Monday, November 5, 2012

Hit Piece From Hayward Chamber of Commerce Against Reynoso Lacks Citations

An attack mailer against school board member Luis Reynoso, who is seeking re-election this Tuesday, hit the streets recently from the Hayward Chamber of Commerce’s PAC Good Government Now!. The mailer states at two different points an anonymous quote from a former Hayward council member calling Reynoso a “disaster for the district.”

The mailer states that “Luis Reynoso is a disaster for the district. He is somebody who causes dissent. One person can ruin a board; a bad board can ruin a district.” Although the mailer neglects to state who made the statement, the quote itself can be traced back to an article in Cal State East Bay’s newspaper The Pioneer where it is attributed to Bill Quirk, who is running for the state Assembly.

The remainder of the quote in the article is “I can’t think of any more reason to support these people up here running than to get rid of Luis Reynoso.” Quirk is referring to the Chamber’s endorsed candidates Peter Bufete, Annette Walker and Sara Lamnin.

According to The Pioneer the event that Quirk attended was a fundraiser in early October hosted by the Chamber’s PAC with actor Danny Glover in attendance speaking in support of Walker. Glover  also made campaign contributions to Walker, according to financial reports. Quirk had no comment on the mailer because he says he had not seen it, nor read The Pioneer article.

The mailer further questions Reynoso’s attendance on board meetings to pass annual budget twice, his position against Measure G, failure to attend Measure I Oversight Committee Meetings as a HUSD liaison and holding up a recent HUSD board meeting in an attempt to change an agenda item.

Reynoso says the accusation about missing the vote for passing annual budgets is false and adds more context to the other accusations. Reynoso said he and another former board member attended the Measure I meetings until there were no more action items to be discussed. Both he and the other former board member, Sara Gonzales, no longer attended when it was necessary said Reynoso. As for Measure G, Reynoso believed the measure would result in government waste, “money is being given to contractors instead of having staff do the work,” said Reynoso.

As for the agenda item accusation Reynoso says changing the agenda happens often by board members depending on who is in attendance. Reynoso said if kids and their parents are there to hear a specific agenda item then that item should be moved up.

Reynoso believes they may be referring to recent controversy at a board meeting concerning an agenda item over a vote of no-confidence that Reynoso pushed for against board president Jesus Armas because of his engagement in an affair with other board member Maribel Heredia. Reynoso considers the affair to be a conflict-of-interest and thus a by-law violation.


Now I am voting for Ong instead of Quirk. Very poor sport on part of Quirk. I do not want that type of representation in Sac. Ong has class and would never make a baseless attack like that.

Like I said before in another blog, I will NEVER NEVER vote for Quirk!

I too am now changing towards Ong. I will still vote for Dr. Reynoso.
Quirk is a snake.

I voted for Ong, and I totally support Reynoso, because the stand their ground and will blow the whistle on any thing that they question to get all the cards on the table and try to get a fair and impartial decision, rather than have some bulldogs trying to run the show. Get rid of the old Hayward scum.

We have decided to vote for Reynoso. His higher education expertise in finances, statistics and business ethics are needed to run the Hayward School District. He has worked to improve fiscal and academic accountability in Hayward schools for 4 years. Vote for dedication and experience. Re-Elect Dr. Luis Reynoso for HUSD School Board.

Quirk will not get my vote. He has proven to be lower than dirt. Same here Reynoso and Ong against the machine drone candidates are getting our family votes of 8. I will be busy emailing my friends this article. Quirk is going to lose.

Oh hell no... ok Ong now you get my vote.

Reynoso has nothing but contempt for every HUSD employee.

From what I have seen.
Reynoso has nothing but contempt for every lazy, corrupt, HUSD employee

Is Reynoso married or have any children. We really don't know anything about his personal life. What private school does he work at?

Reynoso is gay and never graduated from grammar school

10:58 you are so right. Reynoso is one of the happiest guys I know and he never graduated from grammar school because he was so smart he skipped it all. He went from 6th grade to college graduate in 4 years. He's not angry, he's serious. He's not ignoring you he's concentrating.

@ 5:12pm Nov.7th,2102- If that is the case, why was he questioning Measure G? He was questiong if funds would go to pay contractor's instead of working employees, many of which have never been repplaced because of retiring or because they were laid off/ demoted. There has been a lot of contracting and Dr. Renoyso had the courage to enforce having bids on contract work. Employees are getting disgruntled because of the way they are treated because they have done the work in the past and take pride in doing a good job so they won't have to do it a 2nd time. Contractors are a bad way to do work that has to be maintained because of the inconsistancy of the overall site base maintenance.

Nobody knows if he's married or has children?

If you watch the meetings often times he make reference to his kids and family.

he's in bed with you EBCITIZEN. You cannot attend a board meeting and deny that he always reduces things to being "that simple" and FOR EVERY CONTRACT he rudely ignores the speaker or presenter, whilst his grubby fingers search for one thing or another to prove his point.

He is not God and he sure as hell hasn't done anything for HUSD students. He has a personal vendetta/agenda against the district and he's a sad unhappy "disappointed" little man.

what all of you reynoso brownnosers dont realize is that there is a revolving door and the administrators are always trying to play catch and do damage control.

Last commenter must work for Seuito Bro. Big money contract.

you must been dutra or pacheco bros..you idiot

and no i don't

bunch of reynoso sycophant idiots

Dr. Reynoso really makes the political machine so uncomfortable that ALL politicians are afraid of him. The real question is ...WHY?

Elections are over. Thank you, Hayward, for re-electing Dr.Reynoso. So, good bye, Armas. Farewell, Heredia. Hope to never see you two again. You are a disgrace to Hayward students and residents. Adiios!

What is going for recall of Lisa Brunner?

please recall lisa dummer. she needs to be out like bufete lamnin armas and heredia.

reynoso doesn't make anyone uncomfortable..he's only a *(&(*& trustee......the reason I don't like him personally is that he is in love with the sound of his own voice

8:38 I think Reynoso makes only the corrupt feel uncomfortable and Hayward is very corrupt.

10:19. nope. He just makes people uncomfortable because he's a moron.

I agree the corrupt people cannot stand Dr. Reynoso

Lisa Brunner Dubmer as a dead woman walking whose political career arguably was finished off this year. Election two years away, but people will not forget her role in supporting Jesus and Maribel

DR. REYNOSO scares the corrupt and that is why I voted for him.

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