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Mack-Rose Called Reed Offering For A Clean Campaign Before Going Negative

ELECTION '12//SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL DIST 2 | As early as last July, there were rumors the campaign for San Leandro’s District 2 seat would get vicious. Candidate Dan Dillman faces the possibility of incarceration next year for obstruction of justice against two Alameda County sheriff’s deputies. San Leandro school board trustee Morgan Mack-Rose heard rumors circulating surrounding her private life and the incumbent Councilwoman Ursula Reed is perceived to some as unresponsive, and, at times, absent from her district.

So it is not surprising one of the candidates apparently vowed early on to run a clean campaign. However, a voice message obtained by The Citizen shows, in hindsight, the truce was broken by the same candidate who first proposed it.

Reed played a two-minute voice mail to her from Mack-Rose calling for a respectful fall campaign. The recording, received Aug. 1 shows Mack-Rose addressing a “disturbing rumor” going around that she plans to campaign negatively against Reed.

“I have no intention of doing that,” says Mack-Rose, who later assured Reed of her “personal respect” for the sitting councilmember. Besides, says Mack-Rose, “people don’t want to hear negative.”

Reed says she is bringing the voice mail to the public in response to a claim by Mack-Rose at an event Sept. 25 that Reed proposed purchasing and later accepting, in trying economic times like these, a city-issued iPad. Mack-Rose’s implication was the expenditure was a waste of taxpayers’ dollars. A mailer featuring the same falsehood was also sent to area seniors last month.

“It would be unconscionable to take iPads when we didn’t have enough money for papers for our students and I question the validity of the councilwoman’s statement that she did not accept an iPad, because she did,” said Mack-Rose on Sept. 25.

“I have no idea where she got her facts,” said Reed, afterwards, “because that didn’t happen.” Although, Reed, already in possession of her own tablet, first broached the idea of saving money by replacing paper city council agendas with iPads, she never accepted one paid for by the city, according to its IT Department.

The accusation and falsehood is not without precedent in these odd, often times bitter races for the council’s three open seats with most of the antics centering around two of Mayor Stephen Cassidy’s hand-picked candidates, Mack-Rose and Chris Crow in District 4.


If dumping her husband for her lover doesn't bother people would dirty campaigning be a big surprise?

What does it say about our current mayor that he supports this woman who met her boyfriend while he worked for SLUSD and she was on the school board?

Also rumors are running rampant that he, Mack Rose's bf lost his job because of an altercation with a student that became physical.

What does that say about the moral fiber of these people? Cassidy, Mack Rose, Mike Katz have absolutely zero scruples. How can mack Rose address school issues when her BF is an instigator of campus unrest?

According to information presented by City of San Leandro Information Technology Manager Rayan Fowler, the initial proposal calls for iPads to be purchased for all members of the City Council (7),At the Sep. 29 meeting of the Rules and Communications Committee, Councilmember Ursula Reed expressed a desire to have 3G-enabled iPads so that they could be used to access information, anywhere, such as BART or conferences. Reed added, "If you don't have 3G, then it almost defeats the purpose...if I didn't have 3G, it would be pointless because I could just sit in front of a computer at home."

Yeah, that's what I wrote. Just far more succinct than you, but she didn't receive an iPad. That was Mack-Rose's clear claim and it wasn't true.

Mack Rose is so full of shit! Tell me what did she accomplish in her years as school board pres? SL Schools are the joke of the East Bay, If you throw out rosevelt and Madison were not much better than Oakland or Hayward.

Would not be suprised if Cassidy gave Mack-Rose the ammo she tried using against Reed. That's how he got where he is today. Told lies, did dirty and mean things to good people. Didn't care who he tried to take down as long as he got to be mayor.

The sad thing is people bought into his bogus crap and believed the lies. Many now realize they too were used just to help him get votes.
Remember the saying "shame on you, you use me once. Shame on me you use me twice."

Thank you Tavares for printing this story. People need to know how desperate these people are. They lie, cheat and deceive just to get votes.
Mac-Rose is the mother of 2 and a school boardmember. Isn't lying and cheating what intelligent people would teach their children and students not to do? She's setting a fine example.

I keep hearing rumors that the individual over seeing the bond projects (a district employee) has been fired, released or put on paid administrative leave for questionable activity with money from the most recent bonds.
If these rumors are true, what happened to that transparency and accountability Mack-Rose and her board colleagues all promised voters?
If these rumors are true, then I am not suprised Mack-Rose broke her promise to "run a clean campaign."
If these rumors are true, how long did Mac-Rose and the board think voters would not find out?
Might be a story worth looking into Tavares.

Your so late this happen some time ago and yes he was fired for not doing his Job!! Tavares is not a journalist,possibly only a tabloid' a johnny come lately, who can't make a dime .:" Tabloids also tend to be more irreverent and slangy in their writing style than their more serious broadsheet brothers" since he is so irrelevant he couldn't carry a story ...

Yes, but the board promised transperency, accountability and truth and it's NOT happening.
The entire board should be replaced. They are hurting students not helping!
These rumors did not come from Tavares. Like everyone else he probably did not know about it.
Thanks for letting us know it's true. Now voting NO on L.

I dont understand why you don't think its transparent, it's in the minutes of meeting, its a personnel issue so it cant be discussed in public, and it was done by the board. cant get much more transparent then that... would u want them to keep a guy that was almost allowed millions of dollars to be spent fraudulently? It was the board that caught it and caught him...for once i was happy on how it was handled they took steps to catch and stop the person.tabloid tavares was made aware of the story before it happen...

Don't believe a word 9:57 and don't trust this board.

9:57 I have attending board meetings and seen minutes. They never list the individual by name or give reason for termination. When looking at minutes no one, but boardmembers would know who or why. Nice try.

1028 personnel matters CANT NEVER be discussed in public . You understand the state and federal personnel privacy rules???? it can't be discussed by the employer but it can be told by the former employee..... You understand and know that right?? i think that somewhere in GOVERNMENT CODE
SECTION 3540-3540.2 it tells why its only a number and no reason for termination, and thats the same -ts


ts=Total Shit
st=Same Shit

Thanks 8:56am for letting me know the rumors as I had never heard them..... and they want more money??? I DON'T THINK SO!

Does Carlos Ja slap her thigh and ride the wave in?

Look all you need to do is look at the scores of SL public Schools over the last 10 years and the current Graduation rates and college enrollment from public schools of SL kids. They want more and more money, but where is the responsibility with what they already have to spend. I am all for kids getting as many resources as possible to allow them to be successful, but damn... show me some results!

OMG can't believe after all the money problems with selling Pacific High School this district hasn't learned a thing. This person will probably get a healthy retirement.Time to say NO MO MONEY!

If this information is confidential, why did Oct.22, 9:57am post about it? How does 9:57 know the details? According to 9:57, when was "Tavares made aware of the story before it happened" and by who?
Were the Daily Review and SL Times told about the story too?

If Almonte and Mac-Rose can't control the money while on the School Board, what makes anyone think they'd do a better job on the City Council!

This is probably why 3 boardmembers have decided not to seek re-election Almonte, Mac-Rose and Sullivan. THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG HERE!!!!

Measure L and those school board members seeking council seats and getting endorsements from the Mayor had the opposite effect on me,I have very serious reservations about Measure L. I am worried about the intentions of the current school board members and their stewardship of Measure L. Lest we forget those school board members who think so highly of themselves as to create a conspiracy theory that they are being watched and followed everywhere they go. I hate to break it you, but you are not that important. You’re not interesting and you are not a highly evolved scholar.

Also I hope someone can answer this, perhaps Mr. Tavares himself, if both Measure L and Proposition 30 both pass, what happens with all that money? I have been trying to see if there is anything written in the Prop 30 literature that if a local Measure regarding school funding passes then you do not get Prop 30 money or something to that affect. Or is it a case of the current school board doubling down on the measure and the proposition?

A. Bonato

Hi Ann. In my opinion we need to look at smarter spending and not just throw more money a the problem. The school board for instance is building a beautiful new football field but does not really understand how to finance the upkeep. Now they want to ask the city for help. In reality there was an opportunity to move the land for around 30 mill in which the school district have reaped most of the profits. You know how nice of a football field you build with a portion of that? And have money to sustain..just sayin

Mr. Hutchison,

I couldn't agree more. It appears to me that using a school funding measure as your personal bully pulpit is wrong and those who engage in that is not the council person I want. You had my vote long before the above response because you have run an honorable and sincere campaign. No funny business, no shenanigans, a refreshing change.


Please check out my website at www.hutchisonforslcc.org for a list of businesses that support me and a little more on my message. I promise you this! If elected you will get 110% everyday while i am in office.

Mr.Hutchison, Not sure selling Burrell Field was or is way to go. The kids at high school do use field for football and other events.
They don't have lights at high school field and the neighbors would have bitched if they had put them there, as it has been tried.
Now thought you'd like to know, bond money being used for new pool and there is no swimming offered for PE. There's an after school swim team only. This is money that could have and should have been better used. They could have fixed up school buildings that need improvements.
We now have performing arts center, but understand teachers that want to use it for their students, may have to pay to rent it. I believe we voters were told it was for the students. Nothing was mentioned about them having to pay to use it.
Does it make sense to cut music (which they did) when voters are paying for that perfoming arts center? It doesn't to me. This Board is guilty of using poor judgement with tax payers money and ALL SHOULD BE REPLACED.

PS we might be lucky they didn't sell Burrell Field. That money probably would have been poorly spent or magically disappeared. Good luck with your campaign.

I would encourage all of you to look at section F. in your Sample Ballot and Voter Information Pamphlet which vaguely explains what could happen to state funding for schools if Measure L passes. It states that property tax could be lessened if Prop 30 passes. Note the wording"could" also there is nothing in the proposition that says specifically how the money will be spent. Specifics for example: $20,000 for part-time librarian at each school. That is just an example and a number pulled out of the air. I want those specifics so that if that doesn't happen I can hold those school board members accountable and it will also clearly show what type of politician the are.

A. Bonato

110% everyday?? so your giving up your Target security job to save our city? and of course since you reside in the San Lorenzo Unified School District ... you don't contribute to Measure L, and then you figure that selling Burrell Field ( a tony santos wish) could solve the financial problems??????? did you pay for the rights to use the music in the thing you where doing around town?

Music was cut??? you should stop by the elementary,middle schools and high schools to watch and listen to the bands??? teachers don't have to pay to use the AEC, but outsiders have to rent it.

YES, 9:29am 5th grade instrumental music was CUT in half. They now meet only ONCE a week, last year they were meeting TWICE a week. YES,TEACHERS do HAVE TO PAY to use the AEC, $50.00 an hour. This I know!!

Marga, U are always so nasty. No body cares what you think. You don't know as much as you think you do about schools. Yes 12:00pm is correct once again music was cut by this board. Go help Crow, he needs it.

For the record; Yes Oct.29, 9:29am, the board did make cuts to music. We lost 2 music teachers this school year. 5th grade music was cut 50% and yes we do have to pay to use (rent) the AEC for performances.

Mr. Hutchinson, Glad to learn your willing to give 110% and I don't care if you live in San Lorenzo and use SLZ schools. As a parent and San Leandro resident, I am glad there are people that care.

The post from Oct. 29, 9:29am is bitter, mean and nasty. Must be worried the candidate they support will lose. Their negative remarks are a turn off and not working. Good luck to you.

Oops, my post at 3:58 pm should have read the post from 9:26 am is bitter, mean and nasty.

This San Leandro Talk has no values, based on her comments, reflecting an enept, annoying and troublesome person.

She's an evil instigator!

Yes 1200pm nooner.. you're covering custodial and Theater manager... , just like when the PTA uses a elementary school they have to pay also, and that I know cause I have paid out of my personnel monies! and yes music only meets once per week, not working out well either.. and this is why we Measure L needs all the support and needs to pass, so to all the haters here , I thank you for bringing out the reasons for supporting Measure L

If they could not afford to operate the AEC, they should have not have built it!! When did school custodians start making $50.00 an hour? How much are they paying that theater manager?
Reminder; they never had to pay to used the gym and custodians clean gyms too.

How they going to pay to maintain the new pool and Burrell Field? Measure L says it's for core programs, according to their literature.
This board is clueless. Voting NO on Measure L.

All Candidates quit your jobs, you have better chances to be elected when you are UNEMPLOYED, be a liar, announce phony endorsements, smoke pots before debate forums, Most Important, even a warrant after you - blame on mailman. Must do to win is making fun of the Chinese, because their small heads and chests are funny and inferior according to District 4 Candidate Chris Crow

926 am... Wow!! How did I miss this over the last few days. No jackass I do not plan on quitting my executive salaried manager job at a fortune 500 company instead I plan on bringing some of the fiscal responsibility and operational practices that allow us to be as competitive as we are to your poorly ran school district.

Oh and by the way you since you brought it up it is a parody video not for sale on youtube. you dont have to pay for the music, you just have to have friends who have the equipment. Try being less of a douche bag and maybe you can record one too.

So a school board that builds a preforming arts center, hires a theather manager, charging teachers for their students to use the theather and a district employee that was overseeing bond projects is fired and we are suppose to vote to hand over more money? I don't think so. Not with this board. If you can't afford to take care of it don't build it.

Oct.29, 5:35pm Please don't refer to voters not supporting Measure L as "haters." The economy is not good and many people are having a very tuff time trying to live within their means.
If you lived in my area, you would know many neighbors that have or soon will be losing their homes. Lots of people are still out of work or working at jobs for less pay.

If you are lucky to have a good paying job and a roof over your head I hope you remember to thank God every night and remember don't be a hater!!

Am not impressed with school board, theather manager, charging students...

I will support Measure L for the benefit of a doubt of our next generation.

Please shape up!

MAck say: The economy is not good and many people are having a very tuff time trying to live within their means

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