Monday, October 8, 2012

The Truth Gets In The Way Of Chris Crow's Once-Promising Campaign For City Council

ELECTION '12//SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL DIST 4 | When San Leandro District 4 City Council candidate Chris Crow isn’t pacing and pontificating, patting himself on the back or practicing his Zig Ziglar business seminar shtick, the 28-year-old is exhibiting a glaring disregard and pique when it comes to owning up to the truth during this campaign season.

Last week came news  of the endorsement of Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan claimed by Crow in public on numerous occasion was erroneous, yet he followed what has become standard operating procedure: deny, deny, deny, then confirm the untruth through friendly media sources and neglect to says sorry or express any regret.

In fact, numerous sources in San Leandro say Crow and his acolytes deny he ever trumpeted Chan’s backing, an endorsement, if it were true, would have a been a major coup for his campaign. The major irony in all this is one video clip that clearly shows Crow uttering Chan’s endorsement last month was filmed by San Leandro school board member Mike Katz. The same person who was featured recently in a Wall Street Journal article opposing the city’s police department for scanning the license plates of citizens on the street.

However, Katz’s use of his blog and collection of public affairs videos over the years has been viewed by opponents as a thinly-veiled attempt to intimidate public officials and opponents. Here’s video evidence of Crow’s erroneous endorsement through Katz’s lens. (Fast forward to the 4:50 mark to hear the list of Crow’s supporters.)

Crow’s inability to quell potentially simple campaign firestorms was first seen last August when a racially insensitive rant on his Facebook page grew exponentially larger due to his handling of the controversy. Instead of quickly apologizing for the comments, Crow’s first instinct was to attack a vast conspiracy against his candidacy. When news broke surrounding a warrant for pot possession disallowed him from a ride-along with San Leandro Police, Crow initially denied the story, but immediately spilled the beans to San Leandro Patch, an outlet that has allowed him to write campaign-related blog postings and press releases on its site. This time, his opponents and the police were out to get him.

If Eric Swalwell is over ambition on steroids, then Chris Crow is it on a six-pack of Five-Hour Energy. With less than a month until election day, voters are still waiting to see if Crow is anything but an entitled brat or someone they can trust to be his own man on a divided City Council.


Wow, from his own mouth.

Amazing of how Chris Crow can lie so easily, shameless.

Uh...Tavares claimed Crow touted this at LVW Forum. That's not what this video is.
Was Tavares wrong about the LVW Forum?

There's nothing new about faking endorsements, but when you see it in action, it's definitely a head-scratcher.

I heard Crow (probably you, the person making the stupid claim that therefore there isn't video of the false endorsement, it must mean the other video is false) with my own ears brag to a voter near the doorway about the Chan faux endorsement at the Marina Community Center. When I heard it, I began asking people there about its validity. That's why I wrote there was some skepticism that night about whether it was true.

In fact, Chris Crow's extreme disrespect for the press is another reason why, outside of the facts surrounding his misdeeds, he continues to pop up on my radar.

Chris Crow touted endorsement he never had, now trying to spin words aah,ooh,ooh, WHICH FORUM YOUre TALKING ABOUT!


Ohh,mme, never,never, had a pot warrant... what, which one,ohoh.. my mailman took a 3 years vacation, no one delivers my mails, aah,mmm, not my false.

What goes around and comes around.

The truth is on the video!

This 28 years old was "fired" by Reed from planning committee than decided move from D2 to D4 (thought no competition). Made fun of the Chinese folks on FB while running, denied pot warrant until EBC verified then twisted situation on Patch - self press release, lied on his endorsement in front of the voters.

What is he made of?

Don't forget Dillman's circus side show.

Cutter endorsed him?? Doesn't she know he likes to steal campaign signs? Understand he dated her daughter, but a bum is a bum, a loser is a loser and thief is a thief!
Thought Cutter was a little better than Cassidy and Katz. Is her endorsement a lie too. If not, I won't be voting doe her again! Be careful who ya hang with Cutter, you're being watched.

We have challenged Loser Chow to "put his feet where his mouth is". This is guy doesnt work, rent a room in D4 hoping to win a seat.

Any Advertisments from this scumbag is making me sick.

Crow's lousy image is not helping L - tell him to stop.

Loser deceiving Chris Crow challenges all candidates to lie, smoke pot, dont work, fake endorsement, no show to court warrant, self-campaigning 24/7.

This is not a challenge or request--WANT CROW BE QUIET!




This guy has made every poor decision in the book!!! I wonder where the voters are gonna wind up in this wacky district 4 race?

I will be voting for Benny Lee; I like what I have read and learned about him. Every councilmember should listen and put neighbors and citizens first not business or the city.

Crow and Dillman are like used car salesman. Straight crooks! One is going to jail the other will also if he doesn't take care of that warrant!

They can be cellmates and plot the nxt scheme!

Crow endorsed by the Oakland Tribune? Just goes to show you how out of touch the media, with the exception of East Bay Citizen, is in Alameda County. Instead of their "tepid" endorsement they could have voted for a public non-endorsement.

Candidate financial reports are available on SanLeandro.org

Both of MackRose & Crow are endorsed by Chamber, funny is Crow only got $500 and she recieved approx. $10k (including members' individual donations) Interesting...

Cassidy gave thousands to MackRose, Crow, Almonte... hoping the whole city belongs to him after Nov 6th.

Crow took $500 from Halus. Howard Kerr gave $1000 to Daevu too (mole of Halus...? this gal Gaye, a member of chamber, currently is Halus business consultant - interest of conflicts). You see how things go! direct Bribe and indirect Bribe...?

These candidates careless of homeowners' points of views.

How do we obtain their arrest and conviction records? Crow and Dillman must go?

Team up!

Go to police stations, look up Dillman and Crow...

Go to city clerk, look up candidates' public records...

connecting the gaps and dots...report the obvious to District Attorney...

They both must go, enough is enough!

How many votes can businessmen purchase for our candidates?

Patch Tom Abate Bull Sh*t like lying Crow.

Year-to-date highest total contribution is Jim Prola not Mack-Daddy-Rose.

Give credit to SL Times on this week's "details of city governance are unfailingly detailed and accurate" candidate financial reportings article.

Patch indicated Crazy Marga Lacabe runs Loser Chris Crow's campaign.

A Campaign Team of Kamikaze!

Crow is going down in stunning defeat. All because of the loud mouthed ACLU sow Marga. What does she see in him? Is he her boy-toy?

Crow wannabe crooked career politician cheers Loud Mouthed Marga is a"really" lawyer.

What's with the rumors of Morgan going the nasty with a security guard?

Everything we need to know about Loser Lying Chris Crow he has already told us and everything we need to know about his Bad Breath, Wannabe Movie Star Marga, she has told us.

Security Guard is busy licking her toes after precinct walks.

LOL, Marga's recommendation Ain't Sh*t!

Your article for Miss Penny... 2 comments - 1 from yourself...

Less 10 readers in SL Talk... 2/3 disagree w/ you.

Marga stand up comedy in Bal Theater

Marga is a joke!!!

she has like under 10 followers...

Chris crow is a bigger joke:-)

Big L Crow... bad rep....Lazy Loser Lying Crow for Measure L...

narcissism is the key topic of Crow and Marge's campaign

Will Vote Against This Loud Mouth recommends, her Talks/Blogs are Bias.

Twisted facts = integrities

No Wonder failed the bar exams

Big Mouth Marga voter guide highly recommended District 6, Jim Prola took contribution from Eden Realty Trust - Tom Silva, who gave $250 to Jim Prola. Silva represents the California Apartment Association, who are fighting against Measure L - the parcel tax for schools. Silva signed the ballot statement against it.

Stupid Confused balloon head.

Two small town sour breath bloggers are playing social engineering on Ranked Choice Voting.

Self-advertising over 2k FB friends, only 3 cheer, 7 trash U, and the rest are followers of EBC becasue Steven Tavares's articles are verifiable.

Unlike "SL Talk/Bytes pretend Jounalists" He Copys & Paste all day long and she opens her whale mouth 24/7.

LMAF! Worth of Gnatfly Marga endorsement, below zero?

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