Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Swalwell Upsets Stark; Ends Reign Of California's Longest-Serving Congressman

CONGRESS 15 | Dublin Councilman Eric Swalwell has registered on the biggest Congressional upsets in the nation Tuesday night after ending the 40-year reign of Rep. Pete Stark.

Swalwell beat Stark with 53.1 percent of the multi-county 15th Congressional District. Stark barely improved upon his win in the June primary with 46.9 percent.

The rise of Swalwell has been swift. In just a years time, the political novice, having served just a year on the Dublin City Council, makes the huge leap to Capitol Hill.

Eric Swalwell....85233...53.1%
Pete Stark.......75340...46.9%


  1. By MW:

    Since the voters decided it was time for Stark to retire, Stark will now have to decide where to retire to, and such as for instance to his home in Maryland where he actually lives, or perhaps to "his home" in San Lorenzo that for decades he has been pretending is his legal residence, and assuming he even knows what streets to drive on to find and get to "his residence" in San Lorenzo.

  2. Khanna and Corbett kicking themselves this morning. Should have stood up to party and Big Labor.

  3. While Swalwell will be the incumbent in 2014, my guess is that he'll be a weak incumbent. A race between him and Corbett and/or Khanna will likely be competitive.

    I don't think we'll see a 40 year reign of Eric Swalwell. At least I hope not. :)

  4. Ro Khanna is politically dead! All.....right!!!!

  5. I'm waiting to see the returns from the "strongholds" of Hayward, Union City, and Fremont.

    Both the turnout and the percent that followed the party "leader's" advice.

    Could be that the traditional party insider groups were largely ineffective given the product they had to sell.

    The dilemma they faced. Allow Pete to campaign and he shoots himself in the foot. Don't allow Pete to campaign and the voters clearly see that he is hiding and suspect why.

  6. Glad that Stark is gone. Not only did he live out of state- but he voted along with the GOP to send jobs to Korea this year. He did some good work in his day, but we really need term limits. I don't think Stark even changed his signs in 25 years.

  7. Happy you brought up the signs. Stark changed the design this year after, who knows, how long using the same signs. I don't know if its 25 yrs, but it wouldn't surprise me. I use to joke he got a good deal on a bunch signs 20 years ago and he hadn't exhausted the supply.

    I'm superstitious. I was saying last night that I blame the new signs. Old signs 20-0. New signs 0-1.

  8. By MW:

    Stark losing yesterday in his battle for re-election was the very ultimate and most extreme example of a candidate being rejected by the voters, since how many people really know anything about Swalwell aside from the fact that he has been accused of helping out developers who have provided him with campaign contributions.

    In other words of the eighty five thousand votes Swalwell received, at least eighty four thousand of them were not really for him but were merely votes against Stark.

  9. By MW

    Good riddance, Pete! No more re-Pete's!!

  10. By MW:

    The above post of 8:30PM is not from me but from somebody only pretending to be me.

    In other words I am referring to the post that states, "Good riddance, Pete! No more re-Pete's!!"

    However I will admit that it is a bit witty, and it also includes the same type of sentiments I had toward Pete Stark again running for re-election after him having reached the age of a zillion years and having already been in office for a half a zillion years.

  11. By MW

    I'm just kidding. Yes, both above posts are from me. I must admit that I am very glad to see Pete gone.

    What I really meant to say was 'half a trillion years!'