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Accused Sexual Harasser David Muhammad Making a Comeback in Alameda County?

ALAMEDA COUNTY | Former Alameda County Chief Probation Officer David Muhammad arrived in 2011 among much fanfare. He left in an equally spectacular cloud of disgrace and revile earlier this year amid allegations he forcefully sexually assaulted an underling at the San Leandro Marina.

Alameda County investigators, last June, however, found the allegation by a woman in the probation department was “unsubstantiated.” Muhammad, though, resigned while some county supervisors lauded his efforts. The county is still representing Muhammad in his civil case.

But, according to sources, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors unhealthy love affair with Muhammad is going on despite his alleged monstrous activity in May 2011 when the victim said in court filings Muhammad forcefully kissed and digitally penetrated her at the San Leandro Marina. The filings and other newspaper accounts regarding Muhammad’s activity in Washington, D.C. also suggest a history with assaulting women.

The media’s complicity in reforming Muhammad’s public image caught the attention of some county employees who expressed disgust over an opinion piece in the Bay Area News Group papers Oct. 20 authored by Muhammad, who describes himself as the former chief probation officer for Alameda County and presently a consultant for various non-profits. The article clearly represents a very public reintroduction of Muhammad despite the allegations against him. It also signals a renewed partnership with him and the county.

Over the past two years, there has been no doubt Muhammad’s rough-hewn biography and seductive ways have lulled Alameda County Supervisors Nate Miley, Keith Carson and others for some time. Critics have charged the county with being extremely lax in its vetting of Muhammad for the job, citing a simple Google search of his background quickly offers questionable activity in his past. Carson, went as far as to heap effusive praise on Muhammad this summer even with the horrific charges still hovering over his head. According to county sources, both cannot seem to detach themselves from Muhammad.

In addition to the opinion piece, Muhammad has had a hand in procuring a federal grant for Alameda County, along with acting as a consultant on probation issues. His continued involvement within the battered probation department is also creating an understandable rift between the interim chief LaDonna Harris and her department, along with its relationship to the Board of Supervisors, sources told The Citizen last week.

Muhammad’s presence at the county level, in fact, has some employees worried about his eventual return to the probation department. Except, there is one huge hindrance in the way—the victim still works there.


Those like Nate Miley who believe they them self have been the victims of unsubstantiated sexual harassment suits tend to side with the accused. Never mind both are guilty as hell.

Nate miley got away with Pamela Drake and he thought his boy Muhammad will get away the same way. Alameda County Board of Sups are a group of corrupt idiots who care just about themselves and not the community.

The county's "investigation" was a malicious attack on the reputation of the victim. Miley and Carson knowingly hired a sexual predator, so the county hired a hack lawyer to save their degenerate asses and come up with the familiar finding of "unsubstantiated."

County is getting read to face another big law suit!!!Are these guys stupid or what????

A reliable source from the Probation Department said that a unit supervisor written exam for probation dept was conducted a few weeks ago and all the officers who passed the test were scheduled for a oral interview. This oral interview process was cancelled because some officers that the currrent admin or the Board of sups wanted as supervisors did not pass the initial test. It is very sad to see the Civil service commission and the hiring process controlled by Board of Sups. This County is going into the shits morally and ethically. They will start paying up a lot of money soon because of plain stupidity.

Nate Miley, Keith Carson and LaDonna Harris! These three aren't capable of running a hot dog stand! The Probation Department is a disaster. The Executive Managers are the biggest group of neer-do-wells you will ever find. Public protection? Be afraid citizens of Alameda County, be very afraid!

You people all are idiots. The fact that you are siding with the accusor is crazy. Cant you see that this happens everyday with men and women, he said she said. These two had some form of a relationship that went sour. This woman had an affair with Muhammad that did not end the way she wanted it to. So the best way to get him back was with slander. If I was sexually assulted I would have went to the police dept and filed a claim and would have wanted the person to do jail time. Im afraid for my job crap is what the alleged victim claimed, it took nine months for her to come forth? Muhammad made the woman promises to this woman that he did not keep,like every man does. Muhammand cant even tell his side because she is the alleged victim. What about the football player who went to jail for 5 years because a female said he raped her? She later came out and said it was not true. What about the Steve Mcnair story? It is not a crime fora man to be a womanizer, people you will find out very soon that this was a retaliation againt Muhammad.

Just review the shit this idiot Muhammad has written in the past with the Nation of Islam and calling our Probation Officers Pissed off when they are doing their job. He is a nut case who was hired to destroy the Probation Department and save money for the Board of Sups. But he couldn't put his dick away. And don't compare Muhammad to big names because he ain't shit, just another Carsales man who could talk well to get into some ladies pants.

As a Chief Probation Officer you can't have any sexual relationship with any staff that is working for you. This guy has no morale and values. He was hired by his big brother Miley to fuck with the Probation Department.

David Muhammad, your mom called and she is wating at your house for some digital penetration. Please stop by ASAP.

That bitch was slut,you pussies give her too much credit... That bitch needs to take a page out of the trick that tried to fuck Kobe Bryant out of money, see what happened to her. Workplace fucking happens all the time!!! you all are a bunch of jealous self rightous bastards!!! who wish Mr Muhammad would digitally penetrate you!!!

Don't compare Kobe Bryant who is a superstar to a street thug Muhammad. That's what he is, a street thug who talks a good game and has no respect for women. And who is back out on the streets doing tricks? David the thug Muhammad.

Not comparing him to Kobe, Im comparing bitches, whores, and sluts. You all wish you could have come up out projects, im sure all you you stupid asses have crimal records and did not even gruduate from high school and are talking shit. You are dumb fucks. Mad because you couldnt make 6 figures... HATERS WILL HATE... DONE WITH ALL YOU BITCH ASS NIGGAS...Go go enjoy your Top Ramen for dinner.

Oh David, Don't get upset. Those bitches got you all upset. I promise you i am better than them. I like fingers in my ass. You could sent me a discreet e-mail to me on my website fingermyhole.com and we could hang out together tonight with your strong fingers in my ass and have that top ramen together. Love you David, see you tonight.

By MW:

In regard to the comment of 6:25PM on November 21 who accused the Alameda County Board of Supervisors as being "a group of corrupt idiots," please let me "defend" them, or at least some of them.

More specifically, while I have believed for quite some time that some of the people who have in recent years served on the AC Board of Supervisors have been corrupt and/or idiots, however I can also think of a few who I have felt were decent people as far as integrity but still total idiots.

So would anyone mind if I referred to them not as corrupt idiots but instead as honest idiots???

For instance, I do not think Nadia Lockyer was particularly corrupt or unusually sleazy, or at least based on the "standards" of politics, and although she was definitely a world class birdbrain, nut, fruitcake, and idiot.

how true they are honest idiots machine cut political drones

Jesus Armas of HUSD and Greg Jones of Hayward Council with Mack should be buddies... all are class AAA sexual deviants

what if it happend to ur mom or sis u liked that digital penetration???

As an Alameda County tax payer, I'm outraged that someone like David Mohammad was allowed to victimize a woman at the probation department. No matter what the "relationship" was between him and the victim, it was an abuse of power. I can't believe the Alameda County Board of Supervisors is still using him as a consultant. Haven't they had enough scandal, with Nadya Lockyer's drug addled exploits, Nate Miley using public funds for his health club memberhip while he openly smokes his weed. I also believe Miley was involved in some type of scandal regarding misappropriation of funds Who are these people. We've got fools making important decisions about this County. Remember, when it comes time to vote - A FISH ROTS FROM THE HEAD DOWN!

My friends; after the June election, Nate's War chest is down. Remember, he had to run aganist that Indian guy. Please try to attend his fundraiser on 12/6/12 at Everett & Jones to retire his Campaign and help Muhammad. I'll be auctioning off 1 pound of weed for this good cause. Please contact me immediately for details.
Bob Swanson 510-670-5718

Where's all the outrage from the female sector? Supervisor Chan where are you? Gail Steele, Betty Moose, the Hayward Demos, all you who have openly supported women's rights,domestic violence victims advocates, where is your public outrage? And wannabe Supervisor Mary Hyashi now that the campaign is over you are silent? Pure hypocracy.

Clearly some of you have no clue as to what is going on in Alameda County. FACT: The alleged victim in the Muhammad matter has made a career of sleeping with her superiors and then suing. That is on the record and is why the Attorney General had no interest in prosecuting Muhammad criminally.
Just because she is sleazy it doesn't excuse Muhammad's unprofessionalism for the affair though.

FACT: Nate Miley's close pal LaDonna Harris was totally disliked at the Sheriff's Office and is apparently even more unpopular at the Probation Office. It has nothing to do with Muhammad and everything to do with her being absolutely incapable of leadership, her willingness to let the corrupt upper managers run amok and her complete ignorrance as to how the job of Probation is done.

FACT: The real scandal is the nice little deal Miley gave her in which she collects ALL her retirement pay while collecting a full-time salary. They claim to us in other county agencies that she is working part time so that she can work legally even though they pay her a full wage. The board of supervisors loves her and will keep her on indefinitely because she will not argue with them. At least the earlier Chiefs as incompetent as they might or might not have been, would stand up for doing the right tthing.

Nate Miley's close pal LaDonna Harris is letting her former drug dealing foster son DB Bedford run the Probation Department DB Bedford is using the the Probation department as his personal PR Department to promote his Clothing line (Never Worry) and to go on I never worry how I'm going to pay for it vacations, on county dime, to the tune of $70.000 each,on this fake Tolerance Tour. see http://www.acgov.org/board/bos_calendar/documents/DocsAgendaReg_06_24_14/PUBLIC%20PROTECTION/Regular%20Calendar/Probation_204739.pdf The corrupt manger listed above in the Dec 21 article is Derrick Bedford, Cheif Harris Foster son Cheif Harris has promted all of his buddies and his wife Cassie Bedford to supervisor Can you say Nepotisim and just dont care.

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