Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nadia Lockyer Arrested For Child Endangerment in Southern California

ALAMEDA COUNTY | Former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer was arrested last week in Orange County and charged with child endangerment, according to a police report.

Lockyer, 41, was arrested Aug. 28 and held in custody for three days at the county's women's jail, according to the report. She was released without bail.

The news of Lockyer's arrest is another in a long list of personal troubles for the once-promising county supervisor following her election in 2010. Her rratic behavior and noticeable weight loss, however, became apparent in the first six months of her term and became public knowledge starting with her Feb. 3 call to Newark Police alleging her estranged boyfriend had assaulted her.

Lockyer later entered rehab for substance abuse addiction and ultimately resigned April 20. In June, Lockyer crashed her car into a pole near her Hayward home and was treated at a nearby hospital for minor injuries. A week later, published reports revealed her husband, Calfornia Treasurer Bill Lockyer had filed for divorce.


  1. No surpise there. She looks like a tweeker. Thank God she no longers works for Alameda County. Good riddance. Her soon to be ex-husband needs to retire and take care of his son because she doesn't seem to be capable. Poor kid.

  2. She's following the classic arc of an addict. I pray this is her rock bottom.

  3. A very sad case. Even her sex video was sad.

    This time she gets arrested and is charged with felony methamphetamine possession and three misdemeanors.

    So we now have a case where the former District 2 Supervisor is arrested for a felony, and the candidate, Mary Hayashi, running for the same office is also a person with a felony grand theft arrest only months ago.

    Goodness, can we finally get someone without a criminal past and who isn't currently on probation for their crimes.

    I would say this, Lockyer isn't a criminal in my book, she is just a very sick person. She could be a poster-girl for meth abuse. The only mystery is how many years this was going on. Pre 2010 when she was guided into running for supervisor?

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  5. Hayashi staff said polls show her with double-digit lead in her race. Really?!

  6. Is it true there is a hearing tomorrow regarding her TRO against Chikhan?

    If so...I hope her attorney is smart enough to withdraw the motion. It is now very clear the TRO should actually be imposed on Nadia.

    Where the hell was her supporting family in Socal when all this was occurring?

  7. Nadia just won the election for Valle!!

    Simple strategy....simple question:

    Dear Voters,

    Do you want to elect a criminal to replace a criminal?
    (Insert Mug Shot of Nadia and Mary on front of mailer)

    I believe it is game over for Mary. The female voter was deceived and mislead by Nadia and her husbands money...I just cannot see the female voter casting votes for another female that has already proven to be just as troubled as Nadia!!

    If Valle doesn't win this election...his campaign manager and team might consider a different line of work.

  8. 4:55, "Hayashi staff said polls show her with double-digit lead in her race"

    OK, exactly who did they say this to? You? or a friend of a friend?

    And who is "Hayashi staff" ? Office staff, campaign staff, who?

    Who did the poll? and when? and where? and how?

  9. I salute you, Mr. Cooper. I couldn't agree with more.

  10. Don't forget Valle was the chosen one of Nadia and Bill Lockyer!

  11. She ran on a platform of protecting the county's children. She's a public figure. Her downfall is the biggest story of the year in the East Bay. What other stories should I overlook? I understand your sympathy, but it comes attached with enormous blinders over the mess she created in county government.

    1. Sounds like Heredia's platform of "protecting" the children in Hayward school district. Waiting for that ugly face on a sextape too, don't wait, Jesus probably put a bag over her face! Where can we get an elected leaderwith integrity that is going to do the right thing?

  12. You points are moot. You're projecting when you speak of "Blinders".

    One board member can't stop the board from conducting its business, nor can they create a "mess" besides "embarrassment".

    Occupy Oakland was a bigger story, one of MANY.

    Why do you confuse your opinion for fact?

  13. By MW:

    1. Concerning the comment of 5:51PM. Actually, her son - and perhaps also all of her neighbors, all residents of Alameda County, and any and all pedestrians and other drivers anywhere in the state of California - should get at the very minimum at least a temporary restraining order, and preferably a permanent restraining order, against Nadia Lockyer.

    2. In regard to her previous comments of the last few months that she was no longer doing drugs, even previous to the news of this latest incident I still always thought those statements by her should have been taken just as seriously as the standard lies and garbage that most lawyers regularly engage in almost every single time they open their mouths.

    3. As a result of this still latest arrest in regard to drugs, Nadia Lockyer is now qualified, or at least based on the "standards" of the legal profession, to not just be a lawyer but also to be a special master.

    NOTE: While the California State Bar pretends that in order to become a special master a lawyer has to have a proven record of being even more honest and trustworthy than the typical lawyer, however of the two lawyers I got to know somewhat who became, and with the CSB's approval, special masters, both of them were unusually sleazy even based on the "standards" of lawyers.

    Frankly, I think many of the lawyers who become, and with the approval of the CSB and their local court system, special masters, that there is often an understanding that the special master will become a co- conspirator and partner with certain corrupt local judges in embezzling and money laundering, and also in plundering estates.

  14. I don't know what you're talking about. I covered Occupy. I think you're bringing your own issues to the table and making it too personal. Maybe you know her. I know her. I feel bad for her. Maybe you have a family member who struggles with addiction, but they're probably not public figures like Nadia Lockyer, so it's not a story for public consumption.

    You want me to be a rigid gatekeeper for the news, but I'm not. If its politics, I write about it. I don't write about anything else. The newspaper writes about a lot of subjects and cant cover the details. I cover one subject and cover it thoroughly. I don't if this helps, but you're also not explaining yourself.

  15. "Goodness, can we finally get someone without a criminal past and who isn't currently on probation for their crimes."

    Yes we can, and his name is Richard Valle.

    1. It goes to show that if you have enough money, you can print out those beautiful cardstock flyers with a family picture and carefully selected words to fool the public into thinking that you have their interests in mind if elected. The rich get to play games on another level at the expense of the working class.

  16. By MW:

    She must have been set up and the evidence and drugs must have been planted, since Nadia Lockyer is a lawyer and she previously informed us that she no longer does drugs - AND WE ALL KNOW A LAWYER WOULDN'T LIE.

  17. I spoke to Nadia's attorney yesterday regarding the TRO. He will ask the judge to remove the order and ask for a continuance for 3 months from now. That should give Nadia enough time to get her life back in order and convince her this is not where she needs to focus her time and energy on. Despite everything Nadia has done me and how difficult it's been on me and my family, I really do hope she can tet her life back. She used to be such a beautiful and wonderful woman and mom. I will always remember the goodness in her and all that she did for others. This Person that the world has known for the last 7 months isn't who she really is. This drug really got its grips in her and it did not let go at all. It had her faster than you could imagine. I want the best for her and her son and Bill. I will always stand by Nadia .... As long as there's no restraining order!!!

  18. I spoke to Nadia's attorney yesterday regarding the TRO. He will ask the judge to remove the order and ask for a continuance for 3 months from now. That should give Nadia enough time to get her life back in order and convince her this is not where she needs to focus her time and energy on. Despite everything Nadia has done me and how difficult it's been on me and my family, I really do hope she can tet her life back. She used to be such a beautiful and wonderful woman and mom. I will always remember the goodness in her and all that she did for others. This Person that the world has known for the last 7 months isn't who she really is. This drug really got its grips in her and it did not let go at all. It had her faster than you could imagine. I want the best for her and her son and Bill. I will always stand by Nadia .... As long as there's no restraining order!!!

  19. Jesus Armas & Maribel Heredia have to be happy about this tragic story coming out to distract frim their in-going corruption in HUSD.

    Sign the online petition to demand the immediate resignation of Maribel Heredia at www.change.org (search for Heredia).

  20. Steven, you are right. Nadia and Mary should be the poster children for all that is wrong with the political machines and their influence in politics. Term out of one office and go for another. Career politicians at its worst. This state is run by the most corrupt and unethical group of individuals that walk this state. In the guise of helping those in need they only create power and influence for themselves. From the local school boards to congress and the presidency they are all only in it for themselves.

  21. Yea, "Chikhani", since your a doper and I have worked with many children who have been victimized by their doper parents I'm supposed to believe you? I don't think so.

  22. 6:39 am. "...at the expense of the working class". Reminder, it's the voters who elect them that are responsible for them getting into office to begin with. Voting strictly along party lines and not doing the critical thinking and research necessary to seriously choose their canditates is what's wrong with this picture.

  23. Here we go again!

    Let's remember the salient points, people. Mary HO-yashi, a stooge for the unions. Skanky Lockyer a shill unto herself and only interested in herself. Dick Valle, a HUGE whore for the unions--and their 'leadership'--who should never have been appointed over Apodaca. Fact is if you want to stay clean in this election an ORGANIZED write-in campaign is the only way to go. [Valle only has the support of two of his colleagues and none of the other county electeds.] For the skeptics out there, I refer to an ORGANIZED write-in campaign. They are a long-shot, but have worked in other races over the years. If happy with the current crop, then by all means, pull the lever. I for one am tired of voting for the lesser of evils. No mas!

  24. A well ORGANIZED write-in campaign, if it had $100,000 and a good candidate, might get 10% of the vote, and as such would surely greatly improve the odds of Mary Hayashi being elected.

    Right now, you have no money, no candidate, no group, and the election is less than 9 weeks away. Choose one of the other two, or get a full dose of Mary for the next 2 to 10 years. Otherwise, every time you see her, know that you helped to elect her.

  25. Whoever you are, 11:33, you know nothing at all about politics. Your constant rants about Mary are proof of that. It's nice that you have a crystal ball, and have 'proof' of both your figures and percentages.

    No, I'll do what I know to be right and I urge all others who care about keeping their hands clean to do the same. Write-in is the ONLY way to go. You're way too cynical,and probably one of Mary Ho's stooges anyway. Nice try, go back to bed, gramps!

  26. Right 11:38, your write-in. Oh by the way, since you are so dead set on doing that, how about you supply us with a name. You know, a write in candidate.

    Or are you still working on that one yourself.
    Nine weeks to go. Let us know who we should write-in, and come to think of it, you might let THAT person know you're going to be writing him/her in.
    We await your candidate.

  27. By MW:

    When it first became public some months ago that Nadia Lockyer had a serious problem with drugs, I then checked her record with the California State Bar, and which is sometimes referred to as the CSB, in other words the totally corrupt organization that pretends to regulate and monitor California's lawyers and also pretends to protect the general public from crooked, corrupt, and incompetent lawyers. And over the last several months each time another article came out relating to the Nadia circus, I then again checked her record with the CSB, and including last night and also about only five minutes ago.

    And according to the profile on Nadia listed on the totally corrupt CSB's website, she is still in good standing with the CSB, is still listed as ACTIVE with the CSB, and therefore still allowed to practice law in California.

    In fact Nadia's profile on the CSB's website states:

    1. "No public record of discipline" and

    2. "No public record of administrative actions."

    So that brings up the question as to what will she have to do be publicly disciplined and publicly disbarred by the CSB, perhaps do a Jim Jones incident and arrange to have over seven hundred people murdered???

  28. Gail Steele 12:02 PM

  29. 12:11, Gail Steele? Oh OK, and you'll let us know when Gail Steele agrees to the idea.

    I mean, you HAVE told her about your plans, right?
    And she is on-board?
    We await her press release and/or your groups announcement.
    I mean, you will be telling he media won't you?

    Or will this be a "secret" campaign?

  30. Ana Apodaca for Supervisor!

  31. For those who haven't figured out who or whom is behind the push for the write-in campaign that is popping-up in all corners of this blog and many others...consider the only candidate the would benefit from a write-in candidate who would at this point in the process have ZERO chance of winning...None other then Ms. Mary Hayashi, and/or her staff and supporters.

    It is a further effort to dilute the voting percentage needed for a victory in this special election.

  32. Makes no sense at all. A vote for any candidate, write-in or ballot, is a vote for THAT person. Not Obama, not Clinton, not the man in the moon. It is only for that person. Therefore, if one votes for 'X' and not Hayashi, 'X' receives the vote. Doesn't go to Valle, Green or Turnquist. It goes to 'X.'

    You need to learn simple math. Unless you're suggesting that all write-in votes are then transferred to Hayashi's column. Is that what you're alleging? Better have some concrete proof of that. For that would be a real conspiracy.

    Me thinks there is more smoke than fire to your 'theory,' and even then it's very faint.

  33. By MW:

    Her addiction to drugs is so strong, that I therefore wonder if she would have still had illegal drugs around the house even if her child was only one, two, or three years old - and therefore likely to be crawling around on the floor and also going into cabinets, etc, and then often putting into his mouth, and sometimes also eating and ingesting, virtually everything he saw, touched, and went near - and rather than the eight or nine years old I believe he is.

    And since she seems to be heavily into meth (and perhaps also other illegal drugs), and the presence of meth creates an extremely toxic and poisonous environment in the house to all present and future occupants of that house, therefore on that basis alone she should lose all rights to custody of her son.

    In fact and while her problems with drugs only became public earlier this year, and due to that incident at the motel which happened in about February, however an interesting and extremely relevant question is whether she was into illegal drugs at least a few years, and maybe even several years, earlier, and maybe even when she was pregnant with her son who is now about nine years old.

    (In fact, many lawyers become alcoholics and/or drug addicts even before they get their law licenses, in other words while they are still in law school.)

    NOTE: A few years ago I read an article in which a lawyer who got her law license a few decades ago, in fact back in the mid 1970's, said that when she was a young lawyer a judge told her not to take the practice of law too seriously since he said she was just going to get pregnant anyway.

    And when I read that comment in which she quoted the judge, and since I was already well aware that lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug addiction of any major profession, I then said to myself that instead the judge should have warned young lawyers, and including her, to be extremely careful not to be drawn into the legal profession's culture of alcoholism and drug addiction, and including since mothers who consume alcohol and/or illegal drugs during pregnancy often cause extreme harm to the fetus, and that if they were already alcoholics and/or drug addicts, then they should start associating and socializing with a different, and cleaner and better, set of lawyers, in other words lawyers who are not into the boozing and drug scene.

  34. By MW:

    In that Nadia Lockyer is in her early forties, therefore she was born in about 1970. And she received her law license from the California State Bar in 1997, in other words when she was in her mid or late twenties.

    But she married Bill Lockyer in about 2003. So since she was a member of that sleazy mafia which calls itself the legal profession, in other words the group that has drastically higher rates of alcoholism and drug abuse than any other major profession, for about six years before she married Bill Lockyer, that therefore brings up the question as to whether she was already an alcoholic and/or a drug addict even before she got involved with Bill Lockyer, and perhaps maybe years before she even became pregnant.

    (Since mothers who during pregnancy drink alcoholic beverages and/or engage in the abuse of illegal drugs often cause major damage to their unborn children, and since lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug abuse of any major profession, therefore the CSB should repeatedly warn young lawyers that if they are thinking of having children, that then they should eliminate their drinking and abuse of illegal drugs at least while they are pregnant.)

    And also since the California State Bar has a secret system of two sets of books, and including so that the general public will not learn the truth about the higher than skyhigh rates of alcoholism and drug abuse among lawyers, therefore that raises the issue as to whether the CSB for years had been privately reproving Nadia Lockyer in regard to problems with alcoholism and/or drug abuse and/or had enrolled her in such programs as "The Other Bar," and which is one of the secret programs the legal profession uses to provide treatment for lawyers who are alcoholics and/or drug addicts, and while not letting clients know that the lawyer who is charging them two hundred dollars or more per hour very likely has such an extreme problem with alcoholism and/or drugs, that therefore he or she is almost totally incoherent, and therefore probably not even worth minimum wage.

    Of course lawyers who are drug addicts, and in addition to not being worth even ten cents per hour for the services they provide to clients, also have an extreme tendency to embezzle the money of their clients so as to get the funds to feed their drug habits.

  35. By MW:

    Including in regard to my previous remarks on Nadia Lockyer and the totally corrupt California State Bar, in other words the organization that pretends to monitor and regulate California's lawyers, and also pretends to have as its primary goal pretecting the general public, and including from crooked, corrupt, and incompetent lawyers:

    If in the future Nadia Lockyer while on drugs and driving a car seriously injures or kills any pedestrians or drivers or pasengers in other cars, or maybe even her own son, we should then probably give a big "Thank You" to the totally corrupt CSB and its secret system of two sets of books.

    Since more than likely for a long time the totally corrupt CSB has probably been covering various things up in regard to Nadia Lockyer, and including at least some of the details of a pattern of alcoholism and drug use that may very well go back at least a few years, and maybe even many years.

    And just think if the incident at the motel that happened in about February had not resulted in a police report, but instead, and just like most incidents involving the politically connected getting themselves in embarassing situations, had instead been handled quietly and with no police report being made out.


    But if there had been no police report made out in regard to that motel incident, then almost certainly any lower ranking whistleblower employees in Alameda County government who eventually had had the "gall" and the "nerve" to state that Nadia Lockyer was in a mental daze, totally incompetent, and not doing her job would have been fired for making "unfounded" accusations, "lying," and needlessly "causing trouble."

    And of course the lawyers in Alameda County's DA's office and County Counsel's office would have also gone through their choreographed charades of an "investigation" to "prove" that the whistleblowers' accusations against Nadia Lockyer were "stupid," "unfounded," and "ridiculous," and just as the liars with law licenses in those two offices almost always do when the wrongdoer is a bigshot and/or politically connected.

  36. Who the hell cares about Skank Lockyer? She's yesterday's sorry trash. Forget about her and move on already!

  37. To: 2:19,

    I believe MW's comments are not as much about Nadia Lockyer as they are about his opinions regarding corruptions surrounding the California legal system...particularly when it involves politicians.

    I must admit MW rambles...though he has pointed out a number of valid points in the past six months.

  38. to 9:49,

    It is clear you presume most readers here are not smart enough to read between the lines and do some basic math...or perhaps you are so set on helping Hayashi win election you are willing to make yourself look stupid? Either way...you look foolish in your efforts.

    Let me help you with the math of this special election:
    Current Dist 2 Election Math:
    100%/4(candidates) = 25% + 1 vote results in winner of Dist 2.

    Your write-in candidate Math:
    100%/5(candidate) = 20% + 1 vote results in winner of Dist 2.

    NOW do you understand how an extra candidate might dilute votes and help a convicted shoplifter win election to Dist 2??

  39. 5:49, Well, actually your math is not correct.

    Whether with 5 candidates or 4 candidates, the winner is still the one with the most votes.

    In all probability, whether there are 4 candidates or 5 candidates, it will take over 30% to win.
    The vote for a write-in is a wasted vote, but not a dilutional vote.
    In fact a vote for the 4th candidate (His name excapes me) is about as worthless as one for a 5th "write-in candidate.

    Voting for a write-in candidate is similar to not voting at all. In that the votes for the write-in won't even be mentioned by name in the news.
    Only the voter will be aware of their "protest" vote.
    A tactical voter will decide who is the most objectional candidate and then near the election day, see who among the other candidates has the best chance to beat that objectional candidate. Casting your vote for the remaining one with the best chance.
    In this case if you just can't stomach Hayashi, wait and see who is polling best among the others, then vote for them, even if you have to hold your nose in doing so.
    Otherwise you face the very real prospect of having Hayashi's smirk to stare at for the next 2, 4, or 8+ years.
    Allow her to win because you chose a write-in candidate and you are responsible for allowing her back in office.
    I can tell you, Mary Hayashi is cheering for you to throw your vote away on a write-in candidate.
    Of course, perhaps you work for her and this is part of her plan. Sowinng the seeds of discontent in the other two viable candidates.

  40. The latter part of the prior post was directed at the guy who was suggesting that we do a write-in vote (not at the 6:32 PM poster)

  41. Vote for Mark Green! he's free of any shoplifting charges and he's not a part of local Dem machine!

  42. I'm going to give one last try to reach you simpletons who don't believe in write-ins, which have worked in years past though in other counties and states.

    Seeing that you might not even have 'sik grade ed'cations,' I'm going to come down to your level--as best I can-- to see if I can 'learn u some'ting!' TRY to pay attention as class is now in session: As 5:49 truthfully points out--about the only thing that he/she gets right--"might"dilute....The fact is that with an organized write-in campaign [hardly a 'protest,' 6:32] you have your viable candidate in Apodaca or Steele if you prefer, and you contact the Registrar to prepare for this accordingly. With me so far? I'll slow it down for you. I don't come from the world of 'might this,' 'possibly that,' or 'could something else.' I hail from the real world. To make the asinine assertion that each of the four candidates is going to garner 25% of the vote and then + 1, well, clearly you know nothing about the mechanics of the electoral process. Not even close. Further, you have way too much infatuation with Hayashi. Let me remind you of just a few years ago with the state senate race that included candidates Dutra, Corbett, Klehs, and someone else. Everyone from here to the hills cried "It's Dutra's for the taking. He has the name, incumbency, $$$," etc. You getting the point? Now while true, there was no organized write-in with that election, the big, bad, machine money bags didn't take it. In fact, he came in either last or next to last. While I never tend to underestimate the ignorance nor apathy of the American electorate, I have now found someone more cynical and conspiratorial than even I am. Problem is, you don't have much happening upstairs to share with the populace, and that's the real tragedy. My bottom line is that I don't vote for tainted or rancid, thieves, ho's or carpetbaggers, which eliminates the current crop of four. School is now out, pupils.

  43. 12:38, we can clearly see how brilliant you are.

    I'll tell you what. When you get Apodaca or Steele to agree to be part of your "organized" write-in campaign, then you give us a post so we'll know about it.

    Now go call them and clue them in about your plan.
    I'm sure they'll be most interested.

  44. I know for a fact that they would be willing to do their part if others who feel similarly get on board with the "Draft" movement. That's how you build a movement and maintain momentum. I'm not suggesting for one minute that any one individual alone can 'take an election' without a coordinated effort. The point that has been lost here is that ALL four of the names on the ballot are tainted, some more than others. To borrow from the late 'Howard Beal,' it's up to the people to say "We're mad as hell, and are not going to take it anymore!"

    If on the other hand the majority is fine with the selection at hand, then by all means cast a lever for whomever you like. However, I will not submit to the 'lowest common denominator' or 'least of the evils.' Been there and done that; doesn't work too well in the end. At the end of the day I need to be able to live with myself, so I will do my part to build momentum and vote for an honest choice.

    What about you?

  45. 12:38, it is clear you know only one thing...that is how to argue a dead issue!!

    There is NO write-in candidate...and unless you provide evidence anyone other then yourself is proposing such...you are only confusing this already troubling situation in Dist #2...which may perhaps be your intention...and there is only one candidate that benefits from such confusion...Mary Hayashi.

    As for your math skills...I sure hope you're not an accountant, financial adviser or professional gambler (though Casino's would love you)!!

    Let me explain the math and it's impact on this election.

    If only 100 (a presumption- I used a low number so you could follow along) voters cast votes in Dist #2 special election and there are 4 candidates, a candidate with as few as 26 votes could win (That is also known as 26%). Now if there are 5 candidates, a candidate with as few as 21 votes could win (That is also known as 21%). Therefore, increasing the number of candidates by 1, reduces the potential needed votes to win by 19% (26-21=5/26)...This is a HUGE percentage change and can seriously impact the potential outcome of any special election.

    Not for a minute have you fooled me with your write-in push...nor do I suspect you have fooled many others...though I do hope I'm getting through to all those people who "might" be confused by your BS.

    Mary, as does Nadia, need serious help...Mary, get out of public service and get your lift in order and stop screwing with the people of ALCO.

  46. p.s. to 5:50pm

    auto correct error..."lift" should be "life"

  47. By MW:

    To get back to the issues of: one, good old Nadia Lockyer and her addiction to meth; and two, that lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug addiction of any major profession.

    Since in the last few years meth seems to have become more and more the leading drug of choice among lawyers - previous to that the majority of lawyers who were addicted to hard drugs preferred such drugs as crack, cocaine, and heroin - and since the presence of meth in a house does not just poison the drug addicts who consume it, but also the rugs, walls, floors, furniture, and plaster in the house, and with those poisons from meth taking at least tens of thousands of dollars, and more often hundreds of thousands of dollars, to remove and to therefore make the house into a safe and healthy environment again, therefore only a fool would rent or buy a house that had been previously occupied by a lawyer.

  48. MW, you certainly know alot about drugs...

  49. Well, 5:50, you never fail to disappoint. You accuse me of being a shill for HO-yashi. Right back at you; clearly you're a whore for Dick Valle. But that's o.k.; for the moment anyway, this is still a democracy. As I explained earlier, you know absolutely NOTHING about elections nor the political process. As a wise man once said--no doubt with you in mind--one never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. I did the best I could to dumb it down for you, but even I can only take it down so far.

    No, I'm not an accountant and will never enter that profession. Now you have to promise that you will never try to use that rascal of thing you believe to be a brain. If you did, well, that would surely be the end of society as we know it.

    Clearly you will continue to prostitute yourself on behalf of Dick. The rest of us will be able to keep our conscience clean and clear when we go into the voting booth.

    By the way, DO learn English. 'It's' is a contraction and not used for possession. Also, 'then' is not used for comparison. The correct spelling is 'than.' Finally, take a refresher course on bonehead math. As your 'argument' posits your math is all fuzzy. It's a good thing for the second district, Alameda County and the state that BS such as yours is in the minority of a minority point of view.

  50. The rumor is...Nadia's own family turned her in to law enforcement.

    What is truly sad about this is all the people over the past few years (or longer) that knew she had a problem, but turned a blind eye. WHY??

    Well, it would be my position it was a combination of, Bill Lockyer's political machine, and law enforcement's unwillingness to get some Brass and stand-up and act on behalf of a young boy...who now is surely old enough to understand his mother and father are two seriously screwed-up people.

    Though I don't endorse all of MW's opinions...I must agree with him on one point, Politicians, Law Enforcement and the legal profession in California have much TOOOO close of a relationship to fairly and without basis enforce the laws of this state within their tight incestuous circle.

  51. to 8:20,

    You're coming unglued...you now sound (oka write) just like Mary sounded in Sacramento when she was soo pissed off about the recent votes of NO CONFIDENCE. (Coincidence? NOT LIKELY!)

    Face facts 8:20pm...your "write-in candidate" campaign on this blog is DEAD. Go find another blog and hope those people aren't as wise.

    Better yet...go have a beer or two...think about what you're doing...and perhaps common sense will lead you to the realization Mary is not the best person to replace Nadia. ALCO needs to regain it's reputation within the State and move quickly on from the Lockyer scandal.

    Electing a medically challenged and potentially unstable shoplifter to replace a drug addict and seemingly unfit mother is clearly NOT a giant leap for man kind!!

  52. to 8:22,

    I suspect you meant "bias"...not "basis".

    Unlike some others on this blog who believe they are gods gift to the english language...we ALL make grammar and spelling mistakes.

    Thought I would reference your mistake as it is at the heart of your position...the "bias" nature of law enforcement when it comes to politicians.

    Your comments are on the mark...and a key reason soo many residents of California have lost faith in the system and their elected officials.

  53. I must say, following all these posts, each anonymous with only the "time stamp", is becoming a chore.
    I propose each person choose a nick-name at some point in the future (except MW, whose posts we could identify even if he didn't use MW).

    Perhaps each nickname could be a vegetable.
    Then 'Green Cabbage' could respond to 'Broccoli' while 'Kale' and 'Rutabaga' looked on.
    Soon everyone would more easily read and respond, while at the same time we'd all learn more about the wide range of vegetables we all should be eating.

    Yes, a splendid proposal if I do say so my self.
    Now, if we run out of vegetables, then we can move onto fruits. Be thinking about your choice.

  54. 8:47, no one here is interested in your puppet, Dick Valle. As you are the ONLY one to respond to me, it is clear that you are an extreme minority of zero.

    You vote for Dick; the rest of us will support good government with Ana Apodaca. Time to get out of your parents' basement and into daylight. The whole world isn't as conspiratorial as you are. Your infatuation with HO-yashi can't be masked. And son, I meant what I said earlier, do learn English. Those who take the time to respond to your silly nonsense shouldn't have to 'dumb it down' just so you can follow along.

  55. 9:53, Now you be sure to let us know when Ana Apodaca says even ONE single word, indicating she favors being a write-in candidate.

    Just ONE WORD... you let us know.

  56. to 9:53:

    How ironic...you say I'm the minority...and from what I can see...you are the "only one" proposing a write-in candidate. Perhaps you should brush up on your English definitions.

    As far as your attempts to bully me by attacking my spelling and grammar...you seem to have no problem understanding my message or context!!

    If you want to be apart of this blog and add value...address issues...and avoid showing your true colors by using elementary school tactics best left for washed up and disgraced politicians.

  57. To 11:54, we all get your message loud and clear. As you are the only one to "take me on," you are the minority. No bullying, son, the fact is that you need to learn English for your own sake. It's not too late; if you never graduated, you can return to school. If you didn't make it past the fourth grade, there's always remedial school. As for your control factor, need to remind you that you don't control this blog, but thanks for trying to prove that you're 'relevant.'

    Again, you continue to prostitute yourself for your shill Dick Valle. The rest of us will make our own honest, ethical, and courageous choices with Apodaca.

    Finally, you can 'scream' all you want. Not going to change my mind. At the end of the day, I can look at myself in the mirror with integrity staring back. You, well, you stick to your infatuation with HO-yashi. That will keep you warm at night in your parents' basement.

  58. 2:40,

    I've watched your recent exchanges and you are indeed a bully! Your write-in suggestion has been shot down by many for varying reasons, and your response is to personally attack those, one writer in general, with demeaning words.

    Just because no-one has agreed with you and has pointed out the flaws of your position doesn't give you the right to go postal.

    Go vent your anger on some other blog...this blog is for people who are willing to accept all opinions without fear of personal attacks or bullying.

  59. Nice try 3:22, or should I say, 11:54, 10:26, 8:47, et al. You're all one in the same and not fooling anyone with your various posts.

    No demeaning words here, but definitely the sentiment of 'go out and get a life!' We're not buying into your man Dick Valle, so do get over it.

  60. Hold on one darn moment, 10:26 is separate.

    As to the rest, I've given up trying to keep track of this squabble.

    How about this. I'd like to hear from anyone who has seen any of the candidates or their supporters going door to door yet.
    Any campaign literature you've seen?

    Anything at all from Mary Hayashi? Campaign literature, any door to door, any public appearances, anything at all?
    Or any known campaign contributions to her, or from her to pals of Perez?
    Or any other interesting stuff.
    Only 8 weeks to go.
    Has anyone been to the Farmers Market in Hayward and seen any tables set up for anyone?

    What is Green doing?

  61. By MW:

    In regard to the post of 947AM, and in which he suggested that rather than most commenters just using the same identical "name" or pseudonym ANONYMOUS, and instead differentiate themselves, and such as by using the name of a vegetable as their handle, for years my wife has been trying to poison me by attempting to get me to eat more vegetables and less dessert.

    However I have at least partially resisted her efforts and instead have held out at least a little bit for a much healthier and more balanced diet that includes a sufficient supply and variety of dessert type items.

    So therefore from now on my handle will not be "MW" but instead will be "ICAC," and which stands for ice cream and cake. However you old fuddy duddies are welcome to call yourselves by such names as Broccoli, Cauliflower, Lettuce, or any other such names you so desire.

  62. Apodaca and Armas are good friends. Sure you want to go there?

  63. MW, no need to have told us you were sticking to your ice cream and cake (ICAC). We knew something was up.

    BTW, did you read the July 17th article in the New England Journal of Medicine where they show a strong association between ICAC and atherosclerosis induced vascular dementia?
    But not to worry, down the road you can get good lawyer to sue Dryers or Ben and Jerry's for product liability.

  64. Who cares.... She isn't accountable to Alameda County anymore.

  65. By MW/ICAC

    To 9:56AM,

    Since she obviously still has an extreme problem with drug addiction, therefore the DMV should have already revoked her driver's license, and before she seriously injures or kills someone while driving under the influence.

    And in fact a host of local agencies, and including various local police departments and the Alameda County Sheriff's office, should have made out the appropriate reports, AND THEN SENT THEM TO BOTH THE DMV and the CALIFORNIA STATE BAR, and instead of all of those local agencies pretending not to notice that she is an extreme and totally out of control drug addict, and who should not even be allowed as a passenger in a car, let alone driving a car.

    And if while driving a car she kills someone while she is under the influence, it will be interesting to see all of those public servants who will insist under oath in their testimony in any court trials related to wrongful death that they did not previously secretly let her go, AND OF COURSE WITHOUT MAKING OUT ANY POLICE REPORTS SINCE SHE WAS POLITICALLY CONNECTED, at least ninety nine percent of the time when she was observed or stopped while obviously under the influence.

  66. I typically read this stuff and move on, but I wanted to say a few things regarding the latest news about Nadia. I know Nadia, Bill, and their child Diego, and I’m very aware of the background which has led up to this point. Drug addiction is a horrible thing and the PROCESS of recovery is a long road that requires a tremendous amount of strength to travel.
    I have a few points I’d like to make and I would appreciate everyone’s patience by not responding with pointless “mean spirited” comments. The names involved in this story are all connected to real people, with real families, real jobs (or lack of), and real feelings. I continually read comments regarding Nadia and her past performance as a Supervisor, Mother, Wife, Addict, Lawyer, ect. I have also read a lot regarding Bill Lockyer, their 9 year old Diego, and of course Steve Chikhani.
    I’d like to start off by reminding everyone- we live in a democracy and WE elected Nadia to the position of Supervisor. On paper, in media ad’s, and past job performances, she appeared to be a good fit. She lacked political experience but sometimes that’s refreshing, and I think a lot of people felt at ease with Bill Lockyer standing by as a safety net. Please hold off your Bill Lockyer comments until you finish reading this.
    Nadia walked into her Supervisor job with demons that she tried to keep under control. I can’t speak for her staff, but I can tell you from my personal experience, it would have been hard to not see her slow decline. Personally, I feel a lot of us realized she had a problem but nobody wanted to believe it. She’s a very nice person, very accomplished, very positive, and doesn’t match the stigma we tend to put on drug addicts. In reality drug addicts lie, cheat, and steal. They do what they need to in order to fulfill their need for drugs. They drive under the influence, they make bad decisions, they lower their moral compass, and they live as actors in order to survive. It really doesn’t matter who exposed Nadia to meth or when, it happened and she became addicted. The addiction impacted her health, career, reputation, family, and criminal history. In addition to her personal consequences, her addiction led to the end of her family. It’s a huge price to pay. I would totally understand the newsworthy aspect of this story if Nadia was still a public figure, but she isn’t. I can only assume continued coverage of this story is a result of her last name and our attraction to watching train wrecks. There are a lot of pictures, videos, allegations, and misinformation circulating about Nadia. I truly feel it’s a blessing and testament to her strength this hasn’t turned into an irreversible tragic story. Again, this woman was humiliated by videos, pictures, resignation, divorce, court hearings, rehab, and so on… These are all huge blows- but imagine having every blow covered by the media. Also, imagine not just having it covered, but also people “anonymously” commenting on your life. It’s a lot to handle under any circumstance and hopefully forums like this don’t push her to the point of no return.

  67. I’ve read a lot on here about Bill Lockyer as a politician. Honestly, I have no personal opinion on his performance in Sacramento. I do have a little to say regarding his marriage to Nadia. Politicians throughout history don’t fare well in marriage. These two Politicians tried very hard to stay together. In fact, even though Bill and Nadia are divorcing, He is still very involved with Nadia’s continued care, legal issues, and care of Diego. He worked with the courts to restore Nadia’s ability to see her child, and he is working to ensure Nadia has every chance to find sobriety. In general- He’s putting the well being of Nadia and Diego before the divorce. In speaking as a divorced person, I wish I had the strength and wisdom to have done the same thing. I look at Nadia’s arrest as more of a family intervention. This family has done everything possible to help Nadia. The problem is, YOU CAN’T FORCE SOMEONE TO ACCEPT THE HELP. To compound the problem you have a very sick woman, who has the ability to manipulate you into ignoring what’s staring you in the face. There are times when a person’s only hope for recovery is a pair of handcuffs and a police car. Luckily in this case, Nadia was not out driving around with her child while under the influence. There is so much misinformation on this site. I really hope the focus of this forum shifts back to the people who are in a position to improve the future of Alameda County.

  68. To several of you:

    Can you look in the mirror and say there isn't anything you have done that you are ashamed of? If you were in this situation, is this how you would like to be viewed? Do you stop and think that a lot of these people have had such unexpected public/private pressure put upon them that it is just too much for them to handle? Are your lives so perfect that you are able to tear people to shreds. I am going to assume not, since so many of you are too gutless to show your names.

    I really believe you have to walk in one's shoes before you can judge. So, please try this pair on.

    Do you need a cup of coffee or a cigarette to get your day going? If yes, that's an addiction and how do you think you would behave if they took it away and said you can't have it again? That's when your body takes over and your mind loses control of it's senses. You are probably going to say "but cigarettes are legal" but so were cigarettes at one time.

    Cigarettes. Are you a smoker. Just about illegal and I bet some of you would kill if you couldn't get your hands on one. I have been trying to quit for years and have been successful yet.

    I personally know Nadia and know she is a good person that went down a wrong path. I doubt there is one of you that can say she did a bad thing to you. She needs help and support to build her self esteem back up, not your comments that continue to tear her down.

  69. Coop & Just Ducky,

    I agree and disagree with you both. I agree there is no reason to pile on Nadia's personal problems.

    However, I strongly disagree with the idea this scandal needs to be sweep under the carpet.

    This scandal needs to be kept in the forefront of local political news for many years to come, so that no one forgets what happens when "machine politics" takes over local government.

    Remember Bill Lockyer's promise to Nadia and the people of ALCO: "I will do whatever it takes to get Nadia elected"

    Bill Lockyer and his Sacramento machine are at the center of this scandal. There is no doubt in my mind...and I don't believe I'm alone in this thinking...that Bill and his people knew Nadia had addiction issues before she filed to run for office. Further, as her problems started to surface during the election, they did everything in their power to cover-up Nadia's behavior.

    The lies and deception that led to the Lockyer scandal should remain a strong reminder to all voters of ALCO...especially as you prepare to elect a replacement for Nadia in Dist #2

  70. p.s.

    "sweep" should be "swept"...I hate auto-correct.

  71. Coop, I feel sorry for Nadia. She is sick. I hope she gets well and has a good life.

    Having said that I have a huge problem with the other part of what you wrote.

    "I’d like to start off by reminding everyone- we live in a democracy and WE elected Nadia to the position of Supervisor. On paper, in media ad’s, and past job performances, she appeared to be a good fit."

    We DON'T live in a real democracy when a highly funded statewide politician, dumps $1,500,000 into a small local race, and twists the arms of local leaders to support his wife for no other reason than its HIS wife.
    She wasn't a "good fit" except for the money and connection.

    But for the overwhelming financial injection and her position as his wife, no one would have ever considered her a "good fit". The election was essentially hijacked through money and arm twisting.
    It was a embarassment to democracy.

  72. There have been several police officers arrested in the last year (ALCO Sheriffs, CCNET Commanders, San Leandro, COCO CO. ETC)... I guess we should publicly humiliate their families too? It's sad when people lose sight of the issue (a person arrested for substance abuse), and beat the hell out of them while they're down- all because of their spouse. Believe me, we have bigger problems... Lets focus on the drunk Judges who decide people's fate on a daily basis, the convicted felon who is second in command at ALCO Sheriffs, the rapist DA in COCO county, the wife beating Sheriff in San Francisco.... Oh wait.. Nobody cares about them?!?!?! Google Undersheriff Lucia and his insurance fraud conviction, the COCO County sex crimes DA arrested for rape, CCNET Commander Norman Wielsch arrested for 27 felonies, the Berkeley Judge arrested for theft, San Ramon Officer Lombardi and Danville Officer Tanabe who stole drugs, money, and weapons, the COCO Co. Deputies who lied about military leave (for years) and were paid while they took vacations, and the list goes on and on.... They deserve the attention more than a former barely public official who resigned from her job in light of a drug induced scandal.

  73. Oh yes,, DA- Michael Gresset (Contra Costa) arrested for rape. The county paid off the victim to avoid a suit, put Gresset on paid leave, and hired him back when the DA decided they couldn't win the case because of the payoff.

    CCNET- Wielsch, Lombardi, Tannabe- All arrested and responsible for countless law suits against COCO and ALCO.

    ALCO Undersheriff Lucia- Arrested and convicted for insurance fraud. He reported his Corvette stolen, collected the insurance money, and was busted when it was found later in his garage. He was fired as a Hayward Police Officer under Charles Plummer and rehired a few years later (by Plummer) at ALCO Sheriffs. Now he is second in command, Plummer had his felony reduced and gave him another chance.

    The Judges are too many to name...

    The COCO Co. Deputies who were recently fired for claiming military leave and taking a vacation!!! One is on the SWAT Team with 18 years on!!

    There are truly bigger problems than a person who quit her job because of substance abuse. There are a lot of people in our counties who should take her lead!

  74. You failed to mention...an elected supervisor in ALCO or COCO sits at the top of the food chain...hence is in some form or another responsible for all the people you mentioned above.

    Making Nadia Lockyer a poster child for what is wrong in local government might be just what is necessary to change voter thinking. We can only hope!

  75. Nope, Supervisors have nothing to do with Law Enforcement. They deal with Fire, but the Sheriff decides who works below him. Judges, DA's, and Sheriffs are elected , so we need to own up to our lack of research and bad votes.. Once these people take office, they hire friends and family and count the days til reelection or retirement. If you really want to vomit check out the packages these idiots walk away with.

  76. By MW:

    Mostly as a result of the fact that in the last few years there has been a greatly increased amount of publicity concerning certain priests who had a long history of sexually abusing children, and while also the relevant institutions generally had done little or nothing to stop it, there is now many times more emphasis than previously toward the idea that far and away the most important goal of society should be to protect the young, in other words the children.

    So therefore why is Nadia Lockyer, a married mother who even took her young son with her when she went to meet her boyfriend to do drugs, allowed to have any contact whatsoever with her young child. Frankly, and while she might not be a mean or evil person, however she is definitely a world class idiot and nitwit, and is obviously not even qualified to be a junior assistant manager of a small child's sidewalk lemonade stand, let alone in charge of a child.

    In fact she is not merely a world class idiot and nitwit, but she is a world class idiot and nitwit who also is an extreme drug addict.

    In other words if they had an international competition to see who could be the most unfit mother, Nadia Lockyer would be a serious contender for the Olympic gold medal.

    Frankly if an ordinary person, and rather than a bigshot, had managed to get regularly written up in the newspaper for such extremely outrageous conduct involving and mixing her child, driving, and drugs, it is hard to imagine that the DMV would not have yanked her driver's license at least months ago and Child Protective Services would also at least months taken the child away from her.

    Perhaps some time in the future, and while she is on drugs, she can drive her son to school or pick him up from school, and then due to drug impaired driving she can crash into at least a few other schoolchildren and seriously injure or kill some of them.

    So for the good of both her son and society, the child should be taken away from her, and unless we want her son to eventually also end up as a drug addict, and just like his mother is.

  77. 11:58pm.. Wow.. I can actually picture your little body, alone in bed, computer on your lap, wondering why you have such a miserable life.

    You need help...

    Or at the very least grow some balls and sign your name.

    I'd rather shower at Penn State than to be around people like you.

  78. 12:39, Not to worry, thats just MW... You see MW and just breeze over the posts. He has some quirk about lawyers.
    I wouldn't put too much meaning into it. No more than when you see that regular guy on the street talking to himself, same location, same clothes, day after day.

    Just part the internet. Every open discussion site has one or two regulars who are stuck on some issue.

  79. 5:30 PM is right on. It's only personal on the receiving end. As an outsider who was once an insider it is all about the political machine. Knowledge about the dynamics of addiction only helps to explain the behavior. Bottom addiction is an accumulation of choices. The adults locked in this bad dream are responsible for the consequences. I happen to believe that their addiction to power goes hand in hand with their other addictions. Holding them accountable is essential for their growth.

  80. 8:21 your right and Gail Steel knew this. That's why she refused to endorse or support Nadia.

  81. Does anyone know any politician that doesn't have some degree of Napoleon Complex? What do you think motivates them to actually run? The electorate just has to sort through and figure out which nut is the one that won't bloom during their term.

  82. By MW:

    To elaborate a bit on the posts of 8:21 (Sept 10) and 3:13 (Sept 11), yes, even before Election Day some people did realize that Nadia had no major "qualifications" other than: one, she was Bill's wife; two, had many times more money in her campaign chest, & because of Bill & his powerful connections, than the other candidates; and three, some of the big boys, & such as for instance Jerry Brown, pretended she was qualified, & therefore endorsed her, only to scratch Bill's back & as a favor to Bill, & even though it was obvious she had no real qualifications.

    And if you type into Yahoo the search terms "Nadia Lockyer" and "Kevin Dowling" and "Liz," various articles will come up, & including some that were published even before the election, and which also made it fairly obvious that she had no real "qualifications" other than the ones listed in the previous paragraph.

    For instance, the SF Chronicle had an article on May 26, 2010 titled, "CANDIDATE NADIA LOCKYER's CREDENTIALS DISPUTED," & which made it fairly obvious that if she had been Jane Doe instead of Mrs. Bill Lockyer, and had not also had a drastically larger war chest than the candidates, virtually no one would have taken her and her candidacy seriously.

    And the East Bay Express on Oct 13, 2010 had an article titled, "BILL's MILLION DOLLAR BABY," and which also provided some overview of her "qualifications" to anyone who was open minded, and rather than merely a puppet for the Democratic Party machine.

    And after her serious addiction to drugs became totally public, in other words after the election, the Chronicle had an article titled, "DON'T TRUST DEMOCRATS TO FIX NADIA LOCKYER MESS," & which gave further insight as to how someone as totally unqualified as Nadia Lockyer was still able to win the election.

    But perhaps we shouldn't completely blame Nadia for running, since it is quite possible that Nadia was far too stupid to even realize she was stupid. But Bill Lockyer certainly realized she was mentally lacking and totally unqualified for the position of AC Supervisor, so while Nadia might be at least partially off the hook in her decision to run for Supervisor, however Bill is not.

    And now Bill himself wants to become the Chancellor of the California State University system, a system that has approx four hundred thousand students, a budget of several billion dollars per year, and a salary of approx 500K. But some people might forgive him for supposedly only making one major mistake, in other words pushing Nadia for Supervisor.

    So therefore he had better hope that the close relationship he had with organized crime kingpin M.L. "Larry The Liar- Arlington National Cemetery" Lawrence does not become more public.

    (You can read the barest tip of the iceberg of the sleaze regarding Lawrence by typing such terms as "Larry Lawrence" or "M. Larry Lawrence" into Wikipedia. But to summarize Lawrence and his political connections, he provided so much in election campaign contributions and under the table bribes to the big boys, that therefore such power brokers as Bill Lockyer, Willie Brown, and Dianne Feinstein, etc, pretended that Lawrence was a legitimate businesssman. And to provide just a tiny bit more info about Lawrence, a major San Francisco office building that he was the primary owner of went up in flames at 3AM in the morning, in other words the standard time for mafia arranged arson fires in office buildings, and just before CAL OSHA was to come back and do a further and much more thorough investigation into the building's many asbestos violations.)

  83. Nadia is a tragedy but, not, one of the Front-runners for the "Worst Mother Olympics" as MW would lead you to believe. The lesson to be learned from all of this is that voters needs to spend a little time and energy deciding who they cast their ballot for. Nadia won basically because voters identified with the name "Lockyear" and that quite frankly is pretty sad..

  84. By MW:

    Concerning the remarks of 8:43PM. if Nadia keeps on driving a car while she is on drugs it is very likely that eventually she will kill one or more people in an auto accident, and including quite possibly her own son.

  85. Firstly, MW, your allegation that she is driving under the influence is pure conjecture. You haven't a clue what she does or does not do when she drives. She hit a light pole a few weeks back. Was she under the influence? According to the police-no.... And if your aunt had testicles she would be your uncle...

  86. By MW:

    The comment of 11:18PM on September 15 is so ridiculous, that therefore I suspect he is a lawyer and/or a major supporter or friend of the Lockyers.

    In other words, and as anyone with an IQ higher than his or her shoe size is well aware of. the police do not generally properly cite and/or drug test bigshots involved in even the most horrible and outrageous driving, and even when it can be stated with more than ninety nine percent certainty that the bigshot is drunk and/or full of illicit drugs, and as has been repeatedly proven, and for instance by such characters as Carole Migden.

    In fact, a few years ago I read an article by a Bay area clergyman who said he had had a serious problem with alcoholism, but due to the fact that he was not only a fairly prominent clergyman but also served on various local community boards (if I remember correctly, for instance he was on the board of the local fire district), therefore the first several times the police stopped for drunk driving, once they realized who he was. rather than writing him up for drunk driving instead they did not make out a report and quietly gave him a ride home.

    However after a few years one police officer did finally write him up, and which therefore resulted in him being required to attend a school for people with alcoholism problems. One of the points he then mentioned in his article was that he was surprised at the high percentage of people in his alcoholism class who were judges.


    But getting back to Nadia Lockyer specifically, she could always insist that in her fairly recent car accident in which law enforcement pretended to believe that she did not appear to be drunk and/or under the effects of drugs, that she truly was sober. But then if after the car accident she had been immediately tested for drugs and blood alcohol content, on the less than one percent chance she had come up clean, due to the way she acted at about the time of the accident I would have then assumed her years of alcohol and drug abuse had destroyed so many of her brain cells that she had been turned into a permanent mental retard.

    But regardless, she has no business driving a car and no business having custody of a child - unless we want other people, and including possibly her son, to be killed in a car accident and/or her son to be be in an environment that would likely eventually cause him to become a drug addict.