Thursday, November 1, 2012

EBCITIZEN.COM PODCAST: 15th Congressional District Preview

The East Bay Citizen's Steven Tavares and Shane Bond ask is Eric Swalwell progressive enough for the 15th Congressional District and what will his vote on Capitol Hill look like? Press play!

15th Congressional District Preview by East Bay Citizen


  1. Good Job EBcitizen! You might want to have these type of media for your articles more often.

  2. Nice discussion.
    Do you think we might call it "Fair and Balanced"

    Fifteen minutes of discussion and no mention of Stark's total unwillingness to face the press or the people in a forum. Does he even still have the mental ability to egage on major issues?
    No discussion of his obvious mental decline which IS one of the key issues in this campaign.

    But all in all, enjoyable. Keep em coming.

    By the way, there are lots of Democrats, even west of the hills, that don't really think of themselves as "tried and true Deep Blue Democrats".
    We don't salute and vote for every endorsment of the Alameda County Democratic Party, like their WORD was some mandatory "voter guide".

  3. 9:37 Swallwell twisted supporters can't hide even in praises

  4. The real loser here is Shane Bond. It's too bad newspapers have reduced their staff sizing and offer no future for young journalists. Poor Shane is left to work for Steven Tavares...Just think Shane, in a few years you, too, may be lucky enough to have your own second-rate blog. I can only imagine what the restaurant server thought as you two amateurs fumbled your way through a podcast.

  5. ...says the person who spent 15 minutes listening to the podcast when they should have been helping their underperforming child with their homework.

  6. 10:49 sour grapes about something ebcitizen has done to your candidate