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San Leandro Mayor Cassidy Aids Challengers In Effort To Stack The City Council

Stephen Cassidy
ELECTION '12//SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL | Mayor Stephen Cassidy of San Leandro donated money to political allies in all three open seats on the City Council up for re-election including Morgan Mack-Rose for District 2, Chris Crow for District 4 and Hermy Almonte for District 6.

Cassidy gave $500 from his 2010 election committee to Crow and Almonte and $1,000 to Mack-Rose. Two of the candidates receiving contributions from Cassidy, Mack-Rose and Almonte, are running against incumbents, Ursula Reed in District 2 and Jim Prola in District 6, which Cassidy has lent no money.

What the contributions reveal, though, is a sitting mayor, often criticized for his failure to compromise with members of the current City Council, attempting to stack the board by financially supporting candidates, two of which have recently been caught in blatant campaign lies.

Mack-Rose recently accused Reed at a candidate forum and via mailers last month of accepting an iPad on taxpayers' money, but proved to be false according to the City’s IT department.

As for Crow, he was denied a ride along with the police due to an unpaid ticket concerning marijuana possession that turned into a warrant. Crow denied these allegations that proved to be true. He also has touted the endorsement of Supervisor Wilma Chan whose office recently told The Citizen she hasn’t endorsed anyone in San Leandro for district 4. Crow later denied this truth as well. Both lies came to light after controversy stunted his campaign concerning a comment about Chinese Olympic athletes that some from the Asian population in San Leandro considered racist although Crow says his comment was solely about the Chinese comments about American athletes and not their race.

As for Almonte, he hasn’t performed well against Prola; a well polished and most battle-tested San Leandro politician. Almonte commonly reads off notes perched before his bespectacled eyes at forums while Prola speaks more confidently in his experience as councilmember. Almonte has attempted to lash out at Prola on financial issues at the tail end of forums which Prola has pushed back against by denouncing financial decisions made by Almonte as vice president of the San Leandro school board.

Although, Prola has greatly outraised Almonte with a total of $34,230 raised thus far but ending with $21,123 with expenditures included. Much of Prola’s support comes from labor because of his long association as a union man. Sharon Cornu, Pete Stark's campaign manager also donated to Prola's campaign. Almonte on the other hand only managed to raise $4,505 while ending with only a mere $1,185 made up of small individual contributions from San Leandro residents other than Cassidy.

Chris Crow, who although has raised more money than competitors for District 4, trails behind financially due to his competitors significant loans to their own campaigns. Chris Crow has a total monetary contribution of $5,682 but ending with $4,293, Darlene Daevu with $10,800 but ending with $11,166 overall, Benny Lee with $12,441 and ending with $5,473. Dan Dillman, candidate for District 2, gave $125 to Crow as well.

Mack-Rose leads District 2 with $26,150 raised but ending in $10,822, Dillman raised $3,107 but ending with $624 and Reed, the incumbent, trails behind Mack-Rose with a total of $9,100 raised but ending with $8,189. Reed has received support from the Teamsters Union and SEIU with Mack-Rose receiving some union support from Electrical Workers Local 595 but also the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce. Furthermore, Tim Holmes, Mack-Rose's campaign manager, gave $1,000 to Mack-Rose’s campaign and $250 to Crow.


Not suprised to read Cassidy giving out money to "his political allies" this guy thinks he can buy his way thru everything. He did the same thing when on the school board.
Great role model tells city hall to cut, cut, cut while he buy new home in bayo vista. He gets off on buying his way. Mac-Rose, Crow and Almonte all bought and paid for. Katz bought and paid for too.

Didn't think the Chamber of Commerece endorsed candidates. Was suprised to learn they formed a pac, but not suprised that Gordon Galvin (Links) is pac chair. Galvin now lives in Castro Valley, but have learned he might be related to Cassidy. Understand their wives are cousins. I smell a big fat rat!!
Galvan gonna bring the Chamber down. Be careful Chamber if you lay down with dogs, you'll get fleas.

Chamber is already down, membership is way down. Chamber is useless.
Bigger question? Will the Mayor chase all the competent staff out of town? We have already lost 2 or 3 very good people to other cities because they couldn't work for this clown.

Thanks 8:10, Can see why Chamber membership is down. Glad to know SL has some business owners that know it's not a wise idea to endorse candidates, probably why membership is down.
Glavan(Links) has always been anyone's dog that will hunt with him. Moved to Castro Valley, but still trying to control SL. What a jerk he is and always has been. Bet Galvan's got skeletons in his closet! From 8:00am.

Good comments! The picture, is that Cassidy or one of the Three Stooges?
I know, it's one of the Three Stooges trying to get the other Stooges elected.

Have to ask is that picture hanging in City Hall? He's got so many chins!lol lol lmao.

Galvin should offer a job to Loser Lying Crow, A exbusinessman see one know one, why not?

Not suprise Cassidy made undertable deals with Galvin!?

San Leandro Times should disclose this news for San Leandrans

First time San Leandro Times prints a real news story will be the first. Same for the Marga/Cassidy/Crow/Katz Patch. It's not the San Leandro Patch its the friends of Tom Abate's wife Mia Ousley who have an agenda Patch.

there used to be "unwritten" rule that Mayors would not get involved in campaigning against his/her colleagues-also normally councilmembers do the same thing-however, in 1982 Gunnar Seymon, termed out, challenged Val Gill, knowing he could not beat the incumbent, but Gunnar had no where else to go and wanted to remain involved-then Joyce Starociak challenged me in 2010 and we see the results-moves like this will lead to conflicts on the Council and will be mean spirted in the end-to donate to challengers is absolutely ridiculous-should reed and prola win, why should they cooperate with cassidy? I would not-I think they should call him out for his arrogance and lack of respect for his colleagues-Tony Santos

Any elected officials should have equivalent collaborating skills, willing to listen.

Destroying team spirits, Egotist, is he?

Thank you Tony Santos, I agree with the unwritten rule. When Cassidy was on school board all he did was stir the pot. He seems to get off on creating conflict.
I don't think the chamber should have endorse candidates. They too have to work with the entire city council. Why is Galvan allowed to lead this pac when he now lives in Castro Valley? Is he trying to save his Links? Hope the city and his relative Cassidy vote to cut funding to Links. Let him move it to Castro Valley. Lost respect for the chamber too.

Think? Cassidy already has Cutter on there. Now he gets Crow, Almonte and Mack Rose...That would be 5 of the 7 all nodding yes to whatever he says! WE are in trouble!

Hope San Leandro Times, Our local newspaper, would covers this concern and awareness on coming week's paper.

It's up to the individual to decide.

what a piece of shit you're TONY SANTOS always crying foul on others- you sore looser idiot! your own heritage never supported you.You endorsed Joel Young " Just over a year ago, Young appeared destined for a successful political career, but then the wheels began to fall off when a girlfriend alleged that he hit her in the face. Young then reportedly threatened to assault Jason Overman, an aide for Oakland Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan, at an event last January. In both instances, temporary restraining orders were filed against Young." "Hon. Tony Santos, Mayor City of San Leandro (Ret.)" You Santos you are endorsing Benny Lee...sure you want your former title to be used .. HEY X MAYOR your a SORE LOSER move your lame ass to HAWAII or BETTER YET to GERMANY I'm sure there's a racist group there waiting for you to join!!

2:23 you sure are a tough guy hiding behind an anonymous posting. Why don't you post your name? The ex mayor does.

It is probably Angry Chris Crow 223, hints: ex-mayor, retired, Benny Lee, Sore Loser, Racist.

He used those comment oftens on Patch and FB.

Can't be Crow, he's too busy shining the current mayors shoes and bowing down to his obese campaign manager

2:23 you are an idiot. Are you Cassidy or Lacacbe the so called lawyer? Only know how to use foul language. If you don't like what ya see here don't read it.
Thanks Tony Santos for your post. This site is helping me to decide whom to vote for. NOT Crow, Mack-Rose,Dillman or Almonte. Don't want Cassidy puppets. Chamber made big bad move.

223 is a coward in a dark room. Wait til Cassidy turns into a one term mayor after sellin fiber optic pipe dreams...

8:42am, I looked at the pictures of Cassidy too. You are right, he does look like Larry Fine member of the three stooges. In the other picture (same article) the one with shorter hair, he looks like Larry Flint the owner of Hustler Magazine. Anyone know is it Larry Fine or Larry Flint's picture hanging up at city hall and is Larry Fine or Larry Flint running the city?? lol

Cassidy's Senior Commissioner appointee Darlene Daevu gets funded $1000 by Howard Kerr who's supporting Romney/Ryan. What are the links between Cassidy and Romney?

I voted for Cassidy. These attempts of his to take out multiple Councilmembers are legal, but are also very unusual, foolish and hostile. I hoped he would adjust his previous behavior, work with the Council and be willing to compromise in his attacks on our public servants, but he seems unwilling or unable to do so.

I regret my vote for Stephen, and will support a viable opponent to prevent his re-election in 2014. I will even help to recruit a viable opponent if it becomes necessary.

I am disappointed with Stephen Cassidy too. A good Mayor would work in ways that are positive and productive, never divisive.
I am sure 7 people would have disagreements, but dirty laundry should never be aired.

Mentally of either my way or high way is not acceptable in Mayor's role.

Cassidy has never been able to compromise. It's always been agree with him or your out.
He was the same way while on the school board. I am willing to bet this is why he was never voted board president.
Cassidy doesn't get mad, he gets even. Disagree with him and he'll make you pay.

Someone saw Steath Crow and his Thievish team removing his opponents's signs, like they did to Corina Lopez running against Pauline Cutter.

You might be on "Candid Camera" soon?

Dillman should take his $125.00 and go to Bayfair Mall and buy a two for one suit for him and Crow! What losers. Isn't this clown going to Jail? The Mayor supports liars and racists!

Benny Lee lawn signs are everywhere.

Where are Crow's, raised most funds per your campaign manager?

Our neighborhood dont want Loser Crow Signs!

Still jobless, No integrity, and his stupid ideas are raising taxes.

This unemployed candidate in D4 picking his Crow nose all day long, wandering around town like beggar.

Do you want to elected someone like this for city council?

Why no job is offered to Chris Crow from Galvin, Fiber loop, Kaiser...? Crytal Clear!

i take the blame for losing in 2010-joyce and i just split the vote and with RCV ruined my/joyce's chance of winning-would have won with pluarity or run off-sorry about that, but joyce and I let San Leandro down-tony santos

Let it go.. You lost. Go find a therapist to help you work it outboard cash offer?

Where's Joyce, skip town?

Anti re-elect Cassidy, count on it!

Blonde boy, gives your best shot, wont win, aint will happen - count on it!!

Zocalco aint shit! Small town punk!

I can tell you what you can pick on Santos all you want if it makes you feel brave,

but that is not gonna stop me from fuckin with Cassidy and his band of Zocalo super stars for the next 2 years!! Anti Re elect Cassidy!!

Full of Shits named himself Mr. SL, powerful barf machine.

Next week, Loser Crow might call himself SIR SL remains unemployed.

Marga Lacabe "pretend lawyer" now playing
Marga Lacabe "pretend registrar of voters"

Loser Crow "pretend Mr. San Leandro" paid someone 5 bucks to say that, 10 bucks to call him SIR.

For 20 bucks, Marga is rated 10 like Bo Derek.

Who is Bo Derek, what/who Marga looks like, picture?

Loser Chris Crow filed his 1st pre-election stmt beyond deadline (deadline 10/5/12, turn in 10/8/12) again, 2nd pre-election deadline 10/25/12 - not with city clerk yet.

A lack of a sense of responsibility with derogatory history of lying about warrant of pot possession, stupid ricist offensive comment about the Chinese, faked endorsement caught on video, fired by Reed from planning committee than move from D2 from D4 for easy seat.

Cassidy told lies, did dirty and mean things to good people. Didn't care who he tried to take down as long as he got to be mayor.

The sad thing is people bought into his bogus crap and believed the lies. Many now realize they too were used just to help him get votes.

My opinion for what it's worth. San Leandro has a young man who shows interest in running for city council.

My concerns: Removed from one committee, unemployed, cited for marijuana possession, failed to pay the fine, warrant issued, inappropriate comments on facebook, does not accept responsiblility for his behavior, touted endorsement that never had. take bribe from windmil guy against residents, this is someone San Leandro consider for this election, Chris Crow needs to prove himself for the next 10 years before insulting the citizens of San Leandro by placing his name on the ballot.

**Should "not" consider Chris Crow, questionable behavior**

Big mouth San Leandro Talk forgot to mention both Dan Dillman & Chris Crow's latest fundraising 2nd pre-election statements haven't turn in with SL City Clerk - pastdue, reflecting these two candidates are irresponsible & nonaccountable.

Marga Lacabe is clearly bias! No wonder < 5 readers in your circle!

She is a petty blogger, kept contradicting herself miserably

Crow and Dillman overdue on their 2nd pre-election statements?

Are they really that ready for office if they can't file a simple pre-election statement?

Absolutely not ready for office. Cheap talk to sway voters but no real action and follow up.

Attached is a post by Flip-Flop, Marga Lacabe, on Cassidy just recently she adores:

"Mayor Stephen Cassidy: From Lawyer to Law Breaker in Just One Day?



Marga Lacabe
11:11 am on Monday, September 3, 2012

Well, according to Benny Lee, RCV is too confusing for Asians and Lee is banking on the Asian vote. Then again, so was Tony Santos. When Lee couldn't deliver it, it was RCV's fault.

1:57 Here's the link to verify truely from these racist idiots.


Marga has a double standard, she can not be wrong eventhough she contradicts herself.

Loser always a LOSER, about negative in his campaign account, what happened to your so smart business ideas... Go get a job...Loser Crow!

Say What, Marga Lacabe is confused with Ranked Choice Voting, and what... she called Registrar of Voters like 3 times...and still confuse.. So, it was convenient for her to laugh or insult Asian-Americanw on Sept 3rd, 2012

Marga Lacabe
11:11 am on Monday, September 3, 2012

Well, according to Benny Lee, RCV is too confusing for Asians and Lee is banking on the Asian vote. Then again, so was Tony Santos. When Lee couldn't deliver it, it was RCV's fault.

Benny Lee is very intelligent; he knew RCV is very confusing and it is not a true 50% + 1 system.

My family of eight just dropped off ballots @ registrar's ofc, 1st choice is Lee, 2nd Hutch, 3rd Daevu.

LOL, Crow couldn't deliver it, Marga Lacabe blames was RCV's fault.

"pretend lawyer" is confused with ranked choice voting, having the nerve to post article demonstrating how/who should we vote for!

Stupidity always stay Stupidity like her candidates!

Marga needs to stop belittling everyone out of one side of her mouth and then calling herself progressive from the other side

No Shi@t, Loser Crow borrowed $1500 from Marga for his campaign debts.. What a loser, get a job, your ideas are no good!

after i saw justin's sign at the englander i too voted for him!!!! .........NOT!! DAVAEU - LEE and OBAMA....no one else!!!!

Heron Bay voted LEE and HUTCH 2nd - those love windmills, not listening to the residents, are going down!!

We do not support pot dispensaries!!

Another NO to Crow!!

1139 is clearly the same douche who removed the sign see you November 7th when your still sittin on the sidelines

I dont care if LEE, HUTCH, or Deavu wins - as long NO CROW - that's fine with me.

He's shameless!

Marga is a hypocrite and deceiver!

Deliberate misrepresentation, pretend know it all!

You are a sad 300lbs loser!

Marga Lacabe contradicts herself like the offspring of a zebra and a donkey

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