Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bonta Is Holding Small Lead Over Guillen In 18th Assembly Race

ASSEMBLY 18 |With his lead slowly shrinking throughout the night, Alameda Vice Mayor Rob Bonta leads Abel Guillen in the 18th Assembly District race with 100 percent of precincts reporting.

Bonta’s leads Guillen by 1,553 votes in a race likely to be decided by additional vote-by-mail and provisional ballots counted in coming days.

Bonta’s opened a four-point lead after the initial report of absentee ballots, however, it slowly dwindled, but not enough for Guillen to overtake the winner of the June primary

Rob Bonta.........50028...50.79%
Abel Guillen......48470...49.21%


  1. What a shame. Contrary to your previous beliefs Steve-O, these were two very different candidates. Two very different campaigns, Guillen had a stronger campaign on the ground and through the phone, much more dedicated volunteers. It's clear that Bonta bought this election through the influx of PAC money for a ridiculous amount of mailers and TV ads. Steve-O, how much did Bonta pay you to run that exclusive piece on him before the election? This is exactly what's wrong with American's political system, it's not about who's the best candidate, but about who has the wealthier network. In this district, we need a candidate to represent the majority of the people of Oakland, San Leandro and Alameda, not someone who will focus on the developer/realty/business interests. I tip my cap off to Guillen for running a respectable campaign, too bad Bonta went back on his word on running a "clean" campaign, what a two-faced prick. That just goes to show you, if you want to win, don't be honest with the community.


    San Leandro Talk, Marga Lacabe wrote on FB October 30th:

    I'm getting angry at Rob Bonta's mailers (and therefore at Bonta). I've gotten six mailers so far, and none of them had anything but fluff. Big pictures of him or other people, some banalities about he caring for education or some other keyword, another reminder that his parents worked with Cesar Chavez...

    But there is nothing about his plans, what he is going to do if elected, I'm not voting f...or Student body president, I want someone who has plans and not just a great smile.

    Now, I understand that a big purpose of mailers is to create name recognition associated with fuzzy feelings. And if you send one mailer, even two, OK, I buy it. But you can't tell me that he couldn't have discussed his platform in any of the six mailers he sent!