Friday, September 14, 2012

Justice Is Blind, But Voters Aren't As Alameda County Lawyers Turn Their Backs To Swalwell

ELECTION '12//CONGRESS 15//ANALYSIS | The impetus for the Citizens United attack this week by Dublin Councilman Eric Swalwell came from comments made this week by Rep. Pete Stark following a endorsement meeting for the Alameda County Democratic Lawyers Club.

"I was pleased to have the opportunity to address members of the Alameda County Democratic Lawyers Club and to express my long-standing opposition to Citizens United and big money in politics," Stark said Wednesday on Facebook.

During the primary season, the group supported Swalwell, also an Alameda County deputy district attorney. However, lost in the campaign scrum this week over Citizens United, was the pulling of the group's backing from Swalwell to a non-endorsement.

The loss of support from Swalwell's brethren is definitely a setback for his campaign, but also raises another consistent question about his temperment and readiness for the extreme rigors of the Beltway.

According to witnesses of the Alameda County lawyers endorsement process, Swalwell's performance was flat and uneven with a tinge of fear. It would not be the first time his performance has perplexed audience members. In situations where the audience is perceived to be friendly to Swalwell, he appears confident, well-spoken and highly competent on the issues. However, when he wears his road grays outside of Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore and San Ramon, Swalwell becomes a very unsure, uncompelling and, afterwards, almost petulant young candidate.

This dichotomy was uniquely evident Thursday night at a Swalwell event in Hayward featuring a discussion of the issues facing the district's sizable Latino community. Although, the forum was outside of Swalwell's Tri Valley stronghold, his stump speech was clear and well-delivered. The small group of about 30 people were quite supportive of Swalwell as he laid out his positions advocating a path to citizenship and referring to immigrants as "aspiring citizens."

However, when Hayward school board President Jesus Armas (of all people!) sternly questioned Swalwell, the candidate crumbled. "Eric, do you say the same things on other other side of the hill?" asked Armas. Swalwell, though, did not directly answer the question, leading Armas to repeat it. "I do," Swalwell finally said and challenged voters to boot him out of Congress in two years, if he fails to keep his promises regarding immigration. "But, they look at us differently over there," then blurted Hayward Councilman Mark Salinas, but received no response from Swalwell.

In the end, it begs the question of which Swalwell might voters send to Washington? The one who rises to the occasion at friendly galas or the one who shrinks from the angry mob?


  1. He won't be nervous when he's cutting deals with John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.

  2. 5:26 wins the comments thread with that hilarious, unmatchable, accurate post. Thank you for seeing the forest for the trees!

  3. Maybe the lawyers are just being fair. Seems to me that all dem groups should not endorse in these top two races. I know that the Tri-Valley UDC is seriously hampered this year because they are forced to carry water for Stark.

  4. So Armas and Salinas are supporting Stark? I'd like to hear their reasoning? Politics stink. Power does indeed corrupt.It's entertaining but it still stinks.

  5. BY MW:

    If I were running for office, it would not overly disturb me if I was unable to obtain the endorsement of the Alameda County Democratic Liars Club, er, excuse me, I mean Lawyers Club.

    However, I would find it fascinating to learn the entire history of which characters it has endorsed in other races. For example, did it ever endorse such paragons of greatness as Nate Miley and Nadia Lockyer!!!

  6. MW...we get it, you hate lawyers, probably because you can't think for yourself and got your head handed to you by one.

    given your pro swalwell posts i guess it all makes sense now.


  7. With all the problems Jesus Armas is having on the HUSD School Board and the protection he is receiving from his friend, Mark Salinas, I would question anyone either one of them endorses!

  8. If I were running for public office, I would certainly distance myself from the likes of Armas and Salinas both.

  9. By MW:

    Concerning the comment of 11:21 (Sep 17), I suggest he & any other readers go to the California State Bar's website & look up Bruce Train (# 46073), since he was one of the members of the legal profession who thought he was going to outsmart me.

    More specifically to learn about Train & some of the things he was involved in, a reader should type into the Internet such search terms as "Marilyn Hall Patel," "Pacific States Steel," "Union City," & of course "Bruce Train."

    Before the CSB finally, & after years of complaints about his conduct, got around to deciding that California could manage to function w/o Train as a lawyer, he had taken the position that it was outrageous the things I had been saying about him, since he & his associates "knew" they were "honest" people.

    And he is far from the only lawyer whose performance I had strongly criticized who is no longer practicing law or who has had his business greatly diminished.

    For instance, there was also the clown with a law license who used to own & head a law office that contained about five lawyers total, but after I distributed info containing a remark he made in which he shot himself in the foot, he became somewhat of a joke & had the size of his business greatly diminished to the point where it was just himself and sometimes one very young lawyer, and it seemed that none of those young lawyers lasted more than a few months with him. And also as a result of him "outsmarting" me with his "brilliance" & great "intelligence," in other words his blunders, I learned that lawyers have far & away the highest rates of alcoholism & drug abuse of any major profession. In fact by the time he & some other lawyers he closely worked with were finished "outsmarting" me, as a result of their various blunders I had also learned that when an arson fire occurs in an office building if the fire is carried out by a "torch" working for organized crime, then the fire almost always occurs between 2AM & 4AM, & in fact usually at 3AM, in other words the exact time that a multi million dollar fire occurred at a major SF office building they were closely involved in, & in fact with some of them even partial owners of and/or on the board of directors of.

    And then there was also the client of those sleazy lawyers and who I was the first one to shout from the rooftops was a sleazy crook & organized crime connected, in other words not the respectable businessman he pretended to be, & who ended up being dug up out of Arlington National Cemetery when his lies concerning his "history" as a "war hero" were finally exposed.

    I could if I so desired also give addtl examples of lawyers who "outsmarted" me, & due to my "low intelligence," however let me conclude by commenting what are those drastically overpaid ranting raving yelling screaming, & also often drug addicted, maniacs with law licences going to do when most of the general public is finally aware, & largely due to my continued efforts, that: one, lawyers have far & away the highest rates of alcoholism & drug abuse of any major profession; and two, that rather than going along with lawyers' games & letting yourself be a victim of lawyers' intimidation tactics & financial battles of attrition, instead far and away the most effective method to battle crooked lawyers is to pass out flyers describing their sleaziness & also emphasizing lawyers' higher than skyhigh rates of alcoholism & drug abuse, & including to heroin & cocaine.

    And every time a lawyer yells & screams, and they love to do it as an intimidation tactic, then just ask the lawyer if he is a drug addict & if the reason he is screaming is because he is having withdrawal symptoms from having gone too many hours since his last dose of illicit drugs.

  10. By MW:

    Just a few minutes ago I noticed an interesting article on the Internet concerning a lawyer by the name of Richard J. Breibart, and who it sounds like has the type of "ethics" fairly typical of lawyers. The article is so interesting that most likely he will soon be a common household name.

    However if he is guilty of the crimes he has been charged with, then if he had done those crimes in the Bay area, and especially in San Francisco, more than likely politically connected judges and the totally corrupt CSB would have protected him and engaged in the phony and choreographed "investigations" to "prove" that he was not guilty of the crimes, and probably even arranged to have him appointed as a special master.

    (By the way, for awhile Bruce Train, and who I referred to in the previous post, was even a special master, since he had "proven," or at least based on the "standards" of the CSB and the legal profession, that he was unusually "honest" and "ethical.")

    And right after reading the article on Richard J. Breibart relating to the fact that he has been charged with all sorts of crimes, I then typed his name into "Martindale.com" and "avvo.com," and which are both directories of lawyers, and found, and not to my surprise, that he has extremely high ratings for integrity from both, and which did not surprise me, since I found that usually the sleazier the lawyer the more highly he is rated in the directories of lawyers.

  11. By MW,

    Including in regard to the comment of 10:30AM, therefore to "learn" more about the "intelligence" and "superiority" of lawyers, type into Yahoo the two search terms "pretzels" and "tired of dirty lawyers," and then you can read the item in Dickinson's column about the lawyers who were too stupid to ever learn that they should wash their hands after using the bathroom if they did not want to constantly get sick.

    However that letter written by one of the lower level employees in the law office did not surprise me. Since as a result of about twenty years ago when some sleazy professional pathological liars and common criminals hiding behind law licenses called me in for questioning in regard to certain criminal activities their clients had engaged in, and including allowing invisible clouds of asbestos dust to regularly blow all over the tenants of a msjor San Francisco office building, I then discovered that the typical lawyer is the blindest, narrowest, and stupidest - AND ALSO THE SLEAZIEST - creature on earth, and really incapable of understanding anything other than how to lie.

    And in fact about two years after that, and as a result of the sleazy stunts those pathological liars and common criminals with law licenses had previously pulled, I then also learned that lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug abuse of any major profession.

    But perhaps 10:30AM is a lawyer, and therefore is deathly afraid of what will happen to his income once a lot more of the general public becomes much more aware of the sleaziness, incompetence, stupidity, and skyhigh rates od drug addiction among lawyers.

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