Wednesday, September 19, 2012

San Leandro Council Candidate Who Supports Pot Dispensaries Recently Cited For Possession

ELECTION '12//SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL DIST 4 | A San Leandro city council candidate who has previously stated support for bringing medical marijuana dispensaries within the city limits was recently notified of a police warrant for marijuana possession, according to sources familiar with the disclosure.

Chris Crow, a candidate for the District 4 council seat in San Leandro’s somewhat conservative bedroom neighborhood of Washington Manor, according to sources, was cited sometime in the last two years for possession of under an ounce of marijuana. He was issued a ticket, but failed to pay the fine, in most cases, treated the same as a simple moving violation.

Although the exact date of the citation is not known, the process of ticketing violators followed the decriminalization of possessing small amounts of marijuana began in 2010 under Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. In such cases, nowadays, a citation is given and once paid; the ticket is expunged from the person’s record.

According to sources, Crow, 28, did not pay the fine and it was upgraded to a police warrant. The existence of the citation for marijuana possession became known a few months ago when the San Leandro Police Department denied Crow a ride-along for the council candidate with officers due to a records check which revealed the outstanding warrant. Crow has reportedly dealt with the issue and the existence of the fine is in the process of being expunged. On Wednesday, Crow simply said the charge is “incorrect.”

In the recent past, Crow has been a strong public supporter for allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to open shop in San Leandro. Over the past two years, the City Council has wavered from prohibition to a willingness to discuss the hot-button issue unpopular with older San Leandro voters.

Crow’s brief foray into city politics has been muddled in controversy for nearly a year. His campaign, based upon opening up San Leandro’s lackluster business climate with more lenient zoning and policies for entertainment options in the city and new streams of tax revenue, faced controversy earlier this year when he began an early challenge for Councilwoman Ursula Reed’s seat in his native District 2.

As Reed’s appointee to the city’s planning commission, she was angered by Crow’s designs for her seat and moved to have him replaced. Some in the city were also unsettled by Crow’s strong connection and advocacy for the owner of the Bal Theatre, Dan Dillman, who is also running for council in District 2 amid a zoning battle with City Hall. However, instead of running against the incumbent, Crow moved his address to the open seat in former Councilwoman Joyce Starosciak’s District 4. Starosciak was termed out this fall and resigned in August to relocate outside of the county.

Known to some as a potential up-and-comer in San Leandro, Crow’s strong opinions and penchant for speaking before thinking has gotten him in trouble in the final few months of the race for council. Last month, his comments on Facebook calling Chinese Olympians, “cheaters” and “the sorest people in the world,” angered a large part of the city’s large Asian American population. The demographic makes up San Leandro’s largest racial group with nearly 30 percent of the population.

Crow has also upset residents in the Heron Bay community for the perception he accepted campaign donations from a wind turbine company in the area who plans to controversially erect a wind turbine in their backyards, on the San Leandro Shoreline. And, his recent alliance with noted anti-worker Mayor Stephen Cassidy has also soured progressives in the city.


So that's why he says the things he says.

wow....quality candidate now we have two criminals running in this election in SL? just bow out now and try again in a few years

Now it's clear why Chris Crow wants dispensaries.

Maybe Crow can add the owners of cheetoes and taco bell to his endorsement list, seriously we dont have anyone better than this to run?

This is the kind of responsible young man we need in our city council.

Do you trust Crow to run marijuana dispensaries in San Leandro?

Loser Crow knew his outstanding warrant, pretending this never happened, and think our police department won't find out.

Crow is unemployed, jobless, takes bribe from Halus, moves from one district to the next few months before election, got fired from district 2 zoning committee, made offensive statement on Facebook, try to hide the police warrant. Crow confuses joy ride vs. ride-along with cops.

How is he un employed? Did his mom can him from the insurance agency?

These are some pretty serious allegations! Has Chris's camp come out with a response?

According to Chris's camp on the "Patch", it's no big deal being cited for possession of an illegal substance.

I suppose being denied from the ride-along with the police due to outstanding warrants under your name for illegal possession along with following unpaid/neglected charges is now considered honorable.

He'd be a wonderful role model for our children.

Crow not paying his fine, not showing up for court is definitely a concern.

Are all these comments written by the same person. This is the most bias article I have read. Cheers to dirty politics!

There wouldn't be dirty politics if there weren't dirty people. Cheers to that.

Hey 3:11pm, I dont know if i would neccesarily call a criminal conviction dirty politics, even for a misdemeanor or an infraction. Journalist have an obligation to keep people informed on who they may be potentionally voting for.

Dirty Politics is conjuring things up that never happened or fabricating stories

3:11pm Can you proof this a wrongful warrant towards Chris Crow?

I can PROOF it, sorry prove it. My Spanish accent gets in the way at times.

As does mine. Thanks for that VITAL correction.

A criminal conviction in itself isn't dirty politics. However, you cannot conjure up false realities if they are in fact...real.
Would you be so brave to claim these allegations as false?

If Crow did not get busted for illegal possession, there would be no story to begin with.
The egg comes before the chicken. It's highly disappointing some people just can't accept that.

Late today, on Crow's personal web site, San Leandro Patch, he admitted this report is true. However, his response to me yesterday called it false.

So who's flip flopping now? Yes, you, Crow.

My criminal behavior was not real and pot ticket was lost in the mail!

I would not say that three years ago is recent.

Facts of matter, Crow lied about this whole incident like "yesterday"

I won't support any candidate who supports medical dispensaries in town.

This was commented on Patch, good reminder!

Thomas Clarke
6:41 pm on Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lots of folks spoke dope. That in itself is not a big deal. Getting busted by the CHP and charged with among other things possession is not exactly something you forget in my opinion. If you believe Chris's story, then you ought to vote for him. If you think that the reason he ignored the fines was that he was never notified, you ought to vote for him. He is just like every other politician, except that not many have voted for him. Do not be surprised at how easily he lies to all of us. He is a master salesman, though a bit young. If you want someone to represent you who can lie successfully, forgets when he breaks the law, and generally disrespects authority then Chris Crow is your cup of tea. He is to doobie of all time. And look, he says he does not do that any more. I do not care what he smokes, I care that he lies about it and has the nerve to try to think you will believe him. What a loser.

Chris Crow is a pot head with a irresponsible soul and attitude.

But we do need him as a clown for poor taste entertainment.

This bozo was a clown last night at the candidates night. He acted like a pothead too; pacing back and forth along the stage, clammy, ruffled unpressed suit. Steely eyed. Nope, not this election Chris Crow. What he should have done was stay in his old district and put his name on the School Board like these "candidates" did, who guess what??? Had no opposition and get a cushy job with great pay and benefits while claiming they "care for kids" and test scores fall and the City continues to slide into oblivion.

i was at the debate too. crow definitely seemed like the best candidate in his race. i will have to consider this new info now.

Alcohol is a drug and it is not natural, so is everyone who drinks a drug abuser or loser too ?

Crow was texting and walking away from the stage several times while the debate was still going.

That Chris CLOWN Crow really does has a few fans.

(he porbably wrote it himself!)
quote: "i was at the debate too. crow definitely seemed like the best candidate in his race. i will have to consider this new info now."

Unbelievable, Pot heads making comments in patch are so stone.

Open the dispensaries in Crow's and Prola's(he favors them too) backyards, let them have all the problems.Just love politics in San Leandro NOT!!

My opinion for what it's worth. San Leandro has a young man who shows interest in running for city council.

My concerns: Removed from one committee, unemployed, cited for marijuana possession, failed to pay the fine, warrant issued, inappropriate comments on facebook, does not accept responsiblility for his behavior, THIS IS SOMEONE SAN LEANDRO SHOULD NOT CONSIDER FOR THIS ELECTION, CHRIS CROW NEEDS TO PROVE HIMSELF FOR THE NEXT 5 YEARS BEFORE INSULTING THE CITIZENS OF SAN LEANDRO BY PLACING HIS NAME ON THE BALLOT


Call for Chris Crow to withdraw from this election

I love how people like to call this mudslinging.. Okay let's just get real mudslinging is fabricating stories or bringing up old out dated information from someones past in an effort to make them look bad.

Voters in San Leandro have a right to know the facts of candidates they are voting for. If a candidate has a track record of poor decisions (Facebook posts, legal trouble for illegal substances, work history) then they should be informed.

Plain and simple if this doesn't happen then there is no news to report. Marga, and those who support him need to start taking accountability and stop playing the victim, oh poor me there attacking me role.

so when is EBC going to vet these other candidates...justin and darlene both have nice court cases online I see...benny's problems with his own hoa are pretty well known but unreported...the tribune today says none of them really know anything about the issues in san leandro...EBC seems to only care about chris crow while giving these other people a pass...where's the news?

I dont know if I would call a city council candidate getting charged with possesion of marijuana and not paying the fine and then having it turn into a warrant not newsworthy

Cassidy hooks up Oakland Trubune to endorse his puppets. Incompetent Cassidy needs Oakland to handle SL matters.

didn't say it wasn't...but I hunger for all the goods on all the candidates. where is there a real journalist when you need one?

Crow admitted in patch this article is true; Steven Tavares is a real journalist.

Crow and Dillman both have no respect for the law. These two idiots have so much in common. Why is a racist convicted theater owner and a dope head running for office? What else is in these jerks backgrounds that we don't know? I'm sure there is more that we don't know. The Patch should be discontinued!! The Patch suppotrts both of these jerks!

People do your research on both of them!! Total Criminals!

10:03pm Totally agree, they're both shady con-artists plagued with dark backgrounds. The Patch/Crow/Marga constantly belittle the intellengence of their San Leandro readers.

my only comment: send these comments to the tribune-

Am not surprise the tribune, patch, SL Times, are Cassidy's puppets too.

Chris Crow has a long weekend of smoking pot and inspired with his stoner pals screaming victory rolling more joys in SL

learn how to write 10:21 you make zero sense.

10:32pm Marga and Crow: I write anyway I want to like Crazy Marga and Liar, loser, crook Crow!

Freedom of speech, you hear!

Yeah, Marga, spell check me - flunk your bar exam! MARGA AND CROW BOTH ARE LOSER!

10:21 by Crow, smoking pot with his supports.
10:32 you're right, Crow make zero sense.


She looks up voters database on people.

Attacks and belittles writing skills of SL citizens not helping Chris Crow's campaign.

Both Crow and his campaign advisor are jobless.

Both should be in 24 hours fitness 24/7 vs. 24 hours behind computers.

Since Marga Lacabe mentioned looking up voter database, well, well, well... not a bad idea...

Stay tune!

I don't care what you bunch of looser think the man gets our vote and will win this election.

We will not vote for Loser Crow and he will not win this election.

This loser has no job, lies, made offensive odor comment, took bribe, made deals with every of his endorsors.

Most of all, Crow totally disconcern his pot possession warrant, even K-9 discharge urine at this loser.

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