Thursday, November 1, 2012

Couch-Surfing Into Office?

ELECTION '12//RESIDENCY | Even at this late stage of the campaign, voters in San Leandro are unclear whether city council candidate Dan Dillman really lives in District 2 or the home he owns in District 1.

Most voters in the 15th Congressional District have heard Dublin Councilman Eric Swalwell’s riff on Rep. Pete Stark living in Maryland, but none of them know the 31-year-old bachelor is, as one humorous commenter quipped, “couch-surfing his way to Congress.”

While the hypocrisy of chiding an opponent for his residency even while you fail to have a consistent address yourself is ripe for ridicule, however, the situation in San Leandro is potentially far dire.

There has been chatter about Dillman’s true residency for months. Councilwoman Ursula Reed, one of Dillman’s opponents in the district roughly encompassing East 14th Street to Bay Fair Mall, said two weeks ago, she confronted Dillman about his voter registration at a two-bedroom house on 148th Avenue. “What are you going to do if you win?” she asked Dillman, who did not respond.

The residence on 148th Avenue is within the District 2 boundaries Dillman hopes to represent. However, the three-bedroom home Dillman owns and lives with his wife and children is located on Williams Street in District 1. Reed said she asked Dillman about the change in address because their children are friends and she often drops off her son at the Dillman house on Williams Street. “He lives there,” she said. “His [car] is there every day.”

Dillman registered to vote at the house at 148th Avenue last June 4, one day before the June primary, according to the Alameda County registrar. Last week, Dillman says he owns interests in various properties all over San Leandro and could conceivably be eligible to run for any of the city’s six council districts. “Do you mean where do I rest my head at night?” said Dillman, who added he often sleeps at the Bal Theater, of which he owns, along with his home in District 1 and the address listed on his voter registration in District 2. “I legitimately have residency on 148th Avenue,” Dillman said without elaborating.

The San Leandro city clerk’s office said Dillman’s qualification for running for office in District 2 checked out, but added its procedures only include a cursory check of the candidate’s voter registration filed with the county registrar. When a resident registers to vote, they certify by penalty of perjury they live at the address they provide when signing the document. The address is also presumed to be the location where you reside full-time.

Dillman, you may recall is also facing jail time next year after he was found guilty of battery against a police officer following an altercation with deputy sheriffs in front of his theater on East 14th Street. Dillman is appealing the decision.

Across the way in Dublin, rumors and good-natured teasing about Swalwell’s current residence has been circulating for months. Swalwell told The Citizen earlier this year he chose to take a leave of absence from his duties as an Alameda County deputy district attorney to avoid giving voters the impression he was spending more time campaigning than prosecuting bad guys. The move, while shrewd, also comes with a drop income. Although, it is not clear where Swalwell is living over the past few months, several sources say he was living with his parents and later with a younger brother earlier this year. Both addresses are within the 15th Congressional District.

Swalwell has made Stark’s residency in Maryland a major component of his stump speech, although it was hardly news to long-time voters in the western half of the district. Swalwell has also pledged, if elected, to live in the district. But, at whose house is anybody’s guess.


Dillman and Crow are in this together right at the get go, and Cassidy decided to join these crooks!

This place you call San Leandro, is it real? Unbelievable.

Crow and Dillman are racist. Reed beware of Dillman! I thought jury's found defendants guilty not judges? Maybe Dillman can use the Dublin Jail as his future address! Losers!

Ahhhh! Tavares, you're ruining a great story. Can't we all just continue believing Eric is this perfect little candidate.

What has the city of San Leandro become and great job to the sl times for not reporting any of this!

Didn't some politician go to jail this?

We can't trust someone who's just moved in recently or used an address for convenience just to get in office.

Why aren't the newspapers reporting this story? Are they part of a conspiracy or just don't care about right and wrong?

Something is wrong with our laws when a person can just move in recently or use an address just to get elected.

how timely of a tabloid story, Surlene Grant, the biggest Reed supporter was just peddling this story around town and a couple days later it shows up in a blog.
It smells desparation and fear from the Greed camp, I mean Reed camp, to continue to spread story's ...then again its a tabloid story.
Where are the receipts? the rental contract? the proof? with out those things this is yet another rumor from the desperate,soon to be out of office Greed camp!! opps i mean Reed camp. Dan don't fear the lies and the attacks, you're a man of faith and faith,perseverance will get you elected!!!!

URSULA REED how desperate are you throwing mud at everyone??? you barely live in district after you lost your house. did you call other papers for this story? and they turned you down...Tavares is always desperate for gossip. The only reason you got rid of Mr.Crow is because he disagreed with you and YOU and SHEILA YOUNG, by the way a DILLMAN hater and (single hand has tried to keep Dan from having his Theater business succeed because it brought undesirables into town). Reed as a district 2 rep. never once tried to be a liaison between Dillman and the city, why was she afraid that the cops wouldn't support her??? or that Young wouldn't support her?? Tavares why don't you do a expose of the back hand shenanigans that involve Sheila Young as the Puppet Master , Ursula Reed as the Puppet , Luke Simms as the city puppet... how they along with a couple other characters have continue over the years to undermine the future of San Leandro.

Dan didn't deny anything. He lives at both addresses and the theater. There's no need for receipts. He's not denying anything.

This is a very serious story. If Dillman wins, there is a potential that he could not serve. Hello, costly special election!

Isn't it a violation of election code to misrepresent? Someone needs to call the Feds on these goofballs

Why would Reed attack Crow, Mack Rose who must be blowing everybody for the amount of support she has gotten is the biggest threat to Reed and probably the favorite.
Funny how people in SL can't handle the ruth.
Wait until the story about a big Cassidy screw up that could impact SL finances more than pensions comes out!

1:56 Steven,
Do his family and children live in both addresses and theater? What address does he use to file his taxes? Does he use all three addresses for all his papers and has no main address. If not, then something is very wrong with this.

Dillman needs to drop out of the race or face charges

As a resident of Sl i'd say Dan is the perfect candidate for this district. Reed has done little to nothing during her term what would change now if she were to get elected? And as far as lack rose i mean Mack Rose goes she brings the boat load of issues. I'm not the biggest crow supporter, but i'd pick him over the other candidates running. Why attack someone who is doing nothing but trying to improve what has been a really rough part of San Leandro for years and he is trying to do something great for the community. It frustrates me how so many people can attack this man who is trying to give back and do so much?

Will not vote for criminals and/or candidates disregard law. PERIOD!

Any truth to the house on 148th belonging to crows mother?

Ask Crow and Dillman, game plan, you move from D1 to D2 and I move from D2 to D4...hope to score?

Both disrespect the law! Dillman about to imprison and Crow didnt show up to count for his warrant of pot possession thought he's above the law!

it is a crime to to improperly list your place of residence-ed jue is in jail now and school board individual, forgot the district, out of office for doing same thing-not a good idea to do this-

The rules don't apply to Crow or Dillman. They said so when they disregard the operating rules for the Bal Theatre. They want to change city rules to disregard the peace of our neighborhoods by bringing their brand of lifestyle.

536pm what the fuck ??? you make no sense..hendy is this you? you should get your robotic kid to help, try english!!! can't understand what you write ... you drunk? you no speak english? are you in the correct web site ? this web site is for the smart people only!!

10:43pm what the hell? you laugh at your grandma english, Chris Crow is this you? You should get your Obese Marga mama to help, try to get a job!! can't stop smoking pot... you high?
So what, english is second language? are you in America? are you racist?

1103 this a not chris crow this is enemy number 2 ahh!-- what you say "residence-ed jue"?? who is in jail? school board individual, forgot the district, out of office for doing same thing---I dont understand i have no knowledge of what you are saying

By the way i hear that you asked the school district to name the new campus after you,is that true?

11:16 This is enemy number 19 LOL! Look up ED JUE, since you're so Smart, research in library, jobless loser!

Dillman & you, Crow will be next Ed Jue, Got IT!

Like mother like daughter, so fat...eat so much...talk too much....can't stop eating...can't stop loud mouth... end up like her mother.

HEY DUMB ASS before you call me a loser,do your fucking research : Ed Jue is a realtor in Pleasanton , Ed JEW San Francisco Board of Supervisors from District 4. In office ... He was sentenced to 64 months in state prison for extortion, and a year in county jail for perjury

Dan Dellmin and Cris Crow can be next Ed Jew.
Perjury with registrar of voter is serious stuff!

Cassidy is incompetent, San Leandro admins & finances under his watch since 2010

Marga shares Benny Lee's resume which quite impressive, he got my vote. Where is "in between jobs" Chris Crow's resume? Not impressive.

Does Chris Crow have actual plans on how to find himself a job yet, still unemployed?

No one in this town is offering Crow a job, including his business endorsors, what does it tell, what a loser!

His solutions basically raising taxes..lazy!

Pauline Cutter ran for council only to supplement her SLzUSD salary now Crow running because he can't find a job. What a council!

Not just Crow's campaign manager blows belittling, insulting, disrespectful comments, Carlos J, Mack-Rose's jobless boyfriend is the same kind.

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