Los Angeles Times "PolitiCal" blog,

    "Hayashi told the San Jose Mercury News that voters would look past the shoplifting incident, which she has characterized as an honest mistake. The lawmaker has stated that she simply forgot to pay for the items — which included a white blouse, black skirt and leather pants — because she was talking on her cellphone and got distracted."

    This is what Mary wants to hold up as the truth for just another 40 days.

    I mean without getting into all the Valle and Green issues, is there anyone at all who believes Mary's version?

  37. Chris Miley here again. We removed the offending swag bag photo from Saint Rich's Facebook account. Still using them for precinct walks. Hey, with the shoplifter killing us with fundraising, we got to use some county $$ and the official seal to make our point. Need every advantage we can get.

    Just remember please don't go with Mary duh ho; Saint Rich all the way! Pop Miley said that even if my meal ticket is defeated that I can always come work for him. Don't need to interview or nothin'.

    What can I say? Sweet gig!

  38. Hey Chris Miley,

    surely you are using a county computer/ipad while on county time to write your postings??

    Like father...like son.