Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Following Re-Election As Hayward School Trustee, Reynoso May Seek Board Presidency

HAYWARD SCHOOL DISTRICT | What would have been unthinkable even just six months ago could soon be fact—fiscal crusader and Hayward school board member Luis Reynoso may be soon ruling the roost and he would like the title of board president to go with it.

Reynoso won re-election last week to the Hayward school board along with newcomers Annette Walker and John Taylor. The three open seats were once thought to be cakewalks for current members Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia until text messages showing a secret affair between the two led each to pass on re-election this November.

The openings allowed for wide-open race that ultimately could swing the balance of power toward Reynoso, the board’s most consistent voice against the school district’s profligate ways. Walker finished first in the at-large race followed by Taylor and Reynoso. Newcomer Heather Reyes eeked out a surprising fourth place finish over Sara Lamnin, whose quest for public office was again dashed. She was followed by Wandra Williams and a disappointing last-place finish for the Armas-supported Peter Bufete.

Reynoso believes last week’s results show the community supports his platform rooting out wasteful spending and corruption at the school district. “They want to see changes and voters want us to implement them without spending money or changing direction,” said Reynoso. He plans to seek the board’s presidency in the coming months saying he is most experienced on budget issues and board procedures. “We’re the gatekeepers. We need a knowledgeable person to be the president,” he said. “I’m going to try, but I don’t know if I have the votes.”

Reynoso, though, says he is “cautiously optimistic” about the additions of Walker and Taylor, but he’s playing a game of wait-and-see. “We don’t know yet because they don’t have a record. If I delete the campaign rhetoric, then these two might work out. But, I’ll take time to figure it out.”

The current board has been plagued with instability following news of the affair last July with the majority of Armas, Heredia and Lisa Brunner blocking or limiting discussion of an official investigation into the affair and whether it violated the open government laws, including collusion by the two paramours within some of their votes. The majority has also stymied creating specific rules prohibiting such liaisons between members to its 20-year-old board bylaws.

Over the past two years, Reynoso has had only fellow board trustee William McGee as an ally. Some Hayward insiders, however, believe between Walker and Taylor, the most likely third vote will come from Taylor. In fact, Taylor’s comments to The Citizen during the campaign suggested interest in rooting out the school district’s numerous problems and finding solutions along with an antipathy for Armas’s behavior.


Go for it, Dr. Reynoso! The community is on your side.

If Reynoso is president then finally we will get good honest agendas because the pres still works the agenda with the sup before the meetings.

Dr. Reynoso is the most qualified person to lead the board during this rebuilding time. He has the knowledge, the fortitude and the will to bring about change that will directly impact the success of children. It is time for politics to take a back seat. Ms. Walker and Mr. Taylor need to spend the next 6 months learning what a board of education really does, how the agenda works, what the Brown Act is about and a multitude of other things about the complicated workings of public education.

Thank you Mr. Tavares for this article. It truly puts in perspective what is needed for HUSD's children and employees. Please keep up the honest reporting and watching our school district.

10:05 Don't hate! The people have spoken!

10:05 ebreynoso.com
I know reynoso writes these self-promotibg articles and blogs admit it reynoso

He's a schemer and a scoundrel. Ask him where are the good people going and why? And all 8 of his supporters prop him up in this space each chance they get.


Yes, no one supports Reynoso except for eight people. He got 13,356 votes so far, so each of the 8 people voted for him 1,670 times. Reynoso supporters, you 8 people are a sneaky bunch spending all your time writing all these EB Citizens comments and committing widespread voter fraud!

I confess I voted for Dr. Reynoso 13,556 times and nobody ever questioned me for my id

now my turn to LOL..the haters are crazy. Live it with it we want Reynoso to set the district right. Period.

Reynoso is such a hypocrite. When he asks his "questions" and prolongs the meeting and is disrespectful to his colleagues it's okay, however, when other people do it, he tries to shut it down.

What a hypocrite. It's that simple.

Also, he's so fake. "I am here for you!" Of course he was saying that to the charter petitioners. Why? Because Armas and Heredia were asking questions.

Don't be blindsided ebcitizen. He will oppose anything Armas and Heredia support and will favor anything they question. is this professional? No.

In addition, as a "news source" and I use that term quite liberally to refer to your blog one would think you would have the integrity to remain impartial, unbiased, or at least neutral. However, you continue to put Reynoso on a pedestal and discredit the other board members.

Shame on you.

Willy McGee, don't sell yourself out to Reynoso, please. DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM FOR PRESIDENT

Beat a dead horse, Ann Tavares? Seriously?

OMG! What a fiasco the last official board meeting chaired by Jesus Armas became. Mr. Armas just cannot control his hatred for Dr. Reynoso and Mr. McGee no matter what. Last night was his opportunity to be the "professional" that he claimed to be, and run a meeting that was not filled with his antics; instead he simply returned to his disrespectful conduct. I am so glad that it is the last time we have to put up with the Armas show.

I went to the Hayward School Board meeting last night (my first). I don't live in Hayward,but I went to support an agenda item. I was shocked at the lack of professionalism and civility among some members of the board. Much of my crictism is directed toward Luis Reynosa. He was rude and dismissive and so very disrespectul, especially toward Armas. I was embrassed for myslef and especially for the many school children who came to the meeting. I don't know how other school board meetings have turned out, but it was not a good night for these members. I hope they will find a way to work together and be better role models for the families and children of Hayward.

Parent for charter:

Thank you Dr. Reynoso and Mr. McGee for maintaining the fort against the sludge or better yet slime of Hayward. Please keep up the good fight we are behind you. Please approve the charter schools it is time to tell the community that just as Dr. Reynoso said "you are tax payers and you want a charter" and we do. Dr. Reynoso keep doing what you are doing as your staff is very condescending I noticed when asked very simple direct questions that I even could have answered, they answered by keeping quite. The entire district staff needs to go. Don't let off ! Make your staff work!

Valla con dios Chuy Armas and Mari Heredia...you have destroyed your families and my school district. Lisa Brunner you need to go for protecting these quacks.

Let's hope Reynoso and McGee can turn it around with a new board. Good meeting on standing your ground I support you and please approve the new schools for charters.

2:27...your school district? Okay Ann Terrasas. *rolls eyes*

You don't know jack about their families.

12:00 you are right. However, the editors here, the writers and a few people seem to believe Reynoso is God.

as far as the next commentator...the staff is not "reynosos staff"

hell to the no.


What you accuse armas of, reynoso does just as well!!

Last election for votes:

Armas 0
Heredia 0
Reynoso 13,552

We will stand behind Reynoso. Period. Please fix Hayward Unified District. Fire all executives that do not want to work.

Armas is very rude.Period. Lisa Dubmer needs to go bye bye.... go away Bruner. Period. Where do I sign the recall for Lisa?

So long, Armas! Good bye, Heredia. Like the song says “Hit the road, Jack!”

EBCITIZEN.COM has changed the future for Hayward students. Finally, we have a school board that gives parents and the community HOPE. Thank you, Steven Tavares and Shane Bond. Keep up your honest/truthful reporting.

Hey Jesus Armas -
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more. - Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more. WHAT YOU SAY??

Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more. - Hit the road Jack ....

McGee and Reynoso should have done a vote of no confidence for Armas president and Brunner vice president before the meeting was over last night.

Lisa Dumber is next... no more dumb boards.
Lisa Brunner is right to be recalled ASAP.

LOL Lisa Dubmer... I am just dying to know if she graduated from high school. She sounds nasty and very dumb when she speaks please tell her to shut up. I dont even think Armas can stand her talking cause he interrupts Bruner so much. lol

I would guess that the Reynoso haters mostly fall into these categories:

District Staff - used to getting their way and know they will actually have to do work if Reynoso has way

Teachers Union - fear accountability because of underperformance and bad student test scores

District Contractors - Again used to having their way with "sweetheart, no bid" contracts

Hayward Political machine - hate him because he is the most talked about elected in the area and he is not a member of their "in" group. Miley, Quirk, Hayward council members, Hayward Chamber all tried to get rid of him, yet he still stands.

Amen 4:54 Dr. Reynoso for pres..finally a ray of hope for education.

lol 3:12 another song for Armas, Heredia and Brunner from Queen

Another one bites the dust.
Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey, I'm gonna get you too

bye bye Armas, Heredia, soon to go Brunner..lol

Reynoso is horrible. He was okay at first, now you can tell he is just up to no good. Why is the business it leaving? Is it because Reynoso or Armas. I don't know who is worse Reynoso or Armas?

Dr. Reynoso is better now that is why people re-elected him. I would have never re-elected Armas or Heredia or Bruner.
Now more than ever just as 4:54, the ineffective and corrupt of Hayward really are afraid of him. Hayward look out we might finally see positive changes in schools. Thank goodness. Go Reynoso Go.
Ann Terasas and Jim drake you two are doing good work keep on speaking please at board meetings.
I notice a new gentleman talking about education too I hope we seem him as often as both of you Terasas and Drake. Ann your new hair style looks good.

i hope reynoso isnt going to become president. i will resign if he does!

9:20 Please resign now and take all your friends and Lisa Bruner with you..Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee pretty please..

Don't wait for him to be president. Our children have been subjected to your lousy so called professional attitude for too long.

Please resign now. Don't wait for Reynoso to give you the boot or expose you for being completely incompetent.

Reynoso has been re-elected to get rid of people like you.

Dr. Reynoso and Mr. McGee please approve the charters of the new charter schools. Thank you

9:20 Any board member who does not want Reynoso as president of the board should resign. He has the most board experience and the most impressive resume. Read the article above again...and again...and again. He has just been re-elected by a community that wants change and action. In fact, it is his turn to be president!

If you are an employee, we don't need you! Leave town with Armas and Heredia.

Steven Tavares is a Reynoso pal, confidant and co-schemer. Anything for a story and don't think that Tavares is trying to do HUSD or the community any service.

Armas's time was up, same for the dimwit Maribel Heredia.

Reynoso hates all HUSD employees, particularly any that are smarter or better educated than he is. Small man, Reynoso, and a seat up on the dais doesn't make him look any bigger.

I wonder what his lectures are about over SF where he is a lecturer?

My goodness what a bunch of sore losers! BTW 11:04am where did you get the idea that Dr. Reynoso lectures in SF?? From the same people who say they are more or better educated than he is? I would advise you to check your facts before you post; that way you wouldn't look like an idiot.

10:57 EBCITIZEN.COM reports/prints facts like the Armas Heredia scandal. I guess the truth hurts for the guilty. The cleansing has begun in HUSD. Armas and Heredia are gone!!! Lisa Brunner will be next if she continues to scheme and participate in serial meetings. The truth about Lisa Brunner will become apparent at the next board meeting when the board leadership will be determined. The community is watching!

reynoso is just like armas. both have little people complex. please board do not make reynoso president. we will resign if you do.

5:58 PM: Nobody questions the disgusting behavior displayed by Armas and Heredia. Reynoso is running HUSD into the ground. It's sad, because he could really be a force for good. Instead, he drips with contempt for HUSD teachers and staff. Most people would just get tired.

2:43 PM: Are you suggesting that Mr. Reynoso is still unemployed?

Dr. Reynoso please remember we re elected you to fire the entire husd district staff. There is no one worth keeping just watching the board is telling enough. Could you also please make start firing all the bad teachers and principals your improvement plan for 2013. All bad husd employees must go.

Dr. Reynosos reelection confirms we want and approve of your activities to clean up husd including the trustees. Congratulations on your reelection Dr. Reynoso keep doing what ever is necessary for we are tired of so much damage the staff and unions have been doing to our children. You have courage to face all the thugs in this community. You are not alone and that is why we reelected you.

@sshats..one single board member CANNOT "get rid" of all staff

Comments tell me HUSD employees are running scared. They will blame Tavares, Shane and Reynoso for how badly they are ruining the district, they will never take any responsibility. They can't even argue they do a good job because it is obvious they aren't. Don't blame Reynoso because most of Hayward has no confidence in HUSD staff.

Reynoso is to blame. He is vengeful. He should leave with Maribel Heredia-Armas and Jesus Armas.

Sour grapes get over it. Reynoso won his seat back.

Just as 4:54 says we like the job Reynoso does and that's why we re-elected him. If we did not like his performance even after corruption like the Hayward chamber, Hayward council, Quirk, and Miley went after him then we would have not voted for him.

All the votes he got I am very sure not every politician would have gotten if they would have been attacked as much as Reynoso by corrupt politicians that are afraid of him.

I am a parent of Faithringold and we were at the district ofice complaining about the lack of principal in our school and Reynoso spoke to us. I am very impressed by him how he can be a shark to towards ineficient staff in the district and at the same time treat us parents with the respect and attention we deserve from the school district. Yes we voted for Reynoso even after we had nasty calls from the teachers union not to vote for him.

Sour grapes move on and help Reynoso improve the schools.

Did you notice at the last board meeting that 2 district employees received plaques for doing their jobs? What about doing a job because that is what you are paid to do? What about the misappropriated $85,000? Where did the money go? Please Dr. Reynoso and Mr. McGee keep the heat on at HUSD. No one hates HUSD employees; we just want them to do their jobs! Too many consultants have been hired to complete assignments that should be done by current staff. Remember monies must be spent in the classroom not covering up for incompetency.

9:43 true. From what I have seen in board meetings is how Dr. Reynoso has tried several times to save teacher jobs and classified people but I do not think most people that like to complaint despise him so much that they will never give him credit for the many things he has done. He even did a presentation on school supplies, school proms, school field trips, and school charges, I remember that and I have been supported the Dr. for a while now. He has the courage to stand and face the corrupt critics. I say Dr. Reynoso keep doing it and make those HUSD people work. Go McGee and Reynoso go is right make all those fat cats work.

Is there anything the famous Dr. Reynoso cannot do?

Yep there are a multitude of things that Dr. Reynoso cannot do. He can't buckle under to pressure from corrupt people or groups of people. He can't put others before the welfare of HUSD students. He can't play politics just to have the nay-sayers like him. He can't condone unethical behavior or practices. He can't be anyone except himself, regardless of what people may think of him...what you see is what you get. He can't tolerate lazy, ineffective high paid administrators!

It is so easy to criticize others, but not so easy to see the change we need to make ourselves.

I hope Reynoso is elected President of the board. It is an old tradition among school board members to rotate offices. It's his turn. It's about respect. I would like to see how he would do if he was given authority instead of having to fight for every word. I'll bet he would surprise everyone.

Reynoso is obviously not a figurehead board member. He is an agent of change. Let's let him bring the change that is needed. He represents a lot of people in Hayward. Let's see if he can represent all of us.

He might fail, but so could anyone else. That is why they take turns.

7:10 I agree. Thank you for expressing our thoughts so clearly.

The most stupid-dumb in Number One position with out a doubt board president and vice-president has go to be Lisa Bruner. second stupid president Jesus Armas. third stupid president and vice president Paul Frumkin.

Wonder what crooked schemes Armas and Heredia are up to? That dirty one still works for Oakland Unified and has contact with kids, ughhh!
Now you can bring your relationship out in the open and admit your lies, oh, oops, forgot that Armas is married, nevermind.

3:36 How correct! The community has voted and the establishment has lost in a big way. Lisa Bruner, Jesus Armas and Paul Frumkin are part of the Hayward political machine and change is imperative now. The community demands change and new leadership in Hayward Unified. Dr. Luis Reynoso will make every effort to promote change, improve Hayward schools and hold staff accountable. We look forward to his leadership as the board president.

parent of faith ringgold of course he was there..of course he told you nice things.

he wants to be president.

November 18, 2012 9:49 PM continued
I am an observant community member who wants the best for Hayward students. I am not from Faith Ringgold school. Sounds like 10:22 is bitter over the election. Too bad. So sad. Get over it and let the best come forth for Hayward’s future. Perhaps 10:22 should leave town with Armas and Heredia.

Election is complete people. Let us work together with the new board and move on. The new team which also includes Dr. Reynoso Dr. Walker, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Mcgee and Ms. Brunner can use our help and not our complaining. It matters not who voted for whatever now let us all come together and help our schools.

The point is: The Hayward machine lost big time. The community has come alive! We will never turn back and allow corrupt elected officials to take over again. Later, Armas. Be gone, Heredia. Both need to leave Hayward forever. Lisa Buner, you are next to bite the dust.


If you don't like it, Relocate or live with it.

two real jokes are gone that of Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia and only one joke remains that of Lisa Brunner.

ALL MEANS ALL yes even the people that like or dislike any member of the HUSD board.

Lisa Dumber has to go! We got the other 2 stooges out, so let's get the 3rd stooge out.

The countdown has begun....Bye bye Armas. Bye bye Heredia.

How many votes did Armas and Heredia get in the election?

We won’t have to listen to Chuy Armpits Armas and Mari Hardon Heredia any more. Oh, thank heaven! No more Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia…the immoral and sleaze duo are leaving town and Hayward schools. Hooray! Bravo! Great job Hayward community. Time to celebrate!

Reynoso mixes the Kool-Aid and all 17 readers of this website drink it.

5:18pm wow I guess I and the 13,759 other voters also drank the kool aid.

Reynoso won his reelection and it is time help the entire board fix HUSD.

Accept it and move on.

Amen to 7:56 I am one of the 13,760 that drunk the Kool-Aid too that got the mail piece from the Hayward Chamber, phone calls from the Hayward Education Association, and mayor Sweeney, city council Zermeno, Salinas, Jones and candidates Walker, Lamnin, and Reyes..and you know what? I still think Reynoso does a better job than all of Hayward politicos combined and that is why I voted for him. Because Reynoso has the only backbone in Hayward to go after all corruption in the area. Backbones are a must if we are to improve our communities. No more cowtowing to unions and corrupt machine politics.

Cowtowing is right we need more leaders that will refuse to be tools of unions and money.

Why do the Reynoso people dislike Lisa Bruner so much? Just curious. And if anyone cares to post a reply, can you please do it using rational and civil language?

Thank you.

I don't like Lisa Bruner because she is really stupid and liking Reynoso has nothing to do with it. Stupid is as stupid does. She prevented the investigation and protected Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia though it was published that Armas and Heredia were having an affair. Lisa is not only stupid but corrupt as the rest of the stupid corrupt politicians in Hayward. We need to get her out. Lisa Dubmer you next..

The spelling is kowtow
kowtowing - definition of kowtowing
To kneel and touch the forehead to the ground in expression of deep respect, worship, or submission.

Just to correct the spelling but I agree with two posting on how all of our local leaders kowtow to all unions.

I also voted for Dr. Reynoso for that same reason.

10:11 Get on the same bus leaving town with Armas and Heredia! No tears will be shed for any of you!

10:11 take Lisa Bruner with you out of town with Armas and Heredia. Very creepy when you think about it that the love couple of twisted politicians is on the school board in children education ... ugh.

Armas and Heredia are democrats but sexual twisted people have nothing to do with party affiliation. I am democrat.

Is it true? Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia were sitting in the Mt Eden bleachers during a student performance last week holding hands and smooching? Disgusting as a couple. And worse for doing it in front of students and their families. Sickos!!!

As long as Armas and Heredia represent Hayward schools, they must respect the community and the children of Hayward schools and act accordingly. Once they leave office on December 12, Chuy Armpits Armas and Mari Hardon Heredia can use all the crotchless panties they can afford.

11:24 How many times and in how many ways does the community have to express their disgust with the "loving" duo, Armas and Heredia? If you really want an answer to this absurd question, begin reading all the EBCITIZEN.COM articles and respective blogs that have referred to the “love” couple. You are as dense as Lisa Brunner. She’s next to go! Wait…maybe you are Brunner.

i dont like reynoso but he makes sense. i dont like brunner and she makes no sense. so to the person that said that the people like reynoso but dislike brunner, youre wrong!

11:24 your thinking is troublesome as the sexual relationship of Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia is about the suspicion of vote collusion or better yet a conflict of interest. These are both sitting school board members of the same board. How clueless can you be?

Amen to 12:07, and to think Lisa Bruner suports them.
The comunity needs to rise and recall Lisa Bruner.

Recalls ??? This community can't even get out to vote.

Most likely neither Aramas or Heredia will be charged with any illegal acts. I think they could be, but since they are leaving office I expect they won't be.

Moving on, how about the bond payments the HUSD is on the line for due to Prop I? Evidently HUSD obtained the worst possible financing for their new buildings (which could have waited) and now the district owes many times the amount of the bond. Current financing has the district paying $131 million for our $21 million bond. Great job guys. Who was on the board again in 2010?

Your facts are wrong. The I bond was a success and we need another bond for more construction.

I agree with 2:03. The facts are all wrong on the I bond. None of the people mentioned in 4:35pm were on the board either. Armas, Heredia, Brunner, McGee, Reynoso were not there yet.

Look at link:

This comes directly from the site for the I measure.

"On June 3, 2008 our District made history, by passing the first bond measure in Hayward in over 45 years. The final results were 72% "yes" votes."

According to that date then the board was:
Frumkin, Petersen, Gonzalez, Truhill, Cook
They need to be given recognition for planning the I bond. It was a success.

You need to get your facts straight 9:41am and 4:35pm. Get more acquainted with the facts!

The current board Brunner, McGee, Reynoso, Walker, Taylor will need the support of the community for the next construction bond. We need more new school buildings.

but to be more precised I think Sergio Saenz replaced Truhill just before the I bond in 2008.

I am not paying any more taxes for anything until I see the teachers do a better job in improving the schools scores. Period.

It is not the teachers fault so many students do not want to learn.

8:23 you sound like a Hayward teacher and you need to be fired and take the teaching union supporter Lisa Bruner with you and never come back

Sorry, about giving credit to the current board for the initial I Bond votes. I was responding to who has been monitoring, approving and discussing the actual building of the buildings and I believe that included Dr. Reynoso during his first term with Frumkin, Armas replacing Gonzalez, and continued with the election of Brunner and McGee. So you are correct about the initial steps to get it approved by the voters. However those original board members did not remain in place during most of the construction. sorry for the confusion, but I didn't think it warranted the anger of the poster who made the correction.

After election too late to change terms on the bond.

The teachers do more than their share to teach all kids. It is the district staff you need to look at.

All adjustments/changes must start away, far away, from the classrooms.

Teachers and Administrators are paid too much money when you compare their education to other fields. THEY ARE OVERPAID.

The superintendent is overpaid. The assistant superintendents/directors are overpaid. District office management is overpaid. Site administrators are overpaid. Teachers in Hayward are NOT overpaid. Oh, yes...I am not a teacher! I have helped in the classroom for many years and have witnessed first-hand the daily situations teachers face. Try it for one day and you will quickly agree!

Please be honest and admit that teachers and administrators work for only about 9 months out of the year when you count the holiday periods.

I agree with 10:32 these people are over paid. I am curious to know how many teachers are paid over 80K and yes the district office is way over paid. It is a travasty for all those salaries and I am not going to vote for any more bonds or parcel taxes until schools improve. Period.

Please read the editorial in yesterday's Sunday Daily Review/Oakland Tribune regarding what the I bond will actually end up costing HUSD...Because they chose to finance it in some special way the $21million will actually cost $131million to pay off because of defrayed/delayed payments. The arrangements for repay were not and did not have to be disclosed to the voters. Seems to me that this type of an agreement should have been openly explained before it was entered into.
This is just another example of how poorly HUSD is managed by its administration and ultimately the Board of Education. Maybe Dr. Reynoso is correct when he asks questions that seem to upset/anger the administration! Somebody needs to be minding the store!

From A.T.

Tonight's the night. New HUSD board sworn in. Bye. Bye, Armas! Bye. Bye, Heredia!

11:06 Clearly, you do not understand politics or the dynamics of the Hayward school board.

9:20 why would you say that? As an insider, I understand it quite well.

reynoso abstained from voting as a little fit because he didn't get to be president.


OMG! When will all of you get over the fact that Dr. Reynoso won re-election fair and square; with no "big time endorsers" no big money contributions no union members phone banking or walking precincts for him! Dr. Reynoso walked to as many homes in HUSD as his feet and endurance would let him. He spoke to voters, answered their questions and asked them to read his simple piece of literature and make him their choice. Obviously, many did just that.

Amen 5:44.
Reynoso knocked on my door I liked what he said and what I have heard about him and I thought he is exactly what we need as someone that will not be another tool by unions and endorsements. In watching the meeting it was obvious Walker and Taylor were not prepared. I don't think they know anything about what the community needs.

2:24 HUSD needs to be a kowtow free environment. I don't think the new board is brave enough to standup to unions or special interests.

The teacher's union owns members of the Hayward school board. The question is: How many? For one, they own Brunner, who is frequently seen entering the teacher's union office on Jackson. The first recall is Brunner...

I have been in Hayward for 15 years having moved from Oregon because of job relocation. When I first came here I did not like the schools and still don't.

We need charter schools. I have 4 children in 2 in Hayward charter and 2 in San Lorenzo charter schools and they are much better than what the Hayward schools can provide.

to 12:02, Lisa Bruner, Will Mcgee and John Taylor are all endorsed by the teachers union so they will be controlled on how they vote. A good litmus test will be on how these 3 will vote on charter schools coming up in next board meeting. The teachers union does not like charter schools. The 3 mentioned here on the board will cast a NO vote and that will not be a surprise of course they will give a lame excuse on why they voted NO.

To the parents of HUSD you have not an inkling on how much better charter schools are then what is provided currently. Good luck to all can't wait to move out of here when my last boy graduates.

Dr. Reynoso is the instrument of change for our children in Hayward schools! The Hayward schools must change by improving test scores and meeting the needs of students and parents. Perhaps the change needs to begin at the district office.

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