Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cassidy's Minions Test The Limits Of Campaign Fair Play

ELECTION '12//SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL//ANALYSIS | Nearly two years to the day members of Stephen Cassidy’s political team were caught distributing campaign literature at San Leandro school events, one of his preferred candidates for the city council is attempting to the navigate the grey area between violating election law and shrewd politicking this year.

Cassidy takes a bath in 2010
Numerous witnesses say volunteers for the council campaign of San Leandro school board president Morgan Mack-Rose offered them literature in support of the school district proposed parcel tax, Measure L. However, the flyer also included a separate, full-color mailer for Mack-Rose.

One volunteer passing out literature last Thursday night at Roosevelt Elementary's “Back to School Night” is the same person who during the 2010 mayoral race drew the ire of Cassidy’s opponents when she was found to be passing literature on the grounds of San Leandro High School at a similar event. This time around no witnesses reported the volunteer, identified as the spouse of the Mack-Rose’s campaign manager, Tim Holmes, only passed out the flyers on the sidewalk and away from school property.

Nevertheless, the incident again raises questions about the propensity of Cassidy and his circle of political allies for pushing the bounds of fair play along with an ease for bending the rules to their personal advantage.

Along with Mack-Rose, who Cassidy backed to replace him on the school board in 2008, the gruff mayor is also endorsing District 4 candidate Chris Crow and another former minion from the school board, Hermy Almonte in District 6. However, the trio have gone to great pains to downplay their association to Cassidy and his growing unpopularity.

The use of school district functions to promote the campaigns of Mack-Rose, Cassidy and another loyal acolyte, school board member Mike Katz, is not surprising since the group’s only real political power in San Leandro is derived from the sphere of its schools. In 2010, both Cassidy and Katz were accused of using another event at Roosevelt Elementary, clad in campaign t-shirts, ready to be dunked for charity. Opponents cried foul, but a complaint to the FPPC went nowhere.

Over the past few weeks, Mack-Rose’s campaign has been aggressive in attacking District 2 incumbent Councilwoman Ursula Reed with a mailer targeted for seniors insinuating she urged the city to buy expensive iPads ostensibly for her own use and entertainment. In an election season in the East bay bound to be vicious, the assertion, later debunked by city staff who say Reed did not receive an iPad, likely stands as the biggest political lie, so far, this fall.


Who's the butterball inside the chicken wire?

Because they passed out their campaign crap at
school events once again, I will be voting NO on measure L!! ALL THESE PEOPLE KNOW BETTER, BUT CONTINUE TO DO WHAT THEY PLEASE and the school district says NOTHING. If the school district is going to continue to allow this to happen, I will be telling voters to VOTE NO ON MEASURE L. THEY WANT TO CONTINUE TO PLAY DIRTY POLITICS, BRING IT ON!

I agree this should not be allowed. These people don't care about the students or the schools. They must be hard up if they have to cheat. I too will be voting No on measure L.

Cassidy has always been an ASS. Vote him and all his "minions" out.

Didnt Gordon Galvin with Chamber and Commerce gave Mack-Rose and Measure L each $2,500.


Mack-Rose doesnt care or respect the school boundaries.

Cassidy and his blonde boy think we are idiots, stepping all over the citizens, parents, children.

Better watch these people on election day. The last election they were at several polling places with signs less than 300 feet away.When people complained they moved onto different polling places.
Maybe voters should complain to county now and ask them to check all polling places (all day long) during election day.
During the last election Cassidy was the biggest culprit along with Mac-Rose,Almonte and Katz.

Yes, I saw Cassidy at Marina Commnity Center in 2010 waving his own campaign sign in front of the parking lot.

Can we report to Alameda registrar of voter?

Can someone advice where to report compaign violations?

Mack-Rose is trustees of adultery, passing out measure L with no shame

Yes, report this to Alameda county registar of voters. Suggest they watch all polling places, all day long. Have cameras ready to catch these people in the act.
THANK YOU Steve Tavares for finally reporting what these people do. This has gone on for too long! The diry politics has got to end. Cassidy behind it all!

In 2010 there was a woman with a Cassidy sign at the City Hall polling place. She left after I saw a poll worker tell her she could not be there with a sign.
If the school district is going to continue to allow these people to do this at back to school nights, I will not be voting for measure L either. It is time for voters to get tuff and the school district to say NO and mean NO!

Mac-Rose and her supporters giving out her presonal campaign literature at "Back to School Night, not a suprise.She seems to forget about all rules whenever she's involved.
The school district should spell things out for her and put it in writing. Mac-Rose is hurting Measure L and the children. The school district once again sits back and does nothing.
Voting no on Mac-Rose and Measure L. Maybe someday the school district will get some smarts. Mac-Rose you're such an a--!

A oversized bowling ball commented in Patch that serious political players like Cassidy, Mack-Rose, Crow and etc. those violating election and school rules, infidelity to spouse, had a warrant of pot possession, made offensive comment on social media, took bribe representing pro-business are acts with integrity.

Anyone that thinks violating election and school rules,infidelity to ones spouse, have a warrant for pot possession, ok to make offensive comments on social media and take a bribe representing pro-business are "acts of integrity" has no morals!
This person probably lied saying they were a lawyer to get themself elected the Central Demoratic Committee. Birds of a Feather. All liars.

I was told campaign violations and complaints can and should be reported to the Alameda County Registrar of Voters Phone number (510) 272-6933.

Anyone see any types of campaign violations simply take picitures from your cell phone together with the complaints forward to Alameda County Registrar of Voters office and together to FPPC - pictures are solid evidence.

Marga Lacabe is borned with brain defect, she recently and her husband made a big issue on invasion of privacy at the police. Just now she's complaining Anonymous comments.

Ran out of medications?

EBC readers, below patch comment makes sense:

Fred Eiger
6:27 pm on Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Marga, you and I both know that the pensions and pay of City workers is bloated, and there is no way in Hell that Chris got any Union support unless he promised to soak it to the taxpayers and keep the hog fat. The Chamber didn't support him unless there was some play given to them. Chris is no babe in the woods and neither are his supporters.

doubt cassidy also endorsed reed-he also put almonte up to run against prola-prola is milk toast; he cannot bring himself to be rough even though gouged him in the eye-

don't forget the feb 8, 2008 reprimand cassidy received from FPPC for violating "Political Reform Act, section 81000." lucky him-reason he did not run for reelection to school board in 2008, but reason he was able to get rose/almonte elected to school board to "fire" cristine lim=-actually they did lim a favor as she sits home drawing $240,000 a year while retired-wish they did that for me--

LOL Crow got my endorsement, but wont for vote him!

Am woman, dislike Marga.

Marga Lacabe has "had" offended many folks by using belittling tactics, and personal attacks all the times that cause resentments.

Marga doesn't respect or cares others' opinions, Because she always correct, Now, you know why Patch is facing bankruptcy.

Who cares about Marga! Comment as Anonymous, ABC, XYZ, or LUV.

Since when signature on ballot is required instead of roster.

Marga is a nut job and really needs to stop with her bullying and hypocrisy!!

She claims to be this super progressive democrat fighting for human rights and ethical behavior but she supports a candidate who has made racially insensitive remarks, had a warrant for possession and been removed from a planning commission for cause. That's sounds progressive and ethical...

They video tape everything, candidates forums, the candidate info meeting and put them on the Internet but when it's them driving on public streets it's whoaaaa dont take my picture...

Hey jackasses nobody is taking photos of you in your house or in your bathroom!! So SLPD doesn't have the right to do it, but you do?

I love how it's only breaking rules when you disagree with the purpose!! Now go back to irrelevance Marga and Mike..

I don't care for Marga either! I have seen her bullying people, that simply don't share her strange opinions. She may have a right to her point of view, but so does everyone else. She seems to have forgotten everyone is owed respect. That what I've tried to teach my children.
She the type of parent that likes to tell teachers what to do. Funny how things change when shoe is on the other foot. Mean people really do suck, right Marga? (Take a good look in the mirro)

Margs is tasting her own medicine, how does it feel?

Respect is mutual!

I am so glad to read these responses. For a long time I have felt that this fringe group has been running rough shod over the rest of us. I have serious concerns about the stewardship of Measure L given that Marga, wife of school board member Mike Katz was advocating adults be allowed to solicit sex in public restrooms by the children's playground at the Marina. Also subjecting us to her chronic pontificating on how she is so evolved. She is very brave behind a keyboard but when confronted face to face she dissolves. The shady politics by Mack-Rose and her campaign team and Herme Almonte spouting off whatever he is directed to.

I would challenge all of us to make our voices heard in anyway possible to spot the leftist fringe from disenfranchising all of us. Thank you Mr. Tavares for giving a voice to the rest of us.

Katz can put his camera in anyones face and we are suppost to remain stupid and say nothing. When the camara is pointed at him (his car) he goes off on SLPD. The ole double standard. Do as I say, but not as I do.
Take my picture again a--hole and your going to know about it!! People getting tired of you and your wife. Stop bullying no ones is scared of you.

Katz-Lacabe couples overcompensation with extreme aggressiveness.

What makes Steven Tavares an 'Exceptional Journalist' is not just his captivating writing style, but his drive to veriy facts for this readers.

Steven Tavares, I trust your articles as every piece is verified!

True that!! If you look at the weed warrant on crow, the iPad thing on Morgan they have all checked out and been confirmed!!! It is excellent journalism..not that crap the patch is puttin out...

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