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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Similar Ideologies, Good Hair: How To Differentiate Between Bonta, Guillen

Rob Bonta, Abel Guillen
ELECTION '12//ASSEMBLY 18 | Because of California's new top-two primary system, the 18th Assembly District race this fall between Alameda Vice Mayor Rob Bonta and Peralta Community College Trustee Abel Guillen is not your typical Democrat-versus-Republican contest. Instead, Bonta and Guillen are both staunch liberals who tend to see eye-to-eye on nearly every major policy position. Indeed, it's difficult at times to tell the two apart.

Both, for example, want to eliminate the two-thirds majority to raise taxes in the state Legislature. Improving education is a top priority, they say, as is reducing crime. How would they increase revenue to the state's coffers? Enact an oil severance tax. Even when legendary civil rights leader Dolores Huerta endorsed Guillen, she soon gave her support to Bonta as well, adding to the large number of dual endorsements in this race...



  1. The difference is very clear....Bonta is in it for the career, Guillen is in it for the people of the community.

  2. Just got a mailer from Guillen.

    Nothing special, normal stuff.
    A candidate behind in the polls needs something unusual to stand out.

    One less than smart point in the mailer.
    On the back page, a nice smiling photo of Guillen with a happy Jean Quan.

    Not the person I'd want to have my picture taken with. I can't believe most voters have a good opinion of Quan.

  3. Last poll that was published by either candidate had Guillen up by 5. Not sure Guillen is the one trailing.

  4. That poll also conveniently forgot to mention Bonta had the democratic party's endorsement. Oops.

  5. that poll also made a lot of outlandish comments about Bonta that had no basis in reality.

  6. Bonta is not the person to represent our district, lets keep him in Alameda, the rest of the district doesn't want him respresenting for them

  7. If you do some research, you would know that Bonta endorsed Mario Juarez for Oakland city council.....hmmm, something seems very fishy there. Endorsing Mario Juarez is enough for me to NOT vote for Bonta! Especially with all the negative publicity in recent weeks.

  8. The only thing fishy here is these comments.

    Isn't Abel currently touting endorsements from Jean Quan and Elihu Harris? They are shining examples of leadership and ethics, respectively.

    All Bonta has to offer is the CA Democratic Party and Sandre Swanson. Who the heck are they?

  9. We know how Bonta used his Perata inside knowledge to bring political operatives from outside area to get the Dem endorsement.

    What has he done as a city councilmember for Alameda? His record is sparse at best.

  10. Biggest difference between the two ... Bonta gets donations from sources like Calpine. He's not the true progressive.

  11. 11:46...Oh my, what makes you think voters want a "true progressive"?
    Almost the entire Oakland City Council is composed of "true progressives", and look at how much Oakland has progressed.

    Bonta wins this one in a cake walk.

  12. 12:15,

    "Almost the entire Oakland City Council is composed of 'true progressives'"??? You. Have. To. Be. F***ing. Kidding. Me.

    Almost the entire Oakland City Council is composed of milquetoast Dems who vacillate wildly, kowtow to developer and business interests frequently, attack City workers often and who do not work together well as a Council. Nacho's current attempt to take out Kaplan is but one of many examples.

    OTOH, I do agree that Bonta is likely to win. Hey, there's some agreement!

  13. Has Bonta given back Calpine"s contribution?

  14. Guillen has my vote!

  15. Bonta has my vote, family and friends!

  16. Bonta has Calpine's vote too!