Friday, November 9, 2012

San Leandro Voters Issue A Stunning Rebuke To Cassidy’s Beliefs, Cantankerous Style

Stephen Cassidy: in the drink?
SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL | It appears San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy went to the well one too many times.

The stubborn moderate conservative mayor surprised many in 2010 with his victory based upon fiscal responsibility and the demonization of public workers. However, what worked two years ago didn't catch lightning in bottle this November. The likely defeat of all three of his endorsed candidates for the City Council, including two incumbents, is a stunning referendum against his beliefs and possibly pointing to his personal inability to compromise.

Anyone can see the San Leandro City Council is stunningly divided. You can hear the strain and frustration in the voices of Councilmembers Diana Souza and Pauline Cutter when they address Cassidy. You can read the puzzlement on Councilman Jim Prola’s face when he gets cut off by the mayor. The problem is Cassidy and his long-held interest in participating only in “my way or the highway politics.”

It’s not working and the disbelief in San Leandro over his decision to not only back challengers to incumbents Ursula Reed and Prola’s seat, but also taking the extreme step toward helping fund their campaigns hardened the resolve of his detractors. “These folks were already on the council,” said Benny Lee, who won the District 4 seat over Chris Crow, another candidate endorsed by Cassidy. “To do something like that, it didn’t sit well with a lot of people.” District 6 candidate Hermy Almonte went down in defeat to Prola this week, while Reed appears on the cusp on narrowly beating out Morgan Mack-Rose.

Just how Cassidy will be able to govern in this environment of enmity and suspicion is unclear. “He did what he had to do and I did what I had to do,” Prola said of Cassidy’s opposition to his re-election. “I want to work with him, but everybody needs to give a little.” However, one side may need to give a lot more than other. As it stands come January, Cassidy will likely have only Councilwoman Cutter as an ally. Prola, Souza, Gregory and Reed now have reason to block Cassidy’s agenda, as does Lee, who campaign closely with Reed even though they ran in separate races.

If Cassidy cares to be a two-term mayor or simply sheds interest in running for re-election like he did in 2008 as a school board trustee following a very similar run of bullying and ineffectiveness, he will have to change not only his ways, but his politics. There are already signs Cassidy is willing to move left on some issues, namely medical marijuana dispensaries. He raised some eyebrows last month when he offered a council resolution against Proposition 32 and showed willingness to open the city’s purse strings to keep San Leandro Hospital open for three years to the tune of $3 million.

If something doesn’t change soon, the city faces more than a City Council plagued with ineffectiveness and infighting but one unable to effectively provide services to its residents. San Leandro City Hall is not known to be the best working environment among East Bay talent searching for work. Morale is extremely low from the policies and rhetoric flowing from Cassidy’s mouth. Not only is a brain drain occurring at City Hall handcuffing the ability of the city manager to apply his vision for the city, but quality managers and underlings are leaving San Leandro not for greater riches, but to neighboring cities, in most cases, in lateral moves without much increase in pay.

This is the city where a bright, young finance director, just seven months on the job, eschewed the relatively stable budget situation in San Leandro for the same job in Hayward to deal with a $20 million financial mess. That’s like saying a shittier job elsewhere is way better than the shitty job I have now.


  1. So Cassidy endorsed = Reed, Almonte,Crow,Rose one for 4=.250BA, So Reed thanks him with a vote for the hospital... Medical Dispensaries are coming to the Manor, maybe the industrial zone areas who will vote no?

  2. THANK YOU TAVARES, you couldn't have stated it any better. When Cassidy was on the school board it was ALWAYS his way or the highway. If individuals dared to do the right thing and disagree with him it was OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

    While serving on the school board he did MEAN and said DISHONEST things about good people. Watch out for Cassidy and his ring of clowns.

  3. The first post is incorrect. As pointed out in the story here, the Mayor did not endorse Reed; instead, he supported Mack-Rose's campaign to take out Reed. So, Steven's batting average .000 = not big league material.

  4. Cassidy "said" endorse both Reed/Mack-Rose, but campaign to take out Reed.

    I told Mack-Rose that I like her, vote Reed instead.

  5. 912---Poster = READ THE LIST of Endorsements

    Alameda County, CA November 6, 2012 Election
    Additional Endorsements for Ursula Reed
    Candidate for
    Council Member; City of San Leandro; Council District 2

    This information is provided by the candidate
    We Support Ursula Reed for Re-Election!


    Alameda County Firefighters Association, Local 55
    San Leandro Police Officers Association
    Peace officers Research Association of California
    Sierra Club
    League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay
    Alameda County Democratic Party
    Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County
    Alameda County Labor Council
    Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Local 1021
    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local 595
    Alameda County Building and Construction Trades Council
    Teamsters, Local 853
    Teamsters Joint Council 7
    Pipe Trades Association, UA #342
    Rental Housing Association
    Bay East Association of Realtors
    Political Action Committee for Excellence (PACE)
    Black Women Organized for Political Action (BWOPA)

    Elected and Appointed Officials State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett
    Alameda County Supervisor Mary King (Ret.)
    Alameda County Board of Education Member Aisha Knowles
    Alameda County Board of Education Member Marlon McWilson
    San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy
    San Leandro Mayor Emeritus Shelia Young
    San Leandro Vice-Mayor Surlene Grant (Ret.)
    San Leandro City Councilmember Orval "OB" Badger (Ret.)
    San Leandro City Councilmember Ken Pon (Ret.)
    Chabot Las Positas Community College District Trustee Isobel Dvorsky
    San Lorenzo School Board Trustee Isabel Polvorosa
    East Bay Regional Park District Boardmember Doug Siden
    East Bay Municipal Utility District Director Bill Patterson
    East Bay Municipal Utility District Director Doug Linney
    San Leandro Planning Commissioner Ed Hernandez
    San Leandro Recreation and Parks Commissioner Dina Herrera
    San Leandro Recreation and Parks Commissioner Robert Fox
    San Leandro Senior Commissioner Bella Comelo
    San Leandro Senior Commissioner Darlene Daevu
    San Leandro Senior Commissioner Kathe Frates
    San Leandro Library-Historical Commissioner Gloria Calegari
    San Leandro Library-Historical Commissioner Donna Reed
    San Leandro Library-Historical Commissioner Carole Rinaldi
    San Leandro Personnel Commissioner Mary Ann Frates
    San Leandro Personnel Relations Boardmember Benny Lee
    Former San Leandro Library-Historical Commissioner Denise Bownds Kaplan
    Former San Leandro Rent Review Boardmember Thomas Silva
    Former San Leandro Personnel Commissioner Alice Sarafin
    San Leandro Teachers Association President Jonathan Sherr

    Community Leaders

    Clinton Bolden, Shoreline Advisory Group
    Marilyn Fong, Shoreline Advisory Group
    Jerry Garcia, State Farm Insurance and President of Entrepreneurial Businesses San Leandro Chamber of Commerce
    Corina Lopez, Best Manor HOA President
    Vince Rosato
    Leroy Smith, Lions Club
    (Partial list)

    make sure you read all the endorsements...

  6. funny i did the other way, i even had 2 reed signs on my yard, several of us had reed signs and then voted for dillman first and rose second !!! LOL

  7. Dillman lost! LOL
    Rose is not far behind from Dillman!

    Signs cost money, say doesn't cost a dime - low IQs!

  8. haha! put opponent lawn yards on their yards hope to score for support candidate... no wonder lost big time! Free Advertisements for opponent, too funny!

  9. Congratulations to Lee, Reed and Prola. You will be a much stronger city council then Mack Rose, Crow and Almonte!!

  10. Totally, stronger city council for the best interest of SL citizens, city staffs, and the city as a whole NOT "my way or high way".

  11. Cassidy resignation coming? After going 0-3 including backing 2 newcomers over incumbents how can he lead?

  12. and in only two years-this is a very dysfunctional city council and the councilmembers need to come together and run the city without cassidy's input. look the City Manager has lost 90% of his skilled staff and just within the past three months or so he has lost three very key people-Mr. Zapata is hurting-there just isn't any way one loses Luke Sims, Kathy Ornelas and Jacqui diaz and recover from these losses. Mr. Zapate is also about to lose two more great individuals and it need not be so-Mr. Cassidy should control himself and with his now losses, he should consider his role-MR. Cassidy read the Council Handbook, you may learn something. Tony Santos

  13. apparently you dont go to any city meetings : luke simms what a fucking joke, he is the reason the Bal theater hasn't been functional, prior to him leaving he tried to slow down the rules for marijuana dispensaries, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on consultants because of him---- good riddance ,Ornelas retired after many centuries at work ( she knows where the skeletons are hidden). Diaz , has left once before returned, job promo ...she'll be back.
    By the way where do you get 90% number???? doing lee's item line math??

  14. 0-3! The public knows Cassidy is not a fit for any public servant roles; either Cassidy decides for re-elect or other elect seats - he will lose!

    Cassidy and his minions are public nuisance!

  15. santos be careful with skeletons...you not to old to go to jail!!! you piece of crap FORMER mayor ...signing a working contract on the last minute of being in office do you remember that?? your tongue was so far up the POA ass that you could lick their tonsils!!! why don't you pack your bags bags and move to sacramento and take your daughter Karen with you and your neighbor tavares, all of you could move together! this city today and in the future will be paying for decisions you,your great city manager and young made. thanks MF!!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF TOWN
    you're a starving rat and together with the other rats your starting to eat each other...LOL

  16. Whole bunches of Losers, go find a job!
    You will be starving rat and together with the other jobless lazy rats starting to eat each, and waiting in line at the welfare for hand outs!! SORE LOSERS!!

  17. Mayor Santos i'm sorry for the attacks, the asian community stands behind you as a thru leader,i'm sure that Mr.Lee and Mr.Hutchison own a lot to you and will make you so proud.

  18. Mr. Lee's winning victory is at 61% of votes in 4 way races. SL voters are/were informed through publicly announcement during the election by Mr. Lee that Mayor Santos is his MENTOR, vividly Mr. Santos is still being well respected by our communities!

    Mr. Hutchison is a good young man, a bright future is also ahead of him!

  19. 1:48
    No class at all. Probably Crow or Cassidy supporter who lack respect and would prefer to dictate.

  20. Chairman Lee Honorary councilman with is understudy hendy ...ooh so mad i ask school district to name new campus after,but they name after some japonese...oooh me so mad.

  21. Foul mouth bum boyfriend so mad, Loud Mouth ex campaign manager thinks she's sleek start kissing booty to new elected assembly hoping endorsement for her husband in D1 (totally pretend forgot she publicly trashed new elected assemblyman on FB just couple days ago), ex candidate jobless loser extra mad and sad... all of above are unemployed, liabilities to the society!

  22. San Leandro Talk, Marga Lacabe wrote on FB October 30th:

    I'm getting angry at Rob Bonta's mailers (and therefore at Bonta). I've gotten six mailers so far, and none of them had anything but fluff. Big pictures of him or other people, some banalities about he caring for education or some other keyword, another reminder that his parents worked with Cesar Chavez...

    But there is nothing about his plans, what he is going to do if elected, I'm not voting f...or Student body president, I want someone who has plans and not just a great smile.

    Now, I understand that a big purpose of mailers is to create name recognition associated with fuzzy feelings. And if you send one mailer, even two, OK, I buy it. But you can't tell me that he couldn't have discussed his platform in any of the six mailers he sent!

  23. Tavares,
    Marga is showing her double talk on FB like always. She trashes Bonta before election now that Bonta is clear winner, today on FB she says she will lobby for him, she wants favors!

  24. Let's not forget Mr. Santos did win the popular vote last time! The city of San Leandro was on board this time as well! Classless people like 1:48 are sore losers:-)

  25. popular vote??? is there another type of vote??? man your dumb!! but here let me help you:

    Stephen H. Cassidy 10277/7908 votes 50.5%
    Anthony B. "Tony" Santos 10045/7982 votes 49.4%

    hope that helps you

  26. 1:48 side affect of Loser Craziness. LOL!!

  27. Round 1 is popular vote! Cassidy needed Joyce's second to win. Man you dumb fat brown nose, donuts are waiting for you, go talk to them!

  28. I may be dumb, but you got beat like a cheap drum in the election, now go sell some insurance and popcorn

  29. Hear this, losers will be moving around from one district to another district waiting to run for next open seats.

  30. Two Faces Lefty SL blogger immediately transferred from #2 Abel Bus to #1 Bonta Train, conveniently "forget" night before she criticized Bonta nothing but Fluff.

  31. Marga, herself, drags her own daughter into blog shows. She cannot stop herself posting and commenting her 10 year old daughter on SL Patch, SL Talk, East Bay Express. Why not 11pm News once again, Katz-Lacabe couple celebrities! Are you sick?