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Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Year In Lists: Most Likely East Bay Pols To Get Their Noses Dirty In 2013

Scott Haggerty – We swear this list was made before news reports last week cited Haggerty for shady business dealings with a Livermore developer. Full disclosure: he was originally listed fifth, but shot to the top of the charts like a rocket. The slightly confusing report by Matier & Ross last week is just the tip of the iceberg. Reportedly, the complaint filed by Haggerty’s former chief of staff Chris Gray is loaded with accusations that play on everything most have long suspected about the long-time supervisor--his temper, his brusque manner with constituents and a proclivity for openly encouraging big business in the Tri Valley, no matter how iffy the proposition. Hold on tight for this one!

Nate Miley – Many in the East Bay have given up on trying to bring down one of the region’s slickest politicians. In fact, nothing has stuck to the bully-prone Miley in recent years, but the fall of ACAP, the county’s former anti-poverty agency is still lying in the weeds waiting for a surprise attack on the supervisor who last year told an audience in Castro Valley he uses campaign dollars to pay dues at two prestigious health clubs. Why? So he could get away and relax from the hassle of dealing with constituents. What a great thing to say, huh?

Mary Hayashi
Mary Hayashi – It was a very, very tough year for the woman most believed would be sitting in the state Senate in 2014. With over a half million dollars in her campaign war chest and despite the dismal election results last November, she is not yet politically dead. However, Hayashi, once the most vicious of East Bay pols, is now the weakest she has ever been. The time may be ripe for former staffers and termed out Assembly colleagues to blow the whistle…and there’s other things, too….Pay back is a bitch.

Eric Swalwell – What can you say? The boy sold his soul to the Devil and Beelzebub came through for Swalwell even though Pete Stark is an avowed Atheist. Go figure? In the meantime, Swalwell cannot win re-election in 2014 with around $700,000 in campaign contributions like he did this year. And, to get that much, he had to make certain promises in the Tri Valley—monetarily to developers and to the ideological right wingers he courted. Both will get antsy for payback and Swalwell’s history shows he has no problem understanding the rules of pay-to-play. In fact, the same Livermore developer, John Wong, cited by Matier & Ross in connection with Scott Haggerty's shady 2007 land deal is also a twice maxed-out donor to Swalwell's past congressional campaign. Connect the dots.

Noel Gallo PHOTO/Shane Bond
Noel Gallo – Oakland’s newest council member is not on this list because of any known condition of “shadiness,” but because his staunch and flowery law and order rhetoric coupled with the city’s on-going battle to reform its woeful police department runs the risk of setting off the voluminous anger of Oakland’s vaunted band of public speakers. Gallo is destined to become the City Council’s most eloquent and quotable members, but if his recent campaign for the District 5 seat is any indication, he knows how to play dirty, underhanded politics; and that’s fine. However, such behavior will likely elicit and equally harsh counterbalance. For example, look at the warning freshman Councilmember Lynette Gibson-McElhaney received this month when a report pegged her for not paying taxes.


  1. Come on Steve, stop Tavaricating and post a copy of Chris Gray's full claim online. If Haggerty, who is already represented by County Counsel and his own personal attorney, went out and hired not just Meyers Nave but Steve Meyers himself to represent him in this matter there's got to be something he's concerned about, and its got to be more than Andy Ross asking about quadruple dipping on car expenses. Then to add an "Outreach Coordinator" on the taxpayer's dime to his county staff? And both of those occurred before the Grand Jury opened an investigation into Gray's claim. No wonder people thought the rumor about Wilson going to Washington with Swallwell was plausible.

  2. There's another story about Haggerty, house, and bullying with his current home in Dublin. Check out who originally owned it and why she just handed it over to him - makes the Mirkarimi story pale in comparison!

  3. I worked with Noel Gallo- he's stupid. Eric is going to surprise people and win re-election. Ro and Ellen can go work at a chicken farm in Castro Valley since they chickened out on running against Stark.

  4. Have you seen Swalwell's latest TV interview? Clueless. He's only a hair more qualified than MW to be making federal laws. He'll get ignored in Congress and lose what should be a very interesting 2014 campaign.

  5. By MW:

    I resemble the above remark!

  6. Scott Haggerty has an ego as big as the Grand Canyon, attention span of a grain of rice, patience of a boa constrictor, and intelligence of his rectum.

    Need anything more be said.

  7. Great article.
    Haggerty might be dirty but it was about time he fired his lazy, fat and worthless Chief of Staff who was stealing from the County for years. Although his replacement may not be slim he certainly returns my emails and the rest of his staff has always done a great job shielding Haggerty. I think you have it wrong....Noel is a dummy....Hayashi is a thief...Miley is a dirty dog and swalwell is looking like shallow hal

  8. Shawn Wilson is just as dirty if not worse than Chris Gray ever was. He and Haggerty have a shared vocabulary for "sluts, ho's, bitches, whores, et al."

    That is the reason he hired him. Two birds of a similar feather.

  9. Scott Haggerty is a great guy and a straight shooter. You know where you stand with him - No BS.
    It sounds to me like Chris Gray is retaliating for being fired.

  10. Haggerty shoots straight alright--but at his own crooked angle!

  11. Let me see something....I get fired....I get pissed....I file a lawsuit because I am an over paid Conty stiff that collects a big salary and huge pension....go to hell Firefighters, Police and ALL you county employees for sucking off our tax dollar. Here is a clue....in my world you get fired if you do not do your job or decide not to give the boss oral....that simple. I wish I can sue...get over it.

  12. was grey not with haggerty for over 16 years? what happened between the two of them for chris to get the ax? who knows? may need the shadow to tell us-personally, and now i will remain anonymous, don't want to get in the middle of this battle, but if spills the beans on haggerty, so much for the better of local government-

  13. If you don't believe Chris, you may want to go chat with some of his close "political" friends...those he plays poker with....Former S.L. resident Craig Bettencourt would be a good start.

    Bettencourt has ties with Lockyer and does business with the State of California.