Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Contributor Tied To Swalwell Pay-To-Play Allegation Making Moves In San Leandro, Too

Gordon Galvan
ELECTION '12//SAN LEANDRO | The East Bay political fixer involved in the Eric Swalwell Dublin pay-to-play allegations is also trying to make a mark in his old stomping grounds, San Leandro.

Gordon Galvan has been busy writing checks, according to recent finance reports, while attaching himself personally and with other groups to races in San Leandro this fall, although recent events have brought his past, marred with political upheaval, to public light.

For Galvan, playing his sometimes controversial hand in local politics isn’t new considering his past stint on San Leandro City Council a decade ago and his $11,250 fine in 2003 for violating 10 counts of the state's Fair Political Practices Act. His recent no-bid contract with the City of Dublin after he and his associates at AVI gave thousands to congressional candidate, Eric Swalwell, is now known, but he is also involved with three financially influential bodies in the San Leandro city council race.

Galvan has donated to no other candidate other than Morgan Mack-Rose for District 2. She was recently caught in a blatant lie about Ursula Reed receiving an iPad on taxpayer’s money. The city’s IT department, however, said it was not true. Galvan donated a total of $2,250 to Mack-Rose’s campaign between August, 17 and September, 27.

Many in San Leandro believe Galvan is using this election to become a big player in local politics through his fundraising and contacts. In addition, to the contribution to Mack-Rose's campaign, large especially for San Leandro council races, Galvan has also dropped $5,000 on Swalwell and attempted to set up an independent expenditure committee to help Swalwell, although, finance reports show no activity since its start in late August. Gordon is also involved with fundraising for Measure L, San Leandro's school parcel tax initiative, even though his father-in-law's powerful real estate interests are the measure's lone official opposition. Both Mack-Rose and Crow are both staunch supporters of Measure L. In an interview for the Swalwell pay-to-play story, Galvan admitted fundraising for Measure L was not going as well as planned.

Furthermore, Galvan is the chairman of the newly formed San Leandro Chamber of Commerce’s PAC and also happens to be on its three-person board of directors. Mack-Rose worked for the chamber for a short time last year while sitting concurrently as the school district's board president. Thus far the Chamber has donated some of the larger sums of cash in the San Leandro election, opting for the skilled and experienced incumbent Jim Prola in District 6 over school board trustee Hermy Almonte but also funding candidates Chris Crow (District 4) and Mack-Rose.
Crow has also encountered trouble this election season when he was caught by The Citizen lying about his warrant for marijuana possession, his endorsement from Wilma Chan, and recent controversy over his Facebook comments about Chinese Olympic athletes that some in San Leandro’s Asian community considered racist. The young candidate though did receive substantial amount of funds from the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce’s new PAC. The PAC has given $1,000 to Crow and Prola in the last reporting period but for Mack-Rose they have given a total of $5,000 over the course of two reporting periods.

Galvan has also been affiliated with the ominous political San Leandro group, The Sentinels, that date back to the early 1970’s and was the political apparatus of Old San Leandro and the late and powerful Mayor Jack Maltester. However, their power has waned greatly over the years. Members of The Sentinels usually donate sums of money quarterly at $125 although a few exceed that amount. Galvan’s money is just one small component that makes up the large sums that are dished out in local elections. In recent financial filings, Galvan’s name is absent, but other financial contributors include the recently deceased Dale Reed, Robert Jones of Robert Jones & Associates, Tom Dlugosh of Dlugosh Cabinets, and among others. The Sentinels have given their sole endorsement and money to Mack-Rose totaling at $2,500.

Additional reporting by Steven Tavares.


Hear Cassidy and Galvin is related, their wives are cousins of some kinds and some business of Galvin are currently funded by San Leandro City Hall -- can someone fill in the details.. for example: senior citizen shuttle pickups link to Galvin business, funded by the City and Galvin pocket $$$$$$ it.

And so what news are you breaking here and where is the story?? All the things you stated are public disclosure, all people have to do is read the disclosure forms,no secrets, no ground breaking story... I expect more sensationalism from you Mr. Bond , , and Mr.Tavares as a accomplished journalist I would expect you to write award winning stories about the small town politics, I'm hoping that the two of you can raise above the daily review politics or even better then the National Enquire. I think that your inside connection with former mayor would allow you to write more earth shaking stories, stories that would horrify us for Halloween and then allow us to be thankful for Thanksgiving.

Influence peddling as Galvin is attempting here is legal right? So what is the newsworthyness of this story?
Maybe if you tied it in to Mayor Cassidy having his candidate Almonte request that Prola and Reed return police donations and mentioned the un savory aspect of an autistic mayor trying to buy elections for his minions Mack Rose and Almonte than maybe we would have a news story.

Or how about a story on whether Mack Rose has the moral authority to serve when she is dating someone who the school district, whose board she now serves on, let go due to a physical assault on a student, now thats newsworthy.

But Gordon trying to buy influence, hell thats the American way in US politics

If this is not breaking news, why 2:03 is so piss off?

Mr. Tavares aka 007, thanks for gathering the 411 together, good job!!

Why does every story need to be about legality? Supporters of Golvan are just trying to reframe the story. That's fine. What Shane and I are doing is connecting the dots, that's all.

Besides, who says we're done? Read the story again. The next article is staring you in the face. Look for it.

Is Cassidy crony Katz still in the Sentinels?If so it is interesting that all that money is flowing her way.

203 and 216 are people involved in the whole manipulative proces trying to create an illusion of "oh its okay" "its legal" "nothing to see here"....

We the public understand whats going on here and Cassidy with his decaying crime and lack of business growth is going to be on his way out.

one term buddy!

Katz in the SENTINELS ??? THE SENTINELS are only for WHITES!!!! WHITE OLD MEN, and we like it that way!

Ellen Corbett robocalling in the behalf of Reed?? WOOOW Corbett ..next would be Young...and Santos

Daddy Cassidy robocalling on behalf of Mack-Rose, next would be fake blonde hair tiny boy...and bum boyfriend...

Fat A@$ campaign manager Marga of Chris Crow will be robocalling tomorrow explaining why Crow is a jobless, pathetic liar, and pity loser in the world.

Sorry Almonte, no one is robocalling for you, you're being used.

Anti Re-elect Cassidy Coalition Says NO MORE CASSIDY!

Gordon Galvin sucking off San Leandro City like milking machine.

I can't wait for Huchison, Daevu or Lee to beat his a%^ in the upcoming election! Ursula is going to take out Mack Rose too!!!

what will be interesting is after prola smacks almonte the mayor will have a real enemy on the council. cassidy building conflict just like his time on the school board!

Cassidy's enemies are all over town, more to come when his puppets lost their council elections!

Any truth to rumor that Cassidy is autistic?

dont know autistic, for sure twin brother of one of the stooges.

not doing robocalls for anyone-thanks for the suggestion however-tony santos

scary post at 12:47 sounds like a stalker, too much info, ready the restraining order

Sending my ballot in to day and Yes I VOTED to SWALWELL ...because the we need good crooks in government, this government is filled with lazy ass old crooks who don't have the ambition to steal and lie !! We Need FRESH BLOOD !

28 year olds Chris Crow hoping to be elected still unable to hold a job - unemployed for 1/2 year, a liar, announce phony endorsements, smoke pots before debate forums, Most Important, even a pot warrant after him - blame on postal office. Good chance to win is making fun of the Chinese, because their small heads and chests are funny and inferior according to District 4 Candidate FRESH BLOOD LOSER CROW.

Daevu and Crow's interests appear focused on business first at the risk and expense to homeowners while Lee is to protect their rights, well being, and quality of life. Home purchase is the grestest investment that 99% of homeowners make and we need a council member who understands that balance and will protect 99%

By the way, Crow took $500 bribe from windwill guy, Halus, against D4 voters; NO VOTE TO YOU LOSER CROW and DEAVU!



I don't live in District 4 and have read many articles about the candidates; I will vote for Benny Lee because he puts homeowners and citizens first & public safety. Any business would impact communities are not good business.

Thank you for the reminder of Halus article - just e-blast to all Heron Bay residents (700 homes) not to vote any candidates support windmill next to our homes! Do the math, how votes are there!

LOL, Justin Hutchison is no Justin Bieber but Marga Lacabe is no Jennifer Lopez either, Lopez sings with cute hot pants, Marga blows bad breath with her 60" waist custom made extra material hot pants.

With Halus Project issue, Where the Hell is Crow or Daevu, they suppose to protect and listen to their own district and all SL communities? #@%&^>


As a president of HOA, Benny Lee is doing his job!

He can be our HOA president anytime; he got my vote!

What, Shitty Crow took $500 from Halus?

Who, Gayle Hudson, member of chamber is business consultant to Halus's owner?

dots back to Cassidy, Galvin, Hudson...tie to Halus!

1:54 Marga Lacabe will be dressing up as Carol Doda tonight, video with Chris Crow, cameraman Dillman in Guido.

Keep hearing Galvan and Cassidy's wives are cousins. Has Cassidy made this known when city discussing funding for Links? Seems they may have tried to keep it a secret.

Hear Mack-Rose now has her eye on Cassidy & Galvan, still needs money for campaign. Will do anything to get it.

Galvan still anybody's dog that will hunt with him.

San Leandro Chamber, bad move being 'linked' to Galvan and DUMB IDEA to endorse candidates. Chamber has to work with all council members for good of city.

Chamber needs to dump Galvan and reorganize. Galvan needs to stay in Castro Valley! Use to have respect for SL Chamber, but not anymore!! DUMP GALVAN! DUMP LINKS!

Thanks Tavares, I knew Galvan was a jerk!

As Taveres said...there is more to the story...

Do keep in mind Galvan has long standing ties to Bill Lockyer.

Pot Ticket Stirs San Leandro City Council Race
Candidate Chris Crow says he was cited for pot in 2009.


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Cassidy has now also endorsed Reed. Johnny Come Lately. Guess he realized Mack-Rose is going down.

Galvan doing Cassidy proud. Some people will do anything for money. Keeping it all in the family.

Oh great, Galvan now linked to Measure L. Now there's a smart idea, bring in someone with shady past. Who's idea was this? DUMB, REALLY DUMB MOVE.

Can't Galavn find anything to corrupt in Castro Valley? Maybe people in Castro Valley are smarter.
Castro Valley Got Links?

Cyberbullying, need to question Cassidy, who were behind San Leandro Rumor in 2010?

Tim Homles, campaign manager of Cassidy along with Husband/wife team - Mike/Marga Katz-Lacabe.

Funny, isn't it, come around goes around!

Reed was the first he endorsed...ask her ..he endorsed her about 9 months ago

Yap, I endorse you but aint campaigning for you.

Again, how much Mack-Rose got from her Sugar DaDa?

Character assasination disguised as journalism

tabloid writing disguised as blogging disguised as journalism

utterly useless! Mindless blather! = pretend lawyer! human right lawyer "F" BAR EXAM!

No one likes to see/read the truth...especially a political fixer.

Galvan...accept the fact...you swim with sharks but tell everyone your a Starfish.

Who do you think your fooling?

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