Monday, November 5, 2012

Hayashi Skips Final Forum Before Election Day As TV Cameras Await


Supervisor Richard Valle speaks to voters Nov. 3 outside Paddy's coffee house in Union City. PHOTO/MATT SANTOS msantosphotographer.com 
A cameraman from NBC Bay Area and reporter with mic in hand were waiting for Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi to make her grand entrance last Saturday morning at Paddy’s Union City’s venerable coffee house. Except she never showed up for what is likely the final chance for voters to see all four candidates for the Alameda County District 2 supervisors race in the same room.

According to organizers, the short forum was meant to offer each candidate a three-minute introduction and opportunity for voters to chat one-on-one with candidates, but Hayashi cancelled at the last minute leaving just a campaign staffer in the audience and explanation other than a vague, “something just came up.”

The abrupt cancellation, however, led some at the packed coffee shop known for its involvement in local politics to believe the presence of television cameras scared Hayashi away. Some observers standing outside the coffee house described what they believed was the campaign staffer communicating via cell phone with Hayashi and speaking in the direction of cars parked down Smith Street.

The concern over being asked about her shoplifting conviction by the NBC11 reporters on camera would obviously be great for Hayashi, who has been able to both duck the question while being the beneficiary of her opponent’s position against using the incident against her in a forceful manner.


  1. I want Mary to win if for no other reason so that District 2 will have a non-incumbent in two years. Gone will be two crooks and two light-weights. This will allow either Gail Steele to return, Ana Apodaca to take her rightful place, or allow a new and clean individual to come forth and reclaim the Second District for years to come.

    Suffering Mary in the short term is like taking bad medicine and being well in the end. Let's all vote for her only so we can pass her off in two years and reclaim District 2! This is the best option of ALL the bad options.

  2. 2:29PM is crazy logic1 I think she skipped because Neiman-Marcus got a new shipment of leather pants...

  3. 2:29's logic seems pretty sound to me. I'm convinced.

  4. Paddy's coffee holds about 10 people - Hayashi was smart to skip the event and knock on voters doors seeking votes on the last weekend. While she talked to voters, Valle got to talk to his staff and his small entourage - because they are the only ones that go to these forums.

    How many hours did Valle and Green waste? Was it the tv cameras that "spooked" her away as this story suggest OR if she had said she wasn't coming to the dog and pony show from the beginning - Valle and Green would have cancelled too?

  5. While I think Paddy's Coffee forum was a waste of time, I think the other idea is unlikely

    "Hayashi was smart to skip the event and knock on voters doors seeking votes on the last weekend"

    Hayashi knocking on doors? I hadn't heard of her knocking on any doors in this election.
    Imagine the response ever 3rd or 4th door...

    You *)%#@ thief!, get the f__k off my property

    Well, perhaps not that harsh, but she'd certainly be talking people who give her a piece of their mind.

    KGO radio had a news item today between 8:32 am and 8:35 am, ran a bit over a minute and talked about Valle and described Hayashi and her shoplifting no-contest plea. Did not mention Green or Turquist by name.
    That news item may have been also run earlier or may still run this afternoon. I only heard it that one time.
    Anytime anyone mentions Hayasyhi and shoplifting, I consider that a positive event.

    Its going to be close. Her opponents my end up kicking themselves for letting her slide by without hammering her on her arrest, booking, and sentencing, as well as her lame and false excuses. We shall see.

  6. anyone who votes for must be nuts

  7. I don't know who will win between Valle and Hayashi.

    What I most wonder about is what Green will do, after having spent only $12,000. It would seem almost certain he is destined for a 3rd place finish, well back of the other two. So why did he even run?
    Green, what? 19% to 28% max...

    I don't ask the same question about Turnquist, not after hearing his answers to other questions in the campaign where he seems to be living in some other world. Amazing that a deputy sheriff could have some of the ideas he has. I mean many of them bare no relationship to reality.

    So if Green gets 26% and Turnquist gets 4%, then we have 70% for Valle and Hayashi with neither pulling in 40%.

    36.5%, 33.5%, 26% and 4%... Who gets the 36.5% ?

    I don't know what Hayashi gets, but a well orchestrated negative campaign about her arrest, conviction, sentence, and excuses, would have easily knocked 5% off her eventual percentage. And should she win, it won't be by that much.

  8. Hayashi has been knocking on doors throughout the district and from what I'm told she's getting positive feedback and votes.

    Paddys is located in Union City where Valle and Green are located And most likely will split - what novices to sit there for hours talking to few if any undecided voters on GOTV weekend! You have to wonder how dumb they are? Hayashi must be laughing all the way to the polls!

  9. 4:01, "Hayashi has been knocking on doors throughout the district and from what I'm told she's getting positive feedback and votes."

    Told by who? What, is Hayashi reporting back about her encounters? to who?

    Or are citizens in the homes she visits, calling into a central switchboard, reporting their good encounter with Mary?

    Or is there some third party, walking along side Mary, reporting on these door to door encounters.

    Sorry, but your story sounds rather suspect.

  10. I'm still waiting for Valle to kick it into high gear! Polls don't close til 8 pm tomorrow there is still time!

    What an opportunity lost! Like 3:34 pm, a strong steady campaign could have knocked Mary way down. This should have been a cakewalk.

    So disappointing. Can't wait til 2014 to get a new Supervisor.

  11. Everyone practice saying in unison: "Supervisor Mary Hayashi, Second District, Alameda County."

    Get used to it, chumps. Victory is almost upon us, and then the Valle-Lockyer machine, including present staff, can leave with their tails hanging between their legs. This is payback--BIG-TIME, and victory will smell all so sweet!

  12. 4:38, Mary Hayashi may well win, but you almost seem like you want her to win. Not just to kick out the Lockyer or Valle team, but almost as if you actually like and support Mary Hayashi.

    Lots of people think she might win, but its rare to find anyone who actually likes her or supports her as a good person.
    I might feel a little different if she didn't continue to lie to the public about her obvious intent when she was caught stealing. Trying to actually get folks to believe she didn't deliberately do the crime and that it was all just a "absentminded error".

    So, I won't be surprised if she wins, but lets not fool ourselves about her moral character.

    That you finish with "This is payback--BIG TIIME" says a lot about you and Mary. And about the quality of Alameda County Democratic politics.

  13. Payback is to Team Lockyer. Payback is for causing Liz Figueroa--no gem to be sure--to lose two years ago. Need I bring out my crystal ball to show that had Liz not been outspent by a zillion dollars, we would never have gotten to this point. Payback is to Valle and the Labor Whores who think that they run Alameda County. Payback for causing Ana Apodaca, who had the votes until Valle pressured Wilma Chan, a shit in her own right, to defect. By no means am I delusional about Mary. In addition to being a crook, lacking any morals whatsoever, I know about her association with Labor, both past, present and I'm sure future. I have no delusions at all. I can only fight so many battles at a time.

    As I've repeatedly stressed: this is a horrible situation anyway that it ends. For me, though this has been all too personal, for reasons I care not to elaborate. Do I like or care for Mary? Not in so much as I can throw her. I have one other use for her as I've also written about before. After she wins, I want her to go on to the senate, where she can do far less damage than at the local level. She'll be on good behavior for the next two years, or at least what passes as that for her. Her ego is still as big as the Grand Canyon, and the timing is perfect. She won't be able to run for both at the same time in two years. The best scenario from my vantage point is being shed of her at the local level in 2014 and then starting clean--with no damaged goods. That's why I liken it to taking bitter medicine. Is this the best scenario to you? Clearly not. However, it is to me and others, and so we move forward after tomorrow night.

  14. 7:04 Good response. While I don't agree, it has some logic for the reasons stated.
    I on the other hand would simply rather have her lose right now. If for no other reason than she absolutely deserves it.
    On the chance she wins, I'll try to commiserate myself with your logic as a fall back position.

    I'm certainly looking forward to the results.

    Hopefully Mark Green will tell everyone why he ran for this office knowing he had no money to put up a real campaign.

  15. 7:36 so one has to have money to campaign?

    Alameda County (be it County gov or the Dem Party) reaps what is sows. Miley and Chan have no backbone. We can oust Chan in 2014.

    The Dems bow to the almighty dollar. Now they turn on one of their own, one of their political elite. Too bad they chose the wrong candidate. One who spent all his venom for an appointment when the real fight was the campaign.

    They will all have to deal with Supervisor Hayashi!!!!!

  16. 7:52, "so one has to have money to campaign?"

    Thats right, if you know your opponents are going to have in the neighborhood of $200,000 and you know you are only going to have $12,000, then you either figure out a way to get atleast 25% ($50,000) or you don't even make a silly run.
    With a real campaign Green might have won this thing, but he was so absurdly underfunded his only role is being a vote spliter.
    Has he even put in $4,000 or $5,000 of his own money?
    Heck, the job pays $140,000 a year, can't you invest a little if you are actully serious about the race?

  17. You hire a shooter? Moving up in the world EBC...

  18. My money is still on Mark Green. He is the best.

    Tony Santos