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Armas, Heredia Seen Together at LWV Forum and Walking Streets Together Afterwards

Hayward school board members Jesus Armas, Maribel Heredia Oct. 5 at City Hall. PHOTO/Shane Bond
HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD SCANDAL | Even after the revelation of their salacious scandal, both Hayward school board members Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia, were seen last Friday night sitting together at the League of Women Voters forum for school board candidates and seen walking the streets together afterwards. Both are sitting board members that have been allegedly involved in an affair with one another revealed by The Citizen last July.

PHOTO/Shane Bond
The couple did not arrive together, but they did sit together for much of the forum, sometimes talking with one another, before they got up and left together about ten minutes before the forum concluded.

When Heredia was asked if she thought it strange to be with Armas at a forum where a number of the attendees were aware of their affair she replied with some hostility, “What kind of question is that?” Heredia didn’t see it as inappropriate for the two to be seen sitting together and leaving together early. She was also asked if the two were still together romantically to which she gave no reply. The lonesome lovers were also seen at another school board forum last month. However, Heredia sat conspicuously in the back of the packed room at Westminster Hills Church, while Armas sat near the front.

About 20 minutes after the forum concluded, during an interview with Hayward school board members Luis Reynoso (who is running for re-election) and William McGee outside, Armas and Heredia were spotted walking the streets together in front of Los Pericos, located across the street from City Hall. While it is not certain where the two board members went to or what they were doing when they left together during the forum, they continued their walk to the parking structure across the street from City Hall before separating.

PHOTO/Shane Bond
The two board members have been dismissive of evidence that The Citizen posted in July where text messages revealed an explicitly romantic relationship between the two. The relationship draws a sharp contrast to another scandal that took place on Hayward City Council two years ago when then-City Manager Greg Jones was allegedly having an affair with former councilwoman Ana May. According to numerous sources at City Hall, Jones was on the path of being fired for the improper conduct, but resigned before it happened. Coincidentally, a current candidate for the Hayward school board, Heather Reyes, is being advised by May. Last week, Reyes refused to answer questions pertaining the school board and the city's apparent problems with handling potentially improper and undisclosed government inter-personal relationships.

For Armas and Heredia, neither has shown interest in resigning, but they have not filed for re-election this fall and have yet to offer a reason for discontinuing their work on the school board. Since then it has been reported that Heredia who missed a board meeting last month and sought pay because she was supposedly visiting her ex-boyfriend’s dying grandmother in Southern California had allegedly lied and was never at the hospital the grandmother died in according to a family member of the grandmother. Instead, according to Facebook posts made by Heredia, it appeared that she was on vacation.

Shane Bond is a regular contributor to the East Bay Citizen.


HAHAHAHA! Why is Armas dressed up like a replacement referee? He sure makes a lot of bad calls that's for sure

Check out the Agenda for Wednesday's board meeting. You will see that Mr. Armas used his power as the president of the board to ignore the formal written request to have the subject of Ms. Heredia's payment for her absence revisited placed on this meeting's agenda for discussion and possible action. The request was submitted according to board by-laws, yet Mr. Armas's control of the agenda allowed him to exclude the item. The purpose of the request was based upon conflicting information/facts regarding the excuse Ms. Heredia used for her absence.

Here is just another example of collusion on the board. Since the questionable vote pertains to Mr. Armas' "girlfriend" he is protecting her from having to answer questions or defend her right to be paid. In essence he is supporting the possible fraud committed by Heredia. This is exactly why Dr. Reynoso and Mr. McGee wanted to pursue removing Armas from the position of president.

Ms. Lamnin, Mr. Bufete, Ms. Walker, Ms. Reyes, Mr. Taylor, Ms. Williams: Is it better to allow a fraud and misappropriation of money in the name of civility, make nice, "collaborative" board meetings???

"what kind of question is that?"...umm, you are with a married man, being on the board with him doesn't give you reason to keep him from his wife and family! It is not a stupid question, it is the obvious question, that's for sure!!!

Maybe the "family member" that said she is lying should show up at this Wednesday's boardmeeting to bring up the subject? How will Armas protect her from that?

Trustee Maribel Heredia agreed with Armas, saying they “can’t wait for the state to do the right thing, we have to take matters in our own hands.”

Leave Maribel and Jesus alone all of you are just haters. They are honorable people being accused of an affair with out any proof for any wrong doing. You guys are harming and separating their families. Jesus and Mari have given their time to serve kids and this is what they get? This is just a gonzo type blog that I am sure Reynoso is writing some of these articles and blogs. This Hayward used to be such a nice area where we all got along just serving the community until that Reynoso got elected. There is no corruption in Hayward like that Reynoso claims but we do have good people doing good honest work in the school district, Hayward chamber, city hall. Reynoso, admit it I know you are writing some of the articles and blogs criticizing Armas and Heredia and Brunner, you need to stop trashing good people and look for corruption in yourself.

Oh Pleeeez.... How much did the two of them pay you to write that idiotic posting? What is honorable about their conduct? Nobody but the two of them caused harm to their families. They are selfish and corrupt. You are such a patsy! If you truly believe what you have written then I think you need an intervention.

I feel sorry for you being so blind or stupid. I know they are together. Maribel is convincing herself that this is going to go away. Why don't you tell her to leave Armas alone so he can go back to his family and whatever is left of his career? You'll see in the end that she fooled you too! The honorable crochless panties queen, what do you say about that? They need to resign and until they do, they are the ones that will keep harming their families. It is pretty easy to "trash" trash!

9:10, I am sure that articles or blogs here come from people other than Reynoso. You are an idiot. I am starting to believe what others say about that board member that just makes "too much trouble". Reynoso actually terrifies the wicked in this dirty community.

Clearly, the thing to do is propose an end to pay for missed meetings. This is not 1800. All meetings can viewed live at least by audio pretty much anywhere in the world with the internet and a small amount of technical know how which any school district should possess. Unless one has a serious medical condition there should be no excuse for not keeping up. The other option is to limit missed meetings to two per term and only for medical conditions.

9:10 might be Mayor Sweeney promoting Hayward as a place of integrity for our government leaders. So hilarious.

7:16 You are expecting too much from people that are too weak when you say....

"Ms. Lamnin, Mr. Bufete, Ms. Walker, Ms. Reyes, Mr. Taylor, Ms. Williams: Is it better to allow a fraud and misappropriation of money in the name of civility, make nice, "collaborative" board meetings???"

The Weakness League is up for election

So, we now see how much Armas and Heredia care about what the community has to say since they've basically snubbing their noses at everyone and getting away with it.

Truth, allegations, rumors, whatever. A good, well-run Board would address the matter immediately and put it to bed (couldn't avoid using the pun). If there's nothing to hide, debate the topic in public and vote on the issue.

BTW, shouldn't Armas be recusing himself from being able to keep the review of paying Heredia off the agenda given the controversy? Shouldn't he want to see the district money being used appropriately regardless of his personal thoughts on this?

Until the COMMUNITY rises up and does something to stop this gerrymandering of the agenda items, nothing will change and the truth will be blended with supposition.

Why would Armas recuse himself from this item being placed on the agenda? He didn't recuse himself from voting on the original motion to pay her. He believes, and it seems he is correct, that he can do what he wants, when he wants and NOBODY can stop him.

Jesus and Maribel are like dogs in heat. Way to go Armas and Heredia you have shown the kids who you really are.

If NOBODY was able to stop Jesus, then he would be running for his second term right now. He fully intended to run, but then people DID stop him. Tavares, Reynoso and McGee. Those three are the only reason we do not have four more years of Jesus ripping off the kids in Hayward.

He was also forced to retire from his job as city manager when Olden Henson engineered a fourth vote on the council to fire him. They should have fired him instead of just letting him retire, but we all know how accommodating to slime Hayward politicians are. There is a lot of fear of Jesus and people believe he is invincible. What a shame because that belief only gives him more power. Actually, Hayward politicians are the most frightened Jesus bunch there is. Bravo to Tavares, Reynoso and McGee for doing what no one else in Hayward could do - show him up for the criminal he is.

Has anyone noticed Heredia's status as "In a relationship"? Pretty blatent way to acknowledge they are together.

Mayor Sweeney the swimpy of the bunch. Way to go wet noodle of a mayor for not getting rid of Jesus sooner like Reynoso and McGee did.
We need a new mayor of Hayward with balls.

Hayward volunteer dinner was tonight at St Rose. One organization (I wish I knew who, will try to find out) had the audacity to nominate Armas as their volunteer
Of the year!!! Can you believe that? Such apparent play at making him look good! Oh, and HE WASN'T EVEN THERE TO ACCEPT IT. Instead he was at an A's game. Probably with Heredia.

Where can we find out who this organization was?

I bellieve it was Eden Housing, the organization that provides low income housing projects for Hayward.

Eden Housing is corrupt and all of its supporters. Who else was there to pay tribute to Jesus Armas? Any of the candidates or city council? They must go down. No more corruption in Hayward.

Hayward Unified School Board Meeting tonight
6:30pm Hayward City Hall

5:32 PM. Just curious, how do you know Jesus was forced to retire?

Hey 10:25 idiot
If they resign there is still a quorum. The remainder 3 will be fine. So Terrasas is right the ugly fat dumb pig Maribel Heredia and the ugly fat stupid mouse Jesus Armas need to now. The board can still do business. I just want to know when the board will have a policy for them not to be in bed together while they are on the board.
I have a request please...we do not need any face closeups of Jesus Armas or Maribele Heredia..they have got to be the ugliest couple in Hayward.

worse yet is that they are ugly on the inside for their behavior and selfishness.

Thank you, Dr. Reynoso, Mr. McGee, Mr. Tavares and the community members who have been speaking against monies and actions taken by the HUSD BOE that don’t place the children in Hayward schools first. Together we CAN force change. We HAVE forced change. Basically, we all ran Armas and Heredia out of the business of running Hayward schools. Well done everyone! Now, we need to keep the pressure on and run them out of town! Bye. Bye, Armas. Bye. Bye, Heredia.

In addition to 10:38...Thank you, Mr. Shane Bond, for writing this article. Great job with great photos! Keep them coming…

I watched the school board on chanel 15 in last meeting and McGee is not that good either. He too voted for the contractors and does not want the staff to work on saturdays. Did I watch a different meeting? The only one that has been consistent since he was elected on making sure our money is protected has been Dr. Reynoso. I am only going to vote for Dr. Reynoso and NO ONE else.

watched the meeting also, did you notice that Armas asked about (board members) relocating temporarily? Maybe he is thinking of moving to another city? If we can only hope and perhaps take his chonie-less woman with him!

No big fights at the latest board meeting? Hayward school board meetings should becoming more and more interesting in the future.

3 out of 5 HUSD trustees endorse Bill Quirk.
This is right out of Bill Quirk's web site.

Trustee Jesus Armas, Hayward USD President
Trustee Maribel Heredia, Hayward USD
Trustee William McGee, Hayward USD

I will never vote for Quirk. He is part of the Hayward political machine and it's time for a complete break from THE MACHINE.

dam she is an ugly evil fat one..... maribel heredia looks more scary than jesus armas

Love reading these comments. It's like reading comments made by middle school kids..

These "middle school kids" know that Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas have been and continue to have an affair. A complete conflict of interest while they are on the school board voting.

What is going on at the School District? How about Mr. Stan Dobbs Married man having an affair with a married woman, former District`s Interpreter/Translator? Mrs. Castro, I think the School Board Members should conduct a full investigation on this matter also. Does the District have any rules or regulations pertaining misconduct in the work place?

To 11:12 PM

Nope, the School District can care less about any misconduct going on. Check out the entire new staff who has come on board and have all of the classified employees doing their jobs for them while they are out, traveling, at conferences or drinking in between their meetings, and then taking the credit for it. Or the employee who was demoted and is still as clueless as ever....or how about the cancerous fixtures who do nothing but sit on their butts jaw jacking all day creating a toxic environment for everyone. Rules and regulations...HA, you think nobody knows what's going on at that place...an investigation? Dig into the former employment of the the new hire staff whom just came on board and see how well that worked out for them...they are totally transparent, people know all of their business whether they know it or not, but the cat is out of the bag...the secrets are not secrets anymore...an any investigation of the District's conduct will most likely be out of the window, like the misappropriation of funds for the kids of HUSD. HUSD is foul and needs to get their mess together....what goes on in the dark, will soon come to the light!! Shame on you all!!!

From A.T.
HUSD Board of Education meeting tonight 6:30pm Hayward City Hall, Hayward City Council Chambers.

So in watching the board on cable I see Terrasas point. The board needs to have her agenda come up for vote.

One more HUSD BOE meeting, Nov 14, and the two love-birds will be gone. Bye bye Jesus Armas. Bye bye Maribel Heredia. We don't ever want to see you two again. So long. Adios. Good riddens. Even better…leave Hayward.

why the f*ck does AT care? She's at every board meeting NITPICKING. Bitch doesn't even live in Hayward, ffs....she needs to get laid, or a life, or something. Board members get a stipend of $400/month.

the other illiterate saying "good riddens"...learn how to spell

Ann, I know you read this. Why are you such an unhappy b*tch? Why nitpick? Why beat a dead horse? Do you have such low self esteem that you need to do that? No one cares.

Besides, Armas didn't ask you to identify yourself as a requisite to participate or be in the meeting. His point was that you are disgruntled, along with all the other morons who applaud you.

Further, you do not live in Hayward. You shouldn't even be allowed to speak at the meetings. Get a life.

11:12 where's your proof? that's a messed up thing to say about someone who is not even there. Why didn't you mention the castro/dobbs affair when she was there?

how do you know?

Go Terrasas go. We need you to keep coming after the two horny crooked board members Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia.
Maybe after november Armas should bring Heredeia to the Moreau HS board where Armas continues to guide the Moreau HS on morality and ethics. Lol


To anonymous asking for proof about the castro/dobbs affair, i have proof that will be shared with the appropriate parties, how come there is nothing being done about this/ I think that the head honchos above the school board have to get involved and cure the cancer that is affecting our beloved District!!!

two horny crooked board members Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia. two horny crooked board members Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia. two horny crooked board members Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia.


Chuey Armpits take you chonchiless Mari Hardon and get lost. Marinel Heredia is an embarrassment to her family and so is Jesus Armas. Those two sick sexual weirdos need to go away from our kids and take Lisa Bruner with you.

the terrible three is how my friends and i have labeled them, armas brunner and heredia. i wonder if armas had the two of them together. those three are crooked and have ruined this school district. i took my children out of haywward after i found out about the affair. this district needs to prove itself before i bring them back!

9:06 I fell the same way about giving the schools more money. I feel bad for the kids, but the top is stealing from the children every day. When will some one clean up Hayward district?

HUSD needs a good clean up of all the bad seeds that on their own agenda, castro/dobbs affair, he is married for the 4th time? with young kids now, wife is back in Carolina, she doesn`t know anything, she doesn`t know thatthey meet @ dobss` aprtment before, during and after work, so what he feels lonely, now Castro is also married with 3 kids, so what she felt lonely too? Mr. administrator dobbs felt lonely and started telling castro that he was always been attracted to her since he met her, that he liked her dresses, that she should fix her s*it and find her way home (his) should this kind of behavior be allowed at the school district? so anonymous if you`d like more proof let me know! So what`s mr evans doing about this? who should be taking care of this issue?

We need more proof for Dobs/Castro like text messages or video of Jesus Armas and Maribele Heredia that were sent to Tavares

So long, Chuey Armpits Armas. Bye. Bye, Mari Hardon Heredia.

4:56.....you're pulling that out of your ass. How could DR evans do anything about it, if it didn't happen?

And if it DID happen, since you know everything, you should know that mr. dobbs holds no position over the district translator. So, if they WERE having an affair, so what?

you didn't show any proof you blathering idiot.
you're also wrong on the state where mrs. dobbs is.

who's feeding you this bull...reynoso? He didn't particularly care for Ms. Castro. I wonder why?

Thank you, October 29 4:56 PM. Don't listen to 10:06. Sounds like another sicko. Dobbs has a family who lives out of state. Yet, he has broken up another family here in the bay. We are speaking ethics. People who work around and for children must live ethical lives.

1052 people free of sin should throw the first stone

ethics are in the eye of their beholder. you don't know the dynamics of armas' marriage, or anything else for that matter

are you completely free of sin?


Arriba Tijuana...I mean Hayward! Good bye Armas, Good "riddens" Maribel

To October 30, 10:48 So Im still waiting for your reply about the Castro/Dobbs issue, wheres your email or phone number so we can talk about proof.

2:52...in what manner would it benefit you to know MY identity? I'm not the idiot spewing about some implausible and nonexistent affair. Dobbs is one of the most humble, hardworking and honest men at that district.

Shame on you for your moronic drivel. You can't come on here and say "what is being done about XYZ situation" when you don't even illustrate or specify your "proof"

the burden of proof is on you, sir (id bet money you are either reynoso, terrazas, or the town drunk, or those other morons who were canned by HUSD and have nothing better to do than spew BS)

Why would you bring it up now, if you did have proof? She is long gone and he is on his way out.If you knew and haven't said anything or submitted your "proof" it's because you have none.

I call bullshit.

To November 9, 10:30
The only reason I asked for your ID is because you were very interested in the Dobbs/Castro matter, and still are showing so much interest in it. Why don`t you, like I asked before post your email address or phone number and I`ll be more than happy to show you proof. If you are close to Dobbs why don`t you ask him directly about the many times Ms. Castro was at his place before, during and after work or in the middle of the night, talk about someone very humble and honest, I call you a moron that is defending some one that is none of the before mentioned, he is on his way out? really? I winder why? Maybe Mr Evans had a talk with him about the issue. And again I ask you for your email address or phone number so I can share more details about it, since you seem to have a lot to say about this matter. Who are you? and why do you want proof? If you are not to reveal who you are stop posting BS

Oh one more thing you ask me to submit my proof, where would you like me to do that? i`d be more than happy, is it with youthat I have to submit it? Moron

here @sshat. and forgive, me, I don't check into ebreynososhitizen.com every day.

Submit your proof HERE. Just like the armas/heredia nonsense.

Forget me. Submit your proof TO THE PUBLIC

so you still are very interested in this issue, ass hat? very mature,i would be very happy to share that info with you, since you do not have the courage to share who you are, would you like to meet one on one ?
we can have some coffee and we will discuss this proof that I have being that you have shown so much interest and seem to get very upset about it, name the place and the time. asshat

no dumb twat.

I just think if you are going to have the balls to say "what is being done about XYZ" then just pull XYZ out of your ass, like the castro/dobbs nonsense, you should have the balls to put your "proof" out there. I have to give it to EB citizen..they put their proof out there.

You are the one upset about it...wanting the supe to get involved and "do something"

well, what is your proof? I don't *need* it at all. and no, you are not happy to share because you still haven't posted it. You don't need to know who i am, nor do I need to know who you are. You are obviously just as engaged and vested because you keep coming back for more.

@sshat. I do not care to have coffee with gossipmongers.

good day asshat.

dear asshat, I have shared this information with the appropriate parties, so I do have the balls, not like you that obviously do not have any to says who you are or want to meet me for coffee, but yet, insist that I post it on here, you say you do not "need" it but would be the first one reading it, again if you like to have proof lets meet and will talk about, oh that`s right you don`t have the BALLS.

good day assh*le

1:24 appropriate parties must mean the voices in your head because they would be the only ones to advise you that your opinion is worth two shits.

The only person I know with balls in this area is Reynoso and if he is not bringing this shit up in a board meeting is because maybe he has no proof to bring it up.

Very interested in this Dobbs affair info. He has since been hired as CFO in San Diego's district, and is already spreading false information through local media about teacher pay. If anyone with the proof of his misdeeds can help provide said information as a comment on this article ( http://www.voiceofsandiego.org/education/article_a9dfb440-6cbd-11e2-a951-001a4bcf887a.html ), it would be greatly appreciated.

10:23. That' s not false info he spread. its true. Teachers, backed by their strong armed unions gets STIPENDS FOR THIS STIPENDS FOR THAT, EXTRA HOURS, moreso if SIG or Tit 1 monies are involved.

stan knew what he was saying. Believe me, I see the paperwork. 1200 stipends for "going to the museum:

You're an idiot and the proof is your posts!

Mr. Drake should have his own reality t.v. show. He has amazing insight and brings levity to the all too serious meeting procedures. He is our favorite character and a local icon.
Rock on, Mr. Drake.

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