Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election '12 In East Bay Citizen Headlines

Richard Valle's appointment to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in June, in hindsight, was the beginning of a wild general election season.

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  1. I hear Valle is finally gonna use Hayashi's mugshot on a campaign piece soon!

  2. Today's weather, fantastic.

    Favors Stark who hopes to include some more marginal voters. Marginal only in the sense they may not be as steadfast in the face of cold or rain.
    I say Stark, whom I don't favor, picks up from 0.5% to 1.0% because of perfection weather in those Hayward, and Union City precincts that had dismal turnout in June.
    I'm still sticking with my prior prediction of about a 53% to 47% result. (I think I said 53.5 to 46.5).
    Those Hayward and Union City precincts should be at least 10% higher turnout than in June when I think they were 27.8% and 31.5%.
    With both easily over 40 to 45% this time, it may prove decisive for Stark.

    Unless...unless a huge number of voters have finally realized Stark has lost his ability to do anything other than pull a lever or push a button.
    If he was running against a friendly charismatic challenger, Stark would be toast, just as his predecessor was back in 1972.

    However credit to Swalwell for making a good fight against all odds. He may still carry it out and suprise everyone with a 50.03% victory to Petes 49.97%.

    I suppose Pete has finally come back to the district for the final weekend and election day?

  3. LOL That graphic is so elementary but the text is hilarious

  4. 11:47, you are not taking into account that Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin also will have very high turnout, and that will offset the higher turnout from the Tri Cities.

    Its not a higher turnout that matters; its the relative turnout between the Tri Valley and Tri Cities