Wednesday, September 26, 2012

San Leandro Residents Warn If City Allows One Wind Turbine, More Will Come

SAN LEANDRO//ENVIRONMENT | Nearly every evening, Lula Tsegay, with her five-year-old son in tow, walks the scenic trail along San Lorenzo Creek that stretches from behind her home at the Heron Bay housing development to protected marshlands along San Francisco Bay. She purchased the home thirteen years ago for the area's calming beauty, she said. But a controversial proposal by a nearby green technology firm to erect a 104-foot-tall wind turbine has angered Tsegay and many local residents. While San Leandro is attempting to rebrand itself as a hub of clean tech, critics of the wind turbine say Halus Power Systems and its owner Louis Rigaud are less interested in green energy than in saving greenbacks...



Guess who's Louis Rigaud's business consultant?

Hint: one of the members in San Leandro Chamber of Commerce.

Interest of Conflicts...

How much revenue can Halus brings into SL?

When Heron Bay property values slide down, it will eventually affecting whole San Leandro home values, especailly appraisors unable to find good comparables on their appraisals for purchases and refinances.

Though not as tall, there are three generator windmills already spinning in San Leandro (Catalina St/Farralon Dr); unsure of the impact of these as precedent for more or the permits/reports required prior to their construction.

Endorsement from San Leandro Chamber of Commerce to Chris Crow.

Money contribution to Chris Crow's campaign from Halus.

Member of Chamber of Commerce is Halus's business consultant.

San Leandro city confidental!

Who are the people behind San Leandro City Confidential?

Putting a hugh windmill right next to someone's windows is ruthless. Be friendly, wind turbines away from urban residents.

Once again, would Dublin, Pleasanton, San Ramon allow this near their homes??? And there is your answer...

San Leandro City Hall thinks a windmill is big time business, please explain?

Any wind turbine should be away from residential area. Do we see any wind turbines in the Bay Area or the cities near us? San Leandro is unfashionable.

bunch of dumbasses! HA! there are already 3 wind turbines in San Leandro, and they are already close to residential areas. much closer than this one turbine at the halus property!

and guess what? those neighbors are NOT bitching and moaning. FIRE BENNY LEE!!! WORST HOA PRESIDENT EVER!

We are paying generous portion of property tax along with assessment tax for the shoreline from the Marina to Hayward.

We believe our rights to voice. Those neighbors had choosen of careless are their business.


We will be passing out flyers anti re-elect Cassidy!

I would want a hoa president like Benny Lee. He stands up for his people. I guess those Hoa's should have more involved presidents.

Hauls employs all of 10 people. Not exactly gonna make or break us from a job creation standpoint

Now go back to smokin your bong :-)

The fact of matter, Heron Bay HOA has 5 board members were all elected for their seats, Benny Lee is the President and one of board members for a long time.
This HOA hires professional property management company works hand in hand with the HOA board, and a top-notch HOA trail attorney that never lost a case.

By the Way, Heron Bay HOA is offering more jobs than Halus. Anti-business, LOL.

Heron Bay HOA also provides jobs to gardeners, security patrols, huge amount of $$$,$$$.00 for Asphalt Repair Pavement.

One of the candidate still remain unemployed - wont hire anyone had a warrant and disrepect the law.

4:13pm typo: undefeated "trial" attorney.

What purpose had been served of these 3 existing wind turbines in San Leandro so near to the residential areas?

Blow drying hair!

What effect does this have on mine or anyone's PGE bill? Oh none.... Now back to more important stuff like anything else...

The poeple think Halus can bring in jobs and first class business in SL need to do a lot more of research and understanding.

Dr. Patrick Kennedy OSIsoft is Hi-Tech; Louis Rigaud is Antique-Tech.

A 104 feet wind turbine is "a such turn off" in the middle of the city, since San Leandro is for alike silicon valley city.

One side of town is metropolitan area and the other corner of town is hillbillies hanging out with wind turbines, cows, and horses. Make sure to wear your cowboy boots and outfits, so cool!

Please be tasteful!

San Leandro is so confused between Hi-Tech and Old-Tech; confused with metropolitan adding windmills, such hillbillies.

Board of Zoning and Adjustments cancels the Halus Wind Turbine Project hearing for the October 4th, 2012 meeting. This is the second cancellation of the hearing (1st cancellation on September 6, 2012), and has not committed to a definite date.

What's up with that?

On yesterday SL Times, Daevu stated Halus is key to the future, don't let 7 jobs slip through our fingers, LOL.

Why SL Times and Patch don't talk about Marijuana dispensaries anymore?

Prior to Crow's pot warrant articlies, marijuana dispensaries was really hot topic to our local papers and blogs.

Totally true, Heron Bay HOA was informed by Mr. Steven Tavares on last Wednesday the 26th that Board of Zoning and Adjustments cancels the Halus Wind Turbine Project hearing for the October 4th, 2012 meeting *cancellation twice*.

What happens to the dialogue between SL city and communities?

To SL Time Editor:

This week San Leandro Times has three candidate pictures on the paper, why only three candidates? The rest of them decided not to run anymore?

To Amy Sylvestri and Jim Knowles:

Do you guys not think Chris Crow (city council candidate) admitting to being cited for possession of Marijuana and letting it become a warrant is not newsworthy?

Someone please write these reporters so they can get a scoop!

I begin to see San Leandro Times editor is not taking a balance position, for whatever reasons...

Ask Cassidy...or Tribune...

San Leandro City Confidential is newsworthy.

Does San Leandro Times believe in professional journalism?

Good journalists would not wait for citizens to give them the scoop.

Or San Leandro Times and staffs are qualify reports?

Let me join in on this attack thread. The San Landro Times is the worst excuse for a newspaper. The most intersting parts are the racist letters to the editor and the obituaries. The paper's sole reporter has been seen at a council meeting just once since March 2011. Once! Guess what? That was the same month the city began posting audio of its meetings on its web site. This is the person responsible for informing the city. Its editor Jim Knowles doesn't even live in San Leandro and understands the city has much as Mayor Cassidy knows how to do three sit ups.

To deliver weekly news to all SL residents, I am very disappointed with San Leandro Times.

Its pretty scary that 1000's of seniors who dont typically access ebcitizen.com may mistakenly vote for Crow against their values because the SL Times is irresponsible and biased in its reporting!! Corruption and media manipulation at its finest!!! I say we all protest in front of their doors!!!!!!!

News and letters to San Leandro Times editor desk must come accross, and run by current mayor's desk.

who funds San Leandro Times, anyone know?

San Leandro Times like 3 monkies: no hear, no see, no talk, WRITE when Cassidy gives it a go.

Halus's business consultant is connected to Chamber of Commerce; Crow is bragging endorsed by them all over FB and Patch.

SL is so confused, Windmills mixing with wanna be pier 39. Can you imagine the picture.

SL Chamber of Commerce just Endorsed a pot head!

Current Chamber of Commerce members are losers!

Why Chamber of commerce endorsed someone cant even sustain a job?

Totally city confidential!

Tam Abate is a crazy sh*t!

What a group of crazy doobies...

I am a senior citizen, a proud 64 years young. I live near SL city hall. I will be voting for Benny Lee because I like what I have read and learned about him. He is exactly what a HOA President should be. Someone that will LISTEN to neighbors concerns. Putting neighbors first not business or the city.

Is SL city hall ready for another legal battle? Windmill against Residents?

Chris Crow will be on 4th place Ranked Choice Voting! Will not elect liar tell lies after lies!

I will not vote for Chris Crow, his own article justifying pot warrant enough said his no good.

Read below comment from Patch, Voters should concern:

Fred Eiger
6:27 pm on Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Marga, you and I both know that the pensions and pay of City workers is bloated, and there is no way in Hell that Chris got any Union support unless he promised to soak it to the taxpayers and keep the hog fat. The Chamber didn't support him unless there was some play given to them. Chris is no babe in the woods and neither are his supporters.

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