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iPadGate: Mack-Rose Says Reed Uses City-Bought iPad; But It's Not True

ELECTION '12//SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL DIST 2 | San Leandro City Council candidate Morgan Mack-Rose accused her opponent Councilwoman Ursula Reed of misusing taxpayers’ dollars by pursuing a proposal earlier this year to purchase iPads for the council’s use. Mack-Rose also faulted Reed for accepting one of the city-issued iPads, but the incumbent Reed vehemently denied the assertion.

“Check your facts, sister,” said Reed after Tuesday night’s candidates forum near the Marina Community Center. During Reed’s closing statement, she took aim at a recent mailer sent by Mack-Rose to area seniors calling her out for buying top-of-the-line iPads for the council’s use. “That is incorrect,” said Reed. “I have my own iPad that I had bought and I use it every day.”

Lasts January, the council approved buying the popular hand-held computers for council members and some top managers to defray costs associated with the printing and delivering of agenda packets. The decision is not unusual. San Leandro was one of the few remaining East Bay council's not using iPads instead of bulky agenda packets. The nearby Hayward City Council has be using city-issued iPads since late 2010.

Reed said the impetus for the council’s vote to purchase iPads was a cost-cutting measure, not an extravagant use of taxpayers’ money and saves the city $20,000 annually on photo-copying. “There’s all these things that we can cut that are actually frills and we don’t need frills.” Reed added.

Mack-Rose, though, stuck to her claim and equated it with her own time as a school trustee presiding over the city’s financially struggling school district, “It would be unconscionable to take iPads when we didn’t have enough money for papers for our students and I question the validity of the councilwoman’s statement that she did not accept an iPad, because she did.”

“I have no idea where she got her facts,” said Reed, afterwards, “because that didn’t happen.”

In fact, Reed is correct.

According to the city’s Information and Technology Department, Reed was never given a city-purchased iPad for her use as a council member.

It is not the first time Mack-Rose has offered a falsehood to voters this campaign season. At a candidates forum last week, she erroneously said the city’s faced a budget deficit last year when it had not and has proffered a tactic warning voters the city’s settlement with Faith Fellowship Church would bankrupt its treasury when, in fact, the expenditure would come out of a self-insurance fund.

Mack-Rose also levied a potentially more serious allegation against Reed Tuesday night when she accused her of gaining the endorsement of public safety unions as a quid pro quo for the current labor negotiations between the city and labor. “You heard my opponent has the personal endorsement of the police and firefighters union, but, let’s be clear,” said Mack-Rose, “those endorsements and the campaign funds that come along with them is about the current contract negotiations as much as anything else.” Mack-Rose denied the use of the term, "pay-to-play," but stood by her statement, nevertheless.

Reed again denied the accusation saying, she received the endorsement of public safety unions four years ago and labor tends to stay loyal to a candidate. She also said the amount of financial support from the unions has been negligible—just $500 from the firefighters—along with permission to trumpet their endorsement on campaign lawn signs.


Understood Mack-Rose is one of the trustees in SL school board, what are her current career profession and skill set?

Oh that was her second wild accusation of the night, before the debate she walked up to me and asked me very rudly if i was gonna have my friends text me the answers to the questions like last time. and then walked away...

Oh I forgot, because you saw exactly what was on my phone.............................

This was after I said Hi, How are you doin?

Get your facts straight next time homie...

Glad we can all be cordial:-)

I was in both debating. Mack-Rose, you lost my vote, because you're proceeding from arrogance.

Mac-Rose had NO problem spending thousands of tax payers dollars to pay for 2 superintendents (Lim and Cathey.) Lim's contract would have run out in 6 months. This is money that could have and should have been spent on students. Mac-Rose is also so very rude to everyone that doesn't share her views.Could she be bipolar?

Good come back Reed, you go girl! Reed just got my vote.

No wonder the schools are doing so bad, Mac-Rose is clueless. Thinks saying anything she wants will get her votes? She better think again. I am now voting for Reed too!

Mac-Rose got the endorsements of the school districts unions. The SLTA paid for mailers endorsing Mac-Rose sent to voters.She seems to have forgotten this wasn't a problem for her while she was in contract negotiations with teachers and staff.

I hear from some parents that Mack-Rose left her husband and young children for a security guard worked in SL school district.

This is a non-story Steve. I'd like you to pursue more intersts in the allegations of corruptions by the Hayward School Board. No, I'm not talking about the sleeze factor known as the illicit affair of Jesus and Maribel, I'm talking about the brown law violations and board decisions made behind closed doors or pillow talk that took place.

Infidelity is her special distinctive quality, good for school board and perfect for city council.

Lets post some interesting storys in San Leandro Rumor. Comes around goes around!

Speaking of HUSD, Ms. Reed works for the school district and they just got new i-pads for district office administrators...maybe the i-pad in question is actually school district property.

She just can't get over the i-pad, because her "not working boy friend" can't afford to buy her one.

San Leandro Rumors is up with one of many articles; this is real good story, one of the school trustees's successfully story and leadership that delivers start from marital disloyatly, leave your kids behind.

all great comments; i too hold it against mack rose for leaving husband and two kids for another married man with two kids-just great for community, isn't it?

also don't forget ,cassidy, holmes supporting mack rose; they hope to take over city completely-only reason POA supporting Reed-watch this group which includes katz/lacabe-

It is so obvious Cassidy and his blone boy holmes are behind taking over the city. Katz/Lacabe are stepping stones, small potatoes to Cassidy.

Why Mack-Rose left her husband and 2 of her young children for a SL School security guard?

Rumor has it Mac-Rose eyeing red headed Mayor as next love intrest.She needs money to run for city council.LOL

Mac-Rose's comments about Faith Fellowship Church settlement "bankrupting city's treasury" shows she is pulling a fast one. The school district has had MANY law suits and the school district ia also self insured. Mac-Rose knows this. Trying to fool voters again. She really is dumb! Loved the way her mailer bashed our city. Crime is up all over. Happens when economy is bad. She should move far, far away with Mary Hayashi.

Latest update! San Leandro Times is incorporated with San Leandro Rumors. Way to go, Power to all of you.

To SL Time Editor:

This week San Leandro Times has three candidate pictures on the paper, why only three candidates? The rest of them decided not to run anymore?

Patch quoted: Mike Katz-Lacabe is know around city hall as the guy who brings a video camera to public meetings and posts his recordings online.

Patch quoted: "Katz-Lacabe, an elected school board member who makes his living as a computer security professional"

SL citizens quoted: "Katz-Lacabe, a small town "want to be" computer security professional, carrys around his immature video camera to public meetings and posts his recordings online has First Amendment Issues.

Both Katz-Lacabe, husband & wife team comic, clown performers, are juggling and tumbling for attention.

Credit to Cassidy and blone boy, utilizing these two jokers, Katz-Lacabe production, campaigning for their puppets.

Katz-Lacabe should stop filming production company and stay home and try cleaning their house. IT IS A MESS!! The cameras should be turned on them, as they are a very strange couple. Didn't she say she was a laywer (never passed the bar) just to get votes to get elected to Central Democratic Committee? Oh the clowns our city has.lol

The wife, wanna be lawyer; Husband, wanna be computer "security" professional.

A security guard looks at tapes is a computer professional.

A blogger flunked bar exam is a lawyer.

Gimme a break!

Wait even better an insurance salesmen is a business consultant!!!!

I will no longer frequent the Englander. They have a campaign sign up for Mack Rose.
If they care no much maybe they can give her or her bum boyfriend a job.
Boycott the Englander. i'm going to Drake's from now on

Insurance salesmen is a bussiness consultant, after long hours of researches in library recently got his PH D.

Anyone hiring?

I wonder what Marga Lacabes in and out tab looks like???

She gives a whole new meaning to animal style!!!

So, Alameda County superviser Wilma Chan endorsement is under *partial list only*. I guess not good enough for Sir Crow.

Crow is well known removing opponents's lawn signs!

Ask Jessi Cutter, she knows it all!

Is his name Mike Katz or Mike Katz-Lacabe? Seen it both ways. Guess it depends what day of the week it is and who he's trying to fool.His wife did say she was a lawyer. Didn't pass the bar I heard.
I took a first aide class, can I now say I am a doctor or nurse? Not going to Englander any more.

When Crow removes or borrows opponent's lawn signs, is he high? lol

Lacabe raised a big stink at school winter concert because kids sang a Christmas carol.(Reason why her kids now attending Roosevelt?) She claimed school was teaching religion. Ticked off many parents. Threatened to sue school district. Maybe this is how they earn money for their production company. Maybe we should all pray for our city to protect us from the cast of clowns. lol

Enjoyed reading intresting comments.
Recently heard that Cassidy and Gordon Galvin are related(wives cousins.) Anyone else hear this?
Does or has Cassidy disclosed this when voting or discissing Links funding?

Isnt Gordon Galvin is with chamber of commerce.. and Mack-Rose and Crow both got their endorsements

LOUD and CLEAR, Cassidy and these groups of people are UP TO NO GOOD!

8:47am, what's up with links funding on Cassidy?

Chamber of Commerce endorsed Crow and Mac-Rose?
They must have all inhaled.

Loser Crow is #longairwindbag self promoting and campaigning on Patch again. LMAO!

This dude needs a fully check up with SL Hospital!

Soon going to mental care!

Patch Posted below comment:

7:28 pm on Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tom Abate and his wife Mia Ousley are good friends with Mike Katz and Marga, Morgan Mack Rose and Mayor Cassidy. Why would anyone think this site is politically neutral?

Justin is a HERO, Crow is a WORST LOSER, LIAR with tons of EAR WAX, and have REALLY BAD BREATH!!

Why Crow needs to re-instate his endorsement?

Patch bunch!

Tom Abate and his "in between divored wife" Mia Ousley.

Wanna be computer professional Mike Katz and his wanna be lawyer Marga Katz-Lacabe.

Husband cheater Mack-Rose, side kicks with her bum boy friend and red head mayor.

Crow are their new born Loser Son!

Intresting article and comments. Reminds me of Cher's song Gypsies,Tramps and Thieves (not to forget to add Pot heads.) Love election time, send in the clowns.

SL chamber of commerce is endorsing 2 jobless candidates, LOL.

Which candidate is a strong advocate for marijuana dispensaries and had a warrant for pot possession?

Tom Abate came to the Patch after a very very short time at the North Coast Journal. It appears his mental health and bad attitude were in downward spirals. The near bankrupt Patch is the only place this a** could land.

Here's a link to give you a laugh all day long:

Make sure you listen to:

Chris Crow is pro dispensary and had a warrant for marijuana posession

Chris Crow decided change "hIS" name to "her" Christine R. in Patch

Knowledge insurance sales person still not working, begging for donations all over town.

Integrity Crow lies about pot ticket and warrant were never existed until police kick him off the patrol car.

Think SL citizens are stupid

HolyShit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just listened to that sound bite of Tom Abate and that guy is legit crazy........5150 status....

Steven There should be a mini article just on that craziness!!!!!

put Crow in the mix and Tim Holmes and we got a recipe for disaster in this place..

Some of our senior citizens should know these craziness in our town, cant trust San Leandro Times!

Why only 3 pics of candidates - thought they are 9 of them!

Oakland Tribune and Daily Review had pictures of all. but I think the SL Times should do a similar layout...

Oakland Tribune, Daily Review along SL Times are tied. Twisted of words, omitted contents.

Chamber of Commerce is a group of lousy, stupid small town businessmen - why in world endorsing someone "two of them" have no proven of records of any kinds of corp. business projects plus both are unemployed.

Chamber of Commerce is screwing SL like screw propeller

Heard the remix of Patch editor, Tom Abate, was some crazy dude!!

Was he on something?

Chris Crow made some deals with every single one of his endorsors.

A union labor guy is roommate of Crow thats how Crow got his endorsements from the union labors.

Crow and chamber of commerce against residents, both promised Halus on windmill deal. How many jobs can Halus offer for 1 windwill?

Chamber of Commerce endorsed Crow because 1 windmill business to against the Heron bay 700 homeowners - GOT IT!

Tim Holmes had their own people removed Mack-Rose lawn signs, clever move, who are you going to blame now...

Chris crow removed Corina Lopez's signs when he was dating Pauline Cutter's daughter.

Tim Holmes is one strange dude. So if Morgan Mack-Rose left her husband then why does she still use his name? She's a big woman, was her alleged lover also large?

According to information presented by City of San Leandro Information Technology Manager Rayan Fowler, the initial proposal calls for iPads to be purchased for all members of the City Council (7),At the Sep. 29 meeting of the Rules and Communications Committee, Councilmember Ursula Reed expressed a desire to have 3G-enabled iPads so that they could be used to access information, anywhere, such as BART or conferences. Reed added, "If you don't have 3G, then it almost defeats the purpose...if I didn't have 3G, it would be pointless because I could just sit in front of a computer at home."

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