Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Local East Bay Races Offer Few Surprises


OAKLAND | At-Large Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan has likely won re-election Tuesday night after fending off a brutal challenge from fellow member Ignacio De La Fuente.

In De La Fuente’s old District 5 stomping grounds, Noel Gallo cruised to victory over Mario Juarez, as did District 7 Council President Larry Reid.

In District 3, Sean Sullivan failed to hold a lead in first round votes after a preliminary run of the ranked-choice voting algorithm and falling behind Lynette Gibson-McElhaney.

Dan Kalb appears to be in line to be the next District 1 council member. He extended a small first lead over Amy Lemley to open up a four-point lead after seven rounds of ranked-choice voting.

Oakland’s city attorney race turned out to be no contest. The office holder, Barbara Parker, beat Councimember Jane Brunner, 68-31.

HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD | Belittled Hayward school board member Luis Reynoso has won re-election. Reynoso finished third for one of three open seats.

Annette Walker, the first place winner, and John Taylor will join Reynoso on the embattled board beset by controversy after two member chose to not seek re-election after allegations of a romantic affair.

FREMONT | Bill Harrison is the new mayor-elect of Fremont after holding off Republican Steven Cho by four points. Councilwoman Anu Natarajan finished a disappointing third with a quarter of the vote.

Eighteen-year-old Aziz Akbari finished fourth with just 5 percent of the vote.

Harrison will replace interim Mayor Gus Morrison, who was appointed to the seat following Mayor Bob Wasserman’s death last year.

ALAMEDA | The Island is on the verge of replacing a majority of its City Council Tuesday night, if Rob Bonta maintains his lead in his Assembly race. In the meantime, Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft and Tony Daysog will join the council. It will be a return to the dais for Daysog, who served a decade ago.

If the Bonta result holds, third-place finisher Stewart Chen his in line to serve out the remaining two years of his term.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS TO DR. LUIS REYNOSO! Perhaps Mr. Armas and his buddies have finally lost their power, no Lamnin no Bufete, thank God!

    Ms. Lamnin should take this as a message, loud and clear, a campaign based on sound bites does not make you a winner. Try thinking about giving up the idea of being the next Doris Rodrigues in Hayward. You just don't have what it takes...credibility.

  2. I bet that 8:47 can not name one thing that Dr Reynoso did that actually made things better for students in the past 4 years.

  3. Ms. Lamnin is a wonderful person and would have done a great job on the school board. It is Haywards loss.

  4. Sara Lamnin is a serial power seeker who is great at social functions, buttering up the gate keepers - see the large number of endorsers. Folks see that she is more interested in Sara Lamnin than the job she is doing or the office she is seeking. City council, school board, any open office is good enough. Sigh. It would be nice to see her actually invested in what she is running for or, well, anything.

  5. I feel bad for Sarah Lamnin. But I think she did this to herself. She was always saying, "I am the only candidate endorsed by the chamber, the teachers, the apartment complex owners, and more." Her and Lisa wont get to work together. To bad Lisa Dummer. Bye bye Bufete. Bye bye Heredia. Bye bye Armas. Hi Hayward, new times.


  6. "Parker, beat Councimember Jane Brunner, 68-31."

    Smoked her! Well deserved. Brunner, a tired old has-been.

    As far as Ignacio De La Fuete decision to run for the at-large seat... Why?
    Big risk for a very minimal gain.

    One of the worst decisions ever. He could just as easily have run for mayor again from his safe seat on the council.

  7. Luis Reynoso is an embarrassment who has nothing but disdain for HUSD and all of its employees. Got himself sacked as a teacher and now he exacts revenge at every board meeting he attends by being a dolt. And it's a shame, because he could really do some good if he wanted to.

    Good riddance to Jesus Armas, and the twit Maribel Heredia.

  8. Reynoso probably gets on here and writes his own praises.

  9. I think Reynoso is what we need to fix the district. I voted him.

  10. I'm so glad to see Nacho get tossed out. He could have retained his District seat fairly easily, but he decided to make a power play and take out Kaplan, and he got what he deserved.

  11. I knew Sara Lamin when she worked and got fired from Parkveiw Health Center in Hayward for not getting her paperwork in on time..and I mean how hard could it be ..she ran the senior leisure activites..basically bingo.

  12. Reynoso doesn't cowtow to the union whores, who need to learn their place!

  13. Pure desperation by the Hayward Chamber of Commerce to prop up the hollow duo of Bufete/Lamnin in their sleazy mailer. Heredia/Armas/Lamnin/Bufete is a bad combo together, or any way you slice it.

  14. 9:43..you are correct!!!! Name one thing reynoso has done for students. Just one. It's that simple...he just gets off on the sound of his own voice.

  15. 4:45...you speak the truth.

  16. Sarah Lamnin. "I am the only candidate endorsed by the chamber, the teachers, the apartment complex owners, and more." ...lol

  17. Macho man got outplayed by Macho woMan. Horale Oakland. Be careful for what you ask for, 'cause you might get it.

  18. 9:43 the same could be said about the entire HUSD Board Hayward schools are some of the worst in California due to the poor performance of this and past boards.

  19. Too bad they can't get rid of Rebecca Kaplan. I guess people voted for who they disliked the least amount between her and that criminal Ignacio De La Fuente. Good riddance to him!

  20. Er... Tony Daysog last served on Alameda City Council in 2006...not quote "a decade ago"


  21. 1. Dr. Reynoso has made sure that HUSD uses proper bidding practices for its contracts; something that has not been done for years.
    2. Dr. Reynoso informed parents/guardians and students of their right to a FREE public education; he told them about the laws that prohibit charging students for supplies that HUSD is mandated to supply.
    3. He forced Armas and Heredia to leave the board of education and helped restore some semblance of morality and ethics.
    4. He attempted to prevent board members from intimidating the public during the board meetings; he advocated for the public to be allowed to participate in all aspects of board meetings by exercising their First Amendment Rights.
    5. Worked to save teacher's jobs; he advocated for qualified administrators; he attempted to make the board follow the Brown Act regarding open/transparent meetings.
    6. He stood up for all of the community whenever he felt that their right to know was being violated.

  22. 2012 political obituaries. What an incredible year with SPECTACULAR crashes and reversals of fortune for some of our "honorable" community leaders.

    Rest In Peace Hayward Politicians/Wannabe's

    Jesus Armas, Mary Hayashi, Nadia Lockyer, Olden Henson, Peter Bufete, Sara Lamnin, Pete Stark, Maribel Heredia. All machine politicians whose reputations are beyond repair.

    I would also add Lisa Brunner as a dead woman walking whose political career arguably was finished off this year. Election two years away, but people will not forget her role in supporting Jesus and Maribel.

    Bufete, Lamnin, and Henson could run again, but I think they are toast in the eyes of voters.

  23. 2:36 Amen... only Luis Reynoso with a backbone can do that. The rest of the politicians have none in this area.

  24. Agree with 2:48. Machine pols can lose forever, and still come back like zombies with the right contacts, endorsements, and backing (money). Beware. The ego never dies. They will rise again.

  25. bye bye armas. bye bye heredia. so long to both. brunner, you are next.

  26. Endorsements of Peter Bufete...LOL
    Did he win with all these awsome endorsements??
    ha, ha, ha,..lol...

    Senator Ellen Corbett, California State Senate Majority Leader
    Barbara Halliday, Hayward City Councilmember
    Al Mendall, Hayward City Councilmember
    Francisco Zermeno, Hayward City Councilmember
    Doris Rodriquez, Former Hayward City Councilmember
    Kevin Dowling, Former Hayward City Councilmember
    Larry Ratto, Former Hayward City Councilmember
    Olden Henson, Former Hayward City Councilmember
    Grant Peterson, Former Hayward School Board President
    Dennis Waespi, President, Hayward Area Recreation and Park District Board
    Paul Hodges, Director, Hayward Area Recreation and Park District Board
    Minane Jameson, Director, Hayward Area Recreation and Park District Board
    Dr. Hal G. Gin, Trustee, Chabot-Las Positas Community College District
    Diane Fagalde, Community Service Commissioner, City of Hayward
    Kim Huggett, President/CEO, Hayward Chamber of Commerce
    Pat Hodges, HUSD Personnel Commission
    Kathy Morris, President, Hayward Mobilehome Owner’s Association
    Rodger Schaufler, Vice President, Hayward Mobilehome Owner’s Association
    Diane McDermott, President, Hayward Education Foundation; Hayward Planning Commissioner
    Guy Sandoval, Retired Hayward Teacher, Hayward Education Foundation
    Rocky Fernandez, Former AC Transit Board; Former President South County Young Dems
    Ian Crueldad, President, Cal State East Bay Young Democrats
    Jennifer Gonsalves, Hayward Unified School District
    Paul Gonsalves, Hayward High School
    Penny Hodges, Director, Hayward Education Foundation
    Margaret M. McCullum, Retired Educator, Hayward Unified School District
    Dianne Laine, Retired, Hayward Unified School District
    Barbara Sacks, Retired, Former Planning Commissioner
    Annette DeJulio, Retired
    Marvin Burrows, Retired

    Hayward Chamber of Commerce

    APA Democratic Caucus

    Southern Alameda County Young Dems

    Latino Connection PAC



  27. Endorsements of Sara Lamnin...even more LOL
    Did she win with all these awesome endorsements??
    ha, ha, ha,..lol...lol..lol

    Community Leaders
    Elisa Marquez - Chair, Hayward Planning Commission
    Mary Lavelle - Hayward Planning Commissioner
    Rodney Loche - Hayward Planning Commissioner
    Dianne McDermott - Hayward Planning Commissioner
    Lynnette Foy Linnen - Chair, Community Services Commission
    Diane Fagalde - Community Services Commissioner
    Donna Allen-Thomas - Community Services Commissioner
    Kari McAllister - Library Commissioner
    Andreas Cluver - Secretary-Treasurer AC Building Trades Council
    Deneen Ogbeide - AC Democratic Central Committee Member
    Ginny DeMartini - AC Democratic Central Committee Member
    Rocky Fernandez - AC Transit Board Member (Retired)
    Charley Plummer - Alameda County Sheriff Emeritus
    Beverly Reliford - Childcare Provider
    Diane Balloue - Citizen Advisory Commissioner (Retired)
    Rick Hart - Chair, Measure I - HUSD School Facilities Bond
    Freddye Davis - President, Hayward-South Alameda County NAACP
    Karen Norell - Alameda County Human Relations Commissioner
    Kathy Morris - President, Hayward Mobile Homeowners Association
    Deisy Bates - Parent Leader
    Community Members
    Vinnie Bacon
    Daryl Berman
    Jodi Blum
    Marvin Burrows
    Valerie Caveglia - Director, Sun Gallery
    Evelyn Cormier
    Joyce Dobro
    Jim Forsyth
    Sharon Golembo
    Lois J. Goodman
    Frank Goulart
    John Green
    John Hazatone
    Audrey LePell
    Mike Mahoney
    Dave McKeown
    Kindra Mendall
    Kathy Morris
    Margo Parker
    Pam Russo
    Paul Russo
    Susan Schott
    Gregg Schulntz
    Nancy Schulntz
    Marlene Teel-Heim
    Lisa and Andrew Towles
    Darrin Vanderpan
    Greg Wagner
    Paul Wallace
    Robert Whitehead
    Julius Willis
    Lisa Wilsbacher
    Ruth Zimmerman
    Walter Zimmerman

    Sara is proud and grateful to have the loving support of her husband, Jon Zimmerman, and her parents, Joseph and Marlene Lamnin, as well as many other family members and friends.

  28. lol part II for endorsements of Sara Lamnin..even more LOL...both part i and ii are from her website..lol..go Sara go..lol
    Educational Elected Officials
    Sheila Jordan - Alameda County Superintendent of Schools
    Aisha Knowles - Alameda County Board of Education Member
    Dr. Marshall Mitzman - Chabot Las Positas Community College District Trustee
    Michael Ritchie - New Haven Unified School Board Trustee
    Fred Sims - Alameda County Board of Education Member
    Adrienne Waterman - Vallejo Board of Education President
    Dr. Hal G. Gin - Chabot Las Positas Community College District Trustee
    Sarabjit Cheema - New Haven Unified School Board Trustee

    Former School Board Members
    Barbara Aro-Valle - New Haven
    Betty DeForest - Hayward
    Grant Peterson - Hayward
    Shelia Sims - Hayward
    Paul Frumkin III - Hayward
    Sarah Gonzales - Hayward

    Education Professionals
    Mimi Bauer - Teacher, New Haven Unified School District
    Pat Hodges - HUSD Personnel Commissioner
    Delmo Della-Dora - Emeritus Professor, Education Leadership
    Liz Bathgate - Teacher (Retired)
    Norma Rees - President, CSU East Bay (Retired)
    Heidi Anne Benson - Executive Director, Chabot College Foundation
    Joel Thornley - Former Superintendent, HUSD

    Richard Valle - Alameda County Supervisor

    Unions and Community Organizations
    Hayward Chamber of Commerce
    Hayward Education Association
    Hayward Firefighters Local 1909
    Alameda County Democratic Party
    Laborers Local 304
    Operating Engineers Local 3
    Service Employees International Union Local (SEIU) 1021
    Alameda Labor Council, AFL-CIO
    Sheet Metal Workers Local 104
    Hayward Demos Democratic Club
    Carpenters Union Local 713
    Building & Construction Trades Council of Alameda County, AFL-CIO
    Black Women Organized for Political Action (BWOPA)
    APA Democratic Caucus of Alameda County
    California Apartment Association
    Bay East Association of REALTORS
    East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club
    UFCW Local 5
    Southern Alameda County Young Democrats
    Latino Connection Political Action Committee

    Business Owners
    Marita Cheng - SkyWest Restaurant
    Robert Sakai - Attorney at Law
    David Siegel - ERAS Environmental, Inc.
    Tim Silva - Eden Realty
    Rudy Grassechi - The Cobblers (boots, shoes & repairs)
    Laura Swan - Swan Communications
    Drs. Beth Ehrlich & Ken Smith - The Hearing Center of Castro Valley
    C. Edward Bullok - Danville Realty Corporation
    Drs. Mia Chun & Peter Han - Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
    John Dutra - Dutra Enterprises, Inc. (Real Estate brokerage, consulting, and investment)

    Hayward City Councilmembers
    Barbara Halliday
    Marvin Peixoto
    Francisco Zermeño
    Al Mendall
    Former Hayward City Councilmembers
    Olden Henson
    Kevin Dowling
    Doris Rodriquez
    Bill Quirk

    Paul Hodges - Hayward Area Recreation and Park District Board Member
    Pat Hodges - Hayward Unified School District Personnel Commissioner

    Other Elected Officials
    Ellen Corbett - California State Senate Majority Leader
    Richard Valle - Alameda County Supervisor
    Minane Jameson - Hayward Area Recreation and Park District Board Member
    Dennis Waespi - Hayward Area Recreation and Park District Board Member
    Igor Tregub - Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner
    Mark Williams - AC Transit Board Member
    Kriss Worthington - Berkeley City Councilmember

  29. 1:38 True..I remember Sarah Lamnin when she said. "I am the only candidate endorsed by the chamber, the teachers, the apartment complex owners, and more." ...lol

  30. I am not sure why Dr. Reynoso gets so much attention here. He is just a Hayward board trustee for failing schools. HE IS NOT A MAYOR or SENATOR. Why don't we talk about the real leaders of the community like Hayward city council and the great things the Hayward Chamber does for Hayward. We should have had Greg Jones and Ana May run for school board to make things better for our kids.

  31. I am going to laugh at all of you when Sara overtakes Reynoso. Just keep watching the election results then we will see who gets last laugh. All of you are rude. There hundreds of thousands of ballots not yet counted. Surprise!

    Sara Lamnin is a very smart person that can benefit Hayward schools and she knows plenty in education did any of you ever listen to what she said in the community meetings?

  32. 3:31 Reynoso is on the blogs because he writes them all and he was michael moore in myword of the daily review.

  33. In addition to the endorsements, Sara gathered over 9100 votes. Yes it was not enough but I think she deserves credit for the willingness to work hard and be part of the solution to HUSD problems and not the problem which you-arm chair critics seem to be. Have even one of you been willing to put yourselfs on the line and work for anything beside your self interests? Your lol comments show disrespect for the people who beleved in Sara and trusted that she had the skills to make HUSD a better place for our children. Some of those people may even be your neighbors. Grow up people!

  34. 10:11am
    OMG! You are really stupid to think that you can convince anyone that Michael Moore and Luis Reynoso are one in the same person.

    I listened to every one of her comments during the candidate forums. She simply showed how ignorant of the workings of a school district she really is. It is clear she had no understanding of the Brown Act; no understanding of how a board works, particularly how no one board member can make changes to programs and policy and budgets that are controlled by the state and federal governments. Ms. Lamnin spoke in convenient sound bites and really said nothing. She may very well be a dedicated individual, however, being a Trustee is a complicated and time consuming job and not one that you can simply take an oath and perform. But the most important thing to remember is that endorsements do not make a win...resting on those laurels doesn't guarantee that people will just believe what they read.

  35. I've read with some amusement the unnecessary dancing on the graves. Part of the reason may be that there was a weak slate of candidates for the HUSD board.

    With seven candidates, you would have gotten 14.28% of the vote by chance. The four who got less than 14% of the vote which you would have gotten by pure chance, lost. The three winners were not far above 14%.

    Still, Mr. Reynoso is a fighter. The other two may bring new energy and understanding to the board. We must be ready to help in any way possible.

    Of the losers, the hand picked Peter Bufete and the ever self-promoting Sara Lamnin were particularly off-putting. Bufete can be dismissed out of hand.

    But Lamnin is odious in ways that her friends and those whom she has co-opted may not understand. She seems almost desperate in her quietly unctuous way of social climbing and glad handing. Sara Lamnin is an non-entity, an empty suit seeking a title for Sara Lamnin.

    It was obvious during the campaign that her primary goal was the promotion of Sara Lamnin. A thorough understanding of the issues and a thoughtful response were lacking. It is this hubris that condemns her.

    The electorate is not the problem. Look at the vote count and understand that the antagonisms that Lamnin has earned are symptoms of the problem. Hubris is the problem.

  36. ---- RIP ----

    Jesus Armas
    Maribel Heredia
    Sara Lamnin
    Peter Bufete
    Heather Reyes
    Wandra Williams



    we hardly knew ye....hope it stays that way

    Heather and Wandra could come back and run for the same seat. I don't think people perceive them as using kids for political gain. either of them may be good trustees in the future.

    Lamnin and Bufete, they are a different story. They ran for seats twice -city council and school board. School board was their second choice, their ladder up. People see that and do not believe that our kids should be rungs on their ladder.

    9:37am vote count is resulting in Reynoso gaining even more over Sara. In other words, the spread between them is getting farther apart in his favor. At the same time, Ong has really closed in on Quirk. She may win after all.

  38. 9:37 Hey ..Reyes just went ahead of Lamnin..LOL

  39. Lamnin has more class than Reyes.

  40. Actually Reyes is too stupid to be on any board.

  41. I disagree. Lisa Bruner is more stupid than Heather Reyes. but they are both still stupid and Sara Lamnin is a little brighter but not much.

  42. 3:41, cruel assessments but I forget sometimes that this is politics

  43. Lisa Brunner as a dead woman walking whose political career arguably was finished off this year. Election two years away, but people will not forget her role in supporting Jesus and Maribel

  44. Don't forget. Maribel/Jesus picked the ladder-up couple of Sara/Peter as their replacements, and Hayward CC endorsed! The People understood. Sara/Peter came in 5th and 7th. Would anyone replace Lisa with one of these ladder-up people?

  45. Sara Lamnin and Peter Bufete were endorsed by the Hayward city council too.
    Losers endorsing losers.

  46. The restaurants in newhaven are carrying on the legacy of Sally's. One pizza at a time.