Friday, September 28, 2012

Stark Apologizes For His 'Tart Tongue'

ELECTION '12//CONGRESS 15 | Although many East Bay Democrats got a kick out of Rep. Pete Stark famously asserting on the floor of Congress President George W. Bush received some sort of sexual gratification from sending soldiers to die in Iraq, his campaign posted a short clip of him apologizing for this "tart tongue." Here's the video below:

The video, titled, "Pete Answers The Tough Questions," however, does not include the formula for the Phythagorean Theorem, a good reason for the  National League's opposition to the designated hitter or why the film Crash received the Oscar for Best Picture over Brokeback Mountain.


  1. I am voting for Stark.

  2. "Pete Answers The Tough Questions" wow, the questions don't get any tougher than that.

    Good thing Pete was able do it over and over until he was almost perfect in reading the script.
    Perhaps next time he could memorize parts of it so he could look into the camera once or twice.

    Based on his performance, I can't imagine I could vote for anyone other than Pete.
    No, as everyone can clearly see, Pete is at the top of his game.

  3. Is supposed to be a substitute for debates and public appearances?? Pathetic!

  4. As we unfortunately learned with Regan senility does not disqualify one for public office.

  5. let's not forget what this man has actually DONE and continues to DO.

    He's got my vote if for no other reason that he is actually DOING what we elected him to do, rather than pointing fingers and casting (undeserved) blame.

    Keep it up Swalwell - my neighbors and I elected you to do a job and you didn't do it.

    What you did do is end your "service" to Dublin voters. So for that, thank you!!!

  6. I think this video is one in a series..
    The only question is, where will they be shown?
    I don't think Pete has enough money to do much TV advertising..and even if he did, I think each appearance only serves to diminish his appeal as it reminds the public of his age.

    So again, what is the purpose of these video presentations? Who or where is the audience.
    Why was it even made?

    Very curious and yet some considerable thought went into it.
    I'm curious who had the idea.
    Sure, Pete made a fool of himself in the primary, but that is history. How are you going to target those folks who saw Pete make those gaffes in the primary?

    I find this video mysterious. Surely this can't be made for broadcast TV. It sounds like a infomercial testimonial.
    Directed by Cornu? Brilliant!

  7. Cornu was an idiot to make the video. Why go with a negative message when a positive one will do. So fucking stupid

  8. This campaign is like someone trying to sell a 1985 Oldsmobile.

    "Sure it makes a few engine noises and squeaks around every corner, but remember all the good trips we made in it back in the 80's. Still got good rubber on the tires and the seats have been recovered.
    So why change to that new "unproven" Ford Fusion, its never been driven around on those roads back East. No, this 85 Oldsmobile is just fine. Wait until 2014, and see if the boys bring out a new model"
    (Fade to music as a cassette tape is popped into the Old's tape deck)

  9. For G-d sake! We need to rally around Eric and make sure that he decisively defeats this senile, old bastard. Pete's WAY past it.

    For more than any other reason, giving Eric the next twenty or so so years in congress will put the final nail in that bastard Ro Khanna's political coffin. He's dangerous! Another Newsom!!

  10. By MW:

    We really shouldn't condemn Stark for making comments of that type, and just as we wouldn't condemn a shark for eating, since as a high ranking member of the Democratic Party one of his primary jobs is to make absurd, ridiculous, and nonsensical remarks, and including since the lower ranking members of the DP is mostly composed of the uneducated, the ignorant, the dimwitted, the gullible, and easily led and manipulated fools.

    Of course, the top leadership of that army of easily led fools is mostly composed of charlatans, demagogues, crooked lawyers, sleazy politicians, and specialists in enabling vote fraud.

  11. I paid a visit to Stark in his DC office (he was out of town) - to bring information of critical importance to his constituents locally. We needed his support to prevent Sutter Health from closing San Leandro Hospital. The response - " the Congressman only gets involved in issues dealing with the federal level." Whomsover we send to Congress, can we ask that local issues are important? This mega healthcare giant pays no taxes, yet we support them financially.

  12. Please someone announce Senator Corbett's entry into the race for Stark's seat. She is our hometown girl, loved and admired. And Rho won't have a chance.

  13. I'm willing to put up with Pete for two more years until we can elect a qualified replacement.

  14. Willing to "put up with Pete"...

    That really says it all about Pete's currrent level of ability to represent the district.

    I'm willing to "put up with.... my leaking roof, my bad transmission, my weed filled lawn...until I can get them fixed in two years"

    Good plan.

  15. Swalwell was on KGO Ronn Owens show from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Monday, Oct. 1st.

    Ronn Owens has been a long time friend and openly favorable to Pete Stark.
    At the end of the hour, Ronn Owens said he could indeed see Swalwell serve in congress.
    All in all, Ronn had a more than favorable impression of Swalwell.
    Apparently Pete has refused to appear recently.

    All in all, with a sizeable audience, Swalwell put forth a presentation that came off very good.
    Ronn Owens by not means endorsed Swalwell, but rather indicated he certainly passed the acceptable indication.
    Putting a dent into Starks main thesis that Swalwell ain't up to Pete's experienced standards.

    That appearance was valuable. Lots of older, retired East Bay voters listen to Owens show.
    They vote. Many inclined to vote for Stark, knowing little about Swalwell, my feel its OK to bring in this new candidate and allow Pete to retire.

    Amazing that Pete Stark won't even appear on radio shows where the host is favorable to them.
    He is truely in a "deep deep" bunker mentality.

    Go to the KGO archives. Listen for yourself.
    Any bias I may have on this doesn't change the fact that Swalwell did very good on the show.

    Audience, though lower these days, still numbers well over 50,000. A good 5,000 or more are people in District 15.
    That single appearance is more valuable than going to 50 community forums, where most of the audience is already committed.

    I repeat, Swalwell did very well, eliminating most of the skeptisism any uncommitted voters might have.
    What is Cornu thinking, keeping Pete from even appearing on Ronn Owens show, a friendly environment? Really scared. They must be really, really, scared of Pete's inability to controll what he says, knowing if he says it on-air, it is on the record.

    Nothing speaks to their fears more than that.

  16. 11:41 PM - Starks office is absolutely correct - they CANNOT BY LAW get involved in local, regional and state issues and since the community hospital system is local and regional no one in DC can get involved. See Corbett, Wieckowski, Hayashi for redress there.

    11:47 PM - no one can enter the race now - that was obliterated with the Open Primary, Top Two

    People - you need to understand how government works - if you don't know, get educated

  17. 3:12, It seems like your comment was directed at 11:41, and 11:47, probably the same person wrote both.

    Your "People, you need to understand how government works, if you don't know, get educated".

    Yes, we need preachy pros like you to set us straight.

    BTW, Rep. Barbara Lee and her staff often get involved helping citizens with "local" matters.

    Secondly, the poster was NOT talking about Ellen Corbett entering the race this year, but obviously in 2014, thus the comment included Ro in the mix.

    You, like many insiders, treat the people like they are all fools, that need education from the likes of yourself. That is why we are keen to throw out tired dinosaurs like Stark whom you obviously support.

  18. the excuses to vote for swalwell are piling up.

    and what's wrong with getting info from insiders? I would rather have them letting us know what is going on so that we can make an INFORMED decision and cast a responsible vote than the alternative.

    do you ask anyone off the street how to fix your car? fix your roof? get you a job?

  19. 11:33, No, but I expect my auto mechanic, my roofer, and other professionals to not hide from me.
    To be willing to answer my questions, including those about their ability to do the job.

    When I asked them questions, I wouldn't expect them to refuse to answer by saying -- "Because I'd only get stupid questions like the ones you're asking.", which is what Pete Stark told reporters in Union City earlier this year.

    BTW, I believe that was his last public appearance where anyone in the press could ask a question.
    Since then his campaign manager has put Pete into the deep-freeze, removing the risk he would further embarass himself.

  20. A vote for Swalwell is a vote to keep Ro Khanna in the deep freeze; that's what this election is ALL about.

    Swalwell for Congress!

  21. i don't think that's the case at all to be honest. I think it has more to do with the fact that people just kept asking the questions that were irrelevant to the job. I don't pretend to know what you do for a living but let's just say, for arguments sake, that you were a working professional, and you were up for a promotion but the only thing folks were interested in were things not related to the job... i think you would get a little peeved as well. just sayin.

    and enough about ro khanna already. if that's the only reason you can find to vote for swalwell you should have your right to vote taken away.

  22. Plenty of other reasons to vote for Rep.-elect Swalwell.

    Thanks, Fascist. You don't get to take anyone's vote away, though we know you'd like that!

    Just keepin' it real and tellin' it like it is!

  23. So happy Eric won, goodby Pete. Time to rally behind someone who will actually VOTE on legislation.